Earth is the aim 6 : Exoduses and survivors ; Part 2: The peoples of the sea ; Chapter 2 : Dorians

Earth is the aim 6 : Exoduses and survivors

Part 2: The peoples of the sea

Chapter 2: Dorians

Appearance of populations

Historians and archaeologists generally speak of populations that appear

They appear from where?

They appear when?

Usually they answer:

These populations are listed in this country at that time …

If they are told:

But Homer, Herodotus and Plato answer us to these questions They answer:

But Homer, Herodotus and Plato write fiction novels !

Whether ancient Greek philosophers or modern science people , they are same men

And if one of them had made any mistakes, colleagues or competitors, would not have missed it

Do not forget that at the time of the Greek philosophers, this business was very profitable and therefore competitive

Yes but now, if one gives credence to their words and their datings, all or at least a large part of our “official” history collapses …

And the least we can say, this “official” history does not give much attention to consistency

As for me, I just get the thread of our history and check according to our knowledge to find evidence and especially consistency

And here I thank all those archaeologists and historians for their work, as being neither one nor the other, I just gather their findings to reconstruct our history

The peoples of the sea

The Aryans of the Thar Valley are Atlantean

By migrating to the east, they became Scythian

Scythian, they became Thracian

Thracian, they became Hittite

Hittite, they became the Sea Peoples

So they will leave the Middle East gradually from – 2000 up to – 1000 and occupy all the islands and coasts they were able to conquer in the NORTH Mediterranean sea area Indeed the South, the Canaanite, who became Phoenicians, also Atlantean population, already have their hands on these territories

At this time few Phoenician were trading in the north of the Mediterranean sea And the Atlanteans, as everyone besides, always reluctant to fight if they are not sure to be winners So being from the same origin, excuses this cautious attitude …

Peoples of the sea are warriors-merchants

One can not be conceived without the other, although as we shall see by studying throughout this 2nd part, they are also builders, industrialists and farmers and have a develloped technology

But mostly they are victorious warriors

So in addition to their of arms and maritime transport technology, they are also master in strategy:

During an attack, they attack massively and visibly front from the coast to inland Immediately indigenous undertake all in battle, as they feel over numbered and able to repel the invader

Unfortunately for them, the people of the sea have previously landed on the coast, right and left of the point of attack, a large force well armed, who will take in reverse the defenders and create panic among them It remains then only to keep the benefits of the strategy

History of Dorians

First to left, first in the better points The Dorians left the Middle East and seized by militarily way :

Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes and southern Greece And also Aegean Sea islands

This happen gradually on their way to West , from – 2000

Dates correspond to Homer and other Greek philosopher books, who already attribute to them the management of all these territories in about – 1340

Tablets discovered at Pylos in Crete, dated from around – 1375, speak as well from Dorian


The Dorian Agora in Lato, Crete, Greece

Wikipedia CC Photo: Bernard Gagnon

In the construction of the Agora Lato in the island of Crete, we can recognize Atlantean construction technology for walls built with different sizes of stones, well represented by the walls of Cuzco and Easter Island

The Doric language is recognized as an Indo-European language

But we know practically nothing about Dorian throughout the period of the 2nd millennium, apart from the writings of Homer and some other Greek writers , added by some archaeological discoveries

Their story is best known by the wars of the end of the second millennium and the beginning of the first, when other ethnic groups have tried to resume their territories

We must recognize that if these territories have to been kept to the Dorians , it is why they were there

If they were there firmly settled, that means they are not arrived just from the day before And this is not the day of the decision to be there that everything has been done

All this takes time and therefore reinforces the fact that their original invasions have taken place throughout the 2nd millennium

In fact we know practically nothing about the history of the 2nd millennium in the Mediterranean basin

Except what wrote Greek writers But all historians of the 19th and 20th century, which largely written the history of this period, formally refuted the texts of Greek writers According to them, although they all describe the same story, it may be only inventions Their thesis, always at odds with each other, is necessarily the right And that is the cement of the “official” thesis



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