EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors ; 3rd part : Earth People ; Chapter 1 : Men and gods

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors

3rd part : Earth People


Chapter 1 : Men and gods


The Ice Age


The last glacial period is a period of global cooling of the planet from about – 110,000 to – 10,000

The maximum glacial was reached around -19,000

Cooling was gradual

The peaks of temperature were felt differently and not necessarily at the same moments, depending on the countries concerned


Glaciations have been called:

Würm glaciation in the Alps

Wisconsin in North America

Weichselian or Vistulian in Northern Europe

Devensian or Midlandian in the British Islands

Zyriankan in Siberia

Glaciation of Valdai1 in the plains of western Russia

Merida Glaciation in Venezuela

Glaciation of Llanquihue in Patagonia


This last glacial period, which affected the entire planet, resulted in a drop of the sea level of about 120 meters

The induced climate change has caused significant changes in the living conditions of humans and animals but has also changed the nature of fauna and flora

These changes were made progressively to reach their maximum level

Towards – 19000

This has led to the creation of land bridges:

Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea were united and formed the continent of Sahul

The Philippine Archipelago and Indonesia were together

Japan and Korea , also

Asia and the Americas , as well

Europe and the British Isles , also

And many other islands and countries were together and allow to go to foot from one to the other


Then from – 19000 to the present day, the water level has returned to the current level

That is to say that the level of the seas has risen of 120 meters during these 21,000 last years, more or less gradually or more or less brutally, according to the places and the dates


Earth people

Since – 78,000, when the glaciation was really felt, and until – 19000, the living conditions of men on Earth become terrifying

For animals too

Forced migrations from North to South began and in the other direction for the Southern hemisphere


Some, too badly set to leave, must stay

Most did not survive

But as always, there have been some people and animals that have succeed to adapt themselves to these new conditions and who survive


From those who migrated to find a better life , few survived to the journey

But as always, there have been some people and animals that have succeed to adapt themselves to these new conditions and who survive


Men and Gods

The first gods, the Edenists, arrived on Earth towards – 19404, beginning of the first day in the Bible

As they tell in Genesis, the earth was not unoccupied

They considered indigenous peoples, survivors of glaciations, as animals and on their own terms, humanized them to make them usable

Then they took them to their service


This resulted in 2 categories of men:

Those who met the gods and who were genetically modified to make them compatible with what was expected

Those who have not met the gods and who have remained in their normal primitive evolutionary stage


Territories of the Gods

We have been able to study the territories occupied by the gods throughout these first 6 books, and we have seen that they have gone almost everywhere

Indeed the earth, after the glaciations, was in a new ecological state, that is to say renewed and of high fertility


Their 2 wars in space during the journey to Earth were not enough for the gods

Gods continue their nuclear wars again, this time on Earth, and then reseed deserts


Men in contact with their powers and technologies, took them for gods and integrated space into their beliefs

For them, stars and planets were the kingdoms of the gods


Mythology of Earth People

Men who have not been in contact with the gods, mainly because of their non-strategic geographical location, have developed a different evolution


They did not benefit from advanced technologies or examples of flying gods and traveling in space

Their magic, their medicine and their beliefs have been embodied by their sorcerer or shaman

Their powers were given them by the knowledge of the nature which surrounds them

Then, like every source of power, knowledge is a secret that is transmitted only to an initiate


Their mythology mainly includes nature and the animal world

The moon, the sun and the stars are not housings and very rarely gods

But they can be manipulated by their natural gods as wild animals:

They can, for example, ask the jaguar god to bring back the sun


Earth People

They are the Earth People

The invaders are us, successors and servants of the gods

Earth People are at home

We are the “civilized” who massacred them, those who robbed them their territories


The territories of the Earth’s survivors of the glaciation and who have not been in contact with the gods are mainly:

The Arctic North

The forests of North America

The jungles of South America

The jungles of Southeast Asia

The jungles of Africa



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