Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 13: The Nubians

Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 13: The Nubians
Published July 19, 2009

The Nubian Desert …
DESTINATION EARTH, Book Two: People Part 1: The people of Eden, Chapter 13: The Nubians

Results of archaeological

Same local population is attested from Sudan to Egypt The Neolithic, the top of the stone age, people seem more advanced as it should … All this with tools for more … Amazing what they have done with a stone ax 2 times thinner: Medicine, surgery, ceramics, international trade, communications, agriculture, livestock, and all the social structures needed to assurerla together this vast kingdom as large as Europe, so it qu’alentour really the Stone Age … Ah yes, scientists have just forgot to tell us that to use this miraculous stone ax he was also at the same time say abracadabra! … A trepanation in the stone ax, made precisely where was the harm … The ax was also used x-ray fine … And the patient was cured … There are only compared with the advanced techniques of the 19th century in Europe and 99 100 patients would reach the paradise for this kind of operation … Ceramics, everyone knows that Bernard Palissy was able to complete its work by ceramic Neolithic ax … Just type in the land in the right place to pronounce the magic words at the right time … I am not a scientist, so I deduce that they were simply people with a huge breakthrough in relation to the time and the environment … The statuettes found clearly show the cult of mother goddess … Like like all the Eden and Atlantis, weird …

Archaeologists say they were primarily hunter-gatherers, although their breeding and agriculture seems to be much larger … Normally, the remains found in wildlife, with respect to scarce domestic fauna are mainly crocodiles, hippos, elephants, giraffes … Even then what would you rather eat beef or the crocodile? … In any case, without going so far is like hunting trophies pleasure, they would not have fed the local time with these animals … In fact they put in the bucranes ornament in the tombs, why would not it be the case for the trophies of wild animals … PURPOSE bucrane shaped head or head of beef … And the vessels were used for storing and transporting grain … Quite typical of Neolithic societies … The semi precious stones, sculptures, shell, pearl, and finally the ornaments in general, expensive and imported from afar, even Neolithic activity?

The Neolithic

Age of polished stone John Lubbock was the first who in 1865 employed the term Neolithic, from the Greek neos, new, lithos, stone If the Neolithic may explain the slow or rapid progress of agriculture, livestock and pottery, mainly due to the settlement, we can also express the opposite: through agriculture and livestock, settlement could be … And how is it went from hunting animals? … Do they have transformed the wildebeest in cattle? … They are endowed with the hunters … And agriculture? … The transformation of thorny shrubs or baobabs in wheat … bigre … In addition, it appears that Nubia, they are already at a very advanced stage of these techniques and therefore the progress made to assign the intervention of a superior civilization is not a heresy … Besides the number of graves discovered in many urban centers reveals a large population in numbers, and which must be added an average density important for the time and that the extent of a kingdom as large as the ‘Europe … Must be fed and the logistics of such a population … Neolithic and more … Copper and gold as part of their daily … Techniques and values, and especially trade: import / export … Concepts that are not consistent with a Neolithic culture … And finally the sudden disappearance of the Nubian, Egyptian allowing to emerge and detach their place … And people from that time back to Neolithic true …

Empires Edenic

As we saw in Chapter Asians, there is in space, the empire of heaven And we now know that it is on sigui tolo, planet of Sirius B is that the space base On earth there is heaven, land base, located in the Kunlun Mountains, and empires: The Middle Kingdom, Asian The empire of the north, the vanes The empire of the east, the Hopi The empire of the south, the Aborigines The empire of the west It is headed by Shao Hao, name asiate It is the first of the five mythical emperors The empire of the West was established in Nubia about 7000 years ago … The Dogon are the people empire earth from the west …

History of Nubia

The Nubians came from sigui to tolo – 7000 They settled in Nubia, occupied by the Dogon people of Earth They lived peacefully next to them as are typically Edenic with local Of course, the Dogon are also used their labor cheap … In return, they make progress and benefit from knowledge … This cohabitation continued until around quietly – 6000 The Egyptian – 6000 settled in Egypt … They can submit the Dogon at will by force and terror as they usually do … They are not interested in a frontal confrontation with the Edenic, at least not yet … So they live relatively peacefully with the Dogon in their territory … For their part, the Edenic let them move, they do not repeat here, the Star Wars … So we stay calm, even if the desire to do battle is underlying … Until approximately -5700, this situation remains fragile peace … At this time triggered Star Wars II in the vicinity of sirius by the Atlantic … The army command Atlantis is Egyptian … (See Chapters 9 / 1 to 5) Part of the Egyptian forces is part of the troops attacking the Eden … After the war lost by the Atlanteans, he has had to make peace … This has happened to the – about 5600 The Eden as agreed to leave sirius to another galaxy and are taking all the Edenic to – 5400 … Some prefer to stay on earth … In most cases they are melted in host populations gradually as time went on …

In Egypt, after the departure of Eden, the Egyptians put pressure, and guerrilla war of conquest, to make cities and mines Nubian … They covet the gold Wawat, very abundant in the mines of Wadi Allaqi or luxury goods such as ebony or ivory These achievements are supported by facilities and well fortified sites to ensure the security of caravan routes

This papyrus in the Turin Museum bears witness to the development of maps of mines The latter, designed around 1200 BC. AD is one of the oldest in the world They attached the same time the Dogon, this time as a labor of record, but could not submit them as they were accustomed, as the Dogon had inherited from Eden a suitable deterrent … The last Eden to have died – 4800, leaving the Dogon becoming Egyptian … With their numbers, their unity and inheritance of Eden, the Dogon maintain their independence vis-à-vis the Egyptian They live with them in relative harmony and probably know advantageously monetize their power to essential work to the Egyptians … The symbiosis between Dogon and Egyptian will therefore take place over time … And great accomplishments ahead … But that is another story …

Egyptian and kelts

The Kelts, as the Egyptians, must pay considerable tribute to Atlantis, not only in return for the protection of Atlantis, but also as a result of the 2nd star wars against the lost Eden, they have an enormous burden in they The EDEN based on a laissez sigui tolo come regularly and look for this tribute to their base sirius, forward it to Eden left the galaxy … (See Chapter 8 / 20) Aesir and the Vanir made peace with the Aesir refuse to pay tribute … (See Chapter 8 / 21) The war against kelts Atlantis is inevitable … The Egyptians have the same interests as kelts and agree to help … It is they who will build, with the help of the Dogon African WMA to sink Atlantis … (See Chapter 8 / 27) We now turn to – the alliance of kelts 5200et and Egypt will destroy Atlantis …


All dates are expressed BP: Before Present, about …

Arrival of the Nubian -7000 édenists

Arrival of the Egyptian -6000 atlants

Star War II -5700

Peace about -5600

Departure of Edenists – 5400

Construction of the Magma Tie Amplifier -5200

Destruction of Atlantis -5000



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