EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Newly published , Chapter 16 : The third Hopi world

Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 16 : The third hopi world



Arrival of the Hopis in the third world


Recall : ” In quotation marks = Excerpt from Hopis Legends ”


“Tokpa (dark midnight) the second world, was finally covered with ice after men climbed to the third world”


“At the end of the second world, Earth therefore had then only 2 continents”


“The second world was destroyed by ice. Once again, our people survived and came to the third world, the third continent. ”


” Sotuknang ordered the twin pöqanghoya and palöngawhoya to return to the North and South poles of the Earth’s axis to controll again the rotation of the Earth

The movement was brutal and the ice crust burst

Once the regular movement restored the ice began to melt

Then men climbed on the ladders of the kiva and emerged in 3rd world ”


” Few survivors entered the third world. ”


” Earth was destroyed by water for the same reason, the Earth rocked half, the land was swallowed up and two new continents appeared , a largeone , Kasskara, or Mu and a small one , Talawaitichqua or Atlantis ”


As at the end of the first Hopi world, Kachinas , i.e. Neanderthals, fled at the end of the second Hopi world in their close space bases , and they saved the selected Hopi , i.e. Sapiens, in a space station on orbit

Again legends show us the Kachina technology



In the first two world , Neanderthals clearly vassals Sapiens

But they were not been able, and legends confirm it ,to prevent miscegenation

And with the time passing, it becomes increasingly important and increasingly common


” In the third world, and already from the first world, we are in relation with the Kachinas. Kachine means ” considered high ranking insider ”


” Children are born as a result of a mystical relationship between our women and Kachinas. ”


” Our people could touch the Kachinas, so there was a physical proximity between Humans and Kachinas. But even if it sounds strange, there’s never had sex. The children were mystically designed. Such children, when they grew up, had great knowledge and wisdom, and sometimes even supernatural powers that they had received from their spiritual father. It was always wonderful men, powerful, who were always willing to help and never to destroy. ”


What a satyr this Holy Spirit !

Also after 200 000 years of miscegenation, there are no more Neanderthal nor Sapiens

There are now local populations for which the country has become the nationality

2 new ethnic groups occupy the two main continents of this time and dominate the others :

The Atlanteans are in Atlantis, called by the Hopi ,Talawaitichqua

Lemurs are on Mu, called by the Hopi , Kuskurza, or Kuz-Kurza or Kásskara


The social separation is however still present, leaders are mainly of Neanderthal origin and the population mainly of Sapiens origin

But as miscegenation is still continuing and as the Sapiens are the most numerous, the dilution of Neanderthals increases and create an improved Sapiens up to the one of today


The third hopi world

The third hopi world is named Kuz-Kurza

It goes from   -204 060 up to – 100 956


” This world lasted a long time and as in the previous worlds people spoke only one language. They invented many machines of a very advanced technology, which were not even invented in our age. They had spiritual powers that they used for good aims ”


” In this third world called Kusk Urza two tribes coexist:

Each one on its side grew and increase ”


” But the inhabitants of Talawaitichqua forgot the law:

They built space vessels and went to explore the solar system and created a lot of things to manipulate other humen people

Some of those of Kasskara rebelled against their own country and no longer respected the law ”


” Then once more men multiplied themselves and used the totality of the surface of the Earth, and continued their evolution on the Road of Life. During the First World, they lived with animals. During the Second World they manufactured many objects, houses, and villages. During the Third World, they multiplied and evolved so quickly up to they create large cities, countries and a complete civilization. ”


” With the leadership of the clan of the Bow, men used their creative power on a destructive way. ”


” So some of them built a patuwvota   (Shield made with Leather) and made it fly with their creative power. So they went to another city, attacked it, and came back so quickly that no one knew who the attackers were. Therefore, in many towns, men built patuwvotas and attacked others. In the third world, as well as in previous ones, corruption and war was the normal life. ”


” The name of the third world was Kasskara. Very few people today know the meaning of this very old word. I learned it from Otto Péntewa who remembered it, it means “Mother Earth”


” Kasskara was a continent. Perhaps it was the same which is now called Mu or Lemuria. Most of the continent area was South of Ecuador, only a small part was in the North. ”


” When we inherited this world, it was the clan of the bow that had the power. For this reason, the chief of the tribe of the bow was the leader of Kasskara. ”


” Before continuing the story of Kásskara, I must tell you that, of course, we were not the only ones on Earth. In other countries, there were also people.

At the east of us was a continent that we called Talawaitichqua, “the country of the east”. In Hopi language tichqua means “Earth”, the continent area, and the first part of the word means “morning” or “sunrise”.

Between this continent and us there was a large area of water. Today, we call this continent Atlantis and I will continue to call it so, because for you is a more familiar word. ”


” At the beginning of the third world , Atlantis people were as peaceful as us. As we have of course, the same divine origin. They had same symbols as ours. ”


” You have developed a lot of things, for example planes. When my uncle took me to see Oraibi lithograph of a jet plane, which was of course much older than your jets of today, he said: “It will be very well fly again through the air, as our people did before. When there is somewhere in the world, far away, a disaster, we can bring help (food, medicine, tools). But we will also be able to bring death to men hundreds of miles away. ”


” Atlanteans also researched the creator’s secrets, which they should not have known. As I’ve told you, they were informed too early. Spiritually, they were not ready and they used their knowledge to enslave other peoples. And in that, they broke the divine order. Some even lost their lives. They also studied other planets and they even went there, but since they were dead planets, they could not live there. So they had to stay on our old land. Then that they turned against Kásskara. They knew that, morally and spiritually, we were much stronger, it made them envious. That’s why the Queen (of Atlantis) would also conquer our country and enslave our people.

She threatened our sovereign to gather all spacecraft over our continent and destroy us from up there. ”


” Time passing, the influence of this woman (the Queen of Atlantis) led to a split of our people. She began to bring some on her side. They were power-hungry men as I told you about. They turned away from our laws and said to themselves, “If we are on the side of the Atlanteans and accept their demands, we may have a lot of power later on. ”


” Chiefs met many times. But the group of those who had scientific knowledge was much stronger and they came to attack my people with the material of their powers and their invention.

Everything I tell you, as well as later events, I learned it from my grandmother. But I also discussed with a man who is the last to know the story of the clan of the bow. I did it because, in our history, it is said that those of the clan of the bow had done the worst things. He confirmed what had happened and said, “Yes, we did it. ”

From high up in the air, they directed their magnetic force against our cities. ”


The technology of the Hopis of the third world

Neanderthals were bigger, stronger and more clever than Sapiens

Who can believe that during their 470 000 years of living they could not overcome the Stone Age?


Yet just look at our recent history :

Today’s modern man and his technology come from prehistoric men of the Stone Age who ended between -6000 and -2000

It took us only 8000 years maximum to reach out from the Stone Age up to the era of conquering space

It is therefore quite normal that our ancestors of the first 3 worlds managed it too

The worldwide legends from different ethnicities confirm it us


As sayed in the legends, the Lemurs and the Atlanteans were not peaceful at all, even if it were much more advanced than we are today

It does not inspire confidence for our future …



Nibiru is mentioned in the Babylonian Enuma Elish poem of the creation in the library of Ashurbanipal , Assyrian king from 668 to 627 BC

Nibiru or Neberu Do buru designated a planet associated with the god Marduk or the god Marduk


According to the table nummer 5 of the Enuma Elish , Nibiru could be the star of the celestial North pole Alpha Draconis or Beta Ursae Minoris


For Zecharia Sitchin and Burak Eldem, Nibiru is a planet not yet identified which would went close to Earth every 3600 years and is currently located beyond Pluto



Astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire predicted the existence of the   planet Nibiru, and they recalled it Tyché

The new datsa provided by the NASA WISE space telescope confirmed it in 2011


It is located at a distance of about 10 900 AU

1 AU is approximately the distance between the Earth and the Sun which is about 150 million of kilometers


Tyche is almost entirely made of hydrogen and helium like Jupiter , but four times more heavy, or 1272 times more heavy than Earth

This gas planet is the largest planet orbiting the Sun

It is the ninth planet of the solar s ystem

Its orbit has a radius of 0.25 year-light, about 15,000 AU

Its orbital period is of about 1.8 million years


History of Nibiru- Tyche

The legends tells us its story :

Nibiru or Tyche, went near the Earth on – 204 060, causing earthquakes , tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and the tilting of the polar axis, causing the sinking of entire continents and major climate change


Douglas Moonstone drawing

Planèts are on their scale – Orbits and distances are not on scale


By passing too close of the Earth, in addition to the troubles caused to Earth, the orbit of Tyche was changed, obliging it to walk along a new orbit to retrieve his original route

So people caould forecast a new close travel near the Earth for -100 956

This new passage could either be farther than the first, either directly strike the Earth

We are still here , that means Nibiru preferred the first option, lucky !


