Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 16: Evidence and comments

Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 16: Evidence and comments
Published July 19, 2009

Heaven’s Gate, Lake in the west to the mountains
Kunlun, the Olympus …

DESTINATION EARTH, Book Two: The peoples

Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 16: Evidence and comments


At the point where we are of our research, I think it’s time to take a break and ask ourselves some questions … The Dogon civilization Aborigines and both have escaped, first to the Christianization and Islamization in the second … If we are still very far from knowing everything about their religions, their myths and cosmologies, however what we could learn tells us clearly: the gods came from the sky … The extraterrestrial visitations are a reality, including cultural history of these two civilizations are proof …

Extra Terrestrial
While we can not now challenge their reality, it is not possible to assign any … The land also had a role to play … Also explain, for acts or bizarre monuments, as if it was done, it’s because they were aliens does not … Even if they have powers and highly advanced technologies, this does not explain everything either … This is why I am attached to find a consistency and valid reasons to the actions of our galactic neighbors away … And I’ve told so since the beginning of this book history as we might imagine given the traces they have left us … Their story begins at the start of their galaxies of Atlantis and Eden, and their journey to the land and they came to us and their history on Earth, and their disappearance from the earth …


Do not fall into the quackery of forecasters who provide us all the evil that will befall us in all time to come … The end of a cycle chart, only signifies the beginning of the next cycle … After December 31 there on January 1 … And this leads to any actual disasters or miracles … The only event that can be caused by a cycle chart is a tidal effect … This tidal effect could be powerful enough to trigger disasters through its action on the seas or magmas, this has not yet been determined … And alignment of the stars of 21 December 2012 has not yet been considered by the technicians we calculate the tides … But that does not mean that much to be trigger disasters … So just a hint, that day, be far from the sea or a volcano, even off, and you do not worry … And near the sea or a volcano, not much more …

The Bible

Similarly, the study of these two populations that are édenistes Aboriginal and Dogon, virtually untouched by pollution from foreign religions, proves that the Bible is a compilation of earlier documents truncated … Indeed, many things are mentioned in the Bible, which in his writing, were already thousands of years of culture of these people … And while Aboriginal mythology speaks of Lilith and its history, the Bible completely ignores the The Bible has been truncated and disclose a philosophy adapted to retain the power to enslave men and women … Yet too difficult to evict the mother goddess, found in the form of St. Anne and Mary …
God and faith

The principle of the monotheistic religions is one god who gave birth to our universe and that of distance or near at us … In fact it is mostly representatives who lead us and who interpret what he says and we need to do … Science and modern discoveries undermine their dogma … Should we throw out so far that has controlled the planet for 3000 years? When meeting someone who has faith, is always an encounter out of the ordinary … This person has faith dan his eyes and feel it on us … It’s great to be so …

Also, I think, as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1881 – 1955, the Jesuit evolutionist, who already saw in his time that we needed to back the principle of god … If the earth is not a beginning, and this we are sure now, so the beginning is also … But in this also, he has had a beginning … And the principle of god there is still a place … If I do this aside, it is because even though I have no faith, I respect those who … It lies therefore reframe their dogmas and to integrate science and discoveries, which are not their enemies … Only dull people who do not change … Evolve and what is not disqualifying …


About this outrageous practice, it is obvious that no god, or Atlantean édeniste, could not require such a practice … Especially since history has shown us that the gods were not pleased either against the sexual diversity, far from it … The origin of this practice must rather be sought in human behavior … It is likely that a Dogon priest and wanted revenge against a woman who spurned him or is a party with a rival … He therefore established in this savage rite of revenge the insult … It would be good, now, to parley with the leaders of those religions that practice FGM
We must convince them to abandon the practice, which may correspond to a divine order, and that the maintenance in the past … While free women allow them to advance in today’s world …


In the first part of this chapter, we reviewed the empires édenistes … Now we have to study other populations earth who have been in contact with the gods or are coming and who kept the techniques, mythologies and religions …



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