EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 27 : The next world

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 27 : The next world


The 5th Hopi World
On December 21st of the year 2148 will end the 4th Hopi world
On December 22nd of the year 2148 will begin the 5th Hopi world :
The next world

We do not know yet which will be the cataclysms of this end of 4th world, but what is certain is that we are in a period of warming which is caused by volcanism
This global warming will make raise the water level at least up to 300 meters

It is unlikely that a human mass war is able to trigger glaciations or widespread volcanism
On the other hand, it is possible is that these cataclysms cause important shortages and that the humans will kill each other massively to win the remains.
It would not be the first time it will happen

The survivors

violet vert pale
ETOPO1 Global Relief Model re-colored by Douglas Moonstone
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U.S. Department of Commerce
Photo NOAA Public Domain

Here is the topographic map (relief , hydrography , altitude , and so on …) of the current world, edited by NOAA
All the lands which are in purple and pale green on this re-colorized map, ^will no more be there at the beginning of the 5th world, why they are within 400 meters of altitude
For those who do not have the color edition , I left you the link of the NOAA card so that you can better realize it, especially in version + , and on the original map it is all the green zones which are within 400 meters of altitude

On about 510 million square kilometers of the Earth’s surface, there are currently 149 million km² of surface of lands emerged and a bit more than 7 billion people
On about 149 million square kilometers of lands surface emerged, it will barely remain 70 million km² of surface of lands emerged at the end of the 4th Hopi world
On these 70 million square kilometers of land surface at the end of the 4th Hopi world, there will remain only about 30 million km² of surface for living in the 5th Hopi world, the rest having been destroyed by volcanic cataclisms

This leaves only quite a fifth of the surface of the current land to house the world’s population who have escaped to the drowning of the coastal megacities and the eruptions of the ridges and the volcanoes
The problem is that this fifth is mainly made out of mountains and lands that are not suitable for farming, especially after the great warming, and that we can not therefore consider as habitable only a little less than 10 million km²

This is why , after the cataclysms followed by conflict and famine, it will remain a maximum of 30 million people on more than 7 billion today
That is to say i twill remain less than 3 inhabitants per km², which correspond to the the density of the current Australia
They will have to share many islands that have taken the place of the continents of the previous world
These islands, more or less large, but especially mountainous, will be scattered in the middle of the oceans
This will force them to create communities that will provide them a relative protection against potential invaders.

As in the previous world ends , there will be few survivors in the new one

The survival
The end-of-cycle cataclysms last about 30 000 years and global warming started around -20,000
20 000 years have already gone relatively well , considering the Würm glaciation that has already had to be warmed up
The Little Ice Age may help us to spend the next 500 years without too much problems
So the first millennium to come should therefore be well

But the next 9 ones , it will be necessary to be feed , to be defended and to retain a maximum of technological achievements
In this early 5th world, men will live in small areas, not necessarily very good for agriculture , with a reduced fauna and flora
As for the infrastructure at their disposal, it will depend of the foresight of the inhabitants of the end of the 4th World
But the ingenuity of men will allow to a small part of the population to survive and let them be able to build a new society

I think they will buid fortified cities rather well organised
But they will have to manage the peoples of the outside who have nothing :
No means nor experience
Will this cities be able to withstand the pressure of the « wilds » being more numerous than they ?

End of the Big Global Warming
The end of the Big Global Warming will probably take place towards +10 000
Then for 20 000 years , waters will slowly withdraw and new fertile lands will appear , discovering the ruins of the ancient megacities

Life in these old metropolis in ruins as we currently see in science-fiction movies is very unlikely, as most of these cities having been drowned under 300 meters of water
The magnificent towers a one kilometer high, will not had resist to the giant tsunamis
What could remain of these cities after a few millennia under water ?

More intensive agriculture should emerge then and thus better feed the population
They will then need manpower , which will make possible to integrate the « wilds » from the outside and thus to enlarge the habitable territories

Technology will be able to explode again :
They will manufacture again terrifying weapons

Refugees returning from space on Earth towards +20 000
Towards +20 000, the climate will be quitenormal and most of the land will be released
It will be the time that will be choosd by those who have taken refuge in space to return

They unlikely will be welcomed
But what is likely is that they will have much more sophisticated weapons these of Earth hinabitants
But since the Earth peoples will also have reliable weapons , they will still be able to inflict heavy losses on space peoples

An agreement will be necessary :
The law of the strongest will then create a new government

Return of Edenists and Atlanteans on Earth towards +30 000
10 000 later, towards +30 000 , an unstable equilibrium has been established on Earth
But then arrive the moment chosen by the Edenists and Atlanteans who left the Earth towards -2 284, see EARTH IS THE AIM 1, Gods of Eden and China, to return on Earth
They left the planet because of radiations resulting of the massive wars of the Gobi

Towards +30 000 these irradiations will have been normally dissipated, cataclysmic end-of-cycle disturbances have also be passed, and a period of climatic calm will begin
They also think that the peoples of the Earth from the 4th world should not be technologically harmful for them
That is without relying on their ability to take refuge in space

And then will begin a new war which will end with a new peace , achieved by the strongest people

Quiet Climate Period towards +30 000 up to +80 000
Starting from +30 000, will then follow 50 000 years of climate calm
It would be nice if it will be the same for men
We just wish it

But remember , the only exact date is 2148 for the end of Milankovic cycle because it’s an astronomical date
All other dates are only indicative
Only the nature decides when exactly phenomenons will be triggered

So during this long period of about 50 000 years, men should take advantage of the respites it gives them as the climate will evolve correctly
But until today, it has never been the case …

New end of cataclysmic cycle towards +80 000
Towards +80 000 will arrive a new end of cycle :
The end of the 5th World
And the wheel is still turning to bring us to a new cycle

So far for the ends of cycles, we have had to undergo glaciations, floods and warmings, more or less intense
But if men still exist in 80 000 years, what will await us this time ?
We can not answer to this question, but men of that time will have to take the necessary steps to arrive in best possible conditions to the 6th world

Prediction of the future
We must not be diviners to foresee the framework in which will be played the future of the humanity and of the Earth during this 5th world to come

We have reliable scientific datas:
Scientists have been able to determine that the melting ice has exceeded the point of no return
Scientists have been able to determine that global warming was mainly due to volcanism

We have reliable historical datas:
Since 550 000 years that man exists his behavior has not really changed
He lives only for the conquest of power and financial means and to acquire them he manufactures weapons and makes wars
He does not share, he takes what others have , to have more

We have reliable astronomical datas:
We have now only a partial knowledge of astronomy, but it is already sufficient to know the main astronomical cycles that concern our everyday life

These are all elements that allow us to predict the living environment that awaits us tomorrow, but what we will do in it , it remains to discover




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