Part 1: The people of the Gobi , Chapter 5: Komi


Komi mythology famous
giants, whose magical powers include the knowledge of air travel and
transformation into animals especially appropriate for their quality and
strength …


Earth is the aim 6 , Exoduses and survivors

Part 5: The people of the Gobi

Chapter 5: Komi


The Uralic komis

TheUralic Komi, from Valley from Gobi – 2300 BC, settled in the plains west of the
Urals, is being occupied by the Ural Ugric

Colonization were probably staggered -2300 -1800 BC until

As always, the colonizers did not arrive in virgin territory

They colonized countries by providing, willingly or unwillingly, their way of life,
but also their technology

This technology for their travel and logistics that goes with it, but also their
weapons and equipment that allows them to impose local …

The time will then do its work in combining colonizers and colonized …


The Komi

Komi is the current name of Zyrians and Permyaks

It is a Uralic people, the official name is: Finno-Ugric

The Komi reindeer herders were completed and resources with hunting and fishing

The Komi have the feeling of being a people of northern Europe, as well as Finland
and the Baltic countries


Satellite populations

When a large group of people moves, he always takes with him little smaller groups,
but have one thing in common with them: they get along peacefully with the
master group with which they are allied

Remain only the place of origin, without the protection group master, would certainly
attract their more or less serious trouble, if only because they were allied to
the group master

These ethnic groups are sattelites eg Enets and Nganasan for Nenets, Khanty for the
selkup, and the Komi: udmurt the husband and mordvin, the latter being composed
by moshka and erzya


Archaeology Komi

Archaeology in the Komi territory was not a major concern in this region of the Russian
state decentralized

It goes without saying that national funding has been earmarked for other
destinations more economically viable

Nevertheless, the little archaeological work has been done, proves that the area has been
inhabited since the Palaeolithic


Komi mythology

Drawings from Vasily Ignatov album , 1985 , illustrating komis legends


This drawing illustrating the komi legend of Pera or Kirjan-Varjan , shows the war of Yi , in what was at this time , the valley of Gobi … the terrifics 10 suns , slaughtered by the magic arrows of Yi … we reconize here the atlantis flying saucers with the swastika , the Gobi burning cities on the drawing , and the missils , magic arrows , used by Yi to destroy the atlantis flying saucers , against the agreement of the sky emperor , made from the valley of Gobi in -2350 , the desert of Gobi , with a nuclear incidence of 53 time more as normal , today …

There are many songs, ballads and fairy tales, especially the reindeer herders and
their difficult life

But the legends and traditions of ancient Komi are relatively few, which is the
normal time, but also to a significant dissolution with other ethnic groups

These stories show us clearly belonging to Komi édenistes Gobi: they refer directly
to wars and Chiyou Yi!

The 10 suns devastating arrows missiles that destroyed the flywheels, the fire
dragons, crows carrying fierce warriors, etc …

The legends all these misfortunes suffered by Komi

These wars have been located in the valley of the Gobi, the Komi are therefore from
the Gobi, and with them all the Finno-Ugric

That was to be prooven …


Yirkap hunter

Near Lake Sindor lived a hunter named Yirkap

Friend with the spirit of the forest, Vörsa, it helps to fight against the mermaid

In gratitude, Vörsa gives him a magic tree that contains the soul of the hunter

Yirkap produces skis with the magic tree trunk

With these skis can fly so fast that it becomes the best among hunters

No bird nor beast can escape

Yirkap but lose the magic power that give his skis, he drinks the water in which his
ski clothes were rinsed

The unfaithful wife of Yirkap, reveals the secret to her lover

During a hunting party, her lover offers Yirkap this water prepared by his wife

Stripped of its powers, Yirkap drowned in the lake with his skis Sindor

This is the text that has been recorded by Fedorov in 1946 in the village of Sindor

But there are other versions

A witch appears that advises Yirkap pursue deer blue

Her mother baked a cake of barley it hides in its bosom before continuing blue stag

It surpasses the stone Siberia, the Urals, he catches and kills and brings to his
heart the witch

Everything happens so fast that within her pie is still hot

On his return, his mother, at the request of his stepfather, jealous of his son
the chance, give a drink to Yirkap in which she washed his clothes ski

The infusion makes it so heavy it falls through the ice on the lake with his skis

Under water it starts to shorten his skis, and they talk to him mettet:

