Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 15: The fifth MA

Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 15: The fifth MTA
Published July 19, 2009

The stele of Axum returned … Removed by the soldiers of Mussolini in 1937, the monument was restored by Rome to Ethiopia in April 2005 … The stele, weighing 160 tons is 24.6 meters high

DESTINATION EARTH, Book Two: The peoples

Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 15: The fifth MTA


Just a reminder of Chapter 8/27, to explain what a marketing authorization MTA  means Magma Tide Amplifier… It is a line of menhirs from 1500 to 2000 km approximately along the same latitude line and ending with a cromlech associated with a large monolithic A menhir: it is a stone vibrating antenna, placed on the ground at a point telluric earth current to receive the land and liaise with cosmic rays, thanks to vibration of the stone (see Chapter 8 / 3) MTA is a one or more lines of menhirs, following the telluric currents, for the addition of the strong current of each cosmic menhir Endpoint yields a super cosmic ray and is channeled by a large menhir, megalith or a very large, sending the ray into a nearby stone circle A stone circle is a circle of standing stones This cromlech receives the super final radius and uses of earth current or it is like a pipe, to direct and compress it through the plate tectonics of about a hundred kilometers The cosmic ray comes and hit the surface of the terrestrial magma The shock increases the ripple of the magma that licks the surface of the plate tectonics and the new wave resulting in oscillations will become larger in the direction of rotation of the earth, to be able to escape by a back The wave that escapes and goes away the plates to form a lake of magma, where the continental plate above will collapse and swallow … Of course, do not forget to dismantle the marketing authorization once it has done its job … And so that no attacker can rebuild it …

The MTA kelts

We have already studied the MTA kelts of Stonehenge, and Er Lannic Canga de Onis in Chapter 8/27 We called these MTA name cromlech terminal To destroy Atlantis, these three were not enough MTA The kelts have therefore contacted the Egyptians to make their territory MTA

The Egyptian MTA

The Egyptians had the same interest that kelts do not pay taxes … They therefore made using the Dogon of the MTA M’soura, you also find the study in chapter 8/27 The Dogon, once their work, not being seafarers, are distributed to the south inland to join other tribes in Africa Dogon Egyptians and kelts have estimated that this was not enough to seriously affect the continent of Atlantis So they organized and approved the construction of a fifth MTA
The MTA of Sine Ngayèn

The MTA Ngayen Sine, see the previous chapter, 10/14, for the description of this device and its environment, in Ethiopia begins and ends in Senegambia The menhirs are scattered from Ethiopia, then Sudan, then in Chad, CAR and Congo, and Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, and Mali, Mauritania, finally ending in Senegambia The construction of this 5 th MTA, continuing the expansion of the spacing between them, proves qu’Atlantide was much lower than the Azores, but the main urban areas should be central in the plain near the sea passage between the large island to the south and the small north


Thousands of stone steles are scattered in Ethiopia Those of Axum are characterized by their size and perfection The giant stele of Axum was transported over several kilometers Thirty-three meters high, and now down into pieces Its volume is about 230 cubic meters Right next to a slab, moved over a distance of several kilometers, too, is placed on the walls It measures 17.5 m in length, 6.5 m in width and thickness is 1.3 m They are dated beginning of our era On the hills of Sidamo there is a large concentration of megaliths oldest The highest measure 8m An estimated 10,000 the number of stones on the hills of Sidamo
It has not yet identified the civilization that built
At about 1km from the site of Tiya stelae, many free blocks have traces of sawing comparable to those observed on the stelae It is likely that this is where the slabs from which were used to Tiya Ten skeletons were studied during the campaign of 1982 the site of the graves of the career of Tiya All bodies are adults The average size is 1.67m for men and 1.59m for women The study of the skulls shows that they differ from the Ethiopian

