Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 3: The Hopi legends

Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 3: The Hopi legends

Published July 16, 2009

Collier Hopi

The Legend of Yucca

When we still lived in clans Palátupka in Red canyon, now called Canyon de Chelly, It tells the story of Yucca

The clans of the Hopi villages, were the clan of the sun, the corn clan and the clan of the clouds

There was also the clan of fire and the clan of the reed

The little clan of Yucca was little known, with only a few individuals

They always settled with the other clans in a small side canyon

In one of these families of the clan of yucca, was born a girl who became a beautiful young woman, brave and helpful, and everyone liked him
One day, far to the west, there was a volcanic eruption

Black clouds covered the country for three years, there was more rain

Corn, beans, squash and other vegetables withered all

Nothing grows more and people were forced to go into the wilderness to find something to eat

The girl’s parents were too old to go

So the girl went to get food for them three
Before leaving, she fills a pitcher of water for his parents

When she could not find food, it would not fit and still had to sleep outside to continue his search the next day

The third year, the famine was so great that the girl was forced to move further and further away One day she decided to go even further, where no one had ever been before her

She went to a hill to the north, and for three days she picked what she thought when she came to a clearing where beautiful grain and grew and there was dried berries that were still edible

Late in the afternoon she ate and then decided to spend the night and sleep near a cliff

When she moved, he thought he heard a noise, but seeing no animals fell asleep in the sand

The next morning, thinking she had found enough to eat, she decided to return when she heard again the sound of the day

She went to the hill and a stranger came to meet him

He was a handsome young man in a beautiful dress

For a long time, his people knew the Kachinas, but since the arrival of black clouds, they seemed to have disappeared

When he was near her, she realized what she had heard the day before

His chest and his body was covered with shells that tinkled when walking
But it was the day she was not afraid

He addressed her, saying:

“I see you’ve picked up enough food for your family”

His voice was soft and gentle and seemed aware of the famine

She answered:

“Yes, it’s the first time I went too far and I found the same. ”

“I understand, we have seen this time and we know what happened”
She asked him where he came from and he replied:

“We are insiders and we do not live on this earth

We come from a planet far away, but we monitor the entire country

You will overcome these difficult times, it’s part of changes occurring now on the earth ”

The girl was so surprised that she asked no more questions

He continued:

“It will seem strange, but where I come from everything is nice and green”

After sitting together, she spoke of him and his people from his

Then he asked:

“You do not come home today

You do not do not worry about your parents? ”

“No, it’s so interesting to hear someone like you, someone who is so well fed”

He replied:

“I know this surprises you, but we do not eat your food, we live the spirit that is in the food is like the dew on the snowdrops and there are many in the universe ”
Then the young man asked if she was hungry

She wanted to cook something that she had found, but the young man offered him something he had brought

It was sweet corn, it was a long time she did not eat

They remained together until nightfall and decided to spend the night in one place and leave together the next day
He accompanied a long way and when she arrived at her parents b, she gave them all that she had found, and corn that the young man had given him

She related what had happened but they decided not to tell anyone
After a while, the girl went back in search of food and headed for the hill

The young man was there and waiting

But winter came and it was increasingly difficult to find food

She returned a third and final time and the young man gave him a jug filled with seeds

He explained to her that she must keep the seeds inside the house and she had to spread a little in the dark

She had to put the seeds that came the first of the pitcher in a basket and leave the room

When she returns, the seeds would be multiplied
She did as he requested, and each time she returned to the room, it was a new surprise

Once there were beans, another time of pumpkin seeds and sometimes corn

Each time the basket was full

The pitcher, the pitcher that we called sacred, feeds the whole family through the winter

Since she had not told the other members of the clan that had happened, she sometimes went out to pretend to go in search of food
In spring, the girl saw that she was expecting a child

She was amazed and said to his mother, who soon became a concern over what people would think

The stranger was the only man she had known and to whom she spoke, but she had not had sex with him

The mother was anxious and a little ashamed

One day, the girl decided:

“We will say that I met a stranger and I had sex with him”

One morning the child was born

He was a boy

The whole family was happy and well received

After twenty days, it was time to wash your hair

This is an important event in the life of the Hopi

The family was concerned because this ceremony is to be made by the parents of the father

But who was the father and where was he?
Then something strange happened

When the mother of the girl decided to wash her own hair of the child, the fog lifted in the canyon

This was the expected response

The insiders had come to wash the hair of the child

The fog thickened where the family lived, and the fog became rain

As the father’s mother was not there to give a name to the child, so it’s the mother of the mother who gave her name as Silíomoho because the mother was the clan of Yucca, and she called his name Yucca plant which grows

The rain had returned, that was the end of the famine

The child grew and was beautiful so beautiful

When he became a handsome young man, he asked permission to go hunting alone

He headed north to the hill, but it is only the third day he managed to kill an animal

He prepared a meal and put the rest of the meat to dry

The next day when he woke up, a young stranger standing next to the meat

He said:

“Are you finally come to hunt”

His voice was friendly and Silíomoho replied:

“Yes, this is the first time I hunt alone. ”

“Yes, I know, I know you well”

replied the stranger

Silíomoho was surprised:

“You know me? ”

“Yes, but time has not yet come to tell you who I am”

In the evening, the meat was almost dry and abroad helped Silíomoho to wear and asked to follow

He brought up the steep slope of the hill

It was almost dark when they reached the top

Here, there was a house just like our kivas, but more

The stranger took him into

He heard voices, and down the ladder, he saw a group of women and girls Kachinas sitting along the wall

Most women were Haha-i, the nicest women Kachinas

They welcomed him and sat next to men in the middle of the room

He was served a good meal and abroad said:

“As you came into our house, I want to tell you that many of us in all the earth, and I am your father”

