Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 4: American Gods

Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 4: American Gods
Published July 21, 2009

One of the many Olmec colossal heads …

DESTINATION EARTH Book Two: The peoples

Part 2: The people of Atlantis

Chapter 4: American Gods

The gods and men

In myths and religions, those that men called gods, were in fact refugees from space, from the galaxy of Eden and Atlantis, which has called on our land … You saw the occupation by browsing “Destination Earth” from the beginning … They have lived on earth, between them, and their interaction with humans as the case was labor, slaves, guinea pigs or sexual partners, and much less integration testing … If the legends Asians, to read and reread the first book, show great kindness to mankind, yet they rarely speak of integration … But it is also true that the gods Asians seem to prefer, despite the great difficulties to remain on earth to go back in space … Well not all but many of them … The only legend that speaks of real integration, is the sun and moon, in the Joseon Kingdom, Book I Chapter 15 Part 5 th … This is also the legend that is the source of our famous tale of Little Red Riding Hood …


For convenience, I give to the planet of origin, the name of the ethnic group that hosted the visitors … I have no proof of course, I just assumed that these newcomers have tried to reproduce their origins, as did our scouts in turn: New York, for example … Eden in the galaxy, the ethnic groups that have come on earth and that we know are the inhabitants of the planets: Eden, Asia, Vane, Hopi, Native, Nubia … There were probably other planets in the galaxy Eden who participated in the great journey … Some of their populations have been decimated in the 2 star wars … The other remained in space for occupation édeniste and gone on departure for space – about 3400 … You have already read all this in the book first …


Atlantis in the galaxy, ethnic groups that we know on earth are the inhabitants of the planets: Atlantis, Maya, Joseon, Sumer, Egypt, Ase, Kelt … As for édenistes, other populations have been decimated in two wars and other stars are distributed with édenistes upon departure for space, voluntarily or hostage guarantee the 2nd star wars Book I see 6 th part, Chapters 1 through 5 …

American Gods

The American continent has been occupied by the extra terrestrial visitors: Approximately in the area of current United States, were established the Hopi édenistes … In eastern South America, the Mayan, Atlantean, is the … In Central America, it is the Mayan, Atlantean, western … North of the equator in the southern United States and the Caribbean, the Olmec were included in the Mayan territories …

The Olmec

Who are the Olmec? Their monumental heads tell us: Negroid and Caucasian type, according to the head … If we remember the chapter 15 of the first part of this volume, the 5 th AMM, we have the answer: These are associated with the Nubian Egyptians who built the 4 th and 5 th AMM, as part of their support for kelts in their war against Atlantis, see Chapter 27-29 of the 5th part of the book first … The Olmec are the Nubian, édenistes, and Egyptian, Atlantean, associates, who came to Central America … The area was already occupied by Mayan … Maya of east or west: they are faithful to Atlantis … Olmec: they are at war against Atlantis … Despite their loyalty to Atlantis, the suzerain willingly forget his obligations to the Mayan … Worse, the Mayan Atlantis suspected of acquaintance with the Olmec … Good excuse not to send them what they owe … Under these conditions, one understands the passive neutrality generally observed by the Maya to the Olmec … This reduced the wars between Olmec and Maya only to territorial disputes, many with little space and low population density of each other …

The end of the gods

The gods are left … Those who remained became the gods of their people, then as time went on only their heads and representatives of the gods … Nothing can be against time … The gods became gods halves, then into supermen have continued to finish in men … Knowledge has been lost … The reigns of civilizations have changed … There remains only the remains for us to reconstruct the history …



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