The Central African Republic
Bouar in Central Africa is one of the largest megalithic site The site consists of a strip of 13Km long and thirty wide ranging from Bouar and Niem towards the Cameroon border, and is situated on the watershed basin of the Congo Tchaet The megaliths date back to 5500 BC. J-C-C up to 450 ap.J The standing stones sometimes exceed three meters Five wrought iron, perhaps monetary ingots, shaped like a double spearhead were found in the great vault Tajunu Beforo I, dated to about 5490 BC. J-C

The route of the Dogon

The Dogon have followed their gods, the Atlanteans, to the construction of AMM, and their dismantling Many stayed on site for gardienner then, at least for some time, the scattered remnants of the megaliths, with a mission to prevent the reconstruction of a marketing authorization This explains the spread of the Dogon tribes throughout the latitude of about 15 °, from Sudan to Senegal and Egypt, although many of them ended up joining the Bandiagara Escarpment in Mali

Atlantean religion of the Dogon
A small return in Chapter 8/19, to remind you the basics of the religion of Egypt Atlantis: the Ogdoad and the Ennead The Dogon cult of 4 pairs of twins, eight deities, and the ninth, the Nommo, it looks exactly like … The Dogon have so well preserved myths of édenistes, their first visitors, but when the Atlanteans replaced them, they have added in new customs, religion Atlantean It was them that much easier, they have much in common because of the Atlantean civilization and édenistes came from neighboring galaxies, and they had lived together a long time In fact, for the Atlanteans, as for édenistes, what we call religion, is actually their own history, which is their heritage and they grow While these visitors from the sky, are for the Dogon, gods, and gods that history becomes their religion …

Secrets of the Dogon

In this photo from NASA can be seen on the left of Sirius, in the middle, Sirius B View taken by telescope
Can not see Sirius B with the naked eye … Also impossible to see with the naked eye that sirius B to complete its revolution around sirius and it is again in front of him … The Dogon have spoken much to Marcel Griaule But nothing since … Yet they still secret knowledge … When asked how they know that this is the year of Sigi, they say it’s still hidden sirius sirius B … Okay, but how do they calculate for the 60 years between Sigi, while sirius sirius B that passes every 50 years? (More exactly 49 years 11 months and 20 days) … And how are they to know the wanderings of Sirius B is invisible to the naked eye? They must really be other astronomical references they hide from us … And so many more knowledge … We can count ourselves lucky to have already have known what we know about them … If they had converted to foreign religions, it is likely that their knowledge was lost, as happened to so many other ethnic …

The victory of édenistes

The édenistes lost ground … They left in space to another galaxy, the address ahead of sigui tolo … Are left on earth that volunteers who chose to end their days by providing local knowledge …
Although, it should not be unpleasant to be god on earth … They are mostly left alone … The Atlanteans remained on earth … They will not conflict with them … So they have all the right cards in hand to found a new ideal civilization far out there somewhere in the infinity of the cosmos … Above all, they have ensured the destruction of Atlantis … Indeed, there is no better than attack from the inside … By imposing, after their defeat in the Star Wars II, the Atlantean, a considerable tribute, they forced them to lift a very heavy tax on their nations … And they put the worm in the apple … A big tax even accepted at the beginning, it ends quickly bored by … It follows, therefore, inevitably, more or less short term, civil war Without external means of rescue or escape, for they had lost the battle in their bases and spacecraft, it would lead them to their doom … Just a matter of time … Although … When will our development as we can from our turn in the stars, we’ll be the good guys or bad guys? … We have evolved? … Do not we go back tickle édenistes? … I guess they do not we wait idly by … And it will be left for the Star Wars III … Because today our world based on money and the war is not cool … Just as an aside, Louis XIV, there are just over 300 years, has been kidnapped and sold slaves, to obtain money to finance wars of succession … Unfortunately for the manufacture of money to bring misfortune to other populations, for profit, cash money, a few … I do not call that being civilized … And not much has changed today, 300 years after … So URGENT: changing the world, so that tomorrow it is a civilized population which starts in space …



money is the human predator
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