Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 4: The Aborigines

Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 4: The Aborigines

Published July 17, 2009

Boomerangs, hunting tools and war for the Aborigines …

Empires Edenic

As we saw in Chapter Asians, there is in space, the empire of the sky which is the base space

On earth there is heaven, land base, located in the Kunlun Mountains, and empires:

The Middle Kingdom, Asian

The empire of the north, the vanes

The empire of the east, the Hopi

The empire of the south, the Aborigines

It is headed by Yandi, Cite, and the Aborigines called Bajamé

Also known Chidi, red emperor, or Shennong, it is the second of three Augusti

History of the Aborigines

Aboriginal civilization has existed for 40,000 years

The known history begins with early explorers

In 1628, the first Dutch ships dock on the coast of Australia

In 1770, James Cook landed in eastern Australia, at Botany Bay

The aboriginal population in 1770 is estimated at 350 000 individuals divided into 680 tribes speaking 500 dialects, derived from 200 languages, comes as Latin

In 1778, Captain Phillip arrived with 750 convicts, including 200 women

A few days later, La Perouse landed with the Astrolabe and the compass, but France refused to legitimize the annexation of the western half of Australia by St Allouan March 29, 1779

This settlement will be a disaster for the Aborigines are considered

sub-humans, hunted and massacred

European imported animals will multiply very quickly, to the detriment of local wildlife

Of 350,000, the indigenous population will drop to a few tens of thousands, because of the massacres, but also because women refuse to give life in this world!

Today, the number of Aborigines is about three hundred thousand, of which 70% of Métis


When Australia separates from the prehistoric continent Gondwana, this occurs with very little seismic and telluric

The continent is virtually unchanged from six hundred million years

This land is hostile:

43% of the area consists of desert or drylands

20% are semi-arid lands

7% are bare rock

More than two thirds of the continent are not fertile

Uluru, also known under the name of Ayers Rock, means the death or heart red heart

The subsoil is rich in gold, precious stones, uranium, iron and bauxite

Aboriginal mythology

The world was formed by the great ancestors or great initiates

They existed before this world, but were asleep in a great eternal sleep

They awoke to form the world at the time of Alchera, Alcheringa or Dreamtime in Aranda

During this period the great ancestors will shape the world according to their travel

These ancestors did not create the world, but were content to transform

The man comes from an informed and be As his physical transformation, a spiritual transformation occurs

When the ancestors were tired from their travels, they fell asleep in their home, disappearing into the ground, or turning into rocks or trees, which will eventually become sacred sites: the pmara kutata

Only the insiders can get close after performing the necessary rituals

The ancestors formed the world, but also the civilization they created, giving man the knowledge to survive and rise spiritually

They édictèrent a law:

“This is your country you should never leave him, and always ensure that it remains unchanged”

In the spirit of aboriginal man belongs to the earth, and not vice versa

What makes the concept of someone leaving their country to invade another is pure sacrilege

When the ancestors fell asleep, it was the end of the Dreamtime

At that time, the world was as it is now left to the care of man

Aboriginal gods

The great gods their ancestors

According to the tribes, the names and functions differ

Nurrundere or Martunmere gave men the weapons of war and hunting, and instituted the rites of life and death

Nureli have shaped the country Aboriginal

Bundjil, Bahamas, Daramulun, Mungan-Ngau, Ngurunderi, Bajamé are some of the names of the Universal Father

The use of these names is reserved for insiders in the presence of other insiders only.

The Unambals represent the formation of the world:

Existed at the beginning Walanganda, representing the sky, the Milky Way, and ungud, the great serpent rainbow sky, likened to the earth and water

One night dreamed Walanganda

He threw the sky a “spiritual force” and gave it the form of images that were projected on the walls of caves

These images were the spiritual centers of these beings, and from these drawings, were physically created wondjina


Each would be inhabited by two souls:

the fatal Jallal, going to the be the moment of conception

the immortal jajaru, particle life of the ancestor, received by the pregnant woman

It is the latter that will shape the physical features of the individual and develop his personality, making him little by little, a perfect man, a completeness, an insider

The father will find the immortal soul in a dream, because it already exists in a well defined, awaiting reincarnation

Birth is not due solely to the sexual act

Before birth, the human mind is purely

At birth, it is only profane, and forgot what it was

Throughout his life, through various initiatives, it learns what it was, until his death come true or it becomes mind

The aim of the initiative is to move the individual into the profane sacred world

The first initiation is between 6 and 14, and lasts a few months to three years

Separated from his mother, the child is the first step in the spiritual world, a symbolic death of the profane: scarification, circumcision, etc …

Second initiation occurs at 25 years old he received his tjurunga a bull roarer

And it will last up to 35-40 years, when he will know all the rituals and songs

Initiation is learning what he was before his birth

Man and woman have different initiation and secret to the opposite sex

Each depends on sacred sites reserved for sex


Some rituals are the history of the ancestors during the modeling world

Through repetition of this work, insiders regenerate the world

The man has three souls, each with a different destiny to his death

One returns to the center totem awaiting a rebirth, immortal particle

The second mogwo, is a mind player linked to a place

The third goes to the land of the dead to merge with the creative beings

The medicine man or Ban-man, undergoes a special initiation which will make him the sole contact for ungud

It ungud which gives it its magic

This introduction has two steps:

When ready, it must absorb some crystals in his body by swallowing them or inserting them under his skin

Then he has to enter a tomb where death is a welcome

Accession to the knowledge

A benevolent god, name and type unknown, wanted to give a gift to all humanity

A prankster god had to take the innocence of humans for a bad turn

He said nothing of his project in the first god and offered his selfless assistance

They landed on earth and offered humans the first tools for hunting and fishing

They explained how their good graces of the gods and how to tame fire

The benevolent god went so far as to give them, under the advice of the joker, the ultimate key to universal knowledge

Unfortunately, it was a poisoned chalice and the joker knew very well: knowing the hidden truth of the universe, humans no longer had any purpose

Therefore the god benefactor gave them a circular time, to forget this episode and let the unfortunate surprise of an eternal cycle of life

The wheel turns again and again, and the natives still do not have linear conception of time

Sacred places

Uluru or Ayers Rock, sacred above the Anangu

The serpent rainbow sky Yurlungur sleeps in one of the basins of the summit, ready to give magical powers to the great sage who knows how to take the tests

Olga Katatjuta in the mountains and thirty-two domes, located 32 km from Uluru

The Anangu grant access to certain sacred sites in exchange for royalties

It may sound sacrilegious, but in their minds, mother earth continues to support themselves, in a different form

Kakadu National Park is the unique wildlife, said wetland of international importance

It is still inhabited by 300 Gagadjus, whose ancestor is the giant crocodile Ginga

Ubir site, contains frescoes dating back 20,000 years, or are the various forms of animal life, their relationship to man and the coming of “stick-to-kill”

Many sites are closed to outsiders

A detail problem: the site contains 10% of the world’s uranium …

The prohibition of incest

At the beginning, humans mated in a disorderly manner within their clan or their families: fathers had sex with their daughters, mothers with their son, brothers their sisters, …

But the offspring were significantly less successful than their parents: ugly, violent, brutal and boorish, and worst of all … disrespectful of the gods!
So the gods intervened to ban incestuous connections in humans and codify marriage

He noted while the mission of the gods to ensure compliance with its new rules

The prohibition of incest is therefore the need to preserve humanity



money is the human predator
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