Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 11: The Kojiki, first part

Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 11: The Kojiki, first part
Published July 23, 2009

Izanagi and Izanami created Onogoro …

DESTINATION EARTH Book Two: The peoples

Part 2: The people of Atlantis Chapter 11: The Kojiki, part


The translation of the Kojiki

I found many translations and summaries of the Kojiki on the net … That I am presenting is closest to the spirit of the legend
It comes from the website:

The Kojiki

Heaven and Earth were one. A shapeless mass, which contains no life and floating in space as would a jellyfish in the ocean. Over time, the portion considered pure form detached itself and came to heaven, the rest is below agglutination in a viscous mass: Earth. The latter is still informs and moves slowly into the ether. No orb is yet the sky remains empty except for the myriad of twinkling stars. The first kami (gods) suddenly appeared in the sky: no one knows where they come, they appeared spontaneously. There were initially three: Ameno Minakanushi no Mikoto (kami of Augustus the center of the Universe (creator of the north star)), Takami Musubi no Mikoto (kami Augustus The creator of wonders) and Kami Musubi no Mikoto (kami The creator of treasures). But their existence was brief and they disappeared without a trace. Then a bamboo shoot had two new kami who endured a similar fate to the first three. Further kami appeared. Seven couples more accurately. Soon there remained only six, the first two kami also disappeared. The remaining couples decided to settle in the Milky Way. They were soon at work to shape their new environment. By mutual agreement, the last pair was charged with the most complex task: setting and shaping this viscous mass that we call Earth. Thus, Izanagi (the male who invites) and Izanami (the female who invites) headed toward Earth with lances gold (Ameno Nuboko) set with precious stones.

Both embody physical perfection kami: Izanagi the bearded man with long hair is great and has a remarkable strength. Izanami is the most beautiful woman that you can see her features are extremely thin, his face is white and his figure could not be more gracious. Izanagi plunged his spear into the earth began to knead it vigorously. But by removing his spear, a large drop formed an island on the surface of the water. (They say it is the island of Onogoro). Both are long intrigued kami observe their creation beings already inhabiting the island and attend to their reproduction. Being pure, they were ignorant of the things of love. They decided to land on the island. Izanami was very happy: their creation was beautiful and she laughed. Izanagi was laughing too. It did not fail to attract the attention of other kami remained in the Milky Way. They came and saw what was happening and found Izanagi and Izanami sitting on a rock. How could a simple rock thus cause such a joy. The kami departed disappointed. Izanami Izanagi could not see the same way: she was troubled by her beauty, her presence and strength. She then asked him if he wanted to marry her. Without hesitation, he agreed. Everything could be going well, but their first child was a sort of horrible worm. They got rid of this abomination by putting it on a boat made of reeds. Their second child was also monstrous. They decided to go interview the other kami. For this they had to return to the kingdom located in the Milky Way (Takamanohara). The couple’s oldest told them that their marriage was the source of their misfortunes: indeed, only Izanagi (the male) could ask the goddess of marriage. They then remained in the abode of Gods. But they seemed very unhappy and no longer spoke. Time passed and Izanami remembered the wonderful time of their first lovemaking. She ran back down on their island. Izanagi saw her and found her so beautiful and radiant that he was soon to follow. The small piece of land was now dressed in a lush green mantle. Izanagi was shocked and found joy brought by this, he asked Izanami in marriage. She grinned and they remarried. The curse was lifted. Their new children were first islands: the first was that of Awaji, then it was Shikoku, Oki, Kyushu, Tsushima, Honshu and Hokkaido. Six new islands came later, followed by over 3000 small islands.