Earth peoples therefore had approximately 100 000 years to acquire the technology able to divert the path of a planet 1,272 times more heavy than Earth

Our colleagues from the third world did not succeed

And they did not know if this time Nibiru was not going to hit Earth

That is why they chose to take refuge on another planet in a distant galaxy


Departure to space

First 2 ends of worlds change the life on Earth

As terrifying these changes were, they did not have chance to destroy our planet

This time, it’s not the same thing :

How can we predict with certainty the path of the return of Nibiru ?

With quite so few difference of angle, Nibiru may prevent us totally, or cause minor damages, or cause major damages , or swallow us , or hit us


In these two last choices , which cannot be excluded, it is the disappearance of our future

The first 2 times it was enough to be refuged in the near space and wait for the planet to be liveable again

But this time, near-space is no longer a reliable refuge, and Earth could even disappear forever


All these events are diluted through the time :

The cataclysmic damages begin about 20 000 years before and ended only 20 000 years later, except if eradication take place

In this case there is no more after …


In – 120 000, so they will have to be already gone since a while

In fact to be sure to be ready in time, departure should be made arouding -140 000

It leaves then only 40 000 years to be ready in time, given that the Earth is again liveable only since -180 000


Atlanteans like Lemurs got to work and on -140   000, they will leave for Atlantis galaxy and Eden galaxy

After a long journey of almost 20 000 years, they arrive around -120 000 at Atlantis for Atlanteans and at Eden for Lemurs


End of third hopi world

” The world was destroyed by the huge flood told in all religions. ”


” With all these destructive wars, it will be very difficult to go to the place of the Earth I have chosen for them. I want to help. So you will have to save them while I destroy this world with water. ”

“How can I save them? “Asked Spide-Mother.

“Arriving there, look around you,” commanded Sótuknang.

“You will find large hollow-stemmed plants. Cut them and put men inside. I’ll tell you what to do next. ”

“Mother-Spider did so he was told. She cut peak plants, and as the men arrived, she settled them in, giving them a little water and hurúsuki (dough-to-flour-of-corn-white) to feed. After which she sealed the stems. Once all men locked , Sótuknang appeared. ”

“So that you can continue to take care of them, I’ll put you in one of those stems. Then I will destroy the world. ”

“He released the waters on the Earth. Higher waves than the mountains advanced then over continents that were broken and drowned in the seas. Rains continued, and the waves swept the globe.

In their stems, men heard roar of the water. They were thrown into the air and dropped to the surface of the waters. Then it was calm and silence. They knew they were floating. For a long, long time, so long that it seemed endless, they floated.

At last the movement ceased. Mother-Spider opened the hollow stems, seized men at the top of their head, and released them. Then she ordered : ” show me all the food you have left. ”

Men presented their hurúsuki. They realized that they had as many as they had at the beginning, although they have eaten all that time. Looking around, they saw that they were on a small piece of land that had been the summit of one of the highest mountains. And as far as they could see, there was only water. It was all what remained of the Third World. ”


” Our people had comparable skills to those of Atlantis, but he used them only for good and useful purposes. ”

” Maybe I should tell you that for all the stories my grandmother told me, I had to repeat them completely. When I was wrong, she interrupted me and I had to start again. That’s why I remember everything my grandmother told me. ”


” This is how all the bombs, or whatever it may have been, exploded far above and the shield protected all the people who were to be saved and who had been gathered in a certain area. We alone have been saved. Cities were attacked and many people perished.

As my grandmother used to say – someone pressed the wrong button and both continents sank. It was not the universal flood. But the whole Earth was not destroyed and all men were not killed. Atlantis sank quickly into the ocean, but our third world Kásskara, sank slowly. ”


Cataclysms of the end of the third world

As we have seen, the change of the Earth’s polar axis will cause a stop of the rotation of the Earth, a chaotic movement but gradually Earth will come back to its place

This will last in total around 40 000 years


This will first block the seas, then the stopped movement of the water will create waves of several hundred meters high, even more than a kilometer

Everything will be destroyed and engulfed by the waves and there will remain only the mountaintops of the continents

The 2 main continents have not sunk but have been swallowed by tsunami waves

Mu will not sink until around -40 000 and Atlantis in -3 000


Men, who remained on Earth, because not all are gone on space in -140 000, fled inside unsinkable tubes furnished with all of autonomy facilities like as a space station

Tubes thus included the permanent production of food, water and all what was needed for survival during 40 000 years


It is interseting to note that Spider-Mother take men by the head

It is like if it has been done on frozen spacesuits by robots …


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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 15 : The second Hopi world

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 15 : The second Hopi world 


Arrival in the second hopi world

As seen at the end of the first Hopi world, kachinas, Neanderthals, fled their bases on  another near planet, probably a planet of Sirius B and a planet of Alnitak, as we have  seen in previous volumes, and they have saved Hopis, Sapiens, in a space station in  orbit


Besides, they say it at their arrival in the fourth world (around -100 000), when  enemies attack during the migration of the Hopi    :

” The moment we have to join our distant planets and stars has not yet come ”


Indeed, around -300 000 at the end of the first Hopi world, they have already growed  with 200 000 years of evolution since their accession around -500 000 to a status of  evolution almost equal to our of today

 Many died and only few survived.  Then this few peaceful people entered the  second world.    ”

It is obvious that they were able to  save in their space capsule only few people, but  carefully selected


Indeed , migration to the rescue following a cloud and star looks like a game rather  difficult track

This was a selection of the strongers and the cleverst


As soon as the cooling of the Earth made it habitable, they came back and brought  back the saved sapiens there

Their absence on the planet took the time of cataclysms fires, volcanic and meteoric,  but especially the chilling time, about 30 000 years


The second Hopi world 

The second world is called Topka

It is dated from -307 164 to -204 060

Recall    :

” In quotation marks = Excerpt from Hopis Legends ”

“Finally what had been the first world became cold enough.  Sótuknang purified it  and began to design the second world.  He changed completely the shape, placing  continents where were the waters, and the waters where the land had been. So when

they emerge, men would have nothing to remind them anything of the previous  corrupt world. ”

“Sótuknang speaks first to the people of the Ants,” Thank you for your help.  I will  never forget it.  The time for the destruction of another world will come.  So corrupt

men knowing their last day will arrive , they will come and sit again in the nest  asking you to save them.  Because you have done according to my desire, you can go

and live on the Second World where you will take place as ants. ”


” Then he spoke to the men: “Now do your emergence to the Second world that I  have created. ”


” It was a big land.  Men multiplied rapidly and went in all directions, even to the  other side of the planet.  This was very well because men were so close spiritually as

they had the opportunity to see and hear each other through the use of the vibratory  center of the top of the head. ”

The second world of the Hopis

The continents of the first world are sunked under the water and water reveals new  continents

The theory of tectonics plates is not in question

It’s just about setting up continents and oceans into 3 dimensions

Throughout the history of the Earth whole continents never stop sinking or emerging

They landed on a great land, a continent where when they expand, they will be able  to migrate  in all directions up ” to the other side of the planet ”

Distances makes no problems because they were accompanied by the Kachinas  technologies :

” they had the opportunity to see and hear through the use of the vibratory center of  the top of the head ”

Their communication technology included not only the transmission and reception of  sound, but also image

And this technology was mobile and carriable …

” you can go and live on the Second World where you will take place as ants ”   We saw that ants were really robots

So the Hopis also possessed these robots used for all necessary tasks for survival in  these new territories


Extract of Hopi legends of the first world :

” But they did not have more the privilege of the company of animals living in wild  herds ”

Extract of Hopi legends of the second world :

” Then the  animals separated from the men.  The protective Spirit of the animals put  his hands on their hind legs, under the tail, and made them wild ;  they rushed away

from the men, frightened ”

We have seen in previous chapters that Homo proto-sapiens will gradually become  Homo sapiens towards -350 000, during the first Hopi world

Towards  -300 000 at the beginning of the second Hopi world, they will have  completed this evolution

The Hopi legends do not only tell us this development, but also give us the relatively  precise dates of the facts

This evolution is seen by the existing communication between the Hopis, proto-  sapiens and the animals, mammals

Indeed there are many areas of our brain that are unused

It is more than likely that some of these areas were used for communication with  mammals

As they evolved , they needed to use new areas and were thus forced to abandon less  useful areas

So Homo sapiens will no more communicate with mammals

Dating of Sapiens

In 1932 it was discovered in Florisbad  In South Africa, a skull dated  of – 260 000   James Brink , responsible of Florisbad site , says  :

