Part 1: The people of the Gobi , Chapter 1: The Valley of the Gobi

Duns of the Gobi desert


Earth is the aim 6 , Exoduses and survivors

Part 5: The people of the Gobi

Chapter 1: The Valley of the Gobi

The Gobi Desert
The Gobi Desert is the largest desert in Asia (see Part 3, Chapters 4 and 5)
It is bounded by the Altai Mountains, the steppes of Mongolia, the Tibetan Plateau and the northern plain, along the Great Wall of China
The Gobi extends about 1600 km from southwest to northeast and 800 km from north to south, covering an area of ​​approximately 1.3 million square kilometers, more than 2 ½ times the size of France!
The Gobi Desert is growing by more than 10 000 km ² per year …

The average altitude of over 1000 m, causing scorching summers and freezing winters, a mean temperature difference of about 90 ° C between the two seasons
In the canyon Yollin Am, you can see blocks of ice in July

The amount of radioactivity in the Gobi Desert, according to Western technicians from the measure, is 50 times higher than normal, or 82 ms / year …

Valley of the Gobi
But it has not always been a desert …
Before accusing a radioactivity level of 82 ms / year, it was an immense fertile territory of nearly 1.3 million square kilometers, inhabited by people édenistes

Legends speak of the displaced population of an earthly paradise before being driven out by fighting saucers Yi, spreading terror and desolation, and burning of entire regions
These legends also tell the hail of fire to the villages suffered by many passages of dragons and giant crows from the belly of these saucers …

Before édenistes, the kingdom of heaven, take the measure of nuisance caused by the Atlanteans, the damage was considerable and have forced people to flee
Yet another exodus …

The wars of the Gobi
They are narrated in Chinese legend, Huangdi and Nu Ba-cons Chiyou, and wars of Yi, winner of 10 suns …
See Book I, Part 4, Chapters 9 and 15 …
It was these nuclear wars that transformed the vast fertile territory of nearly 1.3 million square kilometers in one of the largest desert of the earth …
The wars of the Gobi Valley took place at about – 2650 to – 2350 BC

Chiyou wanting to invade – 2650 the territory of Huangdi, the celestial emperor, it triggered a terrible war
The protagonists have used weapons technology as effective as destructive burned everything
The fertile valleys have become an arid desert
And it was not finished …

After the victory of Huangdi, a peace treaty was concluded, but quickly ignored by Atlantean
Towards – 2350, war resumed the Gobi …
The Atlanteans then pulled out the stops: the heavily armed spaceships in nuclear …

Huang Yi then handed a red bow and a quiver of ten white arrows
Yi took his bow and banda
The arrow went off like a shooting star
A violent explosion reverberated in the sky, the sun hit by the arrow Yi, turned into a fireball and fell
Each time a sun was touched, he fell in a black raven to 3 feet
He destroyed the nine suns and who terrorized the region

But this new nuclear war has wiped out permanently, and for thousands of years, the fertile valleys of the Gobi …

Legends of the wars of the Gobi
Legends of Chiyou and Yi are not only interesting in the details of these nuclear wars authorities, but also because they tell good history of this region at this time

Found in populations of Atlantis, the same legends, views across …
We also find, in the legends of displaced populations, the history of terror suffered during successive invasion of Atlantis

It seems well established that these legends have told so many facts that actually occurred about 4500 years ago …

The exodus
In all cases, mass exoduses of populations that occurred at that time are a reality!
We recover all these ethnic groups in new geographic territories, at that time
And this is the story of these ethnic groups, we will study in later chapters



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