EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors ; Part 2 : Peoples of the sea ; Chapter 6 : Umbrian

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors

Part 2 : Peoples of the sea


Chapter 6 : Umbrian


History of Italy

History of Italy , is the story of numbers of ethnic groups !

Only under the Roman Empire from – 27 up to + 476 , and since the reunification of Italy in 1871 up to today , the country we now call Italy is unified in one country


During all other periods , it was only a mix of large and small regions

The origin of this political situation is the physical geography of this country

These are only mountains and valleys , sometimes connected by passes and closed to the sea:

From one end to the other, these are natural boundaries …



Italics peoples are among the Sea Peoples

They arrived in Italy from 3rd to 2nd millennium BC, coming from Illyria

As every time , the people of the sea all invade a country , then a part of them stays there when the others leave to new countries , maintaining a comfortable rear base


So follows the story of Dorian , Illyrian , Venetian and Etruscan …

It is also called Apennine culture or Vucedol culture


Italic languages ​​are based on the Greek alphabet , influenced by Etruscan and Venetian

With the expansion of the Roman Empire , Latin impregnated with other Italic languages ​​became the main language

Other languages ​​declined and disappeared around the 1st century BC to make way for the vulgar Latin



The Umbrian or Umbri , people of the sea , coming from Illyria , entered Italy from the northeast at the beginning of the Bronze Age , while the Etruscan occupy only the North of the peninsula , and they founded the great Umbrian



Iron Age Italy Ewan ar born

Dbachmann : Wikipedia CC Photo


Strabo and Eugubine tablets found in Gubbio , describe a people evolved and organized in a federation of city-states

Here we find again , the organization of Atlantean peoples from which they are derived


They spoke an Indo-European language of the Osco-Umbrian group


Religion of Umbria is known to us mainly by the Tables of Gubbio , written between the 5th and 1st century BC

They describe us a priest assembly , the Atiedii Fratres , consisting of twelve priests dedicated to Ju-pater god (Jupiter in Latin)

Jupiter wife is Cubrar , the Mother Goddess

He is part of the triad : Ju , Mart and Viofonus or Jupiter , Mars and Quirinus


In the 2nd millennium BC , it was a peaceful people with an economy based on agriculture , breeding and processing of metals

That is to say : with the sea peoples technology


Theopompus , in the 4th century BC , tells us :

“People from Umbria who lived along the Adriatic have a standard of living comparable to the Lydian one’s , with good land , which earned them prosperity.”

Lydia is located in Anatolia , country of origin of the Sea Peoples


Decreasing of territories

Following the emergence of neighboring peoples and their military power, the vast Umbrian territory began to shrink

Tuscany is lost in favor of Etruscan


Pliny the Elder tells us:

“The Umbrian population is estimated to be the oldest in Italy , it is thought that the Umbrians were called” Ombrici “by the Greeks as they would have survived the rain when the earth was flooded .

There is evidence that the Etruscans have submitted three hundred Umbrian cities ”


Pliny the Elder , also states that : “The Sicilian and the Liburnian occupied many territories they take off to the Umbrian


Sicilians are the Szekler and the Liburnian the Oscan

Then the Sabin , the Latin and Picenian , are Umbrian peoples who took their independence


Legend of the founding of Rome by Tite-Live

Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, fed by a wolf

Romulus founded the city of Rome on the Palatine Hill location on the Tiber 21 April 753 BC


Procas king of Alba Longa , had two sons : Numitor and Amulius

On the death of their father , the inheritance was shared equally :

The eldest , Numitor , obtained the throne , while Amulius , the youngest , inherited wealth


Disappointed by the sharing , Amulius overthrew his brother and killed all his male descendants

To be sure that the Numitor family disappears , he made from his niece Rhea Silvia , a vestal , whose priesthood obliged her to remain a virgin throughout her life

The god Mars fell in love with the vestal virgin who gave birth to twins , Romulus and Remus


Amulius then made walling the vestal and ordered that the children will be thrown into the Tiber

The children were thrown on the bank of the river in flood by the servant responsible for implementing the sentence

They were then collected by a female wolf who suckled them in the cave of Lupercal at the foot of the Palatine

The shepherd Faustulus , then gathered up the twins and raised them with Acca Laurentia , the female wolf which he made his wife

Acca Laurentia was a prostitute , which is nicknamed lupa , Latin word for “wolf” or “prostitute”


Once adults , Romulus and Remus decided to found a city that took its name from Romulus , chosen by the augurs

As he traces the pomoerium sacred groove delimiting the city , his brother Remus , to mock the weakness of the new town , crosses a step this symbolic bastion

Immediately Romulus kills him as the saying goes : Insociabile regnum

“The power is not divided”

It marks the intransigence against forbidden entry to Rome


Summaries of the founding of Rome by Dionysius of Halicarnassus

Dionysius of Halicarnassus tells us the different existing versions in his time , – 50 , of the legends of the founding of Rome


According Cephalon Gergis , Demagoras and Agathyllos , Rome was founded by Romos , Aeneas son and brother of Ascanio , and Euryleon Romulos

According Hellanicus and his disciple Sigeum Damastes , Rome was founded by Aeneas himself , on his arrival in Italy after been in the land of Molosses

According Xenagoras , Rome was founded by Romos , son of Ulysses and Circe

According to Dionysius of Chalcis , Rome was founded by Romos , son of Ascanius or Emathion

According to other authors , Rome was founded by Romos , son of Italus and Leucaria , daughter of Latinus


History of the foundation of Rome

Archaeology has shown that the site of Rome was occupied before the 2nd millennium BC

The site of Rome was inhabited at its foundation in – 753

Lazio was then inhabited by at least 3 people who occupied the Alban Hills

Rome was then a group of villages spread over the hills


In 1902-1903 , 41 tombs were found near the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina with Proto-Corinthian vases of the 7th century BC

On the Quirinal , 5 tombs , and Esquiline , 86 graves , which contained rich furnishings :

Weapons, helmets, shields and even a battle tank


The dating’s realized ranging from the 10th to the 8th century BC

This is consistent with the tradition of the foundation – 753


The foundation of Rome

The Tables of Gubbio confirm that the religion of the Umbrian includes the triad : Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus

Jupiter chief of the heavenly gods , Mars the warrior god and Quirinus the god of crops


Terrestrial gods love live among men , Quirinus would have done it under the name of Romulus


Most ancient writers attest that Mars fertilized Rhea Silvia when she was sleeping


Dionysius of Halicarnassus and most ancient authors acknowledge Romulus as Quirinus


The father of Romulus and Remus is then Mars


Rome has been founded by the Umbrian peoples of the sea


Atlanteans of the Valley of Thar / Scythian / Thracian / Hittite /

Peoples of the sea / Umbrian / Founding of Rome



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