“There are also Levallois type of cut stones dating from around 500 000 years in  Kathu  fold  , South Africa  , and in Kenya.  I think we can combine these tools to the  first Homo sapiens.  So it is likely that the first representatives of our species had a

pan-African distribution  and that it occurred less than 500,000 years ago.  ”

The College de France in Paris has two maps of Africa    :

The first shows an almost virgin African palaeo-anthropological discoveries of fossils   But we know that a large part of the continent has not been explored

Therefore is more than likely that fossils of Homo sapiens must be there   The secon map show this region 300 000 years ago

At that time  Africa is fully green and the Sahara desert does not exist

It is clear that each time when new discoveries arrives , paleologists gradually  approached from the reality of the legends :

Homo proto-sapiens towards -800 000   Homo sapiens towards -350 000

The end of the second Hopi world

 They repeated their errors and the world was destroyed by the Great Ice Age. ”

” We will immediately destroy this world after placing you in a safe place ”

” Sotuknang again asked the ant people to offer refuge to the elect ”

” He ordered the twin Pöqanghoya and Palöngawhoya to leave the Nort and the  South poles of the Earth’s axis as they were took place the control of the rotation of

the planet. As soon as the planet was out of control the Earth bowed, began to turn  in

a disorderly manner, and twice  turned over.  The mountains were precipitated in the  oceans and a large overflow of water spread on the lands.  The globe spun in the cold

and lifeless space ; it became a block of ice

That was the end of the second world , Topka. ”

” Sotuknang ordered the twin Pöqanghoya Palöngawhoya to leave the North and  South poles of the Earth’s axis which were the places of rotation control of the Earth.

Without control , the Earth bowed and turned in a disorderly manner. It leaned back  2 times. The mountains were precipitated in the oceans and water invaded the land.

The earth spun in the cold of the space and became a block of ice ”

From the second to the third Hopi world

The kachinas  , Neanderthals are enough clever to know the length of the Worlds,  103 104 years, and knew that major disasters would punctuate the end of the second  world towards 204 060

Also, they took again refuge in their 2 nearby planets and again saved a selection of  Hopis, the Sapiens

The “ants” had been warned for a long time and had been able to prepare this new  start to the space station in orbit

This time the end-of-world cataclysm is going to be a total disequilibrium of the  planet Earth, probably caused by an erratic displacement of the magnetic pole up to

near of the South pole

We can imagine that this magnetic “short-circuit” was caused by the passage of a  very strongly magnetic astral body whose orbit was too close to the Earth

This huge and sudden displacement of the magnetic pole will stop the rotation of the  planet, while the oceans, continuing their kinetic race will flood almost all the land  Without fixed rotation around the Sun, the Earth has become an ice ball

As the astral body moves away, things come naturally back in place and the Earth  has become again what it was

But this has made the Earth uninhabitable for over 20,000 years

It is necessary to emphasize all the technological knowledge revealed in the legends:  Earth axis, cooling, and so on …

Cataclysms of the end of the world

The rocky wall of Weal -Artois that stretched between Dover and Calais was opened  towards 425 000 years  , creating the Strait of Dover

200 000 years later, towards -225 000, a bigger deglaciation than the last created an ice  lake in the North Sea

This second cataclysm destroyed completely the rock barrier which then became the  Strait of Dover like it is today

England had become an island

How Earth looked like towards 230 000 years ago 


Temperature 50K or -223C , OGLE-2005-BLG-390L b

Photo Wikipedia Public domain : Stas1995


Artist drawing of the NASA of an exo planet in orbit of OGLE-2005-BLG-390L b  , a  red dwarf star

Here you can see how Earth looked like 230 000 to 200 000 years ago


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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 14 : The first Hopi world

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 14 : The first Hopi world


The Hopi legends

The Hopi legends arrive to us orally

Although they have survived so long time and through many storytellers, content always remains the same and stay consistent


Each version is a general resume of the legend

The main difference between the versions is that they each have in addition to the resume of the full story , a detailed part of special events, different according to the storyteller goal


That’s why it’s necessary to follow the story of the first four Hopi worlds to compile all known versions and take the complete and detailed extracts of events chosen by the storyteller


That’s why you will find in the history of the first four Hopi worlds extracts of Hopi legends ” in inverted commas ”

They did not all come from a single source, but of course come the « officials Hopi writings » as listed in Chapter 11


The Hopi’s first world

The first world is called Tokpela

It goes from -410 268 to -307 164


In this world when children arrive to eight years old , they learn that their real parents are not their only family

Their Mother Earth and their Father Sun are part of their lives


The body of the man and the Earth have the same structure for the Hopi :

An axis goes through them

For the man , his vital functions are performed by five vital centers placed along the vibrational axis as followed :

1 The fontanelle, where enters and leaves life

2 The brain

3 The thoat

4 The heart

5 The plexus, ” Throne where man directs all functions ”

It is interesting to note that the same is true for these vital points in Chinese and Hindus legends


” The First Men were unaware of the disease. As long as evil is not brought into this world, nobody ever got the head or the body sick. Later the medicine man, knowing how man was constructed, to find out where the trouble came, examine these vibratory centers. He laid his hands on the top of the head, the throat, the heart, the stomach, and thus perceive the vibrations of each center.

He can then determine the highest and lowest points

The medicine man was using for that a crystal of about 3 cm thick.

He placed it in the sunlight to make it effective, and through it could then see the cause of evil by examining each one of the vibratory centers ”


” During the first world, Táiowa created the man. Táiowa created all things in this universe. There is nothing he has not realized. His home where he is located is called ” the height ” Many people call it ” sky “. Nobody knows where it is, but from there, he directs the universe. He gave a brain to man, and gave him the knowledge .He gave him everything what man needs in life. And he gave him the LAW and the duties which he must obey in this universe. ”


We can see in these legends that the technology of the leaders included medicine, agriculture, communication, flying with planes upto flying saucers, and space homes and travel

But to be master of the vassalized populations is also in force

And also christianization of the texts by the translators …



” The Old Man ” of La Chapelle-aux-Saints which was discovered in 1908 , was buried in a tomb

It is the first skeleton of Neanderthal unearthed in France

The paleontologist Marcellin Boule who studied it , accentuated his simian appearance

He describes the Neanderthal as a wild human leaving in caves , dragging his feet, walking upright difficultly


In fact, after having a new study with more modern means, it was found that the bent stature of ” Old Man ” of La Chapelle-aux-Saints, was due to his injuries and severe arthritis

He was first dated from -45 000 , then from -60 000, but it would probably be much older


The most accurate possibility for this ” Old Man ” of La Chapelle-aux-Saints , is that he is from a Pre-Neanderthal lineage, which is dated between -1 000 000 years until at least – 120 000 years



The Neanderthal were bigger, stronger and more clever than Sapiens

It is now already proved that in -550 000, date of their emergence, their level of civilization was at the level of the beginning of the evolution of the modern man

Who can believe that during their 520 000 years of existence they did not overcome the Stone Age level ?

Since 2010 we begin to identify Neanderthal genetic elements

The geneticists discovered remains of persistent Neanderthal genes in genomes of modern humans

They conclude that Neanderthal populations have been mixed with Sapiens everywhere in the world and not only with African populations


Palaeontologists date the Neanderthal from -250 000 to -30 000

They do not even grant them the degree of civilization they already had in -500 000

Geneticists see the matter differently and are surprised by what they discover

If scientists had trusted the legends, they would have discovered that Neanderthal had already in -410 268 a more technologically advanced civilization than ours in 2018



The last Sapiens discovered in Morocco has been dated from about – 315 000

We approach the reality :

Proto Sapiens emerged at -800 000 to become a modern Sapiens in -350 000

His technological level at that time was this of a man of late medieval age


Neanderthal and Sapiens

As well as for Neanderthal , we find traces of Sapiens in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia


But as we have seen in legends, though Sapiens and Neanderthal lived in the same areas , they lived in separate clans and villages

But Sapiens were never very far from Neanderthal

They were totally dependent of Neanderthal

Neanderthal were the boss and Sapiens the staff

As easy food attracts more surely than a magnet


It seems that living near Neanderthal helped the emergence of them from Proto until gender

And for Neanderthal it is always better to have more evolved staff


The Hopi’s first world

As we told you before, Kachinas intervened very few times in the life pf the Hopi, except to give them a helping hand from time to time to meet their needs for food or to seduce pretty girls


That’s why legends don’t speak a lot of the life of Kachinas, outside the legend ” Die Suche “, I have translated for you in the chapter 12


It tells us that Hopis live quietly and that Kachinas were very active and busy

For the Hopis, it was a good life, but for Kachinas, their evolution had pushed them into a speed life, as we begin to realize ourselves


The End of the First Hopi World

” But the Man became wicked and did not respect the Law …

The first world therefore perished by the fire

Some men, the ancestors of the Hopis, have been saved to preserve and transmit the knowledge of the history ”


” When humans became bad, this world was destroyed by fire. The men saved were guided to a new world above


” The first world was destroyed by the fire of volcanoes and meteorites ”


” The first world was destroyed by fire, because men became wicked. But our people, who in recent times become the Hopis, survived to the destruction, because our people was chosen to keep the knowledge of these facts through the time , the present, the pass and the future ”


“Many died and only some survived. Then these few peaceful people entered into the second world. ”


Hopis started to the second world

” We ( the   Kachinas) decided the destruction of this world and the creation of another where you, the elected people, will start again, You have been chosen for that ”


” You have to go to a particular location, a place indicated by your kopavi ( The vibration center of the top of the head ) which will guide you. Your inner outlook will let you see a special cloud that you haveto follow during the day, and a particular star that you have to follow during the night. Do not take anything with you. The end of your trip will be shown when the cloud and the star stops. ”


” Worldwide these elected people left their homes and their people to follow the cloud and the star. People asked them where they were going, and their response laughed at them, saying: “We don’t see neither a cloud nor a star! ” They had lost their inner vision. Still, some believed and began to follow those who could see the cloud during the day and the stars during the night. It was good that it was so.