Silíomoho surprised, understood that his father was an insider, so his mother and grandparents did not tell him

His father said:

“The time has not yet come to tell you exactly who I am and what I do

You’re a human and you are not yet ours, but you’ll one day

Now, you must pass three tests

We’ll see if you’ll survive ”

During the next three nights, the boy had to carefully select places to spend the night and was attacked by wild beasts and terrible storms

But as he had each time well chosen location, he managed to survive and thus passed the tests successfully
The morning after the third night his father appeared and said:

“I hoped all the time you survives

I have tested with all my strength, but now I know that you are strong

You must be strong, because the future will bring many difficulties for your people ”

They returned to the kiva where all Silíomoho was received with great warmth and kindness

He was served a meal and many Kachinas sang and danced for him

After a good night, his father arrived:

“I’ve done my job this morning

I blessed the earth with dew and now we can go because your mother and your grand-parents must be worried about you ”

He took the package with dried meat that the boy had prepared the way and took the boy from the village

Near the village, they stopped and the father said:

“Now you must go alone

I’ll help you carry your package but you will not see me ”

The father helped him become invisible

The boy was greeted with joy

The mother immediately shared the meat with its neighbors

Silíomoho related what had happened, all that his father had taught him about the difficult future of their people and only later in his life, he Silíomoho become the leader of a planet far away

The name of his father was Hólolo

Thereafter, whenever there was fog in the canyon, people said

“It Hólolo, the father of Silíomoho”

Even today, we call the Canyon de Chelly, Canyon fog

Silíomoho became an important member and later a popular leader of his people

His abilities were of great help because it could predict when it would rain or how much snow there when they were sowing crops and how to keep
This gift was a gift from his father

Kokopelli and animals of the forest

Once upon a time, on the edge of a lush forest, a Hopi village

The villagers were hunting in the forest and lived happily in caves carved into the cliff

In this village lived a widow and her little boy whose name was Kokopelli

They were very poor and Kokopelli was helping his parents in picking berries in the nearby forest

One day, he looked wild figs in a deep grove in the forest, the young Kokopelli was startled by a groan of agony

Carefully, he followed the direction of the rattle

It was a gray wolf caught in a trap

Seeing Kokopelli approach, the gray wolf growled and showed large and sharp white teeth

“I do not want to hurt you,” said Kokopelli cautiously approaching the wolf and with all his strength, he tried to open the trap

Alas, her small hands were not strong enough

Seeing that the wolf was dying, the boy did not give up and tried again and again and again

Until finally, with the help of a stick and all his strength, Kokopelli opened the trap, screaming

Exhausted, he drew back and fell heavily

Once released, the gray wolf disappeared limping into the depths of the forest

With a heart-warming and very happy with him, Kokopelli took the road from the house, forgetting that he had nothing to eat until night

His joy was short-lived

Approaching the village, he saw that the villagers had been struck with a sudden illness

In his short absence, a terrible plague struck quickly each other, including Kokopelli’s mother who had not been spared

That night, at the bedside of his mother, he held her hands, but his mother did not get better

Sensing his weakness, Kokopelli ran out of the cave into the woods, tears streaming down her cheeks

He ran and ran until he could no longer move forward and sat down, his shoulders shaking with sobs

Suddenly he heard a noise in the bushes nearby and looked up

The wolf in the morning staring at him less than a stone’s throw away!

While looking at him, the wolf began to retreat to the woods

Instinctively, Kokopelli followed

Through the bushes and under trees, Kokopelli found himself in a clearing surrounded by forest animals

“Your people drove more than he needed and it greatly reduces our numbers man broke the law between us and nature

The disease is your punishment

You’re different

The gray wolf has told us your courage and kindness

Maybe there is there a hope to live harmoniously together after all ”

growled the white bear

To the surprise of Kokopelli, the gray wolf that had saved spoke and said:

“Each of us will grant you a gift

You will then travel to bring health to all your people ”

With that, Kokopelli felt his eyes close and he fell into a deep sleep

In somnolence, each animal offered him a gift:

The polar bear, healing

The white wolf, intelligence

The frog, the singer of songs

The coyote, humor

The Eagle, a wooden flute colorful of the four colors of the four ends of the earth: blue, north, orange, west, and the purple, the South, yellow, is

After that, not only heals the villagers Kokopelli repentant, but he also began his long journey

His adventures were just beginning …

Kokopelli and women of corn

Long ago, the village men went on the hunt

It was the end of winter and there was very little food in the village

Women and children remained in the village because of snow

The men had to leave off for three sunsets, but because of the snow they got lost

They stayed away for over 20 sunsets and when they returned to the village, all the children ran out to greet them

The men were happy to see the children, but were puzzled because no woman came to greet them

When they entered the village they found all the dead women!

The women had sacrificed so that children can live

They had given all the food to children

The shaman told the men of the village

“We need to dance the dance of thanksgiving, in gratitude to be back safe and sound” Men have cried

“How can we have a dance of thanksgiving after the death of our women? ”

The shaman said

“Have faith in the creative nature”

The men then organized a dance of thanksgiving that night and the nature appeared in Shaman

She told him to do something unthinkable

She told him to bury all the women together in a single shallow grave

The next morning all the women were buried together

That night, men and children danced the dance of thanksgiving with heavy hearts

The nature of the village recovered from a deep sleep and sent a great spirit in the village

The spirit was great and majestic and played the flute

He went to the tomb and began playing his flute

He bent over the grave, and while playing, he wept many tears flowing from her eyes

These tears became seeds of maize and played and played and wept and wept

At the end of 20 sunsets our Creator told him, “Kokopelli, you will remain forever as a hunchback tribute to the girls that we know forever as girls corn

Your tears came from your heart, have become the seeds of life, corn

The people will never suffer from hunger because you gave them life




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