Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 19: The copper route

Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 19: The copper route

Published July 20, 2009

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DESTINATION EARTH, Book Two: The peoples

Part 1: The people édenistes, Chapter 19: The copper route

The value of copper

Mediterranean trade, about 5000 years ago, was based on the values standard, gold and copper Although gold is much rarer than copper, the difficulty of production of this metal was that their values were very close … Copper also had the advantage of gold, it can be used in many ways They were made into cooking utensils and weapons … By mixing it with tin bronze was obtained that allowed weapons even better …   The ancient Egyptian frescoes represent the weighing of the monetary metals, gold and copper … It can be seen on one of the scales and weights on the other pan of thick metal rings, all of the same weight, 90 to 96 grams These rings are deben, which serve as a monetary standard for all goods You pay in deben of gold, or copper deben We also see small son in rolls of gold, for adjusting the weight on the scale … With scissors we cut a bit shorter or longer and it was added on the board, as do the Chinese still today …

Copper metallurgy

Copper metallurgy is much more complicated than that of gold … But copper and lead are used in the middle of the seventh millennium in Anatolia … Until 5 th, or it disappears from the economy to reappear in the 3rd millennium … Techniques for extracting copper and tin in antiquity are extremely poorly known … The extraction should be done either open or by dug wells along the ore veins from outcrops, either through vertical shafts The ore is then crushed, washed and sorted … It is then placed in alternate layers with charcoal in a furnace, and grilled with a powerful ventilation It is reduced by the hot gases released by burning The temperatures reached range from 800 to 1000 ° … The reduction is completed, the furnace is destroyed to collect the metal ingot If you can not get high enough temperatures, the mass collected at the bottom of the home still contains many impurities In this case it was necessary to hammer the hot spongy mass extracted from the home until purification of total metals whose fragments are reassembled into ingot This technique is less developed that was used in the 2 nd Copper Age, 5000 years ago This is why copper ingots from this period that we find today are so rudimentary and inconsistent quality … Quality brass dating from the first age, 9000 years ago, is such a technicality, that these horns are better than those we know today get … They knew exactly obtain the required 1500 °, one degree, for the complete fusion of pure copper … The coal ovens convection of the 3rd millennium can only produce heat well above 1000 ° …

The manufacture of copper objects

To turn base metal into objects, using molding, sheet metal or forging For copper is used mostly the first two processes In a furnace overhaul is placed a clay pot or stoneware containing pure copper obtained by reduction that is brought to its melting point at 1083 ° C Molten metal is then poured into a mold These molds are made of stone, bronze or terracotta The clay molds are the most technically perfect: strength, absorption gas and Thermal They are broken for removal

But the most perfect casts to perform sophisticated objects, are those made of cast using the lost wax From a clay core, the object is to obtain modeled in wax, then wrapped in a blanket of earth The assembly is then heated and the wax is removed Then poured molten metal into the mold When completely cool you break the mold The object of crude iron must then be trimmed and polished This is the method that was used 9,000 years ago … Copper and bronze can also be worked by boilerThe ingots are fought for plates They are then riveted or welded together Forging involves pounding hot metal from the soft spongy mass recovered from the bottom of the furnace reduction It must be worked glowing Removed from the home of the forge activated by bellows, the metal mass is maintained by pincers and is beaten with a hammer on an anvil fixed Red hot and hammered vigorously parts are welded and metal acquires high strength tempered

