EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors , Part 3 : Earth People , Newly published : Chapter 3 : America

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors

Part 3 : Earth People

Chapter 3 : America


Peoples of America

Full American territory , from Arctic to Patagonia, as far as we look in the time behind , has been populated everywhere

Of course, each ethnologist, anthropologist or archaeologist, will tell you that his discovery is the oldest and that the others are falsely dated


But regularly, there are new sites, older, first challenged and then thanks to the progress of science today, soon confirmed in their seniority


Origin of populations of America

Since a long time it has been common to admit as only origin of the population of America was only from Asian origin coming through the frozen Bering Strait

Today, our scientists are obliged to admit that the origins are multiple:

Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia


And why not an American origin?

Most Amerindians populations think so

Would it not be more natural to think that the Darwinian evolution ending with the man took place everywhere on earth?

Of course, this would create different ethnic groups depending on the climate and living conditions of inhabited places


Is that not what we are seeing?

Of course, this is only a matter of consistency and common sense

Consistency and common sense are unfortunately not part of the tools of recognized serious scientists, who with little micro-details find the exception of the rules and can prove then that they alone to hold the truth


And yet history has always given them wrong!

Consistency and common sense always bring up the truth


Nomadism of population

In fact, the grass is always greener by the neighbor

And it’s the same for everyone!

Both among Americans and among Australians, Africans, Asians and Europeans


Another phenomenon forgotten by our scientists who know everything:

Atlantis was indeed there, and the crossing of the Atlantic was therefore not impossible

Moreover, in these remote epochs, populations are supposed to be hunter-gatherers, therefore nomadic

And to be hunter-gatherers obliges to move in order to survive


All populations have their eating habits and when their usual food has been eradicated, they will seek food elsewhere

Just behind them can then arrive a new nomadic population who will find there what they seeks as they have not the same feeding habits

Indeed, habit always prevails and change it is practiced only in extreme cases


Nomadism rarely borrows a go and then a return

So everyone goes ahead, and so after a while, everyone gets distributed all over the Earth


America of Gods and Men

Wherever gods settled, they needed manpower

Where there were none, they imported them

But generally there was people as needed on the spot, all legends confirm it, that they tell the story seen from the side of gods or side of men


In their territories close to them are their “employees”, it is just not to say their slaves

Some are well treated, others not

The main thing for gods is that men provide them food, gold and girls

Only virgins, of course, to avoid catching unpleasant things

When they become pregnant, they were sent back home where they were generally welcomed with their demigod


Sometimes they also needed vigorous and healthy young men for human sacrifices

In fact, it was their bank for organs, not having on the spot means of making synthetic organs


America of Gods

The first 6 volumes allowed us to follow the path of the gods on our land

We have noted that the places where they have settled are strategic locations

The rest of the territories are left to the men


We will therefore find the gods in the strategic territories that are:

All the Pacific coast, up to and including the mountain ranges

The whole coast of the Atlantic up to a few hundred kilometers from the coast

All Central America and most of the Caribbean islands


Megaliths and petroglyphs of Antilles

The megaliths and petroglyphs of Antilles are not well known, as archeology generally stops at the arrival of the conquerors and the history of slavery

Also having a megalithic site in its grounds is not a bargain and can prevent for the building of an hotel …


Yet they are indeed there to prove the implantation of gods in the Antilles

The better knowned are the megaliths of Greencastle Hill in Antigua and the petroglyphs of 3 rivers in Guadeloupe

But many remain to be discovered, as the interest for these sites is very recent


Megaliths and petroglyphs clearly designate the Mayas and their associates, the Tokharians, as being their builders


Pétroglyphes de Trois-Rivières en Guadeloupe



Men of America

America, from north to south, was occupied by men, although their density was not very high, due to the good and natural exploitation of the ressources that they practice

We find Inuits in the Arctic, then Indian tribes which have adapted themselves to all the living environments that offer this immense continent

These range from Canadian forests to large plains, mountains, canyons, semi-desert , mountain plateaus and all other homing up to Patagonia


There are three kinds of men:

Men who live with the gods

Near them , men who live near men who live with the gods

And separated from the others, men who do not know the gods



Religions, as we saw in EARTH IS THE AIM , 5 the Indo-European, are an invention of the successors of gods to keep power

Aroud year – 2000, most of the gods were died and the powers of the end – of – life gods and their successors are dwindling dangerously


Gods were the kings of their city-states, it was the time of the god-kings

The new king will be the representative of the gods on earth, and if people do not obey him, he will call them to punish bad people

Kings thus invent religion to be honored as king-priests

After a short rather than a long time, the chief of the priests will obtain, by will or by force, the separation of powers

And so on …


Religions thus become the adoration of one or more celestial gods moving in space whose legends tell of the exploits

They will be structured and hierarchized to become instruments of power



Today it is necessary to trace old myths, to separate the old beliefs from the additions of the legends of the gods who colonized them


Having emerged from the sea, from a lake or from the bottom of the earth is clearly to be attributed to the Atlantean or Edinist gods


But the most difficult is to separate the beliefs applied by Christianity

They are masters in attaching their own doctrines to ancient myths in order to erase them from memory

The one great and universal god, master of all things, is very probably their inheritance


Unlike religions, myths do not need personalities or structures

Myths mingle with tradition, nature and the ancients

They have an animist basis particularly adapted to these egalitarian societies


They only require a shaman, or medicine man, or sorcerer who does not have real political power, just a power of counseling

According to his personality, his power can still be important, but it is always the political leader who has decisive power

Only these 2 people have the power to direct the clan or the tribe


The closer you get to the gods, the closer you get to religion

The further you get away from gods, the more myths take over

The closer we get to the gods, the more of cosmology apply

The further away we are, the more of animism is applied


Animism will therefore be found mainly in the deep forest tribes of Canada and Usa, but also in Amazonia and Patagonia


American mythology

The best known names of the head of the spirits are “Great Spirit”, “Wacondah” or

“Big Manitou”

He is supported by a multitude of spirits:

Spirit of the wind, fire, thunder, hunting, rain, land, sun, moon, rivers, mountains, crops, animals killed at hunting, death , And many others, but also ancestors


Most tribes worship a sacred animal:

The tortoise, the bear, the eagle, the bison, the caribou, the jaguar, the raven, the hare, the coyote, the spider, the snake the panther, the crocodile, and so on …

In fact, it is an animal to whom they ask protection, leniency, cunning or wisdom


Earth is their mother

Everything has a role to fulfill on Earth and possesses a spirit that is worthy of respect:

Man, animal, plant, mineral, star, earth, air, water, fire, and so on …

Men can come into contact with animals and spirits through dreams or trance caused by drugs and rituals

It is this mythology and the respect of the nourishing nature which will allow them to cross all the difficulties of the glaciations and to be still alive, but only untilup to our arrival

The “civilized” whites brought civilization to the “savages”, which decimated more than 90%, the calculation being difficult to do given as number of populations have been TOTALLY decimated




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