Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 1: The Tocharian

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 1: The Tocharian
Published July 24, 2009

Standing stones in the Pamir …

DESTINATION EARTH Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian Chapter 1: The Tocharian

The Aryan
The Aryans are an Atlantean population, arrived at Sanchi to -5600, before present, just after Star Wars II and before the start of édenistes for space They preferred to migrate to the land, rather than following the édenistes in search of a new habitable planet … See Book I, 6 th part, Chapters 1 through 4 … And we can trace them, as the Aryans are the Atlanteans, and therefore sowers of menhirs …


During migration, the first come chooses the best golf … In the case of Atlantis, an order of arrival on the planet to whom or has been observed … This means that the Aryans, though many, have had the 8 th position for landing … After the Atlantean, Mayan, joséons, Sumerian, Egyptian, and kelts ases … This clearly defines the real importance of Aryan … And maybe that is because of their temperament too warlike they were put in this position … It is therefore very likely that édenistes to be rid of them before going back into space, lest they pollute the atmosphere of the convoy of spacecraft …


Again, the first settlers arrived choose the best golf … And Sanchi, India, there are already the Atlantean and Mayan … The Aryans are in transit so there … We’ll have to leave for new territories … But seven Atlantean people, many more people édenistes: the édenistes, the Asians, the Minoans, the vanes, the Hopi, the Aboriginal and Nubian, it already fulfills a lot of living space … To the east, almost everything is already occupied, and west there is not much … The Vanir and Aesir were merged, as the Egyptian and Nubian … What the Aryans are unable … The kelts and the Atlanteans are at war, and they have nothing to gain by taking part in it … For the Aryans, the basis of colonization, war is the conquest …

The Tocharian

The Aryans are Atlantean The Tocharian are Aryan But as the Atlanteans the rule of the Aryans, the Aryans were the rule on Tocharian … The Tocharian shall therefore worst choice for their emigration destination: they will leave for the east … The is already a lot busier than the west, this means: wars and conquests … They will have their territories, but it will be overcome to move there … Again, matter of rule, the Tocharian strongest have the first and best territories … Ethnic groups which are unable to stay in this newly conquered new territory, will continue their journey, and see below for settlement … They will therefore be less likely for the next battle … Because we should not count on the solidarity between them … This means that the last tokhariennes ethnicities, not only are the lowest, but the number of their warriors are also much less numerous than the people to win … So rather than talking about conquest, we speak very quickly melting, more or less peaceful … And, to make the unit as is their habit, that is to say: every man for himself, part of Tocharian to go east, will take the northern route, and the other from going directly to the east …



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