Thus was born on Japan, then called Wakoku The newlyweds did not rest there. They all gave birth kami that can be found on Earth: kami of trees, mountains, rocks, plants and flowers, seas, lakes and rivers. Their first offspring was Owatatsumi the lord of the oceans. Then Izanami gave birth Kamihaya Akitsu Hiko who controls the land and Haya Akitsu Hime who controls the sea surface. A multitude of kami appeared. Izanami then set the world on fire kami (Kagutsuchi no kami). But childbirth goes wrong and Izanami dies horribly burned by her offspring. Just before giving up the ghost of his mouth sprang Kanayama biko and Kanayama hime (god and goddess of the metal) and Haniyasu hiko and Haniyasu hime (god and goddess of the earth). The Kingdom of Shadows became his new home. Because of this, death and its consequences (the breakdown and bereavement) appeared. Her husband, a rage beheaded the kami of fire (Kagutsuchi) with Totsuka no Tsurugi (sword): the blood that poured from the gaping wound gave birth to many new kami as droplets falling to the ground. Izanagi had lost all joy in life. His wife died, life no longer had any flavor. He made up his mind to go find her. After all, was he not a god? He asked all people, men and animals, he met on his way to indicate a way to retrieve Izanami. A snake told him the entrance of Hades (Yomi) in the province of Izumo. Gradually, as he went deeper into the bowels of the earth, the light disappeared. He heard screams and moans that would have scared any man: but he was determined to find his wife and nothing could stop him. He walked long in total darkness. And that’s when despair began to invade he heard the voice of Izanami. He can not see it, but he distinctly heard his voice. She is very happy to see he did all this way to join her. – “I have come to take you back with me!”. But she had already eaten the food that is served to those living in the Kingdom of Shadows, she could no longer return to the surface. – “I will still go and beg the gods of this realm for the right back with you!” She said. “Wait for me here, as long as necessary, and above all promise me that you do not tryin to join me and you do not budge”. Izanagi gave him this promise. And he waited … long, long time. And his impatience eventually make him forget his promise. He then advanced again into darkness. He seemed to hear the voice of his wife begged him not to go further. But he was seized with an irresistible desire to see her, if only a short time. He approached Izanagi, she told him to go away. Then he took one of his tooth comb to make a torch. And he saw the most atrocious scenes: Izanami was still beautiful, but seeing her, he condemned her: her body began to rot and decomposed under the horrified eyes of Izanagi. Quickly her flesh had rotted and eaten by worms.

Izanagi began to flee the underworld. Demons were after him, Izanami had joined the ranks of abject pursuers: she screamed “You’re a traitor! You have not kept your promise! “. Even the guards of hell were behind him. Izanagi had to resolve to close the entrance to hell with a huge rock. The Male God who invites wandered to the island of Kyushu. Arriving at the edge of the Orange River, he was struck by the clarity of the water: that purity could wash it, allow him to forget everything that just happened. He took off his clothes and went swimming in the river. He made exactly fourteen ablutions. Twenty-six new swimming kami were born of this: the kami out of where the clothes were Izanagi, and every part of his body he cleaned. By sprinkling his right eye he gave birth Tsukiyomi, the kami of the Moon (Tsuki =). Gushes from her nose Susano-oh, the kami of the storm raging. Finally, his left eye appeared Omikami Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess: now, there would be day and night there. Amaterasu (“Heaven shining”) marveled Izanagi who ask him to shine in the sky.

