Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 4: The Gobi Desert

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 4: The Gobi Desert

Published July 24, 2009

The Gobi Desert …

DESTINATION EARTH     Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian     Chapter 4: The Gobi Desert

Invasions of Tocharian

Now well established in Xinjiang, the Tocharian continue their eastward invasions in the territory édeniste … But they are not willing to abandon their lands fertile and inhabited these wild barbarians of Atlantean … A series of wars will ensue … And the theater will be the Gobi …

The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert, Mongolian Gobi means desert (pronounced gov), is the largest desert in Asia Due to its extreme weather, there are many dinosaur skeletons, mainly in Burden and Argalant Ulaan Bulag The average altitude of over 1000 m, causing scorching summers and freezing winters, a mean difference of temperature of 90 ° C between the two seasons … In the canyon Yollin Am, you can see blocks of ice in July … It consists of vast plains, imposing mountain ranges and sand dunes It is inhabited by nomads who live in yurts They traveled on camels at the option of grazing their sheep and goats Today the engine and the settlement are gaining ground ….

The wars of the Gobi

They are narrated at length in the founding legends of China, Huangdi and Nu-Ba, édenistes, Chiyou against the demon of heaven, hear the Barbarian Atlantean … They ended with the wars of Yi, and his victory over the 10 suns … See Book I, Part 4, Chapters 9 and 15 … It was these wars, nuclear, who transformed the vast fertile territory of nearly 1.3 million km2 in one of the largest desert of the earth … The wars of invasion Valley Gobi by the Atlanteans lasted from about – 2650 to – 2350


Huangdi, the celestial emperor, was also a capital city on earth, in the Kunlun Mountains Its four faces allowed him to look at the same time in all directions: he had powerful radars … Huangdi lived in his heavenly home or in the western palate, but he often came to earth Towards – 2650, the heavenly demon Chiyou wanted to invade his territory Chiyou had a human head, four eyes, six arms and beef hooves and was of great cruelty Its eighty-one brothers and his servants were as cruel as it Chiyou had seized the lands of the south with his army Then they attacked the north In their path, men, women, elderly and children were mercilessly butchered, looted cattle, houses and crops destroyed Huangdi when he realized the situation, he decided to end the bloodshed and killing Chiyou … Huang led his armies to attack with his generals, and notament General Zhao Ying, entrusted with the custody of the garden of Huangdi It was a sky god with a human face, body of horse and tiger skin, with two wings on its back that allowed him to fly like a bird General Li Zhu, entrusted with the custody of the tree fruit jade, had three heads and a piercing stare that left nothing escape He could keep his eyes open day and night and no one could approach it … There were also other generals, as Chi Gou Xiang Wang, Shen Tu, Yu Lei, and the son of Huangdi, Miao Long, and his little son Shi Jun Each had a different magic power … To fight against Chiyou and his accomplices, Huangdi asked again with a large number of bears, lions and tigers … Chiyou was not prepared to back Plain Zhuolu was buried in the dust and the sky seemed to fall apart at any time … Following an attack against the armies of Huangdi, Chiyou was forced to retreat He then broke the encirclement, opened his huge mouth, looking up, and spat a thick fog … In a flash, fog covered all the plain, the sky darkened and the earth plunged into darkness Huangdi sent for his servant Feng Bo who controlled the heavenly wind He opened his bag every great storm of wind and blew three days and three nights But the power of Chiyou was very tall, very thick fog, and wind was so strong he could not disperse the Huangdi invented when a tank able to indicate at any time the way forward A wooden figure standing there and, whatever the direction, the right arm of the statue always pointed south With this tank, Huangdi’s armies could move in the thick fog and break the enemy encirclement

