Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 1: America

Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 1: AmericaPublished 21 July 2009


America …

DESTINATION EARTH Book Two: The peoples  Part 2: The people of Atlantis Chapter 1: America


The Peopling of America

The population of America has not a single origin, by the Bering Strait, as was believed for a long time …There have been several waves of immigration …There are about a hundred thousand years we were at the beginning of the Ice Age …Almost all North America is covered with iceWater trapped in the ice lowered the sea levelAsia and America find themselves connected by a strip of land of 2,000 kilometers between Siberia and Alaska called BeringiaWith this bridge, there are about 40 000 years, Asiatic tribes came from Mongolia and Siberia were able to cross the strait on footAfter 10 000 years, the bridge was again overwhelmed …There are about 19 000 years, a new wave of immigration came from Europe …She crossed the Atlantic coastwise, Europe’s coasts to U.S. shores, the connection is continuous through the frozen Arctic coast …These are the Solutrean who occupied the south of France, Spain and PortugalThere are about 17 000 years, a new wave of migration came from Asia, coastwise, coast to coast Asian American …The connection between the continents may be made during the deglaciation of the frozen shores of the Arctic …There are about 15 000 years, another wave of migration came from Australia …Aborigines have always been bold navigators, and thus they have populated the entire south of the earth …Of course, as they sailed on rafts, that’s what we assume in any case, the number of arrivals should not match the number of starters …But population growth left them no other choice …During the last ice age, Würm III, there are about 14 000 years, the land bridge of the Bering Strait was re …This allowed the last wave of migration, and the second wave of migration Earth …

History of Ancient America

Of -7000 to -5000, the period known as the El Riego, there are hunter-gatherersFrom -5000 to – 3400 is the period known as Coxcatlàn, or maize growing domestic and millstones used for making flourOf -3400 to -2300, this is the period of Abejas, with its pottery and stone shaped and trimmed-2300 To -1500, during the Purron is the development of potteryFrom – 1500 is the end of the Archaic Period and the beginning of the training period up to about 300 + …This is what we can call the historical period, which we know or believe to know the history … Scholars do not agree on the chronological division of pre-Columbian America, and there are more than three other theories …In fact, the head archaeologist who discovers a site, it takes its name, and gives the region and at the time of its discovery features …If we apply this same method, which has been proven on all archaeological sites in the world, a 8913 + extrapolation would give this:First, one can imagine that in 3718 +, a great earthquake (or other natural disaster) has engulfed the entire Paris region, and by a miracle only remains a small square original, in which a encampment of gypsies had settled …After the great earthquake of 3718 +, which engulfed and destroyed completely Europe, we are left with the myth of a very advanced civilization in the 2000s …The legends die hard, and it’s so nice to think that a civilization Edenic existed in our region in the distant past …Fortunately, scientists come to our aid and we can now set the record straight, thanks to recent discoveries of the archaeologist Machin …The extraordinary discoveries from the past, we learn that contrary to popular belief, the population at the time of the 3rd millennium of the entire European continent, were type Danube and lived in small nomadic groups …The men of that time were not so until the early stage of settlement, as confirmed by the remains of cereals and pottery found …Thank you, Mr. Machin us to finally learn the truth ..And that’s what we teach in the history books …

Pre-Columbian civilizations

Only from – 1500, we have traces (archaeological) of pre-Columbian civilizations, and it is from these traces that we will write the history of all these people:Aztec, Chavin, Chibcha, Chichimec, Chimu, huaris, Huastec, Inca Manteno-gancalvicas, Mayan, Mixtec, ugly, Moche, Nazca, Olmec, Paracas, Sicani, Teotihuacans, Tepanecs, Tiahuanaco, Tiwanakus, Toltec, Totonac, vicus, virus, Zapotec, etc. …Then the fateful arrival of Cortez …In 1506, an estimated ten million souls the population of the Aztec empire, of which one hundred miles to the capital Tenochtitlan …



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