EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 34 : End report

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 34 : End report


14 years for 7 volumes
14 years to write for 7 volumes
But really my researches started from my 10 years old when I was in age to read tales and legends and when I realize they were part of the same world

In 2004 when I started to write DESTINATION TERRE 1 , The Gods of Eden and China , this volume was written with the results of my researches in 2004
As the book progressed and up to volume 7, my researches brought me new complementary elements which of course I use for my writing
It allowed me to correct and complete the arguments used, but none of the new facts has led to major changes or rectifications of errors in the course of our history such as I have described it in these 7 volumes

All the scientific or archaeological discoveries made during these 14 years have always confirmed my thesis
None has overturned it

My researches also demonstrated the involvement of events with each other, even if apparently they had no link
So , for example , my researches on Antarctica and Greenland made me discover important additional informations about Nibiru
And many other connections appeared to me during these 14 years that allowed me to document this long history of humanity.

My research
My research were real investigations
As my discoveries completed and proved the merits of my thesis, like if it unfolded a thread that I had to follow
But from time to time the thread stopped there and I wondered how to continue

So from the bottom of my memory came back to me a clue, as if I had known it in the past
And the track found again led me following the logic of my book
Of course for these 7 volumes, it happened a lot of times

I was there
I have often been asked :
But how do you know all this ?
So I answer :
I was there !

Of course, it’s a challenge , though …
It would seem that part of our brain has memories of past times
As Albert Einstein say us :
Nothing is lost, everything is created

Could it be that some of the particles in our brain are containing bases from the past ?
In this case, it is likely that some people have more than others the gift of being able to use this part of the brain
Because just for the record , we only use only about 10% of the possibilities of our brain

Be carefull , it’s not a theory, just a proposition for explanation

Life is to born and to die
Because death is part of life

What makes you live and suddenlly you’re not more ?
Apart from the mechanical process , which is explained, there is a virtual process of which we have almost no idea

We can call this virtual engine that makes us alive :



Author :James Wasserman ; facsimile made by E. A. Wallis Budge
Facsimile of a vignette from the Book of the Dead of Ani. The ba of the deceased Ani hovers over his mummy as it lies on a bier. The unification of ba and corpse depicted here was considered necessary for the survival of the soul after death. At either side are lamps. The ba clutches a shen-ring, symbolizing eternity and protection.
Book published 1994; facsimile created 1890; original artwork created c. 1300 BC
Location : British Museum
Scanned from The Egyptian Book of the Dead:
The Book of Going Forth by Day by James Wasserman et al.
Photo Wikipédia Public Domain : Parrot


As you can see, the Egyptians believed that at death, the soul left the body, carried away by a bird

Wikipedia definition :
The soul, from the Latin anima , “breath, breathing”, is the vital and spiritual principle , immanent or transcendent who animates the body of a living being, human , animal or vegetable

All civilizations or religions , all without exception admit the principle of a soul that leaves the body at the death

The soul has always been a source of questions
From « what is the soul for ? ” or ” who gave us a soul ? ” or ” do animals, plants and fungis have a soul ? ” or ” how heavy weighs a soul ? ”
And many others questions have been asked
It seems that no one could answer it validly

Nanoparticles colonies in DNA
Modern science may be have a response :
It seems that unknown nanoparticles colonize our DNA
These colonies could be detected on living beings
It has also been found that they are absent on these same dead beings

Is it the soul ?
It is still too early to answer by affirmative
But it seems that we are on a track for the answers

This researches and its results, however, give us a serious ethical problem :
Will we be able to manage to capture and master these nanoparticles ?
And remember , the Hopis told us that researching the origin of life was a taboo that should never be transgressed

Of course doing research has always been useful, but we know that the results only benefit to few people, and are quite always (badly) used by the military

In fact I had very few critics who came forward during these 14 years on more than 630 000 visitors to my blogs and the many readers who have acquired my books digital or printed

My answer has always been like that :
Hello sir (or madam), ( always be polite and courteous )
Thank you for taking the time to read me
Do you want to ask yourself these 3 questions :
1 Would you express the same doubts about the correctness of my theory if it had been signed Dr. XYZ, eminent scientist ?
2 What errors or inconsistencies did you find in my theory ?
3 Do you have a better theory to solve this enigma ?

Nobody ever answered me …

The final words
If you had the courage to read the 7 volumes of this saga of researches, you can realize that almost all the secrets of the Earth and our history have been revealed to you
It’s not me who found them, because the answers are there in front of our eyes
I only translated them for you

So it’s time to say goodbye
But this is only a goodbye because my email is always at your disposal for an encouragement, a criticism or to report me a lack or an error

The last time someone reported an error to me , I checked it and he was right
In fact the direction I had taken was not good and let me forget important facts
But once these facts included, the direction to take was effectively where I wanted to go
The shortest distance is not always the best …

My mail :

Best regards ,



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