Yirkap, what have you done! You’ve cut too! If you do not shortcut we had, we
could take you to Earth”

Yirkap dying, then throws his magic skis to the ground with such force that they break
a majestic pine

The huge tree trunk that stands on the shore of Lake Sindor since that day is called


Yag Mort

At the river Kucha, which flows into the Izhma lived Yag Mort, a lumberjack in
horrible ugly face, dressed in bearskins, cruel and merciless

In the middle of the night, he set fire to the forest and attacked the villagers

He removed the wives and children, stole all the cattle he could take the rest and

This monster was blond with supernatural powers, which he used to inflict the
population all kinds of misfortune: the loss of livestock, droughts and fires
in summer and blizzards in winter

Yag Mort took the beautiful Rajda, the daughter of the village elder and his wife
Tugan the Brave

Tugan gathered all his friends armed with arrows, spears and forks, and gone to
battle against Yag Mort

They vowed to find his lair and take the monster dead or alive

Spotters seen Yag Mort on the shore of Izhma near the road transport wood, made
by horrible lumberjack

They then attack the monster and a shower of spears, arrows and stones pours over
Yag Mort

The monster caught short, look at his enemies in cold blood and empties into the
battle in a deafening noise, brandishing and striking with his mace

Yag Mort kills and maims many warriors, but begins to tire, hit on all sides by the
arrows, spears and stones

It falls on the earth, deprived of strength and implore the mercy

The warriors then ask him to lead them to his lair and Yag Mort leads to the high
side of the Kucha in the thick woods, to his cave

Near the cave, in a pile of garbage and bone warriors, they see a corpse, half
decayed, are the remains of the beautiful Rajda

Warriors withdrew booty Yag death of his cave, were piled and burned it

They then filled the cave with stones and taken Yag Mort where the battle was fought

Then they cut off his head, and buried deeply

They are more than 50 versions of this legend in the valleys of the Pechora and
Izhma, but the main facts render basically the same story



In the village of the region Madzha Kortkeross, tells the legend of Youra or Yurka

Yurka lived on the hill Madzha on the shore of Vychegodskaia

“When Yurka needs wood for his stove, he takes his heavy ax, cut down a huge pine
tree, puts it on his shoulder and the door to his house

If Yurka wants to go fishing, he cuts a core of more than 15 meters long to make a
fishing rod

Yurka is single because no girl to marry is neither in Madzha, or even in the entire
Upper Ezhva

He spends his life in the work, and he never abuses its strength … ‘

One day sick Yurka

It is so sick that he can not get food

His neighbors do not bother to help

“Yurka had neither bread nor reserved

He rose from his bed and walked slowly dragging his body weakened, until it
reaches the neighboring paddock

It take then a sheep and took it home ”

Yurka quickly get used to this easy way to get his food

At first he steals small animals, but soon it flies even the largest

Outraged neighbors decide to get rid of Youra, by force or by cunning

They asked an old man, the godfather of Youra, to invite him to make him drink
alcohol until dead drunk, and then to attach the feet and call

The old man did not give his consent in the first place, because he knows where
something will not work right, Yurka can crush a fly

But finally they manage to convince

When Yurka is finally hindered, the neighbors bring ropes and firmly ligottent

They decided to drown in the lake Madzha

They hang two heavy wheels to the edge of the lake, they bring in a boat in the
middle of the lake Yurka

Then they tied his feet to the wheels and flip the boat

They quickly swam away to save their lives

The waters of the lake created large waves devouring giant Yurka

But cold sober Yurka quickly and easily it breaks all the ropes and comes ashore

The end of the story, there are two versions

According to one version, Yurka, enamored by the beauty of the daughter of the water
spirit, Vasa, it remains in the underwater world

The other version is that by seeing that his godfather is one with neighbors,
Yurka, was left to die, he said:

“If it was not for my godfather, you never would have seen me die!”

To guard against the vengeance of the giant killed the people Madzha brings a
handful of flour in each household, built a big fire and cooking a cake
sacrificial ritual sacred in a large pot, then they eat together singing their

“You do not bear any grudge against us, Yurka powerful, and we will not keep grudge
against you either!”


