EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors ; Part 2 : Peoples of the Sea ; Chapter 12 : The 10th labor of Héraclès

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors

Part 2 : Peoples of the Sea

Chapter 12 : The 10th labor of Héraclès


The 10th labor of Héraclès

We have already examined in detail the back journey of the 10th work in the chapter 9 : Ligurians

You can read it, but to put you it in mind again, see hereunder a short summary


The tenth work of Héraclès was to seize without payment or compensation , the red giant herd of cattle of Géryon from the island of Tartessos and to bring it back to Mycenae


He left Mycenae by the sea and went to Libya, where he joined by land a way along North Méditerrané up to the Strait of Gibraltar, which he opened with a kick on the ground

Héraclès shot then an arrow against the sun god, but as he apologized Hélios gave to Héraclès the golden cup in a shape of water lily, with which he was able to navigate to get to the island of Tartessos


After killing the dog Orthrus and Eurytion the shepherd, he killed Géryon

He obtained then the herd without payment or compensation, and embarked it in the golden cup to return to the continent


He crossed Iberia and Liguria by the Héraclean way

After spending the Ligurian Alps, a bull left the herd plunged into the sea and swam away to Sicily


Leaving his army , he pursued it and brought him back into the herd

Héraclès continue then his way along the coast but at the entrance of the Gulf of the Adriatic, Héra sent him a gadfly who threw panic in the herd which spread in Thrace


Héraclès pursue them to return in possession his herd but he succeed to gain only half of his herd

He brought then this half herd back to Mycenae, where it was sacrificed to Héra


The legend of the 10th work of Héraclès

We saw in the Chapter on the Ligurian , that this legend could be dated thanks to the deluge, at around – 5000


Indeed, as the flood occurred in Anatolia towards – 4900, the breaking the Strait of Gibraltar took place at least a hundred years ago to put the Méditerranée Sea at about 100 meters higher, which opened the Bosphorus Strait and grow the Black Sea at about 100 meters higher and cause the sinking of Eden


A such precise legend with places and dates necessarily tells us a real story

And reality means also profitability …


An army expedition that made a round trip of almost 10 000 kms to recover cattle, even red and even giants : that’s not profitable !


The expedition has really taken place, but it was not for oxen , it was for orichalcum !


The orichalcum

The orichalcum as I explained to you in EARTH is the aim 2 , Atlantean gods, is a panel made of gypsum fiber between 2 sheets of gold, like a plaster panel


Plaster provides stiffness and as it is attached with plaster fibers and not full, it preserves its lightness

The gold leaves are as thin as possible in order to not increase the weight of the panel, which is possible thanks to the very high ductility of gold


These panels are absolutely necessary for spaceflight, as gold is a material which does not let pass cosmic radiations

They are fragile against shock and punctures and therefore need to be changed regularly


The Treaty of orichalcum

In Atlantis, gypsum must have been abundant and with the gold deliveries through their colonies, Atlanteans have set up there , their manufacturing plant of orichalcum, as said by Plato


Edenists also needed these orichalcum panels, so they concluded with the Atlanteans a treaty to obtain orichalcum probably by half , for the gold they provide


The Atlanteans deliver from Atlantis the orichalcum producted by sea to Tartessos, where it was conveyed to Didymus by land, then to Mycenae by the sea

For gold it was the same way but on return way


Edenists brought gold and in return received half of the orichalcum producted

They delivered the gold to Mycenae and returned there to search orichalcum

The orichalcum was then transported by land from Mycenae to their port in the Danube estuary in Thrace

There it was sent by sea from Thrace, to be delivered to the Edenist space base in Eden, just on the other side of the Black Sea in Anatolia


The real work of the 10th work of Héraclès

Examining the map of its complete journey from departure to arrival, we will try to show the reality into this legend



10th labor of Héraclès

Wikipedia CC map: O H 237


Héraclès under the orders of Héra, sail from Minos, Edenist city for Mycenae, Atlantean city

There he had to recover the orichalcum of the Treaty and to convoy it up to Thrace

But the orichalcum was not there!


In fact, the leader of Tartessos, Géryon, rebelled for some unknown cause, against the agreement ,refused to deliver the orichalcum to Mycenae as per the agreement


Héraclès return then to Minos where he embarked with his army to Libya to join Tartessos

The expedition prefer the way by land as the control of the seas belonged to Atlanteans, some of whom could been able to be friend with Géryon


Arrived at the end of land linking Africa to Europe he was arrested by the troops of Géryon who had been informed of his arrival


The opening of the Strait of Gibraltar

The legend says it well: Héraclès gave a kick in the ground that separated Africa from Europe as this provoked an earthquake that opened the passage between the Atlantic and the Méditerranée which was at 100 meters lower


This is very similar to an act of war and to send a missile that freed the passage and helped Héraclès to join Tartessos

But orichalcum was on the island …


The earthquake caused by the missile inrush the movement of tectonic plates that engulfed the strip of land which separated the two continents


The Tartessans’s orichalcum

Furious against Atlantis that did not respect its treaty Héraclès sent a warning missile on Atlantis

In China also the Yi édenists nuclear missiles were baptized: Arrow …


The leader of Atlantis, Râ, Hélios in Greek, came to speek with Héraclès and recognized the betrayal of Géryon

He therefore offer a barge to Héraclès to allow him to join the island of Tartessos

Géryon seeing the Atlantean barge arriving was not suspicious and was caught by surprise by the army of Héraclès


Héraclès was then able to seize the orichalcum and join the continent Heracles could then convey orichalcum to Adriatic by the Héraclean way with the neutrality of Iberian and Ligurian guaranteed by Hélios


The robbery of orichalcum

In Adriatic an ally of Géryon robbed him one carriage of orichalcum

Leaving the army to let them continue the journey to Illyria, he went in pursuit of the thief to Sicily where he recovered his cart


More than 2000 km to get 1 beef!

It was at least gold …

This was the case as it was orichalcum


He was then able to return with the stolen carriage and join his army


Delivery of orichalcum

At this time, Hera, informed of the geographic position of the convoy and the success of the operation, through airway communication, gave instructions to Héraclès by sending a gadfly


The legend clearly indicates that the message has reached its destination by airway


The orders were clear:

No way to go to Mycenae, you have to deliver the port of Thrace first, and only then bring the part of the Atlantean to Mycenae


The Atlanteans could then sent by sea this orichalcum to Egypt who was an Atlantean territory

From there it was conveyed to the kingdom of Sheba, Atlantean territory also, up to the Gulf of Aden


The orichalcum continued then its route by sea to India to one of their ports is Northern India


It remained then only to send it by land to the Atlantis space base in Sânchî in India


See EARTH is the aim 1 , Gods of Eden and China , EARTH is the aim 2 , Atlantean gods and EARTH is the aim 5, Indo-Europeans



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