Presentation of EARTH IS THE AIM 2 , Atlanteans gods

EARTH IS THE AIM 2 , Atlanteans gods

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EARTH IS THE AIM 2 , Atlanteans gods

In Volume 1, the Edenists arrived on  Earth
This volume 2 , will see the arrival of the Atlanteans
This will not happen without clashes …
Menhirs and megalith scattered on Earth were built by the Atlanteans
They are climatic regulators
As Tibetan monks says , they are needles that connect the forces of the Earth to the forces of the Sky
But megaliths can also be weapons of mass destruction …

It is now translated and will be soon available on Amazon


Summer solstice 2005
Photo Alan Winnits
With his kind authorization



This book is the history of researching our origins
Is this our true story?
Douglas Moonstone is convinced about it …
The subject of this book is the history of the ancient civilizations ,
from -261 780, date of the beginning of the history of the men according to the Sumerians to -1000 BC, until sticking to the known history
To begin, we need to clarify the story of the Edenists and Atlanteans coming from space as gods and their interaction with humans on Earth
The Bible, Pop Wuh, Kojiki, mythology, Chinese legends and all the other legendary tales of the world, are the sources of this history, our history …
The Easter Island, the pyramids, Atlantis, and many other mysteries, appear to us in a new light
This book tells us that in Africa, people used iron 3000 years before the Europeans, that the Mayas and Hopi were developed and civilized peoples 5000 years ago, and reminds us that Chinese legends are not tales But the reality seen by the population
This book brings coherent explanations to many mysteries of our land
The existing theories explaining these mysteries are very often contradicted with each new scientific or archaeological discovery …
So far every new scientific or archaeological discovery has confirmed the theories evoked in this book …
Many of the theories found in this book already exist, but for the first time they are grouped into a sequence and a coherent story


EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , Eden and China’s Gods

This is the story of the Edenist gods who came from space and
of their colonization of the Earth …
The Bible and the legends of China describe these invasions with all technical details

Just read them and forget what we have been taught:
Progress is linear, before it was not so developed
So men of antiquity were savages
Besides, they lived in the Stone Age, not knowing
neither the wheel, nor agriculture, nor technology

And yet they have left us fantastic legends, gigantic constructions, art, metallurgy, agriculture and so many other things

EARTH IS THE AIM 2 , Atlantean gods

In Volume 1, the Edenists arrived on Earth
This volume 2 , will see the arrival of the Atlanteans
This will not happen without clashes …
Menhirs and megalith scattered on Earth were built by the Atlanteans
They are climatic regulators
As Tibetan monks says , they are needles that connect the forces of the Earth to the forces of the Sky
But megaliths can also be weapons of mass destruction …

EARTH IS THE AIM 3 , Dissolution of the gods

In Volume 1, the Edenists arrived on Earth
In Volume 2, the Atlanteans arrived on Earth
In volume 3, Atlantis been sunked , gods, without maintenance infrastructure, will dissolve themselves into the peoples

But they still want to keep the power …

EARTH IS THE AIM 4, The Tokharians

In Volume 1, the Edenists arrived on earth
In Volume 2, the Atlanteans arrived on earth
In Volume 3, without Atlantis the gods have been dissolved into the peoples

In this volume 4, we will relate the sagas of a the civilization of the Tokharians, who dominated, almost 5000 years ago, almost half of the planet
With the Mayans, their allies, who dominated almost the rest, they dominated more than 2/3 of the Earth
And nobody knows them …

Neither the Tokharians nor the Mayans …
We can say Mayans controlled the air and Tokharians controlled the seas

EARTH IS THE AIM 5, Indo-Europeans

The official theory:
The Indo-Europeans are a population arrived from nowhere and arising by spontaneous generation north of the Black Sea towards – 4000
About 1500, they conquered India and wrote the Vedas

This theory will justify British supremacy and colonization
This is what is still being learned today at school to the children in India
Yet it is well known today that the Vedas were written in the vicinity of about – 4300 …
In this volume 5 we will try to trace the true history of those who are called the Indo-European

EARTH IS THE AIM 6, Exodus and survivors

TheEarth has been adapted to the invasion of the Edenist and Atlantean gods but not without battles or genocides
In this volume, we will try to trace the history of the exoduses that have resulted from and to determine the place that has been left to the indigenous landowners who survived to the glaciations

EARTH IS THE AIM 7, Mu and the other worlds
Still on writing : expected in 2018

The Neanderthal people were taller, stronger, and more intelligent than the Sapiens ones
Who can believe that during their 520,000 years of existence they were only able to remain into the Stone Age?
They had to leave the Earth to escape to its cyclical cataclysms
But the planet where they took refuge had also its cyclical cataclysms
In fact, all planets have cyclical cataclysms
Then they returned to their land on Earth:

Actually published :

EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , Eden and China’s gods
Translated in English language by the author

To be published soon :


Actually only published in French
As the french book is now published , I begin to undertake the translations of the English language books :

