Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 8: Java, stage of Mayan

Part 2: The Atlantean peoples, Chapter 8: Java, stage of Mayan

Published July 23, 2009

Yes, this is a Mayan pyramid … No, it is not in the Yucatan … Yes, it is in Java …It’s Candi Sukuh

DESTINATION EARTH   Book Two: The peoples

Part 2: The people of Atlantis   Chapter 8: Java, stage of Mayan

Temple Sukuh

A hundred kilometers from Yogyakarta, the temple of candy Sukuh, located 910 meters above sea level, is a Hindu-Buddhist temple of the fifteenth century … Hindu and Buddhist temples in Indonesia are called candy, or the name of Candi Candika, the demonic and destructive form of the goddess Sakti Sukuh is still used as places of worship, the Balinese go there on pilgrimage The temple is oriented east to west, being the main door to the west This time in the current orientation of the megalithic era Punden Berundak, or found graves in terraces The temple consists of three terraces It has frescoes depicting sex on the bottom of the door of the first terrace It also has frescoes representing Sudhamala and Garudeya, Hindu religious texts Also remarkable frescoes devoted to metallurgy weapons and his god, Bima There are also many statues of warriors and animals The temple was rediscovered in 1815 in a very poor condition by Johnson, the resident of Surakarta The first study of the temple was completed in 1842 by Dr. van der Vlis Hoevermans, then by Verbeek in 1889 and finally in 1910 Kneebel In 1917, there was rescue work by the office of the prehistoric sites of the Dutch East India In 1989-1991 restoration was taken over by the Archaeological Department of Central Java

The temple of Borobudur

The Buddhist temple of Borobudur is a World Heritage of Unesco Borobudur means in Sanskrit “Vihara Buddha Uhr” the Buddhist monastery on the hill Its original name is bhumisan barabadura, the ineffable virtues accumulated mountain of It is located 42 km northeast Yogyakarta It is dated 8 th century and has 7 terraces At the top there is a great Stupa of 8 meters, the Arupadhatu The walls of the monasteries are 6 km and are decorated with bas reliefs on a surface of 2500 m2 The monument is made of volcanic stone, measuring 123 m square and 43 m high In reality it is composed of a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces of … Above, there are three circular terraces … Around the circular terraces, there are 72 stupas, each containing a statue of Buddha It was built under the dynasty of Sailendra, in 778-842, Mahayana Buddhism was then in its heyday, Buried in the jungle after the Muslim conquest, it was rediscovered in 1814, released from 1907 to 1911 and restored in 1973 to 1983

Temple Cetho

The candy Cetho, dated 1470, is located on the north side of Mount Lawu, about 140 km east of Yogyakarta, at an altitude of 1400 meters It consists of ten terraces that follow upstairs, preceded by a candidate bentar a door split Of the last three terraces are small pavilions that contain various statues restored and a lingam The linga or lingam, means: sign, in Sanskrit This is a standing stone, often phallic in appearance It represents Shiva It is like candy Sukuh, dedicated to the god Bima Ceto is always a place of worship for the locals who remained Hindu

The Prambanan temple

Prambanan, also called Candi Lara Jonggrang, is a set of 240 temples dedicated to Shiva They were built in the ninth century under the dynasty of Sanjaya of Mataram kingdom first we find an inscription dated 856 Prambanan is a World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco The temple rests on a rectangular platform of 390 x 222 m On the last of these concentric squares, which is 110 m square, stand three temples decorated with reliefs illustrating the Ramayana and dedicated to the three major Hindu gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, and three temples dedicated to animals which serve to mount these gods In the center, on an elevated structure of 34 m square, a central temple is dedicated to Durga, the consort of Shiva

