Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 5: Radioactivity of the Gobi

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 5: Radioactivity of the Gobi

Published July 24, 2009

The Gobi Desert …

DESTINATION EARTH   Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian   Chapter 5: Radioactivity of the Gobi


The man has always been exposed to solar radiation and cosmic, formed of electromagnetic waves and particles, but also to radiation from radioactive elements in our environment Solar radiation is the light, ultraviolet and infrared Some of these are radiation ionizing, that is to say, radioactive They produce ionization in matter they traverse, and can cause damage in this area … Ionization removes or adds expense to an atom or molecule The atom or molecule, losing or winning loads is no longer electrically neutral and becomes an ion

The radioactivity

Radioactive elements emit during their decay alpha, beta and gamma The alpha and beta are particles and gamma rays are electromagnetic waves Alpha radiation is stopped by a sheet of paper Beta radiation is stopped by an aluminum plate Gamma radiation is attenuated when it penetrates matter, but is very difficult to quit, making it particularly dangerous to living organisms He is stopped by a very thick concrete plates of lead or gold Radiation reaches organisms by external or internal External exposure can affect the whole body or only part, and ceases when it is no longer in the path of radiation Internal exposure or internal contamination is caused by radioactive substances that are inside the body It ceases only when these radioactive materials have gone from the body through attrition or decay All radionuclides are naturally eliminated at the same speed and can accumulate in organs such as bone, liver, etc. … All living organisms have adapted to the risks of ionizing radiation and are able to correct, to some degree, the damage due to irradiation

Measurements of radioactivity

It measures the activity of a radioactive element in becquerels, the number of disintegrations per second in this element is expressed in Becquerel (Bq) Note that the activity will directly depend on the amount of radioactive material The measurement of absorbed dose is in Gray (Gy) The dose received by a body exposed to radiation corresponds to the amount of energy received by the body The Gray (Gy) corresponds to an energy of 1 joule per kg of irradiated material Able but also the effect over time: a dose rate of 1 Gy / h will be much more important than irradiation of minutes or milliseconds Measuring the biological effect is in Sievert (Sv), but it comes mostly from milli-Sieverts per year Tissues and organs are more or less sensitive to radiation, the equivalent dose was weighted by a specific risk factor for each tissue or organ in order to obtain the effective dose or effective dose, expressed in Sievert (Sv) This system has the advantage of being able to place all types of ionizing radiation on the same level of risk The value of the effective dose is generally very small, it is usually expressed in milli sievert (mSv) and involves the time The effects of radiation on living organisms are not only related to Becquerel, because: The decay of a cesium atom or iodine does not release the same energy The radiation can be of many different Radiation does not reach the body the same way According to parts of the body that are affected, it causes different effects To better understand the relationship between these three units, look a player throwing balls over a portion of dodgeball: The number of balls sent, the number of radiation from a radioactive source, that is to say its business, the Becquerel The energy of balls received by the prisoner represents the absorbed dose, the Gray Marks on his body, as the bullets are more or less, and that the points are affected more or less sensitive, are the effect, or effective dose, the Sievert


Natural radioactivity

In France, the annual natural ionizing radiation is about 1.64 mSv Of these, the dose equivalent rate due to cosmic rays is only an average of 0.3 mSv / year to sea level, but this varies according to altitude and latitude The dose rate depending on the nature of the soil varies considerably The dose received in the Vosges or Britain, is 2 to 3 times greater than that received in the Paris basin …

Artificial radioactivity

In France, the average annual exposure to artificial sources of radiation is about 0.86 millisievert The head of this exhibition is mainly the irradiation with 0.8 millisievert … Only 0.06 millisievert per year comes from fallout from nuclear weapons testing and leakage of atomic energy, including when they are as important as the fallout from the Chernobyl accident But their effect may be compounded by very internal contamination following the absorption of radionuclides in food

The average total radioactivity

Natural radioactivity in France in msv per year: 1.64 Medical radioactivity in France in msv per year: 0.8 Military nuclear radioactivity in France in mSv per year: 0.04 Radioactivity in nuclear energy in France mSv per year: 0.02 Total radioactivity in France in msv per year: 2.5 Of course, it is only an average, and must be weighted by region, altitude, latitude, environment, etc … This is of radioactivity seen in France, that is to say, it could get very far, Chernobyl or Siberia …

The radioactivity of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima is now fully repopulated, even at the epicenter of the nuclear explosion … There is more radiation there remains significant and just a few buildings destroyed, preserved for the memory … In fact, after the explosion, the radioactivity decreased rapidly and today the excess radioactivity of the Explosion of 1945, is insignificant next to the natural radioactivity … The first atomic bombs used lighter fissionable material … A missile that razed a modern city today, poison the environment for millennia …


