Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 2: The Tocharian Tibet

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 2: The Tocharian Tibet

Published July 24, 2009

Alignments of standing stones in Tibet …

DESTINATION EARTH   Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian   Chapter 2: The Tocharian Tibet

The road of megaliths

The Tocharian will therefore leave Sanchi, in the midst of present-day India, by the northern route These populations will be very easy to follow thanks to their Atlantean and especially by their megaliths, dolmens and menhirs, which are a feature of Atlantis Only the Atlanteans who used the megaliths No one has yet found any édeniste megalith, megaliths are a technical Atlantis So there’s about 5500 years, the Tocharian start walking …

The Tocharian of the North

They take the northern route, which leads first to Tibet In Tibet, menhirs, isolated or aligned, and many dolmens covered walkway, demonstrate the existence of a megalithic culture The engravings discovered in the caves represent solar wheels or swastikas, symbols of Atlantis … All these elements, prove the nature of the Atlantean epoch of Tibet …

Mythology of Tibet

Traditional cosmogony says that Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara appeared on earth in the form of a monkey There he mated with a female demon liberation of all evil Six monkeys were born of this union and they were originally six different tribes When the humanization of these animals was performed, a king descended from heaven and appeared at the top of the sacred mountain Other myths refer to the Mahabharata, and say that the kingdom is after Tibetan leader Pandava defeated Of mythical kings descended from heaven, and they went back to their death … They are ruled over Tibet in remote times …

Legends of Tibet

One recognizes here the foundation of all legends of Atlantean people that I present from the beginning of this story … The Atlanteans saw men of the earth like animals … Therefore, they attribute to them the word monkey … To use them as labor, they hominisent … The king came down from heaven … What is your vehicle? The Mahabharata is the founding legend of Atlantis … Kings ascended to heaven after death … This is well explained by the aborigines, édenistes, but have the same problems and same solutions will apply: You must die first, to go into the sky and relive … We must therefore freeze astronauts for space, and they are raised, ie: thawed on arrival … See Book II Chapter Part 4-7

The caves of Tibet

Part of Tocharian was therefore installed in Tibet, this is about 5500 years … They probably have enslaved the local population, and over time have merged and blended into the mass … All that remains of them as dolmens, engravings in the caves, and scraps of legends … Although … There may well be, in the nearby mountains, not yet discovered a cave containing vehicles and equipment … I situate the well in the Kunlun Mountains … I even know the password for the door code to open the cave … But, shhh …. I dévoilerais you can be, in the third book … All in good time … For cons, I do not know the exact location of the cave … May well be that the lamas hold the secret … Without necessarily know what this secret, otherwise it is not yet time to reveal …

Tibet of Atlantis

As we saw in the book first, the base is located in Mount édeniste Kunkun But when édenistes are distributed in space, he could not abandon this basis, while Tocharian, the Atlanteans lived nearby … And leave, even in the safe, there was no point … The Atlanteans eventually forcibly sent to enter … That left more than to disarm the basis édenistes and entrust Tocharian … The Atlanteans Tibetans were able to reclaim the basic édeniste that they were forced to abandon their departure for space … And what has he left? This was in all cases, be safe secret rulers of Tocharian, and as such must certainly contain many secrets … And we are not yet able to receive this knowledge, without risk to our planet in danger … Tibet has not been the subject of extensive archaeological research, but when this will happen, many discoveries and surprises await us …

Photos credit

Some of the photos above are copyright Professor John Vincent Bellezza and are published here with his kind authorization for which I thank him





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      Some of the photos above are copyright Professor John Vincent Bellezza and are published here with his kind authorization for which I thank him

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