After many days and many nights, the first elected arrived at the particular location. Soon others appeared and asked, “What are you doing here? ” And they replied,”Sótuknang told us to come to this place. ” The newcomers said,” We too have followed the cloud and the star ! ”


” Once all been arrived , Sótuknang appeared : ” Okay, you’re all there, you the elected I chose to save from the destruction of this world. Now follow me ! ”

He guided them to a gigantic mound in which the People of the Ants lived. He ordered them to open their house. When opening a door at the top of the anthill, Sótuknang told to the elected : ” Enter in the Kiva Ant, there you will be protected once I will destroy this world. ”


Interesting, contrary to the LAW requirements , it was not the bad men which were saved but rather the ” managerial staff ” of all the clans, including clans like the one of fire, which was recognized as the wicked who violated the LAW


Man has not changed

It will be the richest men who , for the love of money for money, will destroy the Earth, and they are the one’s able to pay to be saved …


The destruction of the first Hopi’s world

” The Chosen People went then to live with the Ants. Once they were all established in safety , Taiowa ordered to Sótuknang to destroy this world. Sótuknang chooses the destruction by the fire   because the leaders of the men who were bad were members of the Fire Clan. Then arrived rains of fire, from the opened volcanoes. The fire came from above and from below, and everywhere on the ground, on water and on air were only a single element, the fire.

Nothing was saved except the people protected within the Earth.

Thus ended Tokpela , the First World.   ”


Although an ant mound had no chance of withstanding with volcanic cataclysmic fires of this magnitude and meteorite falls, especially as it is quite clear that happen : Everywhere


Arrival of the Hopis in the second world

” All these disasters did not prevent men to live happily under the earth and in good company with the people of the Ants. Their homes were identical to those that were destroyed on the Earth: they got rooms for living and rooms for storing food. They were lightened with a light emitted by small crystals which had absorbed sunlight. ”


” If he did not take too long to Sótuknang to destroy the world, and if he will not use more time to create the new, he must nevertheless wait until the first cools enough before the second can be established.   ”


” To feed everyone, they (the ants) have been rationed out by themselves. Every day they tightened their belts a little more, and even more. This is why ants nowadays have such a fine size. ”


” Finally, what was the first world became cold enough. Sótuknang purified it and began to design the second world. He changed the form completely, placing continents where were the waters, and the waters where the land. ”


” Sótuknang speaked primarily to the people of the Ants : ” Thank you for your help. I will never forget it. The time for the destruction of another world will come. Then the corrupted men knowing their last day will come they will come back on the ant-hill, begging you to save them. ”


The second Hopi’s world

The Kachinas   , who are the Neanderthal bosses, have a technical knowledge , big enough to know the length of the Worlds of 103 104 years, and knew that major disasters were planed for the end of the first world at about -307 164

As they had the means to predict it , they could prepare the transition to the second world in advance


They had also to save some Sapiens, because when they come back to Earth, they will need labor staff


Legend analysis

If we analyze and summarize the legends , We note the following situations :


–             Going to a special place

–             Huge mound of ants

–             Kiva (house) Ants

–             Underground, rooms and food granaries

–             Lighting with light crystals, having absorbed sunlight

–             Ants do not feed themselves

–             Fire Destruction : Fire volcanic rains, volcanoes eruption, fire from above                    and from below

–             Planet covered by fire

–             Have to wait for cooling

–             Hopis were taken into a new world above

–             It will be necessary to repeat the same operation in about 100 000 years and warn the ants they will again need their services


Reality creates the legends

Legends are the description of real situations described by populations not able to understand the used technology and as they cannot understand what they have experienced without including magic or superior powers


Then we must translate their legends texts into plain language:

–             They were taken to a space base

–             They were embedded in a conical spacecraft looking like spaceships described in the Hindu Vedas, dated for more than 4000 years ago

The huge mound relative to their size, is made by the rockets infrastructures on top of which is the capsule that will ship several hundred men and their logistics

–             This ship is called Kiva Ants because their crew is called People of Ants

–             Underground, that is to say without seeing the outside

–             Crystal lighting by returning light, it remains to be invented

–             Ants do not feed themselves : Normal, they are robots and everything is fully automated

Hopis called robots ” Ants ” because with their rotating articulation between the lower and upper body, it looks like the representation of the ant among as from what they knew that is the closest to it

–             Planet Earth is on fire : impossible to stay there

–             Expected time schedulling : Before the cataclysms , during the cataclysms and the time for cooling

–             New world above, they are well aware that they had left Earth

–             The Kachinas already knew it must be done again, because they knew the cycle of disasters schedulled every 103 104 years



Mercury Friendship 7 in orbit , Image generated with Celestia by James R. Bassett

Photo Wikipedia CC : ElChristou , Soerfm , Magnus Manske


And over our little world, Neanderthal and Sapiens, in different vessels of course , left for space for a stay of about 30 000 years !




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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 13 : The previous World of Hopis

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 13 : The Hopis’s previous world


The Hopis’s previous world

Into the first Hopi world , we must separate it beetween the previous world and the first world

The Hopis’s previous world goes from the creation of the universe up to the emergence of neandertal

That means the previous world include the history since the creation of the universe up to -410 628 , at the start of the first world of Hopis



” Taiowa, the creator who create everything in the universe

The infinite space , out from vacuum up to the Earth ”

Taiowa represent the Sun

Taiowa is the Sun

So was defined Taiowa in the Hopi’s legends


Fred Kabotie , mural depicting of Taiowa , sun spirit and creator in Hopi mythology

Painted in Desert Inn , Petrified Forest , National Park , Arizona , USA

Photo Wikipédia Public domain : Karmos


The Sun never created anything   !

To say that Taiowa is the creator has been done by Christianity by the Hopis in contact with Christians either an interpretation guided by Judeo-Christian culture of translators


Really, Taiowa is the first king of Neanderthals

Hopis’s legends who told these stories , make a god from him during over 80 000 years of oral transmission

He lived around -490 000 to -473 000, and up to the emigration of the Hopis from their continent Kasskara or Mu, there was more than 80 000 years ago , the story was on written form

But everything disappeared with the sinking of Mu at about -30 000 , and then the story was related by oral transmission


White Bear , in the book Kásskara   und die Sieben   Welten, said about Taiowa:

“The city where he leave , is called: The High

Many people call it: Sky

But no one knows where that is, but from there he governs the universe ”


It is therefore likely that Taiowa not only refers to the first king, but to the entire dynasty , which due to the cataclysms which repeats at each end of worlds , built his control base in a space station



Taiowa created Sotuknang

” Sotuknang then search in the endless space the water and spread over each worlds so that they become half solid and half liquid ”

The Hopi mythology tells us in 1963, a fact they know since hundreds of thousands years : the water comes from space

This theory has been accepted only since the early 2000s


Then Sotuknang   created Kokyangwuti , the Spider-Mother

Spider-Mother speaks to one of the two twins that she created from her saliva and earth :

” You must go all over the world placing sound so that it can be heard everywhere ”

Radio communication was therefore already in order as it was necessary to colonize the Earth


As she said this to Pöqanghoya, she ordered the other twin, palöngawhoya to solidify the Earth, that is to say definitively separate the water from land so that the mud becomes topsoil


Then Spider-Mother asked Pöqanghoya to go to the North Pole and Palöngawhoya to the South Pole , to control the rotation of the Earth

In fact they symbolize the terrestrial axis

We see that long time before us, these early men had a good knowledge of astronomy


