Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 32: The network of the Tocharian

Part 3: The Tocharian, Chapter 32: The network of the Tocharian

Posted December 8, 2009

A corner of the wall of Tocharian Nan Madol in Pohnpei … Twigs in basalt from 5 to 30 tons … From an island located about 70 km … It was built 6000 years ago …


Book Two: The peoples

Part 3: The Tocharian

Chapter 32: The network Tocharian

Archaeological dating

Until recently, for dating a site, there looking for the remains of human life, on site or nearby, sometimes up to 100 km … This look back at near Stonehenge, and if within 10 cm of soil, lie the remains of a pack of Gauloises cigarette brand, we will be able to say that Stonehenge was built in 1950 AD … It seems that archaeologists have become more cautious and now they dare to say: On the Nazca Lines, the remains of houses indicate 800 AD, but the lines could not be dated While this is progress, it is still not considered the reality remains We will assign Stonehenge to the last population census in the area and we will try to explain we have transported blocks of stone with 50 tons of hemp ropes woven and wooden rollers … Besides, it is experienced, expensive, at taxpayer expense, with a block 10 times lighter and 250 people, and it works … While the logistics of these 250 people is not the level of technology of the time we try to impose … It is time for archaeologists to consider the reuse of sites by people after their construction, and do real research to find the true constructors But yes, it’s so easy to stop at the first discovery well and to attribute authorship of the discovery …

The Neolithic cultures

On all land areas in Neolithic times, there are traces of civilizations with a technological level that we have not yet acquired today The relevant time begins at the end of the Würm glaciation III, or 18,000 BC to about 1000 BC The climax of these civilizations is between 6,000 and up – 2000 BC So when you are on a site clear of these civilizations, although it is interesting to study the civilizations réutilisatrices site, it would be good to do research on the true builders of the Neolithic All the sites on which we gave this sentence we show that it is at this time that these monumental structures were built

Pre-Neolithic civilizations

There are also other amazing sites, too technologically advanced, pre-dating the glacial Würm III Glaciation took effect as to erase almost all traces We discover our planet today in most of its corners, and this allows us to say that other highly advanced civilizations have lived on earth before the last glaciation But that is not part of our ongoing study of Neolithic cultures … We will study and explain them in the third book …

The Tocharian

Who are the Tocharian? These are Atlantean, the group of Aryan, which includes Tocharian and Indo-European They arrived at Sanchi in India, from the galaxy Atlantean They are allied and subservient to Maya They are like kelts, another ethnic group Atlantis, the megalith builders It is this specialty that is the reason for their association with Maya, but not just because they are also browsers They will conquer a vast territory, more than 10,000 islands, some large as Madagascar, New Zealand or New Caledonia, and more than 40 countries They can not they be as numerous, arrived from space, to implement this program Also, just arrived somewhere, they will mix with local people, they will absorb Asians, Africans, Indians and all people they will encounter This will create a huge mixing, allowing us to meet with Asian ethnic types in Madagascar as in Polynesia, and African ethnic types in Polynesia, as in Indonesia

The roads of Tocharian

The Tocharian went to Sanchi in central India They immediately separated into two groups, one north and one on the east The northern group went to Tibet, then continued to the Taklamakan in the Chinese province of Xinjiang They continued north to the Gobi, and have struck a terrible atomic war to édenistes, creating the Gobi Desert Being unable to continue east, they went north to Mongolia, then stormed the Chinese province of Manchuria The group is after crossing now Myanmar, went to Thailand where they split into two, the new group from the east and the southern In both countries they were accompanied by the Mayan The new group is invaded Laos and Cambodia and stopped in Vietnam There édeniste Chinese opposition was too strong to continue, especially since the bulk of their military was destroyed in the war of the Gobi The group went south to Malaysia and Indonesia, still accompanied by the Maya, where they are again split into two, the group of western and the eastern The group has colonized the western Indian Ocean with the Maldives, Chagos, Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius and Reunion, to settle in Madagascar Madagascar, they allied themselves with the Bantu by creating a base in Zimbabwe, to conquer southern Africa, leaving the north to édenistes already installed and allies to Dogon From their base in Zimbabwe, they formed three groups, the southern group, the northern and the western The southern group is out to conquer Botswana and South Africa The northern group has annexed Tanzania and Kenya, where they joined their allies Atlantean Egyptian, by sea, but also by the earth, Ethiopia and Sudan being the Nubian territories, édenistes, but at peace with Egyptians before they do absorb more or less peacefully The group has conquered western Zambia, Congo, Cameroon and Nigeria In Indonesia, the western group is out to conquer the Philippines where they were divided into two, the northern group and that of the west The northern group has conquered Taiwan and Hong Kong, but was unable to advance further in China, the military capabilities of their being well above édenistes The group has conquered the western Pacific Micronesia starting with where they are separated into three groups, the northern group, the southern and the eastern The northern group has invested Hawaii, but the territory is too small, a number of them is left to the south in New Zealand The group has annexed the southern Melanesia and New Zealand, then they shared with their colleagues from Hawaii The group has conquered western Polynesia and joined the Mayans on Easter Island From there they were with the Maya and Nazca in the occupation of Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

The network of the Tocharian

In fact the Tocharian realized the transportation network on the planet Atlantis They transport by air and sea freight and all kinds of people On a virgin planet after the Würm glaciation III, they install infrastructure rustic as fast and yet efficient To understand the network must be added to the current world map the island continent of Atlantis This is the network that will deliver Atlantis Tocharian, but also to the Maya and Easter Island in South America, Egyptians, kelts in Europe and the Indo-European in India They will even trade with édenistes, who left to settle in Hong Kong, with these exchanges They deliver their gold, uranium, products useful utilities, but also of labor, more or less free …

Technology of Tocharian

Scientists believe that the Austronesian wild are just out of the Stone Age and sailing on rafts Yet they are forced to admit that around 6,000 years ago, they came out of nowhere, and it invaded and occupied the entire Indian Ocean and the Pacific They are also obliged to grant them a common language Of course, they do not even ask the question of what technology was needed to achieve this … To invade and occupy more than 10 000 islands, only now mapped over an area of 2/3 of the planet, we need technology: ships, aircraft, energy, radar, depth sounders, aerial mapping, GPS, communications , tags, weapons, etc. … To deploy such means, we must have utility … All of this, there is 6000 years …

The end of Tocharian

And indeed there about 5000 years, Atlantis sank into the depths of the Atlantic … The Tocharian just lost their biggest customer … And the biggest customer of all their customers … But also maintenance of their technology, combined on Atlantis … Then their activity will be limited to small local shops and as and when the years, their equipment will decay They will then gradually blend into local populations … The Atlanteans have triggered the star wars 2, see Book I, Part 6, Chapters 1-5 They had valid reasons to do so? But they lost the second war, which has cost them a very heavy price to pay to édenistes This has forced the levy high taxes on the people of Atlantis Therefore, the Atlantean people rebelled And civil war resulted in sinking of Atlantis …



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