Part 4: The Indo-European, Chapter 5: From the Ramayana to Mahabharata

Part 4: The Indo-European, Chapter 5: From the Ramayana to Mahabharata

Published on April 6 2010

Two galaxies that are close, and collisions become inexorable and growing …


Book Two: The peoples

Part 4: The Indo-European

Chapter 5: From the Ramayana to Mahabharata

Historical reminder

This goes very quickly now, the research provides constantly new items that include perfectly in line with the history of Atlantis and édenistesThey include geographically and in the structure and at the time of the events of our historySo a little reminder and a synoptic summary does not shake too much, so take stock before continuing, or rather to begin the history of Indo-EuropeanThere was a long time away, there …The Eden galaxy, has many inhabited planetsThe planet who runs more or less peacefully in the galaxy, it’s EdenThe other main inhabited planets are: Asia, Vane, Nubia, Hopi, Aboriga, etc. …There was a long time away, there …Atlantis the galaxy, has many inhabited planetsThe planet who runs more or less peacefully in the galaxy, is AtlantisThe other main inhabited planets are: Maya, Arya, Egypt, Sumer, Ase, Kelt, Tokharia, Joseon, Jomon, etc. …There was a long time away, there …Galaxies Eden and Atlantis inexorably closer …Collisions and the warming that will result, signal the end of these galaxiesTime to go …

Synopsis of our history

-37,000 édenistes departure of Eden Eden galaxy

-24,000 departure of Asians from Asia in the galaxy Eden

-20,780 Sumerian leaving from Sumer  in the galaxy Atlantis

-20,000 The first star wars

-19,404 beginning the first day bible / édenistes arrival in Eden on earth

-10,000 end of Würm IV

-9500 Sinking of Daityas and vazimba

-6951 Birth of Adam

-6776 Adam is driven out of Eden

-6000 arrival of Asians

-4850 Eden transferred to Mount Kunlun as Olympus

-4900 the flood / Nubian arrival / early Dogon calendar

-4456 arrival of Vanes / arrival of the Mayan

-4311 arrival of the Atlantis / early Vedic period


-4000 tilt of the earth / ases arrival / arrival of the Sumerian / arrival of the Egyptian

-3900 Writing the Rig-Veda

-3800 2nd star wars

-3761 Peace of stars and definition of the tribute of the Atlantis

-3600 arrival of Tocharian

-3500 arrival of kelts

-3300 construction of AMM

-3100 Mahabharata

-3000 sinking of Atlantis

-2879 foundation of Vietnam by the Tocharian

-2800 absorption of the Nubians by the Egyptian

-2650 War of the Gobi: Chi You

-2600 arrival of Minoan Crete

-2350 War of the Gobi: Yi

-2300 Édenistes departure for space

All dates and events were set up throughout the book first, and the gods in the previous chapters of the second bookYou will find the proof and evidence that history, our history, those men of the earth, was successful in this wayAnd as you can see, all is consistent, or as my grand-son: it works!

The first star wars

During the journey to the land, the Atlanteans attack édenistes to try to come to earth before themThey first subjected to a heavy defeat édenistesÉdenistes reinforcements arrived when the Atlanteans believed to be winnersThe Atlanteans are defeated then in turnThis defeat has imposed a halt in space for major repairs, which caused a significant delay in their arrival on EarthSee Book I: Gods, Part 6: The Gods, Chapter 1


The Maya arrived in Sanchi and -4456 are located in India, Indonesia, on Easter Island and Peru, to organize the tilting of the earthThe Atlanteans arrived in -4311, seek to expand the Skri Lanka Dravidian protectorate of MayanSome authors place the island of Lanka off the coast of Mumbai (Bombay)It is not possible, it is Kerala that lives in on-radioactivity, even today, because of nuclear war between the Ramayana and the Mayan AtlantisView this book in the third part, Chapter 5: Radiation from the GobiThe Atlanteans are defeated in -4300 leave India for AtlantisThe Mayans occupy peacefully with India Dravidian order to make room for when they arrive to Tocharian -3600

2nd star wars

The Egyptians, who arrived in -4000, the édenistes disorganized thinking by the tilting of the earth caused by the Mayas, are organizing the second Star WarsThis is their revengeUnder the leadership of Egyptian, but from Atlantis, Atlantean army, normally composed of all ethnic Atlantis, somewhere in spaceThey organize the attack from their base in the constellation Orion, on a planet of the star AlnitakThe édenistes based on a planet orbiting Sirius B, are incurring a heavy defeat -3800But the victory of the Atlantis will be shortThe édenistes receive timely reinforcements alerted of their ethnic groups, while some Atlantean races did not come …The Atlanteans will pay a heavy price to édenistesSee Book I: Gods, Part 6: The gods, Chapters 2-4


The Indo-European, in -3100, seeking new territories, trying to make their expansion towards the east and south India, where there are already installed the Dravidian and TocharianThe Maya have settled with the Tocharian in Indonesia and the Indochinese peninsula for some, and Peru and Mexico for the otherThe Indo-Europeans think it will make short work of the occupants of India, supported the non-Mayan, divided geographicallyActually they first arrive at their endBut quickly, the Dravidian and Tocharian probably united and supported the Mayan and Tocharian Tibet, return to their territories and impose a heavy defeat in Indo-EuropeanSee Book I: Gods, Part 5: The Atlanteans, Chapter 11

Sinking of Atlantis

The kelts, arrived in -3500, and not having participated in the second Star Wars, refuse to pay their share of tribute to édenistes, collected by the AtlanteansTheir refusal will cost them a severe nuclear warning on their land of Britain, but also in Alsace and Auvergne: they have to pay!They then organize their revenge by starting the construction of three from north to WMA-3300See Book I: Gods, Part 5: The Atlanteans, chapters 27 to 29They are supported by the Egyptians who no longer want to continue paying tributeThe Egyptians are koints to kelts and built the two southern MAView this book in the first part, chapters 12 to 15Atlantis to be sunk – 3000Tribute to édenistes will not be paid!

Wars of the Gobi

The Tocharian North, installed in Tibet and Taklamakan, trying to establish themselves in China at the expense of Asians, ethnic édenistesIt follows that wars begin in the Gobi -2650 with the invasions of Chi YouSee Book I: Gods, Part 4: The Asians, Chapter 9Following his defeat, the Tocharian reorganize and get the help of kelts and other ethnic AtlanteanThey meet 10 spacecraft nuclear strike and attack China in -2350The Emperor Heavenly alerted to its base in the space around Sirius B, Yi and sends his missiles hit the Atlantean fleet9 vessels will be destroyed, only one in return …This battle is told in the legends of Yi for édenistes, and many other legends of Atlantean populations alsoSee Book I: Gods, Part 4: The Asians, Chapter 15This new heavy defeat, will transform the valleys of the Gobi desert in a nuclearView this book in the third part, Chapter 4: Gobi Desert

Édenistes departure for space

Other ethnic groups édeniste continue to arrive …The édenistes do realize that there is enough space on earthOn the other hand, not to be paid the tribute due from the Atlanteans, especially after the disappearance of Atlantis, except to enter a cycle of perpetual wars …So they decide to leave space in search of a new Eden in -2300They take with them, populations and populations édenistes volunteers Atlanteanprisoners and the population édenistes who have not yet landed on EarthSee Book I: Gods, Part 6: The gods, Chapter 4



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