Then, lot of years before this world , the creator Taiowa created life with the help of his nephew and his creation Sotuknang , and Spider-Mother and her twins she had created :

” He first created plants and trees and animals and finally humans

Then he separated the animals from the humans ”

This is exactly what we know from the theory of evolution in the 19th century

We also see that this is not the work of a creator, but from an architect who runs his team, chosen into his family :

Power cannot be shared …


The Hopi mythology dates at the minimum from their arrival in the Americas, that is to say about 80 000 years ago according to their mythology, and has since been transmitted by oral tradition, it sets a very high level of technological knoledge for men of -500 000, who already knew all about the past of the Earth and the creation of the universe


Neandertal and Kachinas

” He endowed man with a brain and knowledge ”

Everyone had a brain, animals and Homos

So we think that they speak about Neandertal exploding brain volume compared to Erectus :

The brain of Homo Erectus has a maximum size of 73 cubic inches

Homo Neanderthalensis will reach a maximum size of 116 cubic inches


” People spoke one language ”

In this world before -410 268, there is no other ” civilized ” man that Neandertal

It is therefore quite normal that men speak only one language

When Sapiens will evolve at about -350 000, it will therefore be appearance of a second language


The Neanderthals evolved have vassalized the Erectus and later replaced them by the Sapiens

Taiowa and his family governed their civilization where Neanderthals had a higher status in this society

That is why the Hopi call them kachinas


The Kachinas are not gods, but men who have a very advanced technology, even compared to today

And in fact, the Hopis are Sapiens …


It has been noted in the legend ” Die Suche ” that Kachinas have aerial vehicles and laser weapons

When the father returned to the base where his flying machine landed on the roof, he withdrew his white spacesuit and helmet

The helmet was changed during the oral transmission of more than 80 000 years, into a shield because it looks like more than ” Knight ”


Hopis and Kachinas

« He teach him the Law »

« He gave everything that man needs in his life

And he has given him the Law and the Duties to which he must obey in this Universe »

We see in the legends that Kachina control the Hopis


Hopi Women belong them , as in all Edenist or Atlantean and legends of the Bible, Chinese legends , Greek mythology, Mayan legends, Pop Wuh   , and so on, where men belong to the gods


Kachina offer to Hopis their technology for farming, but it is not free and obedience is part of the duties of the Hopis


Hopis have NOT religion, no priests, just village leaders, as we have mayors and NO temples

They just have a tradition, based on their obedience to the Kachinas as technologically superior men who provide them assistance and protection


The Kachinas are spirits

Indeed, with the disappearance of the Neanderthals with the sinking of the continent of Mu, around -30 000, Kachinas who helped the Hopis to emigrate to America, disappeared


But as the Hopis always want to live in the same way as it suits them, they consider them as spirits who continue to protect them through their traditional ceremonies


The Neanderthals of the previous world

Proto-Néandertal appeared around – 1 million issued from Homo Erectus

Proto-Neanderthal became Neanderthals between -550 000 and -500 000

In -513 372, when the previous Hopi world began, Neanderthal   has acquired the mastery of fire, discovered pottery and metallurgy, and is like a village man of Antiquity or Middle-Age


Between – 490 000 and -473 000, he started the HISTORY of man by establishing the first human civilization and established the monarchical government of Taiowa

At this time, they knowledge enough of astronomy to allow them to codify astrology, according to Babylonian, Greek and Roman historians


Thus it will result in -410 628, a modern man in this first Hopi world, with a Neanderthal with a technological knowledge probably higher than men have today


The End of the previous World

As seen in the climatic variations of Milanković, in Chapter 3, the ends of the worlds are rather cataclysmic

The end of this previous World made no exception to the rule

It is one with peaks of glaciation and deglaciation

We still find today the traces of climate disasters of this end of world


Towards -450 000 begins a period of glaciation that will last 25 000 years

Towards -425 000 begins a period of deglaciation which will last 15 000 years

The effects of this glaciation followed by deglaciation has been the cause of major disasters, including massive and brutal floods


Around -415 000, the Weal –Artois rocky mountain , of about 28 miles wide, linked England and France between Dover and Calais

Northeast of this natural dam was a huge lake created by the advance of the ice during the glaciation period

The melting of the ice during the deglaciation has led a rising water which flowed down by the creation of the Strait of Calais

The flow of this discharge was estimated at about 264 million gallons of water per second, nearly seven times the current flow of the Amazon which is 40 million gallons of water per second


This was only a small local climatic event

It is obvious that everywhere on Earth, climate cataclysms before the end of this world have disrupted our planet

But still, it remains a reasonable cataclymic end of cycle and a livable one


The most difficult times are the last 10 millennia glaciation and the last 5 millennia deglaciation , that is to say -435 000 to -425 000 and -415 000 to -410 000

During these times when the climate change will be felt at the most, the humans presents there had to move the impacted areas and shelter to survive elsewhere


But they had the means to do it   :

Forecasting climate change

Find shelters

Arrange these shelters and organize their survival


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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 12 : Die Suche


EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 12 : Die Suche



Lintz has translated : The legend of Yucca, which I had already delivered to you in EARTH IS THE AIM 3, The dissolution of the gods

I do not want you miss the second legend, Die Suche: The research, transcribed by Joseph F. Blumrich, then I have translated it for you


I wish you a pleasant reading


The search

The story I am going to tell you now concerns my birthplace, Oraibi.

It took place a long time ago

Oraibi had been created a long time before and had already become a large village. Many people lived there and had houses, some of which had five floors.

The people who lived there get water from the many lowland sources.

The most important one is the Flute source that still exists today.

It is located about 800 meters West of Oraibi.

It was the women’s job to bring water at home from one of these sources, and they used to go there every afternoon together


Among them was a young girl named Panáyanem who means “the woman who lives in the water. ”

One summer afternoon, it was so hot that they all climbed on the top floors of their homes to enjoy the shade and the cool wind.

They do that in the warm summer days

During the winter they went down to the ground floor or the basement, to protect themselves from the cold, in these houses that we call homes Kivas


That afternoon, it was very hot and all the women were sitting on the roofs, but Panáyanem decided to go and collect water.

She took the large pitcher, containing about twenty liters of water, and the pumpkin shell she used to fill the jug

She go out on the narrow path which descended from the cliff

There was no one, even the kids did not play downstairs in the sand hills.


On the way was a carved overhang in the rock which offered shade

She wished to rest for a moment to refresh herself.

When she reached the overhang, there was already a young man there.

The young girl knew of course all young men of the region, but this one, she did not know him:

He was a stranger

He was wearing splendid clothes

At that time, no one was as well dressed as the Kachinas during the ceremonies

Panáyanem was very surprised.

She stopped and said,

“It’s very cool here, is not it?”

And the stranger answered her,

“Why do not you stay here for a while to refresh yourself”

Then she sat next to him

There was just enough room in the shade for both of them.


The stranger had fine and smooth hairs, which almost went to the waist.

A red line was painted from one cheek to the other crossing his nose.

On his chest a necklace of shells of different sizes made a nice sound when he moved

Under the knees he wore beautiful woven leggings and on his arm he had a ribbon that represented snowflakes.

She immediately realized that he must be of high class.


They talked a little together and surprisingly she forgot to ask him who he was and where he came from

The young man told him that he was going to accompany her to the source

She agreed and they went to the source of Flute together.

They stayed there for a while and the young man told him he had to leave

At that moment only she asked him where was his home

He replied “The universe is my domain,”

She walked away just a few feets from the fountain, and when she turned around he was no longer there

On the way back she saw no one.

Her parents were very surprised when she told them about this event:

Her meeting with a handsome young man very well dressed

She also told them how fine was his language which had nothing in common with that of the villages of the region

They talked about it for a long time but could not find any explanation for what had happened.

The girl really wanted to see him again, but he never came back.


One day she realized she was pregnant

It was very strange, because she had had no relationship with the boys of the village , although many of them came to see her in the evening when she crushed the maize.

Nor had she had any relations with the foreigner she met at the source

Her parents absolutely wanted to know who was the father of the child because at that time our people had a strict custom on this subject

A woman who had a child should be married

The parents were to blame for not having strictly raised their daughter, and it was not good either for the girl


Despite all this, Panáyanem’s father decided to make a cover for the child.

This cover is a very important gift for a newborn, as this is one of the most important possession for a Hopi.

It is called Guoquílahoya, the holy cover, and the hopi keep it until the end of his life.

This tradition still exists and the people of our tribe still make such covers.

It takes a long time to make a cover.

The yarns must be torn off from the cotton, washed, woven and dryed.

Each cover has two colors, and colors and patterns are different for boys or girls

His wife and daughter helped the father, so he could soon begin weaving.

Everything was ready to receive the child when the pain began.

The grandmother called the women of the family, and shortly before sunset, the child was born.

