Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 13: Japan at the time of the Kojiki

Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 13: Japan at the time of the Kojiki

Published 23 July 2009

Japan, Dai Nihon, the great land of the rising sun…

DESTINATION EARTH Book Two: The peoples

Part 2: The people of Atlantis

Chapter 13: Japan the KojikiAtlantis


We saw that the megaliths and archeology prove that the Jomon, Atlantean population, have annexed the islands that will form JapanFurther evidence emerge from the reading of the founding text of Japan, the KojikiAlthough it was compiled in 720, telling stories that occurred from 12,000 to – 3000, it can not completely disguise the origin of the Atlantean mythology …Indeed, because of this compilation late, there have been mixed with mythology édeniste China

The legend of the Kojiki

The Kojiki is a legend, this is not a fairy …All that is recounted in the Kojiki, is TRUE …This is the story of Atlantis, and édenistes, seen by people who regarded them as gods, because they were from outer space and had weapons and very advanced technologies …This is why the stories are told with wonderful auras …And interpreted by local people with visual understanding they had of miracles, technological, they witnessed …

The Emperor of Japan

The Kojiki was compiled and created on behalf of the EmperorIt confirms the direct lineage of the emperor as successors of the godsAncient texts were summarized and glued together to establish the legitimacy of his entire genealogyIf they could reach this conclusion: the emperor descendant of the gods, this is indeed the facts are thereThe only difference, we now know is that Amaterasu is a goddess, but an Atlantean …The Emperor of Japan thus the descendant and representative of the Atlantis …

The formation of the earth

The beginning of the legend is obvious: he recounts the formation of the earth, from aggregates of matter in space, until it forms a ball-shaped mass, which one day was captured by the sun and remained in its orbit …Yes, but WE do know that since the 1950s …And it is told in the Kojiki, dating from 720!And the Kojiki is a compilation of ancient texts dating probably – 5000 BC …Just for comparison, in 1633, Europe, Galileo was condemned for saying that the earth revolves around the sun!

The Milky Way

Sirius is the brightest star triple, left in the sky, and the nearest OrionAlnitak is the star leftmost of the three stars of Orion, which form the horizontal bar of the constellationThe Kami settled in the Milky Way …We know that by the Dogon édenistes had their base in a planet orbiting Sirius B, Book Two Part 1 Chapter 8-11But also that the Atlanteans, through the texts of Lucian, Book One 6 th part chapters 2-4, inhabited a planet orbiting Alnitak in the constellation of Orion …That is to say, or qu’atlantes édenistes, although they lived in the Milky Way …

The tilt of the earth

The spear pointed at the earth, is the terra forming of the Atlanteans: it appears a spear that would cross the land, planted in Sanchi in India and emerging on Easter Island, to tilt the earth there 6000ans …View Book I Chapter 5 th part 3-7This shift that took place on that date, is now recognized by scientists, recently …And that, I had already written in 1986 …


Other Kami come regularly to visit from their base in the Milky Way …They should join their kingdom in the Milky Way: Takamanohara is the name of the planet orbiting Atlantis AlnitakAt least, thanks to the Kojiki, when we have the technological means to get there, we know how the planet is called Atlantean …

The aerian fleet of Amaterasu

Their first productions did not gave them satisfaction, but after repeated courses and materials on Takamanohara, everything works out, and their work is reliable …During their work in terra forming, Izanami died accidentally …Izanagi the freeze to try to healFor that he brings into the blackness of space, but after managing to revive, he fails to save her …

Amaterasu and the ten suns

Izanagi asked Amaterasu to go shining in the sky: in fact she commanded the fleet that protected the people of Atlantis … The legend of Amaterasu is really interesting is that of Yi and the ten suns, édeniste legend, see Book I Chapter 15 Part 4, as seen from the Atlantis!It’s like Waterloo, French defeat, but English victory …He shot down nine suns of the enemy and not a leash: let’s say he failed to shoot him …The legend of Amaterasu tells of the war between the Atlanteans and Yi, and when she lost her nine warships, destroyed by missiles édenistes, she takes refuge in the darkness of space …He is left with a sun …The Atlantean édenistes and negotiate a new peace, yet, and Amaterasu little return with his ship, demilitarized …

