Part 1: Edenist people , Chapter 1 : Dissolution of the gods

Part 1: Edenist people , Chapter 1 : Dissolution of the gods

Published July 14, 2009 by Douglas MOONSTONE

The fate …


Book Two: Peoples

Part 1: Edenist people 

Chapter 1: Dissolution of the gods

The animal gods

We now know, at this point in our research that people have left behind eden and Atlantis their home galaxies as a result of the phenomenon of warming of galaxies

In each of these two galaxies, probably very similar, 12 planets have been part of the journey to earth to escape destruction

Everywhere, there, at home, people have been shaped in response to changing

It goes without saying that this trend has developed within the parameters of the planet and spawned humanoids may have unusual appearances for us, but intended to live better in their home planet …

Once on land, such as text describing the gods have been told by men, they described what they saw, according to the information they had reference

Then the weirdness, for them, the appearance of the gods, have been translated into similarities animal understandable for them …

All the more bizarre aspects to these were added magical powers derived special abilities of the gods …

The animal gods were not processed animal, but aliens formatted to their home planet …

When mixtures mixed with the peoples of the earth, the most likely case is that they were sterile

If one was able to create offspring, often the second generation was sterile

These give rise to infertility at the end of their immortality on their disappearance …

The edenist gods

The mentality of the Edenic led them to live in the territories they have chosen, but these

They watched the earth people as guinea pigs and their lives while living next to them, they used them as labor and did not hesitate to intervene in the course of their lives, somewhere between boost and humanitarian Operating …

He does not hesitate to have sex with those they regarded as virtual slaves

The Metis were even some recognition of their status, Métis populations by earth, and have often been taken as the head of this

Nevertheless, they showed a human relative, and when they do not pose a problem, did not hesitate to help the land …

They also studied and did not hesitate to experiment with them …

The Atlantean gods

The Atlanteans did not see things the same way

They invaded the territory concerned and enslaved the local population and their slaves were

But many crossbreeding them anyway progressively integrated into these ethnic groups

We can even say they have lost their attributes of gods for having drowned in the conquered peoples …

The dissolution of the gods

The Edenic, as the Atlanteans were regarded as gods by the local people where they are installed

This allowed them to create a clergy, whose role was to monitor these populations in the sense that it was useful

And also very often the leaders themselves assumed the dual role, and then only confided to relatives very safe and very loyal …

That from this moment, do not become any more …

Initially, no problems, their technology was synonymous with magical powers and allowed them to control the situation

Of course, this position began to deteriorate when the quality of their power has declined!

For Eden, parties in other lands, those who chose to stay, no longer had the spare parts, infrastructure or the ability to maintain the total time of their presence, as in the time or they could rely on their space base

Yet the agreements with the Atlanteans, before the start of the Garden of Eden for a new destination in outer space, included much assistance and maintenance from Atlantis to the people Edenic

But the Atlanteans, who have much to do to enforce the recovery of Atlantic populations of the tribute, and preparations for war against the Kelts, certainly put a great unwillingness to help the Eden!

For Atlantis, it was not better!

At first they were not helped because they were reluctant to pay taxes to Atlantis

Or they were at war against them

And when Atlantis sank, there was nothing more to hope!

The powers of the officers, the gods have thus lowered, and the clergy in place, gradually began to take power!

Gradually the gods have been forgotten, and there remained in place and the political power of the clergy, each pulling the covers …

The era of the gods was over …

The history of men could begin …



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  1. arena net says:

    I love your rich writing. super work. I hope you write others. I will continue subscribing

    • fréderic Vidal says:

      thanks for the support … regards

      • Tim says:

        Frederic can you update the pictures, they do not come through in your earlier writings like this one.
        I am also very interested in your writings, yes the pattern is clear.


        i am sorry , i cannot … once i have published it , in french i have to cut it of … so i have no other copy as the published book … regards

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