Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 5: Aboriginal Legend

Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 5: Aboriginal Legend

Published July 17, 2009


Aboriginal legends

Some of the many Aboriginal legends

They differ by ethnic group and as they were transmitted orally, much is missing and unfortunately amputated by the dramatic modern history of the Aborigines

Each Aboriginal tribe has its own culture, and there is no common myth

But a culture hero, the universal father, is found in the legends of each tribe and each claim in the offspring

Bajame, the heaven-sent

At first, there was nothing but a vast expanse of water
Then the land emerged gradually from the original Ocean
Then came the time for dreams that slip off, at once everywhere and nowhere, and this intangible

In this parallel dimension is the secret of life and the universe
This is where Bajame born, whom the natives name the father of all things
He created a sanctuary in time for dreams: a paradise, a place where human souls can pass to their death and where the magic stones are carefully guarded

These magic stones allow Bajame disseminate their knowledge through the shamans in rituals or specific assistance to the sick and needy

It was he who causes death and decides to shorten or extend the life of all things

Sometimes it takes human form and mixes with the population

Bajame sleep sometimes, and in his sleep, he dreams

Her dreams are made trips dimensional and it lands in the world of gods and demons

It is a sacred enclave of Paradise, where he regularly gets killed

The great serpent of the rainbow in the sky then seizes and carries on his back until Daramulum God, who resuscitates

It is then among humans to provide new knowledge which he gained through his death, taking the appearance of a shaman

Then he returns to heaven by climbing the great sacred tree in the center of the real world

Then he wakes up and returns to the world of dreams

Time of Dreams …

In the dream time there is not only Bajame

There is also a giant snake, the great serpent of the rainbow in the sky, which sometimes leaves its trace in the sensible world as a rainbow in the sky!
In this world no thank you also fight opposing forces, one male and one female for possession of sacred objects

Their fratricidal war, was born a human emulation to teach the various secrets of the universe that went to the distribution of magic stones

Bajame, recognizing that humans should not know such secrets for fear of being forever disappointed with their condition, barely recovered the situation: he placed the two rebel forever in time of dreams and the stones recovered

He conceded, however, an advantage to shamans: following very specific rites, they could access for a very short moment of time the original happiness of dreams, space-time dimension both anterior and parallel to our own

The Great Mother

The Great Mother is an original entity, living under the ground

She was responsible for the growth of plants and trees on the surface

Once, however, she decided to return to the surface

She went through the vastness of the savannah and the desert to reach heaven, where she retired

Throughout her journey, she taught those who met her how to find water sources from the migration of animals

She always ensures the proper growth of everything from land

The first humans

Originally, beyond space and time, the era was the time of dreams

The first humans were born from the earth, like the flowers that grow in the far east of the world

Nomads, they wandered in the desert to the west, along their path through small puddles they were digging in the sand
They mated and had many descendants: the human race in its entirety! They taught their children the fundamental laws of nature, the techniques of hunting and gathering, and the sacred rites
When their tour ended, having reached the extreme west of the world, they suddenly disappeared, trusting the world to their children

They parted and went different tribes based around the world

The sisters and Wagilak Djanggawul

Following the original creation by ungud Wallangada and they made use of creative minds

These are the creative minds and sisters Wagilak Djanggawul

They were commissioned to create, train and give a name to each place, thing, and species making up the landscape

The sisters Wagilak then began to walk towards the sea by naming all the elements of the landscape and the creatures they encountered throughout their progression

The Djanggawul did the same

The Djanggawul are a group of three people: two sisters, their brother

All three have an oversized sex, which is lying on the ground, and digging furrows and wells or water points

Genitals are Djanggawul kinds of sticks, sacred Rangger

The brother has fertilized her two sisters, and, throughout their journey, they name all the creatures and places

The sisters pregnant give birth in stages, giving birth to many children across the regions where they were born

This journey of creative minds, created the ancestors of the various language groups and tribes of Arnhem Land

Aranda myth
For Aranda, the earth, in the beginning was similar to an arid plain, without hills or rivers, plunged into eternal darkness

The sun, moon and stars were still sleeping under the earth
There were no plants, no animals, only embryonic masses of children in half-developed, lying abandoned, would lie at the locations where later, salt lakes or water points

These babies could not become shapeless men and women, but they could not grow old or die
Neither life nor death were known on earth

That there really life on earth in the form of thousands of supernatural beings uncreated, which existed for ages

But they were plunged into an eternal sleep

one day, these supernatural beings out of their sleep and crossed the surface

Their places of birth were impregnated with life and power

When the sun rises in turn, the earth was flooded with light
Supernatural beings, which had been engendered by their own eternity, presented various forms and appearances

Some appeared in the guise of animals: kangaroos and emus

Others were men and women in perfect shape

In these supernatural beings, there was a very close link between the animals or plants and humans

Supernatural beings animals or plants in human thought and acted, and vice versa

Supernatural beings humans could be transformed at will into an animal to which they were inextricably linked
These supernatural beings are totemic ancestors

They began to travel the earth’s surface, giving the landscape of Central Australia its present

Some of them played the role of culture heroes

They cut the mass of humanity was so so as to identify individuals who were still in the embryo

They cut the ligaments joining their fingers hands and feet and opened the ears, eyes and mouth

Other culture heroes taught men to make tools, to light the fire and cook food
When all these supernatural beings born of the earth had finished their work and completed their wanderings, overwhelming fatigue fell on them

