Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 7: The Manchurian Tocharian

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 7: The Manchurian Tocharian
Published July 25, 2009

Xianbei warriors invaded Manchuria …

DESTINATION EARTH Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian Chapter 7: The Manchurian Tocharian


Manchuria in Chinese Manzu said Guo, the Kingdom of the Manchu people Manchuria is the name of the region northeast of China and occupies approximately 1.55 million sq km Manchuria is a region of eastern Russia along the Pacific Ocean, which occupies about 1 million km ² Manchuria has several parts: – The provinces of Jilin, Heilongjiang and Liaoning in China – East of Inner Mongolia – The former province of Jehol, or northern Hebei Chengde around – Manchuria Manchuria Russian or foreign, which extends the rivers Amur and Ussuri to Stanovoy Mountains and the East Sea / Sea of Japan – Sakhalin Oblast, off the coast of Manchuria external The vast Manchuria includes the Korean Peninsula, the Kuril Islands and Sakharine, and the Japanese archipelago Manchuria as a frontier to the west of Mongolia, Siberia to the north, south China and North Korea in the east

The Neolithic in Manchuria

The Neolithic pottery known in Manchuria, the manufacture of jade objects, livestock and agriculture, metallurgy of copper and bronze Cultural traditions and hierarchical organizations of society are identical to those days in Mongolia, Manchuria and the island of Hokkaido Megaliths found in the provinces of Liaoning, Shandong and Zhejiang, but also in the Liao River Basin River, from which those that are dated as the oldest The first were called megaliths megaliths of northern and occur mainly in the form of a dolmen They are generally dated before 1500 BC They are also for most of them north of the Han River Some have been reused or funeral monument engraved, but after their erection

History of Manchuria

Manchuria was the cradle of peoples Xianbei, Khitan and Jurchen, and Mongol origin who founded several dynasties The Manchu dynasty was named after the region The Manchus ruled China until the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 In 1931, the Japanese invaded and took control of the provinces of northeastern China Manchuria becomes a major industrial region In 1945 Manchuria was returned to China

The Manchurian Tocharian

Evidence of the invasion of Manchuria Tokharian are obvious
Knowledge, cultures, organizations and technologies, but above all, their accompanying megaliths everywhere … Invasions will stop there, the territory east and south are already occupied by other Atlanteans: joséons the Jomon in Korea and Japan … And from the 3rd century BC, is the story we know thanks to Chinese records, which takes more …



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