Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 2: The Hopi

Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 2: The Hopi

Published July 16, 2009


Edenists Empires
As we saw in Chapter Asians, there is in space, the empire of the sky which is the base space

On earth there is heaven, land base, located in the Kunlun Mountains, and empires:

The Middle Kingdom, Asian

The empire of the north, the vanes

The empire of the east, the Hopi

It is led by Tai Hao, Cite, and called in Hopi Taiowa

Tai Hao, also known as Fuxi, the first of the three Augusti, see Chapter 7-4

The Hopi

Hopi Hopi language means peace

The Hopi are part of the group of Pueblo Indians of North America

The Hopi live in northeastern Arizona, a very arid region

Cultures were adapted to the desert environment, the corn was planted in deep holes so that the roots draw moisture from the ground

In February, they celebrated dance Bean

During 16 days, the masked dancers prayed the spirits of the kachinas rain for good crops

The Kachinas

Painting by Claude Cordier

The Hopi are monotheistic

They worship beings with human bodies, can take the appearance of humans with animal heads: the Kachinas
The Kachinas are the messengers of the One, Taiowa and 12 come from far away planets

They have great powers, traveling in Patoowa, a sort of flying shields

They can make themselves invisible to monitor human unnoticed

Some kachinas, the wu’yas are leaders, some sort of wise

There are three castes of Kachinas
Those who remember the breath of life, survival of the soul and the divine balance

The teachers, who learn what to do or not do, teach wisdom
Those who keep God’s Law, which warn and punish

Sometimes children are born a human and a Kachinas without it I had sex proved

And these children have great knowledge and great power …

Hopi beliefs

In Hopi, there are five worlds

We are currently in the 4th World

The worlds were those of the earlier gods, animals and hybrids of the gods

The previous worlds are underground, ours is air

The divinity that links between the worlds is spider-woman

Indeed, there are many spiders on the ground Hopi

They nest underground and move on the ground

They live in both worlds species

Spider-woman is considered the god-mother of men

Hopi Worlds

Hopi beliefs say that the earth has seen three worlds and now we live in the 4th

The 5th world, the future after the destruction of our, would still be followed by two others before the 8 th of the end times

The man finally mature and responsible living in a paradise-deserved …

Or those who have not found the way, will be forever in evil …

The first world

It was that of creation, it is called Tokpela

Taiowa created man and everything in the universe

He endowed man with a brain and knowledge and gave him the Law

But the man became wicked and does not respect the law …

So perished the first world by fire and earth turned upside

A handful of men, the ancestors of the Hopi, was saved to preserve and transmit knowledge

The second world

Tokpa appointed, it was destroyed by ice for the same reasons, the earth tilts half, the land was submerged and two new continents aparurent: a large, Kasskara, and a small Talawaitichqua

Moved some authors to Kasskara in the Pacific Ocean, and Atlantidepour Talawaitichqua in the Atlantic Ocean

At the end of the second world, the earth had thus more than two continents …

The third world

In this third world called Kuz-Kurz, two tribes coexist: each of its side grew, grew

But the inhabitant of Talawaitichqua forgot the law: they built the ships, went to explore the solar system and created a lot of things to manipulate other humans

Some of those Kasskara rebelled against their own country and most respected not only the Act

The two continents sank while 80 000 years ago, the earth rocked back and only those of Kasskara could escape, and a small portion of those came out when the waves Talawaitichqua continents of the world’s second
At the end of the third world, the land had therefore again five continents …

The fourth world

It is the middle world …

It is the world as we know it today

The descendants of Talawaitichqua populated Oceania, East Asia and America

The ancestors of the Hopi, guided by the Kachinas that were visible at the time, migrated many times, creating cities here and there that we know as the pre-Columbian cities

They gradually lost their scientific knowledge but continue to perpetuate their knowledge about the future of the world and their traditions for centuries through their ceremonies

Finally, take the right Taiowa remaining one and the other world before taking them to a planet that does not exist and where people can live happily for eternity

The remaining bad on their planet to suffer for eternity too …
The plan of God is symbolized by a T in Hopi

The fourth world should perish by fire:

There is no cure, because it will be the fourth fire that will destroy our world

It will not be an atomic war, but a power weapon that is being developed and will be discovered soon

We do not know what to do exactly this weapon, but it will send something akin to radio waves and it will start a radio station and it will go anywhere

The prophecy hopie

According to the Hopi Indians:
The first world was destroyed by a devastating fire which came from heaven and Earth
The second world ended when the Earth has shifted on its axis and everything was covered in ice
The third world was destroyed by a deluge
The world today is the fourth and will be destroyed by fire

