Part 4: The Indo-European, Chapter 14: The European

Part 4: The Indo-European, Chapter 14: The European

Published August 16, 2010

The Thracian gold is as beautiful as that of the Scythian …


Book Two: The peoples

Part 4: The Indo-European

Chapter 14: The European

History of the Scythian

Arrived from space, the Scythians settled in the valley to the Thar – 4000 Then they went to – in Ishkvaku 2000, driven by nuclear wars Yi Valley Thar Towards – 1700, part of the Scythian, the Sakas Taradaya rooted themselves in Russia From – 1500 BC, population pressure becomes too great and they have to conquer new lands But from the moment they crossed the Black Sea, we no longer talk of Scythian, but Thracian and later Europeans

The conquest of the West

The main engine of economic conquest is You have to feed a growing population And we know that the neighbor’s grass is greener … A military conquest is first: to impose its laws and culture But the real conquest, one that will perpetuate the military conquest, it is agricultural expansion A farmer who never enough land, the advance in agriculture can be several kilometers per year And the annexation is perennial … From the East, the conquests thus will head west …

The Europe

Therefore see the current situation of Europe at about – 2000 South, Anatolia, Bulgaria, Greece, Crete and Mycenae are occupied by édenistes No way to rub them, if they are stronger, at least as strong as the Scythian Atlantean Farther south, the land is occupied by the Etruscans on all coasts of the Adriatic Sea to Italy to Andalusia The Magyars occupied the south-central coast to coast Etruscan Greek Both are allies of Atlantis While to the west, a wide band of coastal land, from Germany to Portugal, any more than Great Britain and Ireland, are occupied by kelts The kelts are the largest and strongest nations of Atlantis However, do not forget the inclusion of the Basque territory kelt The Basques are an ethnic Atlantean Not necessarily allies, because unlike kelts and their triskell, they display the swastika with 4 branches But this opposition must still be on Indeed, the Basque swastika has 4 branches such as the rounded triskell This is not the swastika in Vedic straight legs … North east is the Finnish allies Atlantean North, the Swedish peninsula, Denmark and northern Germany, are the territories of the vanes and ases The vanes are édenistes Ases are the Atlantean This is the only place on earth where édenistes and the Atlanteans are allies And this alliance is strong and has lasted over 2000 years! The center of Europe is occupied by local tribes not involved in the confrontation édenistes / Atlantean

The Thracian

The Thracians occupy the center of Europe and form the only large entity capable of alloying with Scythian invaders to mingle with them They have everything to gain … From the second millennium BC. AD, we no longer speak of the Scythians in Europe They are similar to Thracian and will thus be able to continue their conquest of new territories The Scythian will give them their culture and technology Gold jewelry and burials in tomb-like kurgan, accompanied megaliths gradually as one approaches the kelts confirm the contribution of the Thracians Scythian

The European

Everything is now in place to build Europe All Europe is occupied by nations large enough to qualify for the name of civilization But all these nations are actually composed of small feudal units all who aspire to supreme power, the master of Europe, and even the world … 4000 year will start melting pot From one war, alliances, betrayals in the Europe of today will form …



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