It was then noticed that a second child should arrive

A few hours later, it was almost midnight when the twin arrive

They were both boys.

The grandparents were very happy, because the two boys would later give them a very helpful help.


The children were washed as well as the body of the mother

Everything went well according to the traditional ceremonial

The umbilical cords were prepared.

One half of each was wrapped around a stick and placed in the house where they were born

The other two halves were added to a sanctuary where the umbilical cords of all the children born in Oraibi are

This is to permanently attest the existence of all these new lives in the universe.


When all this was done, something strange happened

Above the village a bright light appeared.

It was a spreading light, as a sail would have done.

It was above the house where the twins were born and stretched in the southwestern part of the village almost on the way to the source Flute

It was for the girl’s parents proof that what she had told them was true

They realized that the father of the twins had appeared.

But in the village there was much talk of the girl with her twins whose father was unknown.

Panáyanem had friends in the village, but all separated from her and her parents, and her life became sad.


When the children grew up, her mother suffered so much from these slanders

that she began to no more take care of them.


When the children were about ten years old and their grandparents were gone, Panáyanem went to other villages where she could dance and where the boys were more friendly and more attentive to her

One day when she returned to the village , her children asked her for help

She said to them:

“You are not my children, ask your father to take care of you”

The two brothers were since long time in search of their father

Their mother had never told them about him

Their grandmother had told them before her death that he was a very special man.

But of course, that was not enough.

Often they wondered where they could find him.

The other children and adults in Oraibi had often said that he had to come from the snowy mountain, Navatikiovi

Their father probably come from there


In the spring when the days became warmer, the twins decided to go to Navatikiovi to look for their father.

A nice neighbor prepared them an Orni, a very nutritious food consisting of shoots of corn and Pík’ami

Then they took their covers and the small pitcher that their grandmother had given them and they headed West.

They felt very lonely and wept for the first day.

At night they slept in a place called Yungyachaivi, “Where the squirrel runs.”

The next day they stopped at Kachina Point, the top of a rocky cliff above the river

On the third day they reached the forest after a long walk

As it was in Spring, many nuts that animals had forgotten during the winter had remained on the ground

They picked them up on the fourth day and eat them but it made only a bite

On the fifth day, they began to climb the mountain.

They arrived in a large pine forest.

They were very tired and had only reached about the half of the mountain.

At sunset they reached the summit of a small hill

There were no trees, but in the middle of the place there was a building that looks like a Kiva.

They were afraid, maybe it was inhabited by wicked people, but their desire to find their father was the strongest

The two brothers approached cautiously and mounted on the flat roof of the Kiva.


From there they heard a friendly voice that invited them to go down by the ladder

They arrived in a room where there were more women than men, all Kachinas, like those of the ceremonies of Oraibi

The woman who welcomed them was a Hahá-i mother.

She offered them a meal that the twins swallowed too quicly

This was obviously not a very good behavior, but they were so hungry!

When their stomachs were full, they fell asleep immediately.

The sympathetic Hahá-i gave them the next morning a new meal and asked them some questions.

The two brothers told him that they were looking for their father, who was certainly one of them and hoped to find him here

“Oh, yes,” she replied, “we know your father.

He was even here last night, but you did not see him because he had to leave very early

The twins were very excited, but without showing it they asked, “Where can we find him now”

Hahá-ia says she would help them because they were their father’s children and because she knew their sad life in Oraibi.

She also said that none of the Kachinas would have helped them, because it is not yet time to intervene, but the time will come one day.

But as they were there now, she was going to help them.

“He goes from one place to another to bless the earth,” she said, “and if you follow him, you will meet him when the time comes

It will be with you as a spirit because you are part of him and therefore you will overcome all obstacles

But he can only let you see him later. ”

The brothers were very happy on hearing this, and took courage again.


From the flat roof of the Kiva, Hahá-i showed them a mountain in the North

You see this cloud that gave rain and above a beautiful rainbow.

“It’s your father,” she said,

“It is one of his duties to bless the earth with water.

It is far, but get up, and you will succeed. ”

The mountain they saw was Tokóonavi, the “Solidified Mountain”.

Far away, it looks black and lifeless

Near its summit lived Kachinas

When the twins arrived there after five days of walking, they were welcomed

friendly and received good food.

But they were told that their father had gone Eastward.

The next morning, the woman Kachina took them to the roof of the Kiva house and showed them a fog away on the horizon.

There was a big cloud there too, but there was no rainbow.

It was in the area now called Salápa for us and Mesa Verde for you.

Our ancestors lived there for a long time

The name Salápa means “Source of spruce”, your father is out there now!


Once again, the children received food and drink, and then they set off.

The woman Kachina had assured them that nothing would happen to them because they now belonged to the Kachinas.

This time they did not have a fixed goal, but on the fifth day they saw a mist next to a hill.

They went and found a Kiva.

They were received with the same kindness and hosted as before

They heard the same words again:

“Your father is not here.”

But the woman Kachina said:

“You’ll meet your father soon.”

She showed the South, almost in the direction of Oraibi.

“Tomorrow he will be in the South East of the great mountain, but if you go to that place there, he will be there, and you will meet it.

You have surely heard of this place, it is Kíishiva, the source in the shadow. ”

It is the source where the spruce is taken for the sacred dance

But to be able to cut a spruce you must bring prayer feathers


The next few days would be difficult for the twins

They had to cross rivers and mountains, but they had eaten well, and were happy because they knew they would soon see their father.


They also knew in which direction they had to go, for they saw a column of mist in the sky, and the woman Kachina had told them that it was their goal

This mist, rising to the sky, also meant that he was there to help good people.

At the source there was a village, but it was inhabitted a long time ago.

As the twins arrived at the top of a hill, they found a kiva like as the previous time

The welcome was friendly and they offer lot of food

Soon after eating, they fell asleep

They woke up before the sunrise

Mother Hahá-i gave them food again, and asked them why they come and what happened to them.

The twins told the sad story of their life in Oraibi, and that their mother had sent them away, their grandparents were dead and their desire to find their father.

Near the fire stood an old man who looked like a Kachina priest.

When he heard the sad story of the two brothers, his mouth twisted and tears began to spread on his cheeks

He was the old man Heheya.

He appeared in the ceremonies of our villages with his mouth distorted and lines of rainbow color from the eyes to the cheeks, as would do tears.


The brothers had just finished their story, like the first ray of sunlight appeared on the horizon, and suddenly there was on the flat roof a sound like that of thunder

The mother Hahá-ia said, as if she were talking to someone:

“Welcome home.”

And to the brothers:

“Your father is there.

He always appears with the sound of thunder. ”

They saw him then come down by the ladder

He was dressed in a white coat like a snowflake and shining like diamonds, and with his necklaces of shells he looked very majestic.

The twins were frightened and excited; It was their father arriving!

They wanted to run to him, but they could not do anything, they were immobilized

The man, tall and young, had a shield as bright as his clothes.

Two narrow black lines divided the radiating surface of the shield into four parts

Mother Hahá-i approached him and helped him to put down his harness and hung it in an adjoining room

Upon her return to Kiva, she said:

“Now go and greet your Father”

Then they could kiss him and were very happy.

Their father said to them,

“Oh, I always knew, what happened to you, but the time had not yet come to help you.

But now you are here.

Now is only one duty to be accomplished and then we will always be together. ”

The twins were happy to be with their father, who was truly an exceptional man

They knew he had to leave to accomplish his mission but that he would be back the next morning

They knew he was not afraid of anything with his coat and shining shield



Hehéya then said that the time for the worship dance was near and told the twins:

“I’ll prepare you.

You will return to the village and those who have abused you will be punished. ”

The twins then learned a song they had to sing in Oraibi.

It was a beautiful song with a beautiful melody that we still know today and that tells who they were and what they endured.


One day, a woman, whom we call the woman of thunder went into the little room and brought a pitcher.

It was not far to go and it was not too big , which allowed one of the brothers to carry it under his arm

It was wrapped in deer’s leather.

Their father, pointing to the pitcher, told them that it was very dangerous and that it should never be opened at the wrong time and especially without knowing what was there.

Then the woman of thunder brought it back into the little room


Kachinas’ clothes were made for the twins because they belonged to the Kachinas.

Then came the day Heheya went with them to Oraibi.

The twins had called him uncle, and so the Hopi call him today also “Uncle Heheya”.

When they arrived after a few days of traveling around Oraibi, the dance had already begun in the village square

They waited on the hill of Betátokoóvi just North of Oraibi, until Uncle Heheya said at noon that it was now time to go down.

However, they did not go directly to the village square, but walked west of the village to a large rock near the house where they lived

Once there Heheya left them alone and go

They stood on the top of the rock and looked South, from where their people had come a long time ago

Then they began to sing their beautiful and sad song, and accompanied it with small clay bells that the Hahá-imana had made in Kishisha.