The Hopi Indians of Arizona have prophesied for centuries many events of world order

They had announced the generations ahead, the coming of a race of bearded men, with fair skin, mounted on strange animals and carrying weapons unknown

They arrive from beyond the great sea of the East and would cross emblem

They would break the sanctity of the nation and harmony with Mother Earth, by introducing an unbalanced lifestyle called Koyaanisqatsi which will be destined to disappear

One of the major predictions said:

“One day some stars will come together in a single row, as has already happened there thousands of years

This is the time of purification for the Earth

Changes in climate and many disasters can occur when we will reach this stage

This can happen when no one can really know ”

The stars in a single row, it evokes the alignment of all the planets scheduled December 21, 2012

According to this prophecy, besides immense damage and loss of life, it would be the beginning of a new ice age

On May 20, 2012 there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun

On June 6, 2012 will be the second and last transit of Venus of the century

On November 13, 2012 we will see a total solar eclipse

It will be visible in northern Australia and South Pacific

At sunrise on 21 December 2012 and for the first time in 26,000 years the sun will rise to join the intersection of the Milky Way and the ecliptic plane

This cosmic cross is considered an incarnation of the sacred tree, the Tree of Life

This tree is found in all the world’s spiritual traditions

At that time the planet is expected to record very strong earthquakes terribly devastating. . .

December 21, 2012 will be the end of the great 13-baktun cycle in the Mayan calendar as we have seen in Chapter 8-25

The Hopi is the Eden, Maya is the Atlantic …

Here, they have the same schedule?

Bizarre …

Or right …

Astronomy of the second world

The coincidence of the most troubling concerns the astronomical reports on the destruction of the 2nd World

It was destroyed by a total glaciation resulting from a shift of the earth on its poles

It is also clear that the earth stopped rotating for a while

The annals of Cauhtitlan tell a cataclysm in which the night lasted four times longer

In several tribes of American Indians, the legend says that the sun retreated several degrees in the air to escape from a child who wanted to trap or an animal that frightened

Ovid wrote Atreus receive the kingdom of Argos retrograde if the sun, otherwise it will Thyestes and Phoebus, the sun, stopped half way and had to turn to his chariot and horses which found themselves facing at dawn

Huai-Nan-Tze wrote that when the Duke Lu-Yang Han fought the war, the sun went down during the battle Età the request of the Duke, the sun turned back and passed through sorting houses sun

In the Mahabharata on the battlefield the soldiers saw the sun stop for hours

In the Bible, Joshua pursuing the kings of Canaan, begged the sun and moon to stop, which delayed the sunset nearly one day

So it seems that this decision of the Earth’s rotation can be a real event

come, especially since the Bible speaks of the moon and sun, so that people believed that these stars were independent …

Brief understand well, you should know that the earth revolves around the sun …

How the Hopi Indians could they know these astronomical details?

It is therefore more than likely the Eden lived near them who have submitted their information, which then is part of the oral traditions of the Hopi religious


The prophecies are always catastrophic, otherwise we would see what interest there?

I have delivered raw so that you can make your own mind

Here is why I add my two cents

When we look at past worlds, even if we can recognize certain truths, it is clear that the Christianity of the last centuries has been there!

This has changed the traditional texts …

You could easily recognize these changes and additions …

To December 21, 2012, we are promised:

Ice Age + + destruction by fire devastating earthquake!

That’s a lot, you will not die of it all at once

And as the prophecy says that should survive that good, well it should not do much!

In any case, it can not be that, because I expected to die in 2025 …

Seriously, this date is actually the date of end of cycle chart, and after that a new cycle begins, as the year 2001 succeeded in 2000 …

And in all traditions, there are always prophets who announce anything and everything for the purpose of cycle …


It is especially important to consider the phenomenon of tidal

Tides are large when the influence of the sun and moon are in addition …

If December 21, 2012, the alignment of stars in addition to that, it is not the tide of the century, but the tide of 26,000 years!

We see only the superficial effect of the tides: the liquid surface …

But they have the same effect on all the fluids including the terrestrial magma!

In addition, the magma is trapped between the Earth’s core and plate tectonics!

It is a time bomb!

Remember, Atlantis sank due to a pressure surge of magma …

If the material pressure fails to pass gradually, it is the explosion!

She reaches to flow gradually?



Hard to say, but we shall see …

The fourth world is called middle world as it would a human three worlds to live on this earth before Taiowa send two men on land, one for the good, the other for bad, and which forms Between them the 8th World



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