Chiyou-attack against the troops of Huangdi against them by sending the demons of the forest and mountains, Chi Mei Liang and Wang Chi Mei was a demon in human and animal bodies and Wang Liang was a dwarf with long ears, with red eyes, long hair and black skin and red But Huangdi knew their weakness: They feared the cry of the dragon Huangdi then asked his army to blow into the tubes by imitating the cry of the dragon and the demons did not dare to approach Huangdi then fashioned a huge drum with the skin of the beast Kui, who lived in the eastern sea, where stood Mount Liupo Kui looked like a huge hornless beef with brown skin He was walking, hopping on his one leg When he emerged from the sea, a storm arose and a torrential rain fell on the waves His cry was like thunder and his bright eyes flashed Skin and bones of Kui the demon of lightning, he made a huge drum and drumsticks When you beat the drum, the earth trembled and the mountains You could hear five hundred li around (one li = 500 meters) We hit the drum, and the earth quaked and the mountains Huangdi’s troops threw themselves upon the enemy Chiyou troops were struck with amazement and did not dare move Forced to move forward, Chiyou armed his six hands two spears, two bows and two swords and two spears feet He was so fierce that no one could approach him After nine consecutive assaults, Huangdi was still not arrived to defeat So he decided to call Ying Long to the rescue Yin Long was a great animal that could bring forth a downpour of his mouth and turn at once to tail thousands of enemy soldiers He stood before troops Chiyou, flung open his mouth and threw it on the rushing waters But Chiyou had the power to invoke the rain and wind He ascended into heaven and uttered a cry which aroused a storm A torrential rain fell upon the armies of Huangdi Mpêtrée his army in the mud, Huang had to call her daughter Nu Ba Mountains Xikunzi Nu Ba was the Goddess of drought and could stop this rain Everywhere along its path, it gave off a burning heat, scattered clouds and the rain stopped In ordinary times, the Huangdi wrote down in the mountains Xikunzi Northwest and forbade him to leave, but this time she was able to freely use his magical power The warmth of his body burned and his soldiers Chiyou Panicked, and retreated Chiyou advantage of this opportunity, Huang advanced to the speed of lightning and beheaded in one fell swoop Chiyou Nu Ba of napalm had burned everything … The fertile valleys have become an arid desert … Not to mention the adverse effects on flora and fauna, the 2 drug arms armies, during these long periods of war … And it was not finished …


Towards – 2350, this war of conquest of the Gobi resumed … The Atlanteans then pulled out the stops: the heavily armed spaceships in nuclear … The mother of the sun Xihe had ten children who lived in Tanggu, a large lake located in the eastern regions The ten suns spent their days there swimming and having fun, as the lake water was boiling it during the four seasons of the year At the center of the lake grew tall tree Fusang, the “place where the sun rises” This tree was several thousand feet high, and a thousand people could embrace On its ten huge branches lay the ten suns On the order of the celestial emperor, each Sun would in turn inform the world Really, for our ten suns, the world was more fun than Lake Tanggu … But they could not get there once every ten days It’s unbearable to always stay here, said the first sun, and if from tomorrow we would play together? – Okay! Answered in chorus the other nine suns The next day the ten suns left the lake Tanggu in defiance of orders of the celestial emperor … When only one sun appeared in the sky at dawn, everything was normal But when that day the ten suns rose simultaneously, they dégagèrent scorching heat: all the rivers were drained, the fields are burned crevassèrent, trees and withered cereals and men had to take refuge in caves, not daring to leave The Ten Suns continued to have fun as if nothing had happened

