Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 10: Mythology and legends of the Dogon

Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 10: Mythology and legends of the Dogon

Published July 18, 2009

Dogon statuette …

The mythology of the Dogon

Before the beginning of things is Amma

Amma, the god of creation, is launching in the universe, the earth pellets transformed into stars

Later, the women picked from the sky to give to their children and they pierce the one time and will turn

Amma is the sun-female, male-moon, and earth, a clay rod he held in his hand to spread it out into space, a woman, lying face to the sky, north-south

An anthill is sex, her clitoris a termite hill

The god wants to join her

But the nest stands and prevents the union
God slaughters the nest and can unite with the land excised
From this union was born upset the jackal

Later, the union of God and the earth gave birth to two people, body green and smooth, gliding like a water surface, with no articulation

This pair of twin is water, it is perfect

The twins saw the nakedness of their mother, he decided to weave a garment

In the braids, the twins breathe the word of their divine breath

Speech, both verb and humidity, is bequeathed to men

It is frustrating and elementary syntax

Jackal wants to take the word

He tries to tear his clothes to his mother

This resistance to this move adultery

She plunged into her bosom, in his nest under the guise of an ant

But the jackal followed

There was also no other women to be desired in the world

It was drilling the hole was deep enough

Eventually she had to admit defeat

The jackal gets the first word in the future and may communicate with the divine plan became

Menstruation of women recall this event

The god turns away from his wife he considers dirty and creates men: 8 ancestors

Nommo enters the anthill, sex, mother’s presence moist, light and talking purifies the sacrilege of the jackal

Then each in turn the ancestors fall into a crevice in the anthill soil

They are regenerated and can ascend to heaven

But for the seventh things go differently:

It slowly occupied the entire volume of the body: his lips were confused with the edges of the mouth and became ant thrives

Teeth arose appointees

The seventh son of 80 sputum ancestor cotton

He then uses his jaw like a weaving machine

In the tape and woven fabric, are transmitted to the words of the ancestor: This is the second word bequeathed to men

It is more advanced and marks a change in habitat and lifestyle of the man

In heaven, ancestors argue, is the rupture of the word, so they must descend to earth

An ancestor stealing a piece of sun in the form of glowing coals and iron, the blacksmith

He descends to earth on a rainbow sky with an attic and representatives of animal

The smith is a genius of water: it has 4 members supple as serpents

But at the time of impact, its weight and anvil outside his hands and break his arms and legs

It is the appearance of the joints

For the work, his arms folded

The blacksmith came down to earth with clay that purifies celestial space land

Clearing, agriculture and working the land used to purify the earth

After the disturbance of the original Jackal must constantly reorganize the world

The seventh ancestor is transformed into a serpent and steals millet seeds

The blacksmith kill him, he cut his head buried in the anvil

At the same time, an old man of the eighth family dies

While the tape blacksmith on the anvil in time and the seventh ancestor swam old man’s body, the swallows, the swallows, the regenerated and vomits a torrent of water in the product of the metamorphosis

He rejects the stones to explain to men the social organization based on the model of the human body

This association appears ninth man

Their souls are joined while remaining distinct, they never separate

This is the ninth ancestor that will give the 3rd floor with the drum

This speech marks the beginning of the society of the Dogon

The god of water

Here are some comments of Dogon mythology from the book, the god of water, by Marcel Griaule, Amma of the Nommo, the sun and the moon


Amma Nommo created after excision of his partner land, which had the effect of removing the cause of the disorder first, namely the birth of the Jackal

The water penetrated into the heart of the earth and modeled two people, they were green from head to back, they were men, while the bottom of the body was shaped like a snake

Their eyes were red and cracked and forked tongue like that of reptiles

As for their eight members, they were soft because they had no articulation

All their bodies were composed of water, it was green, smooth and slippery as a surface water

The Nommo

The Nommo is present in all the puddles, streams, rain, saliva …

Ogotemmeli used interchangeably with the word “water” and “Nommo” to refer to both

Water is the key element is the lifeblood of the earth as the god was kneaded with water

He made the blood with water and Nommo is also present in the stone as moisture lodges around

Thus, when the Lebe, the oldest man in the family and the eighth being the most representative of the word, was swallowed by the Nommo, he visits the hogon, his priest and he licks the whole body

By the saliva, Nommo takes place, and one that is embodied in his avatar, which will be socially recognized as such

The Nommo was born perfect, its eight members, as evidenced by this figure is that of perfection, and double as it is the initial confusion caused by the birth of the jackal condemned to wander alone that made all men their gémelliparité original and sexual androgyny, which allows them to be both male and female at birth (up to the excision or circumcision)

The Nommo keeps both sexes because it is actually two creatures

This is referred to them as twins or the celestial couple of Nommo

The animal in question as its avatar is the ram

The Nommo is embodied in the animal is male, his calabash is female and the animal is visible when it rains, when he joined the vault of heaven

It is also the image of the world system: in this case, the gourd, which symbolizes the sun, the body is the earth and the moon suggests the chamfer

