Part 4: The Indo-European, Chapter 25: Babylon

Part 4: The Indo-European, Chapter 25: Babylon
Posted October 29, 2011

The Ishtar Gate in Babylon …


Book Two: Lespeuples

Part 4: The Indo-European

Chapter 25: Babylon


The official historians now recognize only But partly, power and technology of all state cities the middle east, Anatolia in Elam north, and south to the sea, the fifth to the third millennium before J.C. They have been little studied with arguments of genre: the period of the 1st millennium BC being the most brilliant, this is one we’ll look … Of course, the study of the third millennium is more difficult … Cited state and kingdom, the history of Babylon is also eventful than that of the region … Founded by the Sumerians, who make a city state independent, it was then inhabited by the Indo-European, Aryan, who take refuge there after the wars of Yi Atlanteans like them, they have no problem to adopt their lifestyle A tablet dated around 2500 BC. AD testifies in Babylon, the Ensi, King, commemorates the building of the temple of the god Marduk Marduk was the patron god of Babylon The name of Babylon in cuneiform appears again to 2200 BC. AD, with the king of Akkad, Shar-kali-Sharri, who restores two Temples Levels of the third millennium BC city. AD having not been searched, it is difficult to date its origins The city came under the rule of Akkadian to – 2200 before J.C. She later moved under the cutting of Amorite, the Kassite, Hittite, Assyrians, etc. …

History of the Enuma Elish
Babylonian mythology is the heir of mythology Sumerian The Enuma Elish is the Babylonian epic of creation of the world The version we know was written in Akkadian Enuma Elish means: When top That is to say: history of the gods She tells of Marduk’s accession to sovereignty Babylonian gods The text of the epic is almost complete, because there we missing is the fifth tablet, which has never been found The poem was compiled in the late twelfth century BC. AD during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar I, according to documents of the time, which we did not know and probably completed by tradition Oral The epic describes the origins of the world and the cosmos, the battles of the first gods against the forces of chaos, Marduk’s accession to the throne of King of Gods, the Creation and Man

The Enuma Elish

The saga began in the early days, when the universe was still a body of water Then Apsu, the fresh water, and Tiamat , Salt water, generate several generations of gods A third generation, the last born, too noisy increase anger and disruptive to Apsu Apsu, with the help of his advisor Mummu, decides to destroy Ea, Enki, learns of the plot He plunges into a deep sleep Apsu, kills and connects Mummu Others begets a son, Marduk, who from birth is superior to other gods The birth of Marduk the envy of other gods They will persuade Tiamat to avenge the death of her husband Apsu by helping to destroy Tiamat Marduk created an army of monsters and gives the command to Kingu Marduk agrees to fight Tiamat in exchange for the site higher in the hierarchy of gods The fourth tablet recounts the struggle Marduk manages to kill Tiamat, the primordial sea, and with his body, split in two like a dried fish, it creates the vault heaven, earth and their elements: mountains, rivers, bodies heavenly constellations were put in the sky The Moon was created to set the month and for the Sun set the day In heaven there up the homes of gods and astral fixed their celestial races He fixed a link, the two parts of the dismembered body of Tiamat Thus the sky is connected to the Earth’s surface above the fresh water which the door Finally it forms the natural elements, earth up to the center and create the universe Babylon

Babylon is a divine city Marduk has withdrawn all its powers in the temple low, the Egasil), and in the temple above the top of Etemenanki, the ziggurat Babylon, which would have peaked at over 90 meters high … Etemenanki would be the Tower of Babel from the Bible … Marduk then decided to create man to serve the Gods Others kills Kingu and created with his blood mankind The text gives a list of fifty names given to Marduk and with a call for men to worship him Marduk had to overcome the critical elements that existed from the beginning, before the creation of the gods He wants to create an ordered universe that Babylon will be the Egasil capital and the heart of Babylon, will be the seat of government, according to the account of the Sixth Tablet See also: Book One, The gods, the fifth part; The Atlanteans, Chapter 17: Sumerian Legends

Extracts of the epic
Beginning of the text (Tablet I, 1-10): “When the sky above was not yet named Than below the earth did not name [these are not available] Only the Apsu [the ocean of fresh water] essential that begat the gods, Tiamat and [the sea] which bore all, Mingled their waters in a while. No bush of reeds was assembled, Zero reedbed was visible [vegetation does not exist] While none of the gods had not appeared, Being called a name, or provided with a destiny, Within them, the gods were created ” The crowning of Marduk (Tablet VI, 93-end): “He erected a royal throne Which exceeded those of other gods, And in the midst of the Assembly of Gods, Anu Marduk settled there. The great gods, as one, The exalted destiny of Marduk And worshiped him […]. They granted him to exercise dominion over the gods, Confirming the absolute power The gods of heaven and earth […] ” See also: Book One, The Gods, Part 5, The Atlantean Chapter 17: Sumerian Legends


In Babylon, found in what historians call the Archaic period, all the elements of a population of Atlantis However the question is: new arrivals of Babylon, after the wars of Yi, they are of Aryan refugees Valley of the Thar, or expat Sumerian Sumerian valley in which the Thar come home? Given the development that then took Babylon, it is logical to think that this is the 2 Indeed, the Sumerian mythology is the one that will survive and it is likely that the Sumerians in the valley of Thar have taken home mixed families they had created over there and the friends he had to be saved When high, means much space … Chaos on earth before the terraforming … Marduk has absolute power over the gods of heaven and the earth … We recover a space history, the history of Atlantis …



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