But no one heard them and saw them, because everyone was watching the dance in the village square.


A woman in the village realized that she no longer had enough water.

As she waited for the guests of the dance, she took her pitcher, and went to the source Flute

Suddenly, she heard a beautiful song, looked around her and discovered the two brothers above her on the rock.

She rushed to the Source, as fast as she could, and on the way back she stayed for a moment to listen to the two brothers.

As in the song, the mother of the twins was named, she thought it could be the two missing brothers.

She immediately ran to the village and told the village chief that the children were singing on the rock

The chief then went with her and saw the twins, who were still singing

He recognized them immediately and was pleased to see that they were dressed as Kachinas.

He took some cornflour from his pocket, handed them over, and begged them to come with him to the village square.

The twins stopped singing and followed him.

The Kachinas meanwhile had finished their dance in the village square and they had left.

The village chief led the brothers to the Pahóki

It is an important altar on the squares of all our villages, where prayer feathers are placed.

The Pahóki was about 60 cm tall, and the leader asked the brothers to climb on it so that everyone could see them.

Then they began to sing again, and soon everyone stood around them to see and hear them

The brothers had been informed in Kíishiva of what was to happen and on the way to the village square they had warned the village chief so he was ready.

One of them carried the pitcher under his arm.

They stopped singing and came down from Pahóki when their mother came running.

As he had been told, the boy pulled the pitcher’s leather

A terrible flash of lightning came out and struck the mother before their eyes.

This is what Uncle Heheya had told them

The time of punishment had finally come and it has to be an example for others.

And now their mother was punished!

The chef came and talked to all the people on the square and told them it was a warning for everyone.


The beautiful day of the dance had become a sad day, but it must have been a lesson for them.

He asked the two brothers where they wanted to live, and they said they wanted to go back to the Kachinas, to which they belonged.

He accompanied them out of the village, and he begged them to return, not with anger, as the judgment had been executed, but to bless the village

The brothers then descended to the source of the Flute and turned into a cloud rising from the ground and heading West towards the snow-capped mountains of Novavatikiovi.

And when the children see two clouds on these mountains today, they say:

“The two brothers are watching us”.


Die Suche: The search

Hopi tale told to Joseph F. Blumrich, by White Bear, from 1976 to 1979 in English

Transcribed by Joseph F. Blumrich in German in his book:

Kásskara und die Sieben Welten

Translated from German into English by Douglas Moonstone for his book:

EARTH IS THE AIM 7, Mu and the other worlds

Copyright 2017


The Kachinas

The kachinas are spirits, half-gods half-men:

Spirits of fire, rain, snake, and so on …

Legends where young girls become pregnant with Kachinas with only spiritual relationships are a lot



Kachina dancers of the Hopi pueblo of Shongopavi, Arizona, USA

Taken between 1870 and 1900 by Underwood & Underwood Publishers

Photo Wikipedia Public Domain: Chetvorno


The Kachinas come to visit the Hopi for ritual celebrations where they are represented by masked dancers and costumed

The main dances are:

Soyalangwu at the winter solstice

Powamuya in February

Niman after the summer solstice


After these dances, brightly colored wooden dolls, named kachinas and representing the dancers, are offered to the children, so that they become familiar with the world of spirits

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds , Chapter 11 : Mythology of the Hopis

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 11: Mythology of the Hopis



The Hopis Worlds

The duration of the worlds, from the beginning of the first world, have been defined in chapters 3 and 4 of this book, as having a duration of 103,104 years


The dates of the hopis worlds are therefore as follows:

311460 Beginning 8th Hopi world

208356 Beginning 7th Hopi world

105252 Beginning 6th Hopi world

2148 Beginning 5th Hopi world

-100 956 Beginning 4th Hopi world

-204 060 Beginning 3rd Hopi world

-307 164 Beginning 2nd Hopi world

-410 268 1 Beginning 1st Hopi world


It should be noted, due to these datations , that the Hopis knew the climatic variations of Milanković and their periodicity of about 100,000 years

That’s not bad for a population that according to official scientists is supposed to be primitive and whose origin would be the North of Mexico from where they emigrated to Arizona about 1,300 years ago


And what about their cycle of 8 worlds, 824 832 years?

A cycle that we are only about to discover …


Hopi mythology


Hopi mythology is mainly known to us by texts narrated by Hopi leaders, listened to and transcribed by passionate authors by this peaceful and surprising people and in particular:


Prophecies of the Indian Native People of North America

Native speeches and words of the 1948 contest of Hopis Chiefs Plume Blanche and Lee Brown and Navajos Chiefs

Translated by Abou Chihabiddine


The Book of the Hopi

Frank Waters, 1963

Translated by Marcel Kahn


Kásskara und die Sieben Welten

Joseph F. Blumrich, 1979


Hopi mythology, like many other mythologies, arrived to us by oral tradition, but fortunately for us some authors have tackled the task of transcribing what they have learned about into a writing form


Oral Tradition

Due to their origin of oral tradition, most official scientists deny to the Hopis any authenticity to their mythology, treating it as a folk tradition


Yet, as I pointed out in EARTH IS THE AIM 5, Indo-Europeans, I was fortunately able to retrieve personally a text of the Vedas, transmitted by oral tradition for more than 5000 years

This text could be exactly included into the Vedas where it was lacking and thus confirmed its authenticity and coherence


The woman who sent me this text and authorized me to write it and to include it in my book , had received it from his deceased father, who was a shaman

She was glad that, owing to quite unlikely circumstances, she was finally able to carry out this transmission

Not being a shaman, she did not know how to continue this chain


Although initially I was skeptical, it make me clear that transmitting orally a long and difficult text for 5000 years was possible


Prophecies of the Indian Native People of North America

Native speeches and words from the 1948 contest of Hopis Chiefs, Plume Blanche and Lee Brown and Navajo Chiefs

They were translated by Abu Chihabiddin

Here is the link:


After a brief enumeration of the first 3 Hopi worlds, they list with full details the 9 signs that confirm their prediction of the end of the 4th world , which seems they near

They also confirm that they hold the 2 tablets given by the Great Spirit who gave them custody of the Earth

The influence of Christianity in these speeches is obvious and it make it difficult to sort the original text


The Book of the Hopi


Photo Douglas Moonstone


The Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters , written in 1963 tell us the words of thirty old Hopi storytellers


It unfortunately presents a clear Christian orientation with an obvious parallel with the Bible, beginning with the Genesis, followed by the Exodus and the arrival in Oraibi


But we can not blame an author for telling his feelings according to his education and his convictions and we can already be happy to have been able to recover these informations which would have been lost if he did not do it

We have then to take into account of this orientation which is often very obvious:

He indifferently named Taiowa as the creator of all things, the Sun or the Sun god


This book is a bible of Hopi mythology, as well as Pop Vuh, Vedas or the Bible

If you like to see things by yourself, I strongly advise you to read it

You will find it easily on Amazon store


The author tells in the part 1 the story of the first 4 worlds, then in part 2 the Hopi migration , then details of the Hopi ceremonials and to finish the history of the Hopi from of the arrival of Spanish conquerers up to today

But it is the only document which details the creation of humanity, the world before hopis worlds and the history of the first 3 worlds


Kásskara und die Sieben Welten



Photo Douglas Moonstone


Kásskara und die Sieben Welten by Joseph F. Blumrich, 1979

Kásskara and the 7 worlds, is available in German, in used paperbacks at an very high price of 3.68 €, including 3 € of postage, at Medimops, a German book specialist Here is the link:


But the book of Joseph F. Blumrich must be read in German in his text, but you should may it easily …


Kásskara and the seven worlds

There is, however, an English translation of the book of Joseph F. Blumrich, by Hans W. Lintz, dated 2005

This translation is only of the first part of the book which relates the conversations of Joseph F. Blumrich and White Bear


It has been taken up and commented on by many esoteric sites

Below are some links to sites where you can read this translation:


Unfortunately Lintz did not translate the second Hopi legend:

Die Suche, or The Search, and no more the 2nd part of the book that gives us all the comments of Joseph F. Blumrich

For what is translated, I must admit that the translation is rather faithful to the original text


The Hopi book tells the story of the Hopis but it is mainly focused on the philosophy and the mentality of the hopis

Kásskara and the seven worlds is the most complete and documented on the history of the Hopis


After a summary of the first two worlds, he tells the detailed history of the 3 rd and 4th worlds as well as migration of Hopis from Kásskara up to North America


Consistency of Oral Tradition

I have given you only a very brief summary of these transcribed sources of the oral tradition of Hopi mythology

It is mainly to invite you to read it as if you do it you will be enchanted


Despite different storytellers who do not all master the same stories and at different dates, a fabulous coherence emerges for this history of more than 80,000 years ago and transmitted by oral tradition


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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 10: The Emergence of Neanderthal

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 10: The Emergence of Neanderthal


History of Homos

Palaeologists have been arguing over the history of Homos for ages

This is completely normal :

They rely on found fossils!