The copper of Yahve

The Garden of Eden located in northern Anatolia, bordering the Black Sea, in the 7th millennium BC, and Lilith is being installed on the opposite shore of the Black Sea, Yahweh had to operate its territory: Anatolia … There are hundreds of copper mines … The most important are to Arslantepe, Fenan, Aïbunar, Catal Huyuk, Hacilar, Alisar, etc. … All these mines become highly developed urban complexes … The logistics of these operations requires appropriate urbanization, especially Adam and Eve were cast out of base camp, the Garden of Eden, because of inadequate curiosity … The city of Arslantepe, meaning: the hill to the lions, with its huge palace, as well as those of Minos bill, seems to have been the capital of Lord Copper … The decorative copper was found that there inlaid with silver … Alloys with arsenic, tin, etc …, were commonplace … There were found the oldest sword in the world one piece forged and chiseled … Was practiced raising sheep, goats and even cattle … And traces of writing … There are 9000 years … Later, under the Hittites, the city will be called Milid Trade was practiced with delivery notes: Were handed to the head of the caravan, with the merchandise, a ball of clay locked with a seal … If the seal was broken, missing the ball, or any other conditions, the head of the camel caravan and all were put to death … Inside the ball, was the description and the account of goods … To exploit these mines, it takes manpower … And a workforce skilled and obedient … It’s Adam and Eve and their offspring: the Hebrews, Yahweh says this spot … In fact, the Hebrew foremen were controlling the local population … The Hattis The main deity of Hattis, was the mother goddess …

The Flood

There are about 6900 years, this is the end of the Wurm glaciation III This deglaciation is important to overflow the Atlantic Ocean into the Mediterranean Sea Then the Mediterranean Sea will overflow into the Black Sea and drown the garden of Eden … The Mediterranean sea level will rise 100 meters and that of the black sea 120 meters … See Chapter 6/12 Yahweh warns Noah, the leader of the Hebrews, located near the Garden of Eden, at the mouth of the river Halys on the black mother, and gave him two angels to help head south to Arslantepe and there reinstall …

The Hebrew

To dominate and direct the Hattis, the Hebrews are to local people, édenistes as gods … They say their representatives, and thus form the clergy … They are the priests and thus ensure their power over the Hattis, to ensure that their missions require the édenistes … The Hattis worshiped the fertility goddess, mother goddess and the bull-god of nature … but they are also worshipers of vultures, lions and snakes … They worshiped these animals as companions of the great goddess … She was the goddess of life, fertility, and death, wild beasts … We recover Hera … Çayönü villages, and Göbekli Nevali Cori-each have a temple, located to the east, and containing statues of wild animals … The ancient religious rituals Hattis were transcribed in cuneiform Hittite and were able to reach us One myth is that of Hattis moon fell from the sky … Wurushemu is the deity of the underworld … The sky is God! … Eshtan The storm god is called Taru, and it has two important shrines in Hatti country, and to Nerik Zippalanda … The god is the son of Telebinu Wurushemu and Eshtan … Wurunkatte, the god of war, Inara, the genius of Hattusha, and Halmasuit, the goddess throne complete this pantheon … The clergy of the religion of Hattis is provided by the Hebrew … and there are a whole pantheon of édenistes …


From – 6000 Before this, people will start to Atlanteans arrive in the area, the first Egyptian to the south and east the Hittites … Around – 5400, the édenistes leave space for … There is still some édenistes to stay on earth and help the Hebrews to live there … There are also some impressive tombs Arslantepe to their size were probably buried where these édenistes … Édenistes these are still present and for a thousand years, and it flies … Towards – 4400, the pressure of the Hittites, Atlantean population, is becoming difficult to contain … Towards – 4000, the old religion has the lead in the wing, especially as military pressure becomes unbearable and Hittite gods édenistes are really no more effective for the protection of their people, the Hebrew … Populations Atlantean, Egyptian and Hittite regarding this part of the world, are now at the peak … The patriarch of the time, Abraham, successor in direct line of Adam, founded the new religion, the first monotheistic religion from the ground – 4000 … It brings together the Hebrew and assures them that their only god Yahweh, promised them a new and fertile land, and is south … There is no effect in the other direction they can go …   When they arrive in Palestine, they abut … Further, it is the Egyptians, much stronger than them … Locally, it is the Canaanite, peaceful farmers, safe for them … Abraham then decides that the promised land is here … A short war ensures the domination of Canaan …