The radioactivity of nuclear explosions

Radiation of underground nuclear explosions, are the size of leakage and therefore included under the general military nuclear radioactivity, that is to say, negligible Radiation from nuclear explosions surface by cons, are serious events in the immediate environment, but limited by their power The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not commensurate with the explosions that would occur today power more than 1000 times higher … And the impact would be of course a consequence of this power …

The radioactivity of the Gobi

Mongolia blames Russia and China’s very high rate of radioactivity in the Gobi Desert … This rate is abnormally high due to the 600 Soviet nuclear tests in Semipalatinsk, 700 km west, and 50 trials in the Chinese Lopnor, 500 miles south … It seems to me that if an abnormally high rate, should be due to nuclear testing surface, it would first affect where we held the explosions … If they say it is the wind that brought the radioactivity, it would be in the direction of prevailing winds, and not coming from 2 directions presqu’opposés … In addition, surface explosions have a limited duration in time, due to the dispersion of radioactivity … But it’s true, that Mongolia is the focus of a future annexation by China or Russia, given its huge groundwater oils … The polemic is mainly political, to see who is the “protector” of Mongolia against the other ‘wicked’ … And if today Mongolia is still a bit independent, it is only because the two giants are afraid of a confrontation front … So there are great chances for a share of Mongolia diplomatic changes the political landscape of this region in the coming years … Western scholars came to the area to measure the radioactivity, identified a rate 50 times higher than normal, or 82 ms / year … No, it can not be our little nuclear tests have brought an increased rate of over 80 ms / year … The entire radioactive military feeling of the whole earth today being 0.04 ms / year, to achieve this degree of contamination, should an explosion 2,000 times the power of all military trials around the world for 1 year ! Us poor earthlings today, have not this power … And given our wisdom, fortunately … It is therefore to nuclear war against the Tocharian Yi, about 5000 years ago, what should this rate of residual radioactive radiation highest in the world …

Radiation of Kerala

The State of Kerala, on the southwest coast of India, arrives 2 nd behind the Gobi Desert, with a radioactivity of 30 mSv / year … Again we are in the same situation as in the Gobi: To achieve this degree of contamination, should an explosion 700 times the power of all military trials around the world for 1 year! But what has happened, then in Kerala? Remember, in the Ramayana, Book I, 5 th part, Chapter 12, wants to free Sita Rama, Sri Lanka abducted by Ravana … The decisive battle took place in Kerala, and the Ramayana describes it as follows: The fight lasted two full days, Rama felt his strength gradually leave Then he prayed Surya, the sun-god After watching the sun light, Rama felt his strength return, and with the weapon of Brahma, which should only be used as a last resort, he killed Ravana … Given the power released, still visible today, we understand the precautionary principle …

The radioactivity of the Jordan Valley

In Israel, it is very difficult to get accurate measurements of radioactivity … This secrecy is understandable for a country that says it does not possess nuclear weapons, while everyone agrees that Israel would be the 5th or the 6th global nuclear power! All that is known is that in the south of radioactivity would be at least 3 to 5 times higher than normal maximum, about 7.5 to 12.5 mSv / year … Israel leaves doubts, and wants to believe, to hide its nuclear weapons, it would be abnormal due to leakage of the thermonuclear power plant at Dimona in the Negev desert, whose expiration date has already exceeded by more than 23 years … If we redo our calculations, this would represent a leak of radioactivity from 250 to 500 times Chernobyl! Boy, sacred leak … But if we remember that we are in the region of Sodom and Gomorrah, see Book 2 nd, Part 1, Chapter 22, we understand better than residual radioactive important as that found …

The radioactivity of Britanny

The granite is radioactive … Naturally, but also because it stores the radioactivity that he was given … The activity of the granite in Limousin and Corsica is about 3.5 becquerels per gram of granite and over 6 becquerels per gram in Britain … Again, overdose is so high that it can not be natural … Again, see the war against kelts Atlantis, Book I, 5 th part, chapters 27 to 29 … The Atlanteans with the atomized, the kelts were determined to use the AMM, and Atlantis sank …


The overload radioactivity

We see that all over the world where on-radioactivity is largely above average and beyond our current technology, we are in a place of war myths and legends of ancient times … In all these places are held wars between related and geographically designated édenistes and Atlantean Atlantean or between … Everything being now subject to standards, we defined security in terms of radioactivity by an increase in radioactivity of an existing normal ms / year … This means that in Paris where we have a ms / year, it would be dangerous to live there from 2 ms / year … In Britain we have 6 or ms / year, it would be dangerous to live there from 7 ms / year … And what of Kerala or it would be 30 and 31, and the Gobi Desert, 82 and 83 ms / year … It is true that there, there are no standards yet … Technocrats security did not think the tourists …



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