Kort Ajka

In the village of Kortkeross to Vychegodskaia, it also tells the legend of Kort

Kort Ajka, blacksmith sorcerer, with superhuman strength, has made himself his armor
and helmet iron

He also forged an iron chain with which he crossed the river Ezhva

Everything he had: his hut, his boat, his bow and arrows were of iron

He ransomed all those who wanted to travel the river Ezhva

All boats were captured, because there was no way to escape his enormous iron chain
linking one side to the other

According to his whim, could leave some travelers, others were drowned

He did not know what it meant mercy or pity

As a sorcerer he was also endowed with supernatural powers

Here are some of its powers:

The sun and the moon are darkened at his request

It could turn day into night and night into day

It could change the course of the river

He could throw a burning wind that fell upon the land

It could trigger a downpour that caused flooding that swept all homes in Ezhva

Kort Ajka was never been punished for all the suffering and misery he had brought to
the peoplehad as friend Pama, the wizard Knyazhpogost

One day, he lowered his iron chain at the bottom of the Ezhva to let his friend who
makes viste

It is then the Occupied fabriquation beer

He boiled the beer, then poured into vats of iron and iron in large cups

And finally, he drinks

But the jealousy of Pama, see the mastery of Ajka Kort to brew beer, will cause a
fight between the two giants witchcraft where they will deploy all their forces
and magical powers

Pama captivates infusion Kort Ajka stops boiling and then pour into the tanks, and
flees in his boat

Kort Ajka replica immobilizing the boat in the middle of the river

If you stop the beer, I stopped the boat!

Their power confirming their invulnerability, the fight ends peacefully: beer flowing
again, and Pama can get off his boat



In the village of Sloboda in Syktyvkar and the neighboring villages of Tentukovo,
and Nizhny Tchov, tells the legend of Shipicha

Shipicha, band leader and sorcerer was a widower for three years

He had custody of the treasures looted by his band and was buried in a secret place

Shipicha, breaking his vow of widowhood will find Yoma witch, her neighbor, servant of
both God and Yen Omol the devil

He enjoys the pleasures of marital bliss for three days and three nights

Alas, having broken his vow of widowhood, lost his supernatural powers to Shipicha

He then wants to make a sacrifice to the gods to restore his magical powers

This is the moment chosen by the thieves of his band, informed by Yoma its
vulnerability provisional to attack and get him where the treasure

Shipicha to defend itself still manages to utter an incantation which raises the water
of the river Sysola knee of his enemies

He tries one second incantation, and the water reached up to his chest

After a third incantation, she manages to their necks

All this slows them down and only the head of the thieves and two of his companions
manage to approach Shipicha

They strike with their axes and every time, the water returns to the calm and Sysola

The thieves cut Shipicha pieces, but it does not kill

When Shipicha is exhausted from the fight, he said their cut his magic belt, where
his death is hidden

When they agree to end suffering against the revelation of secret treasure


Pera Giant

This is a common legend to Komi Komi-Zyryans and Permyak

Pera plows his land and hunting

He is angry, but a good character

He can not stand injustice

IT does not forgive anything

It always takes revenge

Pera must fight for the Tsar, as their lands are invaded by barbarians

They are armed with flywheels monstrous and invincible

Pera, Komi heroes, battle monstrous wheels flying with magic arrows

He succeeds in destroying the barbarians and were defeated

Pera wants to reward the Tsar with gold and silver, but he wants land, forests, and
silk threads

Pera will then trouble with the spirit of the woods Vörsa

Vörsa not accept the right of Pera on his land

Vörsa who lost an arm during the war, he was asked if Pera sleeps well, because there
is that in his sleep he has a chance to kill him

Pera guess the purpose of Vörsa and answer him: I sleep like a log night puts a birch log in its place, the cover of her coat she smell

The spirit of the wood comes in the night and believing that Pera is sleeping in
the bed, he hit him with a spear

Pera, hidden in a tree with a bow and arrows, mortally wounded Vörsa

He follows up on his doorstep and ends

It takes the widow Vörsa as Women

But when Pera discovers that she is a witch and she is plotting against him, he

Pera must then defend their rights won in the fight against flywheels monstrous
against the Count of earth Vörsa

It wants to annex land owned Pera and its people and reduce slavery in Komi

They surround the territory belonging to Pera and his people with an iron chain

Pera chain cut into small pieces with magical weapons, freeing the Komi of slavery

Unfortunately, the brave warrior who defeated the monstrous and flywheels Vörsa the spirit of the woods, must go into hiding to avoid falling into the hands of the Count and
his men


Kirjan-Varjan Giant

It is a variant of the legend of the giant Pera, Iby told the village in the
region of Ust-Vym