Mayan pyramids of Java

So these are many Mayan pyramids that surround Mount Lawu, Java It is likely that other temples of Java, Bali and Sumatra are also Mayan pyramids The Mayan pyramids they built it over 5000 years on the Indonesian islands The beginning of our era, Hindus and Tantric are appropriate to the adding to their base, statues and bas reliefs From 500, the Buddhists in turn have recovered: he had leveled the top square or rectangular and have raised terraces of concentric round, with stupas all these new stories and ending with one or more stupas important … Of course, archaeologists have attributed the monument to the last transformer … They date from the temple Sukuh the 15th century … However, the temple of Sukuh, is typically at its base, Tantric, with its sexual representations Tantrism, which sees sexuality as an instrument of spirituality, appeared in the sixth century in India The building of temples with erotic frescoes will last until the Chandela dynasty, which had its heyday between the ninth and twelfth centuries … So Sukuh statues dating from the twelfth century up to … QED …

Java the step

The Mayans, arriving from space among the first peoples of Atlantis, landed at the spaceport of Sanchi, in India there are about 6000 years, see Book I, Part Five, Chapters 4-9 … To perform their work on Easter Island, the Antipodes, it is more comfortable for them to have a stage in this long journey Ideally, Australia, but it is already occupied by édenistes, aborigines, see Book II, Part One, Chapters 4-7 … Furthermore, as is the tilt of the earth and they will realize, this is, towards édenistes, an act of war … Their passages to Rapa Nui, Easter Island, must be done with maximum discretion … They still have major Indonesian islands … And they mainly choose Java

Java, home of the Austronesian

The Austronesian, existing populations are on Java, the arrival of the Mayan The Maya will take them at their service, and in doing so, educate them The Austronesian will be able to grow and thereby conquer other territories … So they will settle in Madagascar, Hawaii, throughout Polynesia and New Zealand, the Maori are also Austronesian … But not in Australia or Tasmania, because there are aborigines, and prohibit their territories … For the Mayans, their entire working area of the Pacific, is well monitored, as they set up their base of work in Peru … When to Easter Island, it is more than likely, it is the Maya who brought the Austronesian on Rapa Nui …

The Aryan

The Aryan Atlanteans are the world Aria They are with the Atlanteans and kelts, the largest populations The Atlanteans are moving to Atlantis and kelts in Europe Less strong and influential as the Atlanteans and kelts, they still have the Indies … Very soon it will reach the overcrowding, and will have to migrate But these are no longer gods, aliens with all their powers, these are the populations where they are melted … They are the leaders, thanks to the remnants of the technology they were able to retain …

The Indo-European

During the last world war, the dictator Adolf Hitler wanted to use the image of Aryan, presenting them as a superior race, which the Germans were the heirs … To preserve the purity of the breed, it was necessary to exterminate all the other peoples … After his defeat, and because of the genocide, the term Aryan, was replaced by Indo-European Similarly, the symbol of the Aryan, the swastika, see Book I, Part V, Chapters 2, which was rejected by most of its users After these explanations, in order to present the story as it happened, I conform to this new name, and I therefore désignerais all populations as Aryan Indo-European populations

Java, the destination

The migration of groups becoming inevitable, a first group of Indo-European and the South will choose to settle in Indonesia, where the Maya very few were able to accommodate Atlanteans, like them, the integration could take place peacefully Later, when the Chinese people will get there in turn, this will not pose more problems, because these populations édenistes, just as they have already lost almost all of their technology and powers


Indonesian mythology, is that of the Hindus: the Mahabharata and the Ramayana See Book I, Part V, Chapters 8-14 … This mythology we quote a god Asura, named Maya … Asuras are gods warriors In the Mahabharata, the asuras, gods first arrived in India, then left … Maya is the architect of asuras … Maya was the god builder … He built the palace for the asuras underground He is the architect of Tripura, the three cities of celestial son of Taraka, which were destroyed along with the three demons with an arrow of Shiva … It has built in heaven, on earth and under the earth … Maya, the builder of pyramids … Maya, the Clan Chief of the Mayans, as narrated in the Mahabharata … Curious coincidence …



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