Peace of the gods

Peace established, there is cooperation or occupation of Japan édenistes Atlantean …Mythology, from this moment will be rather édeniste Atlante, but mixed and matches perfectly to the mythology of vanes and ases, Book One 5th part Chapters 21 to 24, or both populations have peace …We find the paradise of the gods, the shaft connecting the earth and the heavens, but also the underworld and the legend of Orpheus and many more matches …It becomes difficult to be precise, since the ancient texts were not preserved, but compiled …They were then mixed and arranged to suit the political correctness that they wanted …And as always there compilation, like our monks copyists of the 3rd century, we destroy what we have just to copy …


Found in the life of Susano-O earth, the legend of Yi and the Dragon and the Sword of … asesThis is pure compilation of texts and Atlantes édenistes:Protection and repair of small disasters by YiThe sword that slays the dragon of … asesFor Susano-oh, like Yi, even though they have the same name, it does not seem to be the same person …Maybe his son, or a person of his clan …Note that the transformation comb Kushinada his wife, is just a human explanation to say that he puts on his head …In fact, he takes her in his aircraft, in the passenger cabin at the top of the vehicle, that the people have appointed head (of the celestial bird, crow, or other) …

The return of Atlantis

The return of the little son of Amaterasu, Ninigi, proves the successive colonization of land by the people of AtlantisApparently, they wanted to choose the place of their arrival, but progressively, the best seats were already taken …In Japan, the Atlanteans of Ninigi, are coming back to the country édenistes …The designations of flame, burning, and perdurante flickering flames match the engines of spacecraft bringing groups Atlantean …Before seeing the ships arrive, Ninigi suddenly a doubt about the identity of immigrants, it would be his wife Konohana édeniste, and she would have called his countrymen?For if she fears the worst of misfortunes, it would be the fear of another war between Atlantis and édenistes …But hopefully, what are the Atlanteans arriving …

Time of invasions

However, Japan still attracted invasions: and this time it says that it was invoking the god men bear …In other words, animists, earthlings, no cosmic link with the Atlanteans or édenistes …After undergoing further invasions of terrestrial populations, the Atlanteans, under the command of Iware, decided to annex all the other islands, to secure the countryDuring their campaign, they encounter turtle gods, the naval fleet of édenisteswho helped them in their conquest, because in case of equal strength, it is better to be friends than enemies …To conquer the Yamato, the Nara, the kingdom of Nagasumé, the battle is difficult to Iware to be back on the Kii peninsula, meanwhile using Amaterasu …The Atlanteans would not let them down and representative on earth, Iware, be defeated, sent him powerful weapons: Sword of Susano-O that he offered to his sister Amaterasu …A super saber, laser, which will make the difference …Also air transport of troops: the raven heavenly Yatagarasu …Remember: Garuda in Indonesian, Chapter 9, and crows feet to 3 out of Yi shot down the suns …And yet another fantastic weapon arrived by air, the golden bird …But it’s still not enough for the win …As always when victory is not easy, it engages in peace talks …It must resolve to become friends of those who were unable to crush …But a new difficulty arises in the talks: the enemies of the Yamato, were also descendants of Atlantean …Nagasuné their leader would not leave his place nor his country …It was too good an opportunity for his sonIt will kill him and take his place by declaring Iware vassal, which brought peace, but instead head to the parricide son …

The Empire of Japan

The unification of Japan ended, Iwaré, the first emperor and descendant of Amaterasu, had himself named Tenno, Heavenly KingThis was done on February 11 660 BC, this is the holiday-Kigen Setsu, still in force todayThen he called his country, Dai Nihon, the great land of rising sunIndeed, to see the sun rise, there is no country in front of them, before America …Qu’atlantes as they knew of course that geographical data



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