Susano-O was prone to violence, aggression and constantly seeking to slay his surroundings. Its passage over the seas, his kingdom, caused terrible storms. It was unpredictable, which can remain long in a semi-lethargic and suddenly awakening, transforming a simple break into a formidable typhoon. Causing flooding, destroying dams, rice paddies, sinking ships: it was all for it as excellent jokes he played the inhabitants of Earth. Susano-O was not devoid of tenderness … but he did that to his sister Amaterasu. He decided to go with her for a mere courtesy call. The kami, still housed in the Milky Way, see this powerful and violent kami fly to their kingdom, terrified, thinking he can come destabilize their world, they will see Amaterasu to ask him to look after him. They do not appreciate him because they were also still obliged to repair the terrible damage it causes to Earth after its passage. Amaterasu herself was very skeptical, she distrusted her brother: she did not approve of his manner and his brutal coarseness. She grabbed his bow divine, lacquered wood bright red, and two huge quivers each of a thousand arrows. She post at the entrance of the kingdom, resting on clouds to consolidate its base and raised his bow determined to stop Susano-O in its tracks. A river separated the kingdom of earth and the Gods and a bridge (the rainbow) connected the two banks. Susano-O stopped on the opposite bank in the Kingdom of God. Very politely, he bowed his sister who was just ahead of him. Amaterasu asked him the reason of his coming and what were his intentions. The storm god told him very calmly that his journey had no other purpose than to visit him. He laughed, a booming laugh and roar. He was amazed at the attitude of Amaterasu, this home cold and threatening. To dispel any animosity, he asked his sister to break his arms together in order to devote him eternal peace. And he gave him his sword. Amaterasu took it and broke it into three pieces at once dispersed. She then gave her two quiver and his bow as Susano-O destroyed immediately. The brother and sister could now find themselves. But Amaterasu could not help but be on guard, she could not get used to his lack of etiquette and rudeness. Unfortunately, he was the cause of many disorders and its presence in the United Divine was not tolerated for long. And it’s Amaterasu herself who made the charges. Among its many activities, Amaterasu loved to sew. Surrounded by her maids, she was busy in peace. Suddenly, the roof was torn a gaping fissure. The debris fell into the room, seamstresses were distraught. A colt flayed fell in the room for a laugh – the laugh of terrible Sousanô-O – was heard. He was satisfied to have made a good joke to his sister. The vibrations caused it did fall into the sewing room of new debris and tiles: many maids are injured, others panicked by the blood of the foal. And above all, Amaterasu herself is injured, a finger was severely damaged by the shuttle of his loom.

Enraged, she rushed to the other so that kami Susano-O is sent back to his earthly kingdom. But they answered him quietly that Susano-oh no they had done nothing and he was also a kami: the fate of Susano-O did not concern them. Amaterasu could not contain his fury, and she took refuge in a cave which she closed the entrance depriving the Earth and the Heavenly Kingdom with its light and warmth. It was then a new era of darkness, only light from the stars and Tsuki-yami pierced the darkness of an endless night. The gods in turn suffered the incessant jokes (And especially unbearable) of Susano-O. They never kept a long time and they began to beg Amaterasu to come out of retirement to help return the kami impetuous. But she remained deaf to all their demands. The grand council of the Gods, composed of the first five pairs of kami decided to convene all kami. Soon they were millions to meet before the Council. However, even taken together, they did not find any idea that can convince Amaterasu. Only the kami “full of ideas” (Takami Musubi) found a solution: we had to sing the cocks so they call their song Amaterasu. The other kami were enthusiastic and soon thousands of roosters were laid on toriis. But Amaterasu did not show: the gods realized the roosters were very vain creatures who thought it was their singing that was every day the sun rise. The kami “full of ideas” (Omoikane) outlined a new solution: Amaterasu is female, she is prone to jealousy as all women. The other kami were immediately convinced by the idea. They went to uproot a giant tree on which they placed, hanging from its branches, wreaths decorated with precious stones made by Tamanoya. The kami who worked at the forge Ishikori Dome (which has only one eye) manufactured a giant mirror (Okagami) panels with gold. They placed all close to the cave which was enclosed the sun goddess. Then they lit thousands of lamps, the light came to reflect on the mirror and jewels hanging from the branches of the tree. They began to laugh, sing and celebrate this new light source. They proclaimed this new sun. Uzume, goddess of dance, the kami resulted in an incredible medley. First intrigued by all this activity, it was observing the scene through some cracks in the rock that blocks the entrance to his cave. Then she was jealous, thinking that the kami had already forgotten: she could not bear the idea of being replaced as well.

