Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 23: The Tocharian Hong Kong

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 23: The Tocharian Hong Kong

Posted September 4, 2009


The stone pillar of the village, Shek Shun Cheun, the great menhir Island Fan Lau …


Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian

Chapter 23: The Tocharian of Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which means wearing perfumes, is located on the eastern bank of the Pearl River, and has about seven million people This is one of the most densely populated territories in the world with a density of 6,357 inhabitants / km ²   This is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China The administrative region of Hong Kong, consisting of an archipelago of 243 islands and a mainland, has an area of 1100 square km Much of the territory consists of mountains and ancient massifs Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with dry winter and sudden typhoons and tsunamis   The center of the administrative region is the northern island of Hong Kong, which like the rest of the region is mountainous The northern part was the first colonized by the English, and has preserved the main political institutions, with many skyscrapers and luxury shopping centers . The Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong serves as the constitution The Chief Executive is elected by an assembly whose members represent the majority of occupational groups The real power of Beijing is a sensitive political issue in Hong Kong   Hong Kong is the richest city in China Its economy is one of the most liberal in the world The tax burden is low and lax laws   Hong Kong has grown thanks to its port The industry will benefit from the influx of cheap labor But the rising level of economic development services leads from the year 1970, since which take precedence over industrial activities   Hong Kong is the fourth most expensive city in the world, behind London, Monaco and New York for property prices to 19700 euros per square meter


Prehistory of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was already inhabited there are over 6000 years Fishing tools and bronze weapons Yuet peoples of the Bronze Age were found on the islands of Lantau and Lamma Stone sculptures of Che people of the Neolithic period were found on the islands of Hong Kong Wong Tei Tung is one of the places of the oldest settlements in Hong Kong


History of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was annexed to China during the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC   The Treaty of Nanking in 1842, ending the first Opium War and announce the sale of the Hong Kong Island in the UK.   Convention of Peking of 1860 grants a perpetual lease on the Kowloon peninsula to Britain, and arrested the second Opium War   Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese in 1945 de1941   On 19 December 1984, the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong was signed by the governments of the PRC and the United Kingdom Under the agreement Hong Kong will cease to be a British colony on July 1, 1997 and became a Special Administrative Region of the PRC   At one second past midnight on 1 July 1997, Hong Kong was handed over to the PRC by the United Kingdom The border with the mainland is maintained and free trade with the rest of the world and with the continent are kept


Archaeology in Hong Kong

Archaeological research is characteristic for rich countries … That is why it is ensured in poor countries by rich countries … The danger is corruption, which in rich countries as in poor countries, threatening to block sites You really have a real sense of ancestral heritage sites that are not overshadowed by the pressure of real estate or farms or mineral oil deposits   In Hong Kong, it is since the 1920s that the sites are considered and protected Given the richness and the number of sites, it is likely that before that date many archaeological sites have sunken into the real estate expansion … But what is most important today is that this issue attitudes have really changed   We found, among others, Hong Kong 8 petroglyph sites listed, stone circles, standing stone and a large Neolithic village … All of these sites date from the fifth millennium BC, attested by the C14, and the Bronze Age   Are added to these sites, cave drawings of the Bronze Age tombs of the Han Dynasty and many other sites in the historical period as pottery, temples, etc. …

tung lung

Tung Lung

On Tung Lung Island, is the largest panel of petroglyphs It measures 180 cm by 240 cm …


Kau Sai Chau

On the island of Kau Sai Chau Rock Carving on the petroglyphs were discovered in 1976 They are on the northwest coast and land access very difficult Severe erosion, especially on their lower part, one can see patterns zoomorphic The panel is about 2 meters above the highest water, which is rather low compared to other sites

po toi

Po Toi

The petroglyphs of Po Toi Island have long been regarded as a legend … They had seen, but nobody knew where … In fact, they were discovered in the southern part of the island in the 1960s …   They are sort of two patterns separated by a fracture in the rock of 70 cm wide The petroglyphs left are lines forming animals and stylized fish Those on the right represent spirals and interconnected designs