Where there is none, that is to say where they have not found them, there is nothing there.

Every day, all over the world, especially during works, when the finds are not destroyed so as not to slow down the work, we find new fossils

And what we find, call into question all previous theses

So we rebuild a new theory

Until the discovery of new fossils, etc …


This explains why there are at least 3 official theories on the subject!

I base myself on sources much more safe:


But also on the writings of the ancients:

Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc.


These ones are denied by official scientists, calling them famous fictionists

Yet they tell us coherent things, accompanied by physical proofs that can be controlled, and even coherent dates, both confirmed by stories from different countries and covering different subjects

When we crosses these datings we are really surprised by their place in a consistent continuity

But as the official scientists say:

Consistency is not proof


Origin of Homo neanderthal

Homo ergaster from -1.9 to -1 million years,

“An industrious man”

Homo georgicus from -1.8 to -1.2 million years,

“Man of Georgia”

Homo antecessor of -1.2 million years to -700,000 years,

“Wrong Man”

Homo erectus from -1 million years to -300,000 years,

“Man erected”

Homo heidelbergensis from -600,000 to -200,000 years ago,

“Heidelberg Man”

Homo helmei from -500 000 to -300 000 years

Homo denisoviensis from -400,000 to -40,000 years

Homo cepranensis at around -353,000

Homo naledi at around -335,000

Homo rhodesiensis from -300,000 to -125,000 years ago,

“Man of Rhodesia”

Homo neanderthalensis from -250,000 to -28,000 years ago,

“Neanderthal man”


These dates are those of the “official” dates

The reality is quite different with regard to Homo neanderthalensis and sapiens

In fact the Neanderthal man was preceded by a proto neanderthal who lived from

-1 million years to -550,000 years, followed by the neanderthal man who lived

-550,000 years to -30,000 years

As for Homo sapiens, it was preceded by a proto sapiens who lived from -800,000 years to -350,000 years ago, followed by Homo sapiens who lived from -350,000 years to today


Here is what gives the cross-referencing of the dates of the legends and the writings of the ancients:



Chart Douglas Moonstone


The most amusing is that some paleologists are beginning to approach this hypothesis which now seems to them as the most probable

The paleoanthropologists Jean-Jacques Hublin of the Collège de France and Abdelouahed Ben-Ncer of the National Institute of Archeology and Heritage of Morocco, discovered in Morocco the oldest homo sapiens, dated about 300 000 years ago

Here is an excerpt from their findings:

“For a long time it was believed that Australopithecines had become Homo habilis, then Homo erectus, then Homo sapiens, but now we know that evolution is not linear”

“Homo erectus is probably the ancestor of just about everyone because it has spread almost everywhere on the globe. A group of Homo erectus is the ancestor of Homo sapiens, another one of Neanderthal man and these three species have existed simultaneously ”


Stories and legends

According to The historians Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman origin of astrology origin would date from origin of men


Bérose, a Chaldean priest, astronomer and historian, born in Babylon about -330, placed the origin of astrology at -490,000

Pliny and Cicero in the 1st century BC, ranged it to 480,000

Diodorus of Sicily, born about -90, located it at -473,000


The Sumerians would have divided the constellations into 12 zodiacal signs at about -26 000 , but the studies of the Sumerian tablets tell us that this was done towards -260,000


These stories give us the precise dating of early human history

Curiously, this sticks exactly with paleontology

These dates correspond to the crossing of the proto to the genre:

Proto neandertal to neanderthal from -550,000 to -500,000

Proto sapiens in sapiens from -400,000 to -350,000

These are of course approximate dates


Homo Proto neanderthal

Homo erectus appeared at the same time as Homo proto neanderthal, at about

– 1 million years

No chance for him, Homo proto neandertal is bigger, stronger and more intelligent than him


We know that it is the strongest who settles in the best place

The easiest food is therefore where the strongest people is

Only the suburbs remain to the weakest …


Homo erectus will therefore approach the sources of food and thus Homo proto neanderthal will vassalize Homo erectus

In doing so, he will also pass him a part of his knowledge


But 200,000 years later, Homo proto sapiens arrive

Homo proto sapiens is bigger, stronger and more intelligent than Homo erectus, but weaker than Homo proto neanderthal, which also has 200,000 years of advance in evolution

This will relegate Homo erectus citizen on the third area:

He will pass from the suburbs to the big suburbs …


After its peak in -500 000, Homo erectus will gradually begin its decline which will end with its extinction towards -200 000

Homo proto neanderthal will continue to evolve to achieve its kind of homo neanderthal towards -550 000

He was then a villager practicing a small agriculture complementary to hunting and gathering

In addition to the mastery of fire, he will have funeral rites and a social life

He will be almost at the same stage as a villager of Antiquity or of the Middle Ages

But to really reach this stage, it lacks only the discovery of metallurgy

But this will soon be done, for he is not slowed in the progression of its evolution by an omnipotent clergy eager to retain its power


Fire control

In fact, everything starts from the mastery of fire

Fire has many advantages, the main one being to ensure heat and thus be able to survive in the cold, but also lighting enabling to live longer days


It also serves to cook food and thus improves health by eradicating thermolabile pathogens, and thus in addition to the pleasure of eating something better, this contributes to a longer life


It also favored the discovery of agriculture, by observing the regrowths on burned soils at first, then by organizing these burns


It is also a defensive weapon against wild animals but also a support in trapping for hunting


Discovery of pottery

Once the fire had been mastered, they wanted to improve the performance of the fireplace, to limit the chore of wood searching

And everybody knows, laziness makes intelligent !


First of all the open hearth was soon replaced by a shelter protected by pebbles

Then through a hole protected by pebbles

The fires once extinguished, allowed him to observe sometimes hard slags in the earth in the hole

As that was not always the case , he then will try different kinds of earth

Once a compatible species of earth has been found, including clay, the most common soil, he has been able to test molds and cooking:

Pottery was born …


Discovery of metallurgy

During these pottery tests, he was able to find hard unknown objects

By re-testing the same materials, he found that the phenomenon was reoccurring

In fact, during his search for land, he inevitably found native metals


A native metal is an ore that is naturally present in the earth’s crust or in the meteorites found on the Earth’s surface

And at that time, the Earth was still virgin of all exploitation, which means that one could find there everything, everywhere


When the furnace was lined with native metal samples and the temperature reached a sufficient level, the native metal melted and remained glued to the wall or was found at the bottom of the hole, as it would have done in a crucible


The native metals are:

Gold, silver and its natural alloys, copper, tin, zinc, mercury, platinum, iron, nickel, chromium, titanium, cobalt, lead, aluminum, And other rare metals

It is clear that the native metals are numerous and one has necessarily been discovered in this world of a little more than 500 000 years ago


The first worked metal was certainly native copper, naturally present in metallic form

They had to try to hammer it but they soon see it was easier to work it once heated

Then, heating it more and more, they realized that it melted

So they could mold it

Metallurgy was born …


History of Homo Neanderthal

Of course, this evolution did not happen in one day

But don’t forget that the Neanderthal was greater, more intelligent and stronger than us, the sapiens

So let’s say that 40,000 years maximum have been necessary to invent pottery and metallurgy since firefighting

Also towards -513 372, the date of the world before the first Hopi world, Homo Neanderthal is now at the same stage as a villager of antiquity or the Middle Ages

It only remains for him to set up his “civilization”


This will be the case after a period of 20 to 40 000 years, because as we have seen above, according to the Babylonian historians, Greeks and Romans, the origin of astrology and therefore the history of men would date From -490,000 to -473,000

During this period a society will be set up thanks to the evolution of the technology, the enlargement of the populations, the enlargement of the villages and the establishment of a hierarchy of government


Once these structures with their specializations set in motion, the human history can begin with the history of Homo Neanderthal

The history of men is written by a society able of writing and sufficiently socialized

It must be governed and desirous of writing its history to pass to posterity

This means that between -513 372 to -473 000, Homo neandertal has gone from the village stage of antiquity or the middle ages to that of citizen of the Neanderthal civilization


It will thus be able to evolve and pass up to the stage of modern man

That is to say, in comparison, that he has finished with the Middle Ages

He catched now the equivalent level of a man in the early Renaissance in this previous world of Hopi




The dates correspond to the dates of the worlds as we have seen in Chapters 2 and 3

-513 372 Last period before hopi world

– 410 268 Beginning of first world of Hopi


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