Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 17: The Tocharian Indian Ocean

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 17: The Tocharian Indian Ocean

Published July 27, 2009


Here’s how scientists see the Austronesian …

DESTINATION EARTH   Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian   Chapter 17: The Tocharian Indian Ocean


The Tocharian Indian Ocean

History proves the Tocharian well have left Indonesia to the south west, and not in the dugout as the scientists think, but sophisticated sailing vessel, as shown in this fresco Borobudur 8th century …   In fact, mainstream science does not recognize Tocharian, but integrates them into one common denominator: the Austronesian … According to scientists, the Austronesian Negroids are sailors who have a common base language of Malay and Javanese and believed to be from India or Indonesia … They have left their homeland in tiny coastal dugout to try to find an island where randomly moving …   The Tocharian, which we follow the trail for a while, many are Austronesian, as they have this basic feature of language, but in addition they have or megaliths and petroglyphs, a developed agriculture and scientific knowledge, and architectural advanced metallurgical … And all this there was about 5000 years … Tocharian sites have demonstrated the presence of iron work until almost two millennia before the Iron Age in Europe is growing!   The Tocharian, marine ONES who have headed south west, quickly met, before the African continent, islands, islets and islands, and certainly are installed in some of them … Unfortunately we have almost no trace outside of Madagascar, which will be discussed in the next chapter But if they have reached Madagascar, this obviously means that the islands of the Indian Ocean, their were well known … So let’s take a look at these islands …



In Maldives, there are traces of the populations redins, sun worshipers, likely originating from Indonesia, and with sites dating back over 4000 years … This corresponds quite well: the sun god of Atlantis, the Indonesian origin, dating … But we do not currently have more archaeological evidence …



The history of the island begins in the 15th century, with its discovery by the Portuguese … Of course, before the Europeans arrived, the island had no history … Especially since for over a century it is military terrain English first, then the U.S. … And the inhabitants who were driven out, still waiting, mainly in Mauritius, to be compensated and to return home …



Seychelles is a perfect example of European settlement: One wonders if this archipelago existed before the European and American make a dream island for tourists! As the Maldives, all the rest has been deleted!



There are many in this archipelago for signs of life around -2000 BC … But we are still waiting the technical and financial support to open archaeological sites … And also, the political will to do so …



Prehistory of Mauritius, is the story of slavery from the 17th century … Nothing before … Same reasons as in the other islands and archipelagos: no political will to find Neolithic ancestors …

mafate 2 038


Here too, there is the story of slavery from the 17th century … Above all, it was the island of “brown”, the slaves who had escaped and took refuge here, enjoying the lack of access as soon as we returned to the interior of the island …


The Tocharian

Parties in Indonesia, arrived in East Africa and Madagascar, they necessarily transited by all these islands … And they must surely exist there archaeological remains belonging to them: Menhirs and other megaliths, petroglyphs, trace metals, agricultural inputs, etc … You just hope that these remains have not all been looted by treasure hunters or destroyed by the promoters … If they are lucky to still be there, given our current methods of investigation and our listening traces of our past, it is certain that the near future holds wonderful and amazing discoveries …   Also be aware that many clues have been deliberately destroyed by scientists because European officials involved in scientific progress such as the dating of the Iron Age, over 1000 years before it is found in Europe ! You realize, if we accept the verdict of archaeological discoveries, we would have to admit that these Savages, who were made slaves were more evolved than the Europeans! Scientists, yes, because that can realize the value of the evidence, but also and especially inquisitors …



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