Part 4: The Indo-European , Chapter 33: The Semites

Amarna letter, written in Akkadian cuneiform, from the royal archives of Pharaoh Amenhotep III …


Book Two: The peoples

Part 4: The Indo-European

Chapter 33: The Semites

The Semites

The term Semite creates many and ardent polemicsIt does however mean that:Descendants of Shem, son of NoahNoah was 500 years when he had ShemNoah was 600 years old when the flood occurredShem is born around – 5000 BCFor over 7000 years, it has been about 300 generations …And much mixity …This means that virtually the whole earth is SemiticThe argument also applies to any ethnic group living in – 5000 …Ethnographically speaking Semitic does not say so …

Semitic languages

When we speak of Semitic languages, the definition is much clearer:The Semitic languages ​​are a group of languages ​​spoken in antiquity in the Middle East, the Middle East and North AfricaAs regards languages, the first concept to note is that a language is a living languageMan being particularly lazy, he will always go to the easierIn the fourth millennium BC, in the geographical area concerned, there were two kinds of writing: cuneiform and SemiticThe wedge is less convenient, the people of the region have gradually adopted the Semitic writingWe have seen in previous chapters, this region was the fourth to the first millennium BC, the region most commercially developedIt was therefore vital to have the same writing and same language, or at least toeasily understandThus, little by little, writing became common SemiticLanguages ​​have acquired many related terms, making them more understandableWe have the same problem today with words of various origins: English, German, Arabic, Russian, etc. …This is what makes a language is aliveBut this is not because the French and English speaking Franglais a long way from Shakespeare and Molière that the English have become French, or vice versa …

Hebrew and Jewish

We have demonstrated in the first part of this book are the Hattis who broke into Amorite and AramaicThe Aramaic of the tribe of Abraham became HebrewAbraham was the inventor of religion to his tribe and since the Hebrews became JewsThe term now refers to a Jewish person of Jewish religion, which must be added the geographical nationality of the person

The Arabs

Arabs are mostly Indo-Europeans, Sumerians, Egyptians and Canaanites, as we have shown in previous chaptersFew tribes can be of Hebrew origin: one derived from Aramaic and AmoriteHowever, we can add in reserves from the tribes of IshmaelBut across the Arab world, from Turkey to Pakistan, the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt to Morocco, and Sudan, this represents only a small percentage of human contribution in any mix this enormous areaAnyway, Ishmael, is neither Jewish nor Hebrew: it is EgyptianIshmael is the son of Abraham, Jewish, and Hagar, Egyptian princess enslaved by the HebrewsBut among Jews, Jewishness, or another source is transmitted only by the mother and the mother is Egyptian …And Hagar as a wife gives to his son Ishmael: an Egyptian!

Diversity and population displacement

It is worth recalling the pattern of population movements during this period:The Nubians of Sudan, édenistes, were integrated by the Egyptian, Atlantean, and mostly pushed eastward, that is to say, North Africa and CanaanThe Canaanites were pushed north by the Hebrews, édenistes, and became PhoenicianThe Hattis, Amorite and Aramaic, édenistes, were pushed southward and are integrated with populations Sumerian and Indo-European, Scythian and Aryan AtlanteanExcept for the Hebrew of Abraham who became Jews who left the region to Egypt and CanaanAll this mixing of populations over several millennia has created a mix undeniableSo now we can for these people, talk about nationalities, even for minority groups, but not ethnicity

The Semitic peoples

The Semites do not exist!The German philologist August Ludwig von Schlözer the late 19th century, coined the term Semitic, from Shem, son of Noah, to designate the peoples of the Middle East who speak similar languagesThis pejorative designation, following the Essay on the Inequality of Human Races in 1855 by Joseph Arthur de Gobineau, will be immediately approved by the Western world, because it will justify colonialism …

The Indo-European

It is this spirit that will influence and guide the archaeological and linguistic 19th and 20th century to crown the Kurgan Theory of Marija Gimbutas in 1956: it’s not that India is the origin of Indo -European, it is the Europeans who are the source of India!The history, legends, archeology and even linguistics, prove otherwise:They are the Scythian and Aryan, falsely called Indo-Europeans, who came from India to Europe of kelts



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