Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 21: The Tocharian of the Philippines

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 21: The Tocharian of the Philippines

Published August 12, 2009


One of the 1776 Chocolate Hills in Bohol …

DESTINATION EARTH   Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian     Chapter 21: The Tocharian of the Philippines


The megaliths of the Philippines

Officially there is no menhirs or megaliths in the philippines … In fact, the megaliths do not attract mass tourism … They are neither sought nor listed …   In addition, much land has been ravaged for mineral exploration and environmental indiscriminate slaughter of industrial wood … It goes without saying that these multinational companies who seek only profit, have no archaeological concerns … The government has always claimed that the indigenous territories in the public domain … 1930, large tracts of tribal lands in Mindanao have been transferred by the government to fruit companies … The largest was given to Del Monte Corporation for a nominal rent … around 1970, the World Bank has funded major infrastructure projects and land Aboriginal were chosen for the construction of hydroelectric dams and geothermal power stations … Sacred sites, areas of forest and agriculture were very important or polluted destroyed … While some of these lands were home to monuments or archaeological clues, such as megaliths, petroglyphs and other relics, we knew anything about it and they were gone forever …   There would megaliths at sea … But their discovery is just a coincidence, and you can not build in assumptions or history with just a few copies …   But this is not a sufficient reason for that there is no … Indeed all the surrounding regions of the Philippines have their megaliths showing the passage of Tocharian … The Tocharian thus have certainly not prevented the Philippines!   But maybe that Filipinos are the megaliths otherwise …


The Megalithic of Pagadian

In the province of Pagadian, was found megalithic structures in Zamboanga, and the research that has led, helped find remnants of traditions associated with megaliths   Among the Igorots, some stars must be in line with the moon, to promote the important events, such as hunting expeditions, battles, sacrifices, etc. … Sacrifices by fire are made on a stone sacred stone altars, the Batong buhay Small boats were prepared for the gods, and are placed at sea   Among the Igorots, there are still platforms communal megalithic stones called ato, used for religious ceremonies These platforms paved with very large flat stones are surrounded by a stone wall erected over one meter high These stones, handagan, form either a square, triangle or circle We also found the remains of an ancient pyramid, near Mount Tenongchol, but only the base remained intact … And in the caves of Benguet Igorots, it was discovered hundreds of mummies …   Anting Anting-amulets give the owner of the unique powers and makes them invincible … This results in ceremonies where the protagonists attack with knives and shooting each other with guns …


The petroglyphs

The petroglyphs depict ritual symbols that are not yet well understood … These drawings must have a cultural significance to the companies that created them, and their descendants have become symbols of religious rituals and The oldest date from the Bronze Age and they perdurés until the Iron Age Continued, means used by the same company that is at its origin This has nothing to do with the reuse of these petroglyphs by their descendants Anyway, it was necessarily the result of a society so advanced technologically and culturally, as the one found on almost the entire surface of the globe … And indeed, more than elsewhere, where did the Atlanteans and Tocharian …   The official theory of science, is that it could be a coincidence … Or perhaps migrations from a common origin … And according to them, which population has colonized almost the whole earth? They have of course no responses to …


The Angono Petroglyphs

The Angono Petroglyphs is the oldest known remains of the Philippines It has 127 different designs, stylized figures representing humans, animals, frogs and lizards notament, or graphics and dated to 3000 BC Unfortunately erosion tends to make it unreadable   They are the border area in Angono, Binangonan and Antipolo Rizal Province They were discovered by Carlos V. Francisco in 1965 Since then, a few engravings were damaged by neglect and vandalism In 1996 they were declared as national cultural treasure by the Philippine government This allowed the National Museum of the Philippines to undertake the conservation of sites and construction of a mini-museum, a visit path raised and accessed by a motorable road Something entirely new and remarkable, for the first time it was made a seismographic study to assess the effects of a mining operation a few miles of the site   Preservation and development of the site in Angono Angono Petroglyphs is a collective project of the National Museum of the Philippines Department of Tourism, the World Monuments Fund, American Express and a leading Philippine estate, without wishing to dout improve its image … But better late than never, and congratulations for this ministry of tourism, who finally cares about cultural tourism, rather than other forms of tourism more profitable … Which is very rare in this part of the globe, but also in many other countries, unfortunately …