Cheung Chau

Studies of geologists on the petroglyphs of Cheung Chau, discovered in 1970, are dated over 3000 years They are located east of the island of Cheung Chau and consist of curved lines similar

shek pik

Shek Pik

While most Hong Kong petroglyphs are located on the coast, those Shek Pik, are more than 300 meters from the shore But it is believed, however, that in the past, the coast came to this place … The units represented are spirals and circles and date from the Bronze Age, there are over 3000 years

wong chuk 3

Wong Chuk Hang

The petroglyphs of Wong Chuk Hang on Hong Kong Island are composed of three distinct groups Spirals and curves appear to represent stylized animal eyes They are located over a kilometer from the coast, which is quite unusual, but over a creek … The proximity of water seems to be a common petroglyph sites …

big wave 2

Big Wave Bay

Dispersed along the coast of the island of Hong Kong, the petroglyphs of Big Wave Bay, are located on a group of rocks The reasons are mainly geometric and can be distinguished in places of human or animal representations The drawings are very eroded and applied to panels of 90cm x 180cm approx They were discovered in 1970 by a police officer They are engraved on rocks in a place that has a panoramic view over the bay of Hong Kong It seems obvious that the authors of these petroglyphs have a close relationship with the sea

lung ha

Lung Ha Wan

The petroglyphs of Lung Ha Wan were discovered in 1978 by a group of hikers on a vertical face of a cliff overlooking the east The drawings resemble geometric lines and appear to represent stylized animals and birds The site was placed under the protection of historical monuments


Circle Fan Lau

On Lantau Island, one can see a megalithic circle It’s a circle of uncut rocks, measuring 1.70 m to 2.70 m long, and carefully placed one after the other, to form an oval enclosure This site is clearly dated to the late Neolithic to early Bronze Age There are similar sites in southern China


Menhir Fan Lau

The giant menhir Fan Lau is located west of Lantau Island His name is Shek Shun Cheun, which means stone pillar in the village Near the menhir was built one of the oldest forts in Hong Kong that allowed this strategic location, monitoring the coastline southwest of the country The current lighthouse is located near the menhir, which before its construction, served as a landmark maritime Curious coincidence that this menhir is rightly placed on top of a hill, a place as strategic … What we see today of the menhir, suggesting that it was one giant standing stone, which was broken by frost, into several pieces


Tung Wai Tsai North, Ma Wan

Excavations at Tung Wan Tsai North, Ma Wan, were started after their discovery in 1997 by Hong Kong authorities jointly with the South China This is the first site of this size in the rich region of the Pearl River, and is happy to see the perfect harmony between the rulers of China and Hong Kong, in terms of archeology   There were found 20 tombs and the remains of a village dating from the mid to late Neolithic or -2000 to -1000 BC Have been discovered many remains: dishes, pots, jars, objects cut and polished stone, tools, axes, arrowheads, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, ornaments, jade, shells, etc. … The graves contained men, women and children, apparently of Mongolian race or breed tropical region …

lung ha2

The Tocharian petroglyphs

The numerous petroglyphs of Hong Kong, places where they are found, and the nature of signs which are engraved, now give us an explanation of their origin and their use: These are signs   They show first that we are in territory Tocharian They tell us where we are and what we find   That is why we find these petroglyphs, in prominent places of the sea, or land at the crossroads This also explains the stylization of various data, like birds, fish, men, etc. … The geometrical figures corresponding to data base, known Tocharian


The Tocharian of Hong Kong

Of course, Hong Kong, the traces of Tocharian are obvious: megaliths, petroglyphs, very advanced manufactured goods, etc. … But what more important, what racial types are found in the tombs: The same in all regions tokhariennes north, from Tibet to Manchuria, see the first chapters of this third party, and south of Indochina east to Madagascar and west to Hong Kong … Again, recent discoveries in archeology, confirm my theories …   And you can not find this strange megalithic circle, placed on a granite slab, and pretend to be much there to be seen from a plane … One more sign …



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