Earth is the aim 6 , Exoduses and survivors ; Part 1 : Peoples of the Gobi Valley ; Chapter 9 : Thraces

Earth is the aim 6 , Exoduses and survivors

Part 1 : Peoples of the Gobi Valley

Chapter 9 : Thraces


thraces (2)

Thraces , basis map from



Integration of the peoples of Gobi Valley

The real integration success of the exodus of the people of Gobi Valley , is the result of their integration faculty

They bring to the invaded populations , their technologies , their language , their support , but also a philosophy of life and a religion

The size of the won territories is directly proportional to the distance of the North Pole : the more they get closer , the more it is cold , and more they need territories to live

Integration remains their basic quality , and must remain it , since 4000 years , they had to welcome many and new ethnic groups

Luckily, it applies to all peoples of Gobi Valley

But not to the Magyars …

For Magyars , all members of the tribe were brothers :

They are all free and noble

It is the origin of the nobility of Magyars

This organisation of their society , they owe it to the Alains women

It builts their ranks and their solidarity , but prevents their integration

They invaded a huge territory , from the Baltic Sea to the Transylvania , but they will not be able keep it a very long time , why they not have included local populations

So they will not be able to count on their support for beat against new invaders

And shortly , Thraces arrives …

History of the Scythian

Arrived from the space , the Scythian established themself in the Thar Valley , in arrounding – 4000

Then they left towards – on 2000 in Ishkvaku , dispelled by the nuclear wars of Yi from Thar Valley

Towards – 1700 , a part of the Scythian , Sakas Taradaya , established themselves in Russia

Arrounding – 1500 before J.C. , population pressure becomes too big and it becomes necessary for them to win new lands

But as soon as they leave the Black Sea area , we are not speaking any more about Scythian , but of one of their elements : Thraces

And later , European

Western conquest

The main engine of conquest is economic

It is necessary to feed a demographic expansion

And they know well that the grass of the neighbour is ever more green …

A conquest is first military : to impose his laws and his culture

But the true conquest , the one who is going to perpetuate military conquest , is agricultural expansion

A farmer never having enough land , the land won by agriculture conquest , can represent several miles a year

And this conquest is permanent …

Coming from East , conquests are therefore going to head to West …


Europe in about – 2000 , looks like :

In the South , Anatolie , Greece , Mycène and Crete , Bulgaria and Romania , are occupied by édenistes

No way to beat them , they are stronger , or at least so strong as them

Magyar occupied all territories from Romania to Baltic Sea

But they are weakest as Thraces

Thraces therefore invade these territories and oblige Magyars to hold only what is today Hungary and a small part of Western Romania

But Thraces invasions are going quickly to end , as they will be blocked by other Atlantis peoples

On the West, from Germany to Portugal , more Brittain and Ireland , are occupied by the Kelts

Kelts are the biggest and strongest Atlantis nation

On the north , the Swedish peninsula , Denmark and North of Germany , are the territories of Vanes and Ases

Vanes are Edenists

Ases are Atlanteans

It is the only place on earth where Edenists and Atlanteans

are allied

And this alliance held for more than 2000 years !


Thraces occupies center of Europe and form the only big entity able to be allied with Kelts , Vanes and Ases , and Scythians

They have nothing to win to heart them …

They are going to bring their culture and their technology there

Gold jewellery and burials in tomb in the form of kurgan, accompanied with megaliths as they get closer to kelts


Everything is now ready to construct Europe

All Europe is occupied by important nations who have the right to have the name of civilisation

But all these nations are small feudal units which all aspire to be master of Europe , and even of the world …

4000 years of melting pot are going to begin

With wars and wars , alliances and treasons , Europe is going to be built , destroyed and rebuild …



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