Earth is the aim 6 : Exoduses and survivors ; Part 2: The peoples of the sea ; Chapter 1: Indo-Europeans

Earth is the aim 6 : Exoduses and survivors

Part 2: The peoples of the sea

Part 2, Chapter 1: Indo-European

The Atlanteans of the Thar Valley first established colonies in the west
Then, forced by the destruction by nuclear war, they join these colonies
These colonies becoming overcrowded, they continued their exodus to the West

They could not go north, where the édenists population of the Gobi  Valley began their exodus to the West for the same reasons

First Scythians , they become Thracians, and continued their exodus up to be stopped by the kelts, Atlantean population as them, but not welcoming …

They must then leave Europe towards the Middle East

Indo-Europeans and Indo-Aryans
In fact these are Thracians are the Indo-Aryans
But when they change their direction, from Europe to the east , they become Indo-Europeans

And that is the origin of the official theory

The official theory “forgets” for political reasons, the whole previous history …
It is like the colonization when seized a territory, it had no history before the arrival of the saving colonizers  …

These Thracians, at their arrival in the Middle East, become Hittits
They arrive in a crowded territory of Atlantean population, mixed with some édenists populations , and all in war with each other , whatever their origin, for supremacy over a territory

Atlanteans or édenists, their origin does not matter, and no question of sharing the cake, even with a cousin or a brother …

These Hittits will therefore provide support to a population that will host them
But in fact, this hosting last at victory against the neighbor
The history of the Hittits is therefore a succession of alliances, betrayals and especially wars

These are not ideal conditions to settle
They have to leave again

To the east, everything is full
To the south, is the powerful Egyptian kingdom
Only one issue: the sea

This tough history – 2000 – 1000 BC, and departures will be spread throughout this period
Certainly at the Atlantean way: going from a small band, and once it has found a haven, also brought the rest of the population

The peoples of the sea
Hittits will then become : The peoples of the sea
It is a one way trip, there is no return

They will then explore and conquer all territories and islands of the Mediterranean that do not have a sufficient army to repel
Up to the Strait of Gibraltar and beyond

Then they will take the name of their new territory when the will found and conquered



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