The name of the giant-Kirjan Varjan instead of Pera

The Tsar Levonik has birds like the magpie to receive and transmit news and as a
raven to carry his men by air

When he learns that his state was invaded by barbarian hordes enemy, he sent his
birds to seek help Kirjan-Varjan

Kirjan-Varjan, wearing a coat of mail and a sword Damascus steel, launches into battle on his horse magic (flying) will defeat his enemies he embarks on his horse in one direction and leaves nothing but corpses behind him and he rushes his horse in the other direction
and there is again that of the dead and mutilated after its passage

Tsar offers a feast in honor of the winner and offered him gold and silver, but the
hero refuses the reward



It is a legend Valley Vym and villages and Iby Onezhye, which is also told in a

A man and his eleven children prepare to go to the taiga to hunt squirrels

They charter a large boat, twelve iron axes, knives, spears and a large pot

Hunters down the river to the river Vym Vezyr, and thus reach their hunting grounds

They begin to collect skins and furs but to bring even more, the family is divided
into two

first group met an enormous bear, which eats six brothers Vym

The other group goes in search of the lost brothers, but he was attacked by a bear
Vezyr, which swallows all: the brothers and their father

In another version, they are killed by a bear and giant forest Glot the terrible
monster submarine

Meanwhile, in the village, their mother gives birth to twelfth son who grew up with a
miraculous speed until it becomes a giant

He then leaves in search of his brothers and his father lost

He reached the hunting ground and the place where they died

It was then that song and legend divergent

In the song, the twelfth son who found the hunting ground, he begins hunting and
provides a large number of skins

he returns from hunting to sit in his cabin, he saw that during his
absence, someone cooked a meal and drinks for him

That someone is a beautiful girl who became his wife

The next day, the young giant goes hunting again and meeting the great bear Vym

He kills his belly opens and delivers his brothers that he sprinkled with the
water of life to make their life

They all come back to life and the young leads to his cabin

The next day he went hunting again and he met the bear Vezyr

He kills his belly opens and delivers his father and six brothers

Then he sprinkled with the water of life and leads to his cabin

Father, son and his twelve stepdaughter, then return home in their boat on the Vezyr
and Vym with a large loading skins

In the legend told, near where his father and brothers were killed, the son
avenges his family by killing two bears monstrous

Back in his hut in the forest, he finds a young blond girl who is the daughter of
two monsters who devoured his family

Young people get married and live a rich and happy life

They give birth to twelve son, who are so incredibly beautiful their heels shine
like the moon and the sun as their heads

However, the young man misses his mother, who lives alone in his village

He asks his wife to let him go to see

His wife warned him not to talk of their lives in the village

The husband breaks his promise, boasting at the village fete, his wealth and his

Then his wife turns into a reindeer and son in twelve swans, and they all disappear

The hero then leaves in search of his lost family and after many adventures, he
found on an island in the middle of the sea


The marriage of giant river Kercha

It is a legend of Arkhangelsk and Tyumen

Near the river Kercha live three brothers and one sister

The younger brother was asleep for ten years

His sister keeps her herd of deer and it sews fur boots, he can wear when he wakes

When the giant awakes, he wants to find a wife

His brothers he would marry the daughter of their neighbor, a rich and beautiful
girl, but it does not suit him

With his friend Yevl’o Hupl’o, reindeer herder, he goes into a far country, from the
master of the sea Cape

The two friends are so numerous and dangerous adventures on the way north

They meet the tribe of Bony Gorge, an old woman who turns out to be the mother of
Yevl’o Hupl’o, and many other adventures, too long to tell here

The two friends finally reach the land of the master of the sea Cape

The master does not receive with open arms as they expected

They must then successfully impose many difficult and dangerous events

The two friends must pass a showdown against the youngest son of master course

Having passed the test, they must jump over more than forty sleds and shoot arrows
with a giant bow, swinging on a swing made of human bones, and many other
events yet, the purpose of the master Sea
course is that they fail to be able to enslave

But the two friends pass all tests

The daughter of the master of the sea of ​​course then falls in love with the giant
and it follows a great marriage

Giant river Kercha and his wife, the daughter of the master of the sea of ​​course,
with Yevl’o Hupl’o return to their village on the banks of the river Kercha

This gives the opportunity for a big party and Yevl’o Hupl’o transforms into totem



money is the human predator
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