And she went out of his cave rapidly approaching the new goddess. Then she saw the most beautiful woman standing before her. Surprised, she quickly realized she was contemplating his own reflection in the huge mirror crafted by the blacksmith kami. Annoyed she wanted to join his cave. But the kami “power” in a flash Tajikarao obstrua the cave entrance. The cave was then condemned with the Shirikumi no nawa (rope preventing the return). This rope is the origin of shimenawa. Amaterasu was a bit lost, but she realized that while this scheme was set up for her: the kami were keen to the sun goddess. Having regained consciousness, Amaterasu took the mirror (Okagami) and the chain of jewels (Magatama), thanking the gods for these great gifts. That was the end of the dark again, the day succeeded night. It was a great day of joy in the Kingdom of the Kami. Susano-O, who had stood by all these events decided to say a few words full of irony. No sooner had he uttered some words that millions of kami told him to shut up. “Go back to the ocean on Earth! Back down “. They seized him violently, tearing him in passing a few nails and beard. Then they threw him into the ocean. This will be the men who will bear his wrath. The kami raging for some time caused many storms around and on the islands of the archipelago created by Izanagi and Izanami. But he eventually calmed down and went in search of a peaceful place to settle. It is the province of Izumo who caught his attention. Clung there and walked a long time before encountering humans.

He appeared before a house inhabited by an elderly couple and their beautiful daughter. These three people were very sad and kept crying. Susano-O approached, three people were frightened by the earth began to tremble at every step of the impetuous god. Susano-O told them they had nothing to fear from him. He had changed, behaving almost like a refined man: the bitter lesson he had received the heavenly kingdom had certainly affected. “Why are you crying?” They asked it. This is because of the sacrifice of my youngest daughter that we must give as food to the eight-headed dragon and eight tails, the monstrous Koshi: We had eight girls and each year we had to sacrifice one of them. And here is the last still living. Susano-O was charmed by the beauty of the maiden. The old man told him that her daughter would lose him to the end of his joie de vivre, and that no one could celebrate the ancestors of the family. Susano-O then wanted to meet for the slaying Koshi provided that the old man accepts his daughter Hime Kushinada wife. The latter looked at him closely and succumbed to his charm: he was handsome and strong, his face getting younger by the absence of his beard. And his clothes were not highlighted the presence of a magnificent sword. The old Azinazuchi accepted the offer of the kami of the storm, the master of the oceans. Susano-O grabbed it quickly turned into a comb Kushinada: He put it in her hair. He then asked the couple to have around their house a large fence: eight doors shall be arranged and behind each one, a container is filled with sake that the old lady will Tenazuchi prepared.

Susano-O went to hide in the thick woods of the nearby forest. No sooner was he installed that arises Koshi. He was soon attracted by the smell of sake. Each of its heads through a door and came to drink. The monster quickly became drunk. Seeing this, Susano-O stuck his sword into the lifeless body. The large wound flowed a stream of blood that came blushing in the nearby river flowing to it: the flood dries up in late afternoon. Only one of the monster’s tail was still moving slightly. Susano-O wanted to finish and tried to decide. Surprised, he saw his sword he thought indestructible breaking into three pieces. Intrigued, he parted the flesh still warm to see what was in the tail: it is a huge sword (Kusanagi no Tsurugi), the best there is. It was also perfectly balanced despite its size was very small. Susano-O tried it immediately: he cut a huge tree trunk as easily as a few blades of grass. The nearby rock was just as easily cut. He thought that this sword could allow it to regain the love of his sister and he forcefully threw the sword to the sky begging Amaterasu to accept this pledge. From a powerful blast he sent the sword to the celestial kingdom. Then he went to Kushinada appearance. She came to nestle in the strong arms of Susano-O, full of joy. They married and decided to stay in a castle at Suga. Eight black clouds and impenetrable walls were used. They lived in peace, removed from the world. They had a son, handsome and strong, taking the best from each parent. And it was the same for his son and his grand-son, etc. …



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