Slavery in Egypt

The invasion of Canaan, causing a wave of migration of these populations to Egypt … The Egyptians are a very dim view of the arrival of these poor and that serve as an unskilled labor which he did not really need … In fact, they lack skilled manpower, including the construction of monuments to Ramses and Pi Pi Thom So they take the pretext of protecting their neighbors and allies, the Canaanite, while the Hebrews are considered allies of the Hyksos, their enemies, to enslave the Jews, through their military power …I must say that despite their slave status, the Hebrews were very well paid and treated in Egypt, thanks to their skills …


The caves of Qumran

In spring 1947, Mohammed Ahmed el-Hamed, Bedouin shepherd, went looking for a lost goat, found in one of the caves of Qumran, large jars that contained leather scrolls well preserved and wrapped in canvas The Qumran caves are located on the barren slopes of Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea, and are difficult to access From 1947 to 1956, dozens of excavations or caves were explored in the vicinity of Qumran In eleven of them, they found manuscripts, mostly in jars We found only a few rolls well preserved, but thousands of fragments … The oldest of the texts found at Qumran, is a fragment of a roll books of Samuel, from the middle or the end of the third century BC. AD

Deciphering the scrolls was surprisingly fast: started in 1953, work was completed in 1960 … But it was not until the end of the century to have the full texts … The adventures and delays that marred the work of reading and transcription for forty-six years have been characterized by Geza Vermès, professor at the University of Oxford, academic scandal of the twentieth century …   It is recognized that most of these documents were hidden in the caves at around 68, when the first Jewish revolt against the Romans But actually, the first documents were hidden around seventy years ago … In fact, the Hebrews had since their arrival in Palestine around – 4000, used to hide the fear, in the caves … Nearby caves was found an important archaeological site These are the ruins of a large complex of one hundred feet long and eighty of wide …

The caves of Nahal Ishmar

After the discoveries of the Qumran caves, we systematically searched all that looked like a cave and have been used as a hiding place … In the cave of Nahal Ishmar, 170 meters above the ground, and only accessible from the top of the cliff by rappelling, we found traces of habitat Luck or intuition, archaeologists decided to dig deeper … The floor was occupied at the center of the cave by a huge square stone slab about 7-8 meters wide and one meter thick It was decided to dig under the slab …

They found the most fantastic treasure of metal objects … Dating from the first half of the fourth Millennium deposit, but the 6th for making this treasure contains 429 objects of copper alloy and arsenic, made using the lost wax … 10 crowns adorned with animal figurines, scepters, maces, bracelets, etc. … They were wrapped in reed mats, and unpacking they were clean and shiny, as if they had been wrapped yesterday … There are also six objects in opaque minerals, a stone in 5 defenses in a hippo and elephant tusk … Is not known with certainty today, the actual use of these objects …

Copper from Hebrew

Copper objects found in the cave of Nahal Ishmar, actually originate from the copper mines of Anatolia, and have been manufactured before the departure of the Hebrews to the promised land … The quality of copper is such that we would have a hard time producing the same today … Copper was therefore part of the treasure of the Hebrews, since having fear of the Egyptian invasion, they preferred to hide … And many religious objects or religious connotation, like chandeliers to 7 branches, are made of copper in the Hebrew tradition In Egypt, some of them have well covered the smelter and copper work during their servitude …

The genesis

The bible was written by Abraham … We understand much better now that we know the history of the Hebrews before Abraham, that the genesis, early and important subject, is simply reduced to its simplest form … Anything that could jeopardize the theology of the new religion was simply omitted … What could be, was arranged … To protect his people, Abraham has been writing fundamentals and rules of the new religion, Judaism, the oldest monotheistic religion on earth One rule is that one can not become a Jew, a Jew is born … To be a Jew, one must have a Jewish mother … There are Jews and Gentiles, that is how the Jews call non-Jews The rule is identical to the other monotheistic religions: For Christians, non Christians are unbelievers For Muslims, non Muslims are infidels In fact, from Adam to Abraham, the Hebrew of the Hebrews are … And Abraham to the present, the Hebrews are Jews …



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