Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 5: The American megaliths

Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 5: The American megaliths

Published July 21, 2009

The great menhir of San Augustin in Colombialooks into the distance … He awaits the return of its builders …

DESTINATION EARTH   Book Two: The peoples

Part 2: The people of Atlantis

Chapter 5: The American megaliths

Sites active or passive

The ancient sites are characterized by their functions: passive active sites or sites … A passive site is a site that has its own operation: palace, home, business, tumuli, burial, religious site, etc … An active site is a site that has a function in a system: megaliths (dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs, etc. …), that is to say, he participates in the operation of a marketing authorization (amplifier tide of magma ) or other active system …

The spheres

The spheres are of the megaliths that we have not yet met, and for good reason … We have seen the megaliths magnets ocean currents influence the climate … And as the menhir alignments ending in a stone circle and a large menhir to a marketing authorization (see Book I 5/27) … And now we will discover the spheres, mainly granite, see ovoid, with a different function … Burial sites: mounds and others are mainly undertaken later … of reuses

Spheres of Costa Rica

Granite spheres weighing up to 12 tons have been discovered in the forests of Costa Rica … In the middle of the jungle, on top of mountains, in river deltas and on hills, you discover hundreds of artificial granite balls or lava Their diameter ranges from a few centimeters to nearly 3 meters Currently the heavy ball that has unearthed weighs about 30 tons! The Swiss explorer Erich von Däniken has discovered some scattered on flat ground, and other groups placed on hilltops, in any case far from quarries or easy place to reach … In fact, all areas easily accessible, have been displaced, in museums or washed away by collectors or dealers … Today, we could just make a ball of granite over 2 meters in diameter with a similar quality of work … The regularity of the diameter of the spheres varies no more than 2 to 5 cm … The surface of the spheres is often damaged by centuries of wear, erosion, transport and handling … Many spheres were dynamited by treasure hunters believing find gold within …

The analysis showed that the spheres are mostly granodiorite, a rock mag- matic plutonic The lava flow at the origin of the stones was located in the Cordillera de Talamanca, in the riverbed Térraba in Diquis Delta in southern Costa Rica, approximately 80 km from the place of discovery … A legend says that every ball called Indian Sky-ball or ball by the inhabitants of the jungle, is the sun … it is very difficult to get a ride on the sites of these balls because they are considered sacred objects and locations of balls are sanctuaries prohibited In 1940, the United Fruit Company cleared the swamps and woods at the foot of the Cordillera Brunquera in the territory of Rio Diquis This allowed the archaeologist Doris Z. Stone discovered many balls perfectly spherical and that ClassA as artificial

USA Spheres

USA, Tennessee, Arizona, California and Ohio, it was discovered other areas … Displaced and local spheres, it is very difficult to know … The archaeologist Marcel Homet discovered in 1940 in the upper Rio Branco in northern Amazonia, a gigantic stone oval 100 meters long and 30 meters high, covered with solar symbols

The floor of Bimini

In September 1968, enormous boulders, aligned approximately eight hundred meters, and called “The Bimini Road,” were discovered off Paradise Point in North BiminiAprès the underwater expeditions that followed the discovery, archaeologists have believed that these stones are the megaliths deglaciation could be the cause of the rising waters and engloutissements site

Menhirs in Colombia

In San Augustine and close to Alto de los Idolos, are the two main sites of menhirs in Colombia In the southern department of Huila, at 1700 meters and over a hundred square miles, San Augustine, is the most important archaeological site in the country There are over 130 statues carved in stone, small temples, and mounds Alto de los Idolos is a vast esplanade artificial The statue of “yo doble” double me, is the most famous Of the two sites, one discovers mounds, burial vaults associated with monumental statues, carved stones, and that can be called megaliths carved Gods and mythical animals are skilfully represented

Calçoene, Stonehenge of America

A Brazilian team of archaeologists discovered the site of Calçoene in the state of Amapá, an astronomical observatory of Stonehenge megalithic style The observatory consists of 127 granite blocks, each with a height of 3 meters, arranged in regular circles The discovery of gold mines of the Rio Calçoene made it a prosperous city, but that has left lasting scars on the environment of the region And archaeological sites have not been spared … In general, in America, the dollar prevailing above all, it is estimated that more than half of archaeological sites has been eradicated by agriculture, oil and gold research … Indigenous peoples have not had a better fate as archaeological sites



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