The Emperor Yao, who reigned at the time of China, lived in a cottage and made life simple and sober of the people Having at heart the interests of his people, he asked the suns to withdraw immediately, at the risk of destroying all living species on earth, but the Suns had no cure and continued to have fun The Emperor Yao was forced to intercede for his people to the Emperor Heavenly On learning that the ten suns had violated his orders, the celestial emperor flew into a rage He called Yi, the celestial archer – The son of Xihe have betrayed their oath, he said – They went out together, causing severe droughts – Here is a red bow and a quiver of ten white arrows – Go and punishes them as they should! Obtempérant payable to the celestial emperor, Yi took his bow and arrow and immediately descended to Earth The suffering of the people crushed by the heat of the sun afflicted many He looked up, challenged the gaze of the ten suns and without saying a word, seized his bow and banda The arrow went off like a shooting star A violent explosion reverberated in the sky, the sun hit by the arrow Yi, turned into a fireball and fell The others fled But the second visa Yi Sun, then the third, fourth, etc. … They fell one after another Each time a sun was touched, he fell in a black raven to 3 feet When he withdrew the tenth arrow from his quiver, Emperor Yao caught his arm: – Stop! he said, all living beings can not live or multiply without sun – Saving the last Yi nodded in silence Having removed the nine suns, the temperature returned to normal The men were then able to leave their shelters, plow, harvest, hunt, repair and build homes They led a peaceful life again. His mission accomplished, Yi was about to return to heaven But, full of gratitude, the men kept him with them, and issued the hope that he should stay a few more days on Earth The Asians after the defeat of Chiyou, had made a treaty with the Atlanteans of territoriality: everyone should stay home The Atlanteans, as usual did not respect the treaty … They came with their ships, air combat, and did considerable damage with their laser guns to conquer their Asian babes They knew that the weapon that could defeat them, remained in space, in the vessels Asians They do not expect a quick communication also between land bases of Yao and space bases of Huangdi Huang Yi has sent with its missiles to destroy the vessels Atlantis … But this new war, nuclear this time, and finally wiped out for thousands of years, the fertile valleys of the Gobi …

The kelts in the Gobi

Although very detailed in their descriptions, the wars of the Gobi, contain no allusions to nuclear or air attack before the arrival of 10 suns and the intervention of Yi … Also, there are good chances that the warriors of the civilization of Shu, the emblems of kelts, see Book I, chapter 28, part 5 th, the reinforcements are requested and granted by the kelts to Tocharian, Atlantean like them and opponent of édenistes This explains the slow response of air assets, but also the presence of symbols kelts in Xinjiang It is likely that this alliance of kelts and Tocharian to the Gobi is an exchange of resources and troops to augment the army in war against kelte Atlantis …

The legends of the white island of Gobi

Mélanides the inhabitants of the Gobi, possessed great technical knowledge, including the metric system This knowledge would have been revealed by men from the sky in spacecraft … They reportedly arrived on the island of white sea Gobi It would be snowy Mount Atis, 600 km northeast of Lop-Nor, in the Djasactou Khan In this region, now desert, once migrated the peoples in possession of a revolutionary science

The Dropa

In 1938, the Chinese archaeologist tschi Pu Tei discovered in caves of Baian Kara Ula on the border of China and Tibet, burial chambers in which there are small skeletons with a skull highly developed On the walls of these caves, he saw paintings of beings wearing helmets round There were also the stars, the sun and the moon 716 plates or discs of granite 2 cm thick have been found Discs are drilled in the center with a double groove that joins the board in a spiral Chinese archaeologists formerly believed in this region lived the tribes of the Dropa and khams According to anthropologists, these tribes were not measured on average as 1.30 m

In 1962, Dr. Tsum Um Nui of the Academy of Prehistory in Beijing, could decipher some of the entries contained in the grooves: Inscriptions on stone plates take us back to 12,000 years ago and the authors tell us that some of their people was thrown on the third planet of our system But his flight gear – it’s a faithful translation of hieroglyphics – were no longer powerful enough to leave this world The castaways were destroyed in the remote mountains and inaccessible, they would not have the means and opportunities to build new aerial devices Creatures thrown on Earth also tell they were trying to get along with people of the mountains but that they have hunted down and massacred The conclusion of the story is almost verbatim: Women, children, men hid in the caves until sunrise Then they believed the signal and saw that this time others had come with peaceful intentions

The Dropa hoax

All indications are that this beautiful story of the Dropa is a hoax: No official reports of so-called missions … Inability to draw a life official professors tschi Pu Tei and Tsum Um Nui … Unable to see or touch one of the famous disks, which there were still 716 copies … In fact most authors who conveyed this story, admitted having done so without verifying the authenticity and more have embellished their comments … The last four illustrations in this chapter, are those who are circulating this hoax … I wanted to tell you about it, however, it is not to say that I neglect any track in my research



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