EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors ;Part 2 : The peoples of the sea ; Chapter 18 : Peoples of the sea

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors

Part 2 : The peoples of the sea

Newly published : Chapter 18 : Peoples of the sea


Kingdom of the Peoples of the Sea


Royaume des peuples de la mer

Fond de carte d-maps : Centre Europe 19

History of the Peoples of the Sea

The peoples of the sea have arrived from the space on earth in Sanchi in – 4311

They first settled in the valley of the Thar and immediately created colonies on the Southern European shores and the Islands of Macaronesia


Their expansion made them accompany the Scythians, then the Thracians in their march towards the West

Then they arrived in Anatolia, these are the Hittits

The Hittits will then become: The peoples of the sea


Their expansion grew during the wars of Yi, from – 2650 to – 2350, and which transformed the Thar valley into the Thar desert


They will then explore and conquer all the territories and islands of the North of the Mediterranean Sea that do not possess an army sufficient to repel them up to the Straits of Gibraltar and even further


In the South of the Mediterranean, attacking the Phoenicians on the front would not be a good idea

Then they will take the name of their new territory, when they have found and conquered it


We will thus have:

The Dorians, the Illyrians, the Venetians, the Etruscans, the Umbrians, the Sardinians, the Italics, the Ligurians, the Iberians and the Basques


Cohesion of the peoples of the sea

Despite their names of different countries, it is indeed only one and same people

Their organization proves it:

Each one is specialized in specific fields to complement other peoples of the sea, even if they know how to assume all the works in the exploitation of their own lands

It is truly one for all and all for one


This requires a central government of all the Peoples of the Sea and a central government of each People of the Sea

To work correctly , that means a high degree of logistic , particularly for transport , communications and banking system


This supposes a capital city

I propose Tartessos which seems to correspond at most to be the capital

Then when Tartessos was engulfed, I think it was Padova , capital of the Venetians , that took over

The Iberians and the Venetians seem to be the two most important ethnic groups


It is probable that the seizure of power by Padova was contested and that it resulted tensions which weakened them

And since they were prosperous, everyone and especially the Phoenicians wanted to take their place

And then they arrive …



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