Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 6: The Bermuda Triangle

Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 6: The Bermuda Triangle

Published July 21, 2009

Exploration of the floor of Bimini …

DESTINATION EARTH   Book Two: The peoples

Part 2: The people of Atlantis   Chapter 6: The Bermuda Triangle


Coming from Aberdeen , Scottland , where I visited clients, I had landed in Hull, Yorkshire, to visit a supplier and friend … Now I came to Auxerre … Hull, military airfield outside the customs, I dropped in my flight plan, landing in late afternoon in Southend, south east England, in Essex … From there I intended to go directly to Auxerre, where I could do the customs arrival … The weather was gloomy, rainy same, and therefore can climb to altitude, I had to leave the military zones, because the kingdom has two routes: That of instrument flight, IFR above 12,000 feet, 3600 meters, and air corridors, except for the first and the last section, to join and leave the air corridor … The rest is military … This is because of the narrowness of the British island that this configuration has been established … So I crossed the Humber estuary and along the coast to 5000 feet, 1500 meters … I proceeded to adjust all my instruments depending on the intended flight … Come to the bay of the Wash, the hail was invited … I went back down to 3000 feet, 900 meters … A hailstone was so engulfed in my pitot … The pitot tube is one which records the pressure of the air pushed by the aircraft and which converts this pressure signal indication … I at that time lost my speedometer …

Visibility of approaching was nothing … At that moment I realized that my ball was gone … She sailed merrily from left to right and vice versa … The ball is the artificial horizon … If you do not see land, you lose your references and that’s the ball that allows you to keep your plane horizontal … Do not under any circumstances trust your inner ear! There is evidence that even with the most intense workouts, without references, NO ONE can keep the horizontal over a minute … I went down to 1500 feet, 450 meters, to see the countryside … My decision was immediate, I could not continue the flight, he had to do an emergency landing … A quick glance at my map I was able to make the decision to ask me to Norwich … I had just crossed the bay of the Wash, and I took along a heading of 45 degrees to put me over the sea … At 1500 feet, the risk of collision with an antenna or other building atop a hill, becomes possible … In view of the sea, I saw raging in my plane, I took a course 90 degrees to get close above the sea as much as possible from Norwich … In order to land there, I set my vor of Norwich … The compass is a multi-vor, that is to say that the beam emitted by the station results in a straight needle that gives us the way forward … The more you are offset from the needle, the more you tighten the cap to reach the station … But then, my vor told me that I was on track … I remind you that info for Norwich would be heading to 140 degrees to me, and that’s if I was on this course, that would vor me the answer as well … But I was a 90 ° to the safety … Intrigued, I handed the vor Southend on: I was on track … Ouch! weird … Well I do another test, I plugged into London: I was on track … A final test, I plugged into Grimsby, it is the station where I am: I was on track …

I immediately called and asked London Control radar to Norwich by explaining my situation … Luckily, the transponder was working … The transponder is a radio transmitter that allows the radar to control aircraft position … The controller communicates you a number, which is displayed on the transponder and can visualize all the aircraft in its areaControl has shown me a heading of 180 ° to reach the airport from Norwich to 8 minutes … So I was where I thought, and not told me where the vor … So I landed at Norwich, and for that I had only the compass (the compass), altimeter and tachometer … And then, surprise, the altimeter tells me I’ve landed … Well, I correct, I have only the compass and tachometer … Nice landing, without anything, and under a shower of hail … Anyway, there was no second try … By completing my papers in the office of general aviation, it is the office for civil aviation other than online, my eye is attracted by a small tab sign pinned to the wall … He said, in the Norwich area, outside the airport area, the services of the Air Force, are brought, without notice, to experiment interference … The military thought by the British as a time, there was no one crazy enough to fly … No comment …

The interference

An electromagnetic wave corresponds to the propagation of a magnetic field and an electric field in a straight line from a source Visible light is a small slice of the electromagnetic spectrum … Like all waves, electromagnetic waves can interfere: for radio, it may cause interference signal Because of interference to radio high frequencies are interrupted …   The variation of the geomagnetic field creates malfunctions in everything electrical and electronic … Detectors embedded satellites, sensors, navigation instruments, are particularly sensitive to these waves … These waves can create interference that will interrupt all communication between the satellite and the earth, resulting in a loss of contact and control … The U.S. air force has already lost contact with the plane of President … Could no longer receive or send messages … Since the U.S. Air Force operates a global network of telescopes on the ground in relief … The magnetic field carried by electromagnetic storms induces electric currents that create a boost in power lines, resulting in the deterioration of transformers and overhead distribution system … March 13, 1989, in a period of solar maximum, a magnetic storm was very violent trip the power grid in Quebec, plunging into the darkness 9 million people for several hours … The same thing happened in New York in 1978 … The aurora borealis is a electromagnetic storm … Hydro-Québec confirms that the transmission of electricity at high latitudes are particularly vulnerable, because the Northern Lights … Moreover, Quebec is based on a huge rock shield current preventing drowning in the earth … The electricity then looks for a path, and power lines offer a path of least resistance … Electromagnetic terrorism is currently being taken very seriously … Sources of strong electromagnetic waves and compact directed at sensitive installations could cause irreparable damage … They could allow the insertion of data subversive and decommissioning of sites sensitive computer …