The work they had done had completely exhausted their strength

They then fell asleep in their home and their bodies disappeared into the ground or in metamorphosed rocks or trees
Like their places of birth, places of their disappearance were considered sacred, and they bore the same name, pmara kututa

Only insiders can approach these two kinds of pmara kututa and then only during special ceremonies
The rest of the time you have to stick removed under penalty of death

The myth of the flood
The birth of Aboriginal people is due to a flood, destroying the world before

The cause of the flood depends on the tribes, but the legend of the giant snake that fell into the sea, causing massive flooding, which is the most common

This snake always live

The Seven Sisters
Just after the creation of the earth, the sun-creator sent to the Kutjarra Wati, the two ancestors of the time of creation, or Dreamtime, for modeling
They created the hills, valleys, lakes and oceans

They had almost finished when the sun sent the seven sisters, stars of the Milky Way, to beautify the earth

There they created the flowers, birds and other animals and plants

The seven sisters were busy creating the honey ants when they were thirsty, and asked the youngest to fetch water in the hills
The Wati Kutjarra hidden in the bushes, watched the seven women

They followed the younger

This fell in love with men-mind

The other six sisters went looking for him because they needed to drink

They eventually discover

The Sun had warned that if that happened, they could not return to the Milky Way

Once work is complete, the remaining six sisters resumed their place in heaven

The seventh remained on the ground with two men and all three lost their powers and became mortal

They are the parents of the desert people and their laws

The two Goannas:
The Wati Kutjarra cross the desert to a water

A Papulankutja, in the form of goannas, they observe women during a sacred ceremony, in violation of a taboo

Discovered, they are killed

They turn into two hills shaped goannas, which dominate the site Papulankutja

The Giant Snake

The Wati Kutjarra, two hunters, trying to take the eggs Kuniya, and are devoured by the serpent

The dreamtime legend knows a great many interpretations throughout Australia, hunters can be of entire human groups

The pair of giant snakes, and Liru Kuniya, are the ancestors of humans

This snake is the carpet snake, python or water, one of the few non-venomous snakes in Australia

The Water Hole
The Kutjarra Wati, a father and son, in the form of two water snakes, to cross a mountain

With a magical boomerang, they opened a breach in the rock

Then they return to their pukarra

Bird Brolga

During the Dreamtime, Brolga was the most wonderful dancer we’ve ever seen

Dances were singing the story of spirits and the tribe, and when the village was delighted

We came to see her from afar to admire it because it stood as the emu, unfolded his arms like the pelican, and as the wind whirled

The more she danced, the more it became known

Sometimes the elders were concerned:

“Brolga is very beautiful and famous

What would happen if it became lazy? ”

But this did not happen: every day it remains the same, modest and hardworking

Every day she helped women of the village to find food, and every night she danced for her people

Every morning she got up very early to train in the plain near the camp, for her pleasure

One morning while the dawn sun touched his face while his arms it seemed to fly away, she turned and whirled, and the dust rose up in her dance, an evil spirit came down from the black hole Milky Way and the lives

When he saw her, he immediately wanted to have … as it is majestic and captivating Brolga, when dancing

He turned immediately and swirl down sharply on the plain

Brolga saw the willy willy approach closer and closer, and suddenly the jail, in a fierce roar!

She was captured and brought to mind the very high and very far from the camp in his village

When she did not return, his people sought the desperate, but the wind had swept away the traces of his footsteps

They looked for several days …

Finally they found the willy willy, with his side a Brolga!

They all ran to attack the mind, throwing their spears and boomerangs, but the spirit turned the vortex more and faster

“If I can not have” you it screamed, “no one can! ”

He turned it around more quickly, and while the tribe approached closer to him, he disappeared with her in the sky

While the village was very sad and lamented the disappearance of the beautiful Brolga

Their anger and pain could agree to the Milky Way

One day, behind an old tree, a bird appeared

A beautiful gray bird that no one had ever seen before

Slowly, the bird spread his wings and began dancing with long strides, floating in the air with the same grace and even poetry Brolga

The village realized that Brolga had managed to escape the evil spirit, and it had turned into a bird to return to earth, and dance again to the village

The men cried

“It’s Brolga! It Brolga! ”

The bird seemed to understand, and went softly to them, and in a last graceful movement, sprang into the sky and disappeared

And since that day in the endless plains of Australia, Brolga flies endlessly with the same beauty in an amazing dance


At the time of the dream, if only the gods roamed the earth, the great serpent god passed through a desert region in the center of the country: the red center

The air was so hot and the ground so dry that no form of life, of all which they had created, could not survive
The serpent god had an idea perfectly divine: He was planted in the middle of the desert, a giant seed, which germinate soon a gigantic tree
So he thought, the tree will cover the vast plain of foliage and protect the earth’s shadow

Once protected from the scorching rays of the sun, fertile soil will return and other trees, flowers, kangaroos, wallabies and possums can come to populate the region

And it will be beautiful like a dream
And in his divine goodness he shows the fabulous seed in the middle of the desert
He then called the water of heaven
And the water fell from the sky in large waterspouts on the seed.
Alas, the gods sometimes have dreams of nothing beyond the limits of their creative power
The seed was too big, and in the middle of the desert is not enough water did not fall to germinate the seed divine.
The plain was left hopelessly barren desert and the seed became hard as a rock



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