Bohol is an island in the Philippines in the Visayas power plants, with an area of 117.3 km ² 4 Its uniqueness is the site of Chocolate Hills, consisting of approximately 1776 hills, cone-shaped, of about the same size, and spread over 50 square kilometers The cones are 30 to 50m high and up to 120m wide On the map of the Island of Bohol, the hilly area is brown, light or dark depending on the density   His name Chocolate Hills, is due to its vegetation, which becomes brown in the dry season There are many geological theories attempt to explain how this landscape is made unique in the world, but none is satisfactory, and today we know nothing of his training   But if it was a natural geological formation, we would find others on earth, yet it is unique in the world … The legends about him are very numerous, but none gives a coherent solution to explain it, all revolving around excreta of giants …


The Tocharian of Bohol

You would have been surprised if I did not see you said it was the work of Tocharian … Indeed, but this is only a guess, I think it is mine dumps We have the same in France, in the north, in regions where coal was mined Over time, the heaps of vegetation cover and retain more or less, the original color of ore mined


With regard to Tocharian, what could be the ore which they were interested and could be found in this island? There are three candidates: iron, gold and uranium … Looking at the color, my favorite would be the uranium … But it will be that the analyzes of land that will confirm So far, nobody has considered that it could be from mine dumps, no analysis in this direction has been made …   In view of logic and consistency, it is also uranium, which won the most votes … Indeed, visually we realize that the whole surface mining production was used, it is because the ore was very valuable If it was the iron, the colors are a little rusty … If it were gold, it would long as the miners would have destroyed the site … It remains only uranium … And it only remains to prove it by analyzing the hills …


Cosmology of Philipinnes

The religious and cosmological beliefs of the ancient Filipino were largely affected by the Spanish forced Christianity for nearly five centuries It is therefore very difficult to distinguish original indigenous religions   However it shows a basic ment supreme god who dwells in heaven far away and a regional god, akin to the sun, which is part of our world Under his orders appear many deities, more or less related to good and bad, but not on an exclusive basis, rather mixed character, as are the gods of Hinduism Moreover in the rituals, are implored for their help, the gods, good or evil, corresponding to the desired wishes …   The platforms of communal megalithic stones called ato, made very large flat stones are used for religious ceremonies The platforms are surrounded by a stone wall erected about a meter tall, named handagan, to form a square, a triangle or a circle Some circles of standing stones, called dap-ays are used as meeting places for seniors   Another interesting point is that the worlds, the sky, our world depends on the sun, and all other worlds in the cosmos, are not at all tight, and that the gods can easily travel from one world to the other … We find here also the death and resurrection as technical travel … These gods are fighting each other, even quite fiercely, but seem rather regional clans: the gods who are on earth and those elsewhere, which probably argue the government and the supremacy of the earth Bathala, Diwata, Kabunian, would be the son of the supreme god and their representative in the kingdom of the sun Mamarsua or Namarsua, is the supreme leader and creator of human   Principal holders of these beliefs are the Igorots Opportunity for many of the everyday, so they go well, they must correspond to alignments of stars and moon … They also practice their beliefs about the secret, certainly as much to protect them as to protect himself from the Inquisition Spanish missionaries


The Tocharian of the Philippines

The presence of Tocharian in the Philippines, can thus be no doubt: megaliths, petroglyphs, cosmology and more the riddle of Bohol … They clearly explain the ancient history of this archipelago And if the Spaniards had not Christianized Filipinos excessive, we would have much more evidence of their passage   But if heritage protection outweighs the interests of mining companies and oil, it is certain that the near future holds some interesting findings that we will further improve understanding of the Tocharian and history …



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