As for the eyes, are the stars of heaven

The role was given to their father Amma Nommo was to organize humanity

They then created a dress for their mother who was naked and speechless since the birth of the Jackal: it was a long garment made of fibers that fell to the ground in hanks The mother was well dressed and found the word her child passed through the tresses of the sky

Here we find the importance of weaving symbolic activity that foreshadows what the evolution of language given to men

There is also the Nommo at a time crucial to the creation of mankind: the blacksmith, the ancestor manufacturer stole a piece of the sun Nommo as to carry out its work, the fire lacked

This event was followed by a violent reaction of the creature that attacked the blacksmith by burning its members up to the elbows and knees that he had not, because as the ancestor, as its members were flexible those of Nommo

The blacksmith and received joint own the new human form that would spread on land and which was destined to work as a work of civilization

Indeed, the land defiled by incest jackal was purified: in all places where the culture of the soil has settled, the impurity fell

The sun

The sun was created by Amma, the father of Nommo originally one god who created his work from a technique that was first documented in the history of mankind: the pottery

The sun is a pottery made in the white and surrounded by a spiral of eight copper rings, which exceeds in size the canton of Sanga

The sun is also the nay, a small lizard that recalls the foreskin of circumcised men

The Dogon believe that at the ritual, the foreskin, female part of the solar and man escapes and joins the floor to return closer to the sun

But the star is also the molten copper: in the style of metal that is dipped into the fire, he rejects sparks similar to the rays that are moisture absorbers

Indeed, we see the clear sunlight only during storms, when clouds are growing for the reveal and absorb mists and puddles, the work of celestial ram, avatar of Nommo, flying behind the clouds and regenerates the water in copper and copper water

“Sunlight” in the language of Sanga said menn di is also the name of a mountain located about twenty kilometers from the village where it is said that the souls of the group to go to get the water changed into copper they drink throughout the journey that should take them in the deep south

The moon

Like the sun, the moon was created from the pottery, it has the same shape as him but its rings are white copper

If blacks were created from sunlight, the whites were extracted them in the moonlight, which explains their appearance larval

The moon has a minor role for the Dogon, but it can be found painted on the doors to the left of the sun, round or crescent symbol and then the call to celebrate the divine religions that men should not forget

It is also present in the form of cave painting white on the front of the sanctuary Binoo, always accompanied by the sun, but also stars, animals and men, also painted white

Here it is a replica of movement and color that drives the main square and the terrace of the deceased to enable the world to perpetuate

The legend of the Ark
The first pair of twins fathered eight ancestors

They were double, male and female, and could self-fertilize, while four of them have a predominantly male and four female

They multiplied into eight lines

In heaven, the Nommo had replaced the god Amma for decisions on the fate of the earth and its inhabitants
They wanted men to advance, but they could not talk to them, or have direct contact with them

The first ancestor decided to build an ark to descend to earth and help people

It seems to have benefited from using Amma to prepare his departure
The ark was shaped like a woven basket with a square base and circular aperture
She was provided with a staircase on all four sides

Each staircase was what was to populate the world:
– The stairs north, men and fish
– The south stairs, pets
– The staircase is, birds
– The west staircase, wildlife, plants and insects

To complete his equipment, the ancestor gathered on the platform while forging a material mass, anvil and bellows

The ark contained all that is necessary to man: the basket, a unit of measurement, the basic geometric figures, forging equipment to make the tools, and even seeds contained in the mass of the blacksmith

Before leaving the celestial land, the ancestor stole fire with the stick of the thief

He took the embers of sun and iron and hid in the skin of the bellows

Then, standing on the platform, he sent down his ship along a rainbow sky, supported by the wire which was held in its coil

The Nommo female attacked him with a firebrand, but the ancestor is protected with the skin of the bellows timber ignited and extinguished with water from the addition

The Nommo sent her male lightning, but he resisted so

The ancestor was the anvil in his arms
When the ark touched the ground, the shock was so violent that it broke the anvil members, thus creating the joints of elbows and knees

These new joints allow tillage and iron, members do not allow flexible movement of lever

The shock of landing scattered plants and animals
As soon as the blacksmith, as they call it and ever since, was on earth, men who lived there were able to engage in farming
God had sent men to the word which organizes the world, animals, seeds and tools to work

And the company could grow

Dogon legend the sun

There was a very long time

At the time when the sky was close to the earth, so close that at night, mothers Unhook the Stars to play with the children before going to sleep
At that time, therefore, 10 suns shone in the sky

One day a hunter too impudent adroit, fired arrows at the sun

He killed nine, the tenth could escape the massacre and fled to hide

So the night moved

And cold

Without sun, crops fail

The Hogons met and addressed prayers and force accomplished many sacrifices to beg the sun to reappear
Magnanimous, it took pity on the men and agreed to return to shine again
To thank and commemorate this event, and remember the covenant concluded with the Sun, a blacksmith created a gem, always worn today by the Dogon in memory



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