The  electromagnetic storm

The most powerful eruption of the current solar cycle, which lasts 11 years, took place in April 2000, but luckily it was not directed towards the earth … During a solar flare, billions of tons of matter escaping from the surface and much of the ejected gas reaches the earth, causing electromagnetic disturbances consequent … Until now, no one cared but trouble caused by interference in the power grid or communications systems to airlines, rendered inoperative because of a solar storm … But since the development of information technology who now heads the totality of life on earth, we must look at things differently … But what can we face the sun …

The first electromagnetic storm of 2003

The solar flare of Tuesday, October 28 around 11:00 GMT, 12:00 here, sent a jet of ionized particles that reached the earth at 6:13 GMT Wednesday, ten hours before the time prescribed by specialists … The geomagnetic storm took only 19 hours to reach Earth … It was an extreme electromagnetic storm, classified G5, the highest level existing … The particles have traveled about 2,000 km / second … The eruption was localized in the central part of the sun, just opposite to the Earth … As a precaution, the crew of the international space station has been ordered to stay there this week, the Russian Service Module Zvezda, better protected against radiation than other ISS modules … The eruption sent X-rays traveling at the speed of light … They provoked a storm radio in the ionosphere 50 km to a few hundred kilometers above … These X-rays have interfered with the propagation of radio waves used for communication with aircraft traveling at high altitudes near the poles … Ionized particles reaching the earth have created some interference in the power grid in northern U.S. and Canada … Northern lights were visible to Texas …

The second electromagnetic storm of 2003 

A second solar eruption occurred the next day, Wednesday, October 29 at 8:48 p.m. GMT and reached Earth’s atmosphere on Thursday at 1500 GMT … It is as if the earth was a giant cannon pointed at her by the sun, which would have fired two shots at us, said John Kohl, an astrophysicist … I have not seen anything like this in my entire career astrophysicist, he said, the chances of this happening is so low that it is a statistical anomaly … Explanation of a scientific … The Japanese space agency has reported the loss of communications with its satellite Kodama, Wednesday at the beginning of this storm electromagnetic largest for thirty years … Just for fun: you remember that 2003 was the year of the heatwave? …

The  American MTA

The menhirs in Colombia, and on the same latitude, a few thousand miles away, a stone circle … This means that all this distance should be marked by standing stones …It’s not because we did not yet found, they are not … In all cases, the Olmec, Nubian and Egyptian partners in their fight against Atlantis, after completing the 5th MTA going from Sudan to Senegal, see Chapter 12 to 16 of Part 1 of the second book, crossed the Atlantic to settle in America other MTA …

The grounding

But now, this OHM is upside down … It goes from west to east and therefore its effectiveness is lost due to the rotation of the earth … So it’s not a marketing authorization … This is necessarily a weapon intended to harm Atlantis … The Olmec came to America for this! It is a grounding! We must be able to find in northern Canada, a grounding identical to that of Colombia in Brazil … A line of menhirs in Alaska beginning and ending with a cromlech in Greenland, unless it is on a line from Vancouver to Newfoundland … Or at least what’s left … Between two grounded, the suction holes telluric, see Book 1, Chapter 3 Part 5 th, must be closed … Electromagnetic waves traveling at the speed of light, 300,000 miles per second, until they found out: drowning in the earth … They are blocked by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the rows of standing stones to the north and south, the holes being plugged with telluric granite spheres, it remains as their only way out the two stone circles … The system works like a turbine jet: vacuum … All the waves arriving at the same place, the pressure is enormous … And this induces a suction same force … Barriers leading waves of menhirs stone circles to create a true vacuum electromagnetic waves impenetrable curtain, above the Atlantic, along the length of Atlantis, from Iceland to the Cape Verde … The Atlantis will sink with Atlantis, and those who want to escape is to be hosted by the kelts on the European side and the Egyptian-Nubian for the African … If they want to escape from the west, all vehicles will flow into the Atlantic, because the electromagnetic curtain created by the Olmec …

The Bermuda Triangle

After qu’Atlantide sank, the Olmec electromagnetic disable the curtain … This destruction process with much less importance, it is provided less care to work for the construction of these grounded … The stone circle south remains in place, thereby grounding the south remains active … In addition, all holes are not telluric opportunities … Under normal conditions, it does not really matter … By cons, during storms, frequent in the Caribbean, the air laden with moisture and salt, becomes more conductive … Electromagnetic waves can then come together to reach the ground Brazilian … Any aircraft, traveling at that time in that area, loses his artificial horizon, among other instruments, and as he is flying at a height consistent and no visibility in the storm, in less than a minute it drops in Atlantic … For a boat, overloaded generators burn, and it is the engine failure … A boat without motor is out of control … Instead of making waves across, it gets into the bed of the wave … A larger roll and the ship rolled over, the wave covers it, and it flows … Thus we recorded until the late 70s and many mysterious disappearances of planes and boats Since then, many megalithic sites were destroyed by treasure hunters, gold, oil and even for the development of agriculture, which completed the work of defusing the curtain electromagnetic Olmec … The situation in the Bermuda Triangle is back to normal …



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