EARTH IS THE AIM 2 Atlanteans gods
EARTH IS THE AIM 3 Dissolving of gods
EARTH IS THE AIM 4 Tokharians
EARTH IS THE AIM 5 Indo-Europeans
EARTH IS THE AIM 6 Exodus and survivors
EARTH IS THE AIM 7 Mu and the others worlds

News on :


All the books of Douglas Moonstone and Frederic le voyageur
Are available in E-book , paper book and color printing on : / Douglas Moonstone or Frederic le voyageur


Have a good time


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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 34 : End report

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 34 : End report


14 years for 7 volumes
14 years to write for 7 volumes
But really my researches started from my 10 years old when I was in age to read tales and legends and when I realize they were part of the same world

In 2004 when I started to write DESTINATION TERRE 1 , The Gods of Eden and China , this volume was written with the results of my researches in 2004
As the book progressed and up to volume 7, my researches brought me new complementary elements which of course I use for my writing
It allowed me to correct and complete the arguments used, but none of the new facts has led to major changes or rectifications of errors in the course of our history such as I have described it in these 7 volumes

All the scientific or archaeological discoveries made during these 14 years have always confirmed my thesis
None has overturned it

My researches also demonstrated the involvement of events with each other, even if apparently they had no link
So , for example , my researches on Antarctica and Greenland made me discover important additional informations about Nibiru
And many other connections appeared to me during these 14 years that allowed me to document this long history of humanity.

My research
My research were real investigations
As my discoveries completed and proved the merits of my thesis, like if it unfolded a thread that I had to follow
But from time to time the thread stopped there and I wondered how to continue

So from the bottom of my memory came back to me a clue, as if I had known it in the past
And the track found again led me following the logic of my book
Of course for these 7 volumes, it happened a lot of times

I was there
I have often been asked :
But how do you know all this ?
So I answer :
I was there !

Of course, it’s a challenge , though …
It would seem that part of our brain has memories of past times
As Albert Einstein say us :
Nothing is lost, everything is created

Could it be that some of the particles in our brain are containing bases from the past ?
In this case, it is likely that some people have more than others the gift of being able to use this part of the brain
Because just for the record , we only use only about 10% of the possibilities of our brain

Be carefull , it’s not a theory, just a proposition for explanation

Life is to born and to die
Because death is part of life

What makes you live and suddenlly you’re not more ?
Apart from the mechanical process , which is explained, there is a virtual process of which we have almost no idea

We can call this virtual engine that makes us alive :



Author :James Wasserman ; facsimile made by E. A. Wallis Budge
Facsimile of a vignette from the Book of the Dead of Ani. The ba of the deceased Ani hovers over his mummy as it lies on a bier. The unification of ba and corpse depicted here was considered necessary for the survival of the soul after death. At either side are lamps. The ba clutches a shen-ring, symbolizing eternity and protection.
Book published 1994; facsimile created 1890; original artwork created c. 1300 BC
Location : British Museum
Scanned from The Egyptian Book of the Dead:
The Book of Going Forth by Day by James Wasserman et al.
Photo Wikipédia Public Domain : Parrot


As you can see, the Egyptians believed that at death, the soul left the body, carried away by a bird

Wikipedia definition :
The soul, from the Latin anima , “breath, breathing”, is the vital and spiritual principle , immanent or transcendent who animates the body of a living being, human , animal or vegetable

All civilizations or religions , all without exception admit the principle of a soul that leaves the body at the death

The soul has always been a source of questions
From « what is the soul for ? ” or ” who gave us a soul ? ” or ” do animals, plants and fungis have a soul ? ” or ” how heavy weighs a soul ? ”
And many others questions have been asked
It seems that no one could answer it validly

Nanoparticles colonies in DNA
Modern science may be have a response :
It seems that unknown nanoparticles colonize our DNA
These colonies could be detected on living beings
It has also been found that they are absent on these same dead beings

Is it the soul ?
It is still too early to answer by affirmative
But it seems that we are on a track for the answers

This researches and its results, however, give us a serious ethical problem :
Will we be able to manage to capture and master these nanoparticles ?
And remember , the Hopis told us that researching the origin of life was a taboo that should never be transgressed

Of course doing research has always been useful, but we know that the results only benefit to few people, and are quite always (badly) used by the military

In fact I had very few critics who came forward during these 14 years on more than 630 000 visitors to my blogs and the many readers who have acquired my books digital or printed

My answer has always been like that :
Hello sir (or madam), ( always be polite and courteous )
Thank you for taking the time to read me
Do you want to ask yourself these 3 questions :
1 Would you express the same doubts about the correctness of my theory if it had been signed Dr. XYZ, eminent scientist ?
2 What errors or inconsistencies did you find in my theory ?
3 Do you have a better theory to solve this enigma ?

Nobody ever answered me …

The final words
If you had the courage to read the 7 volumes of this saga of researches, you can realize that almost all the secrets of the Earth and our history have been revealed to you
It’s not me who found them, because the answers are there in front of our eyes
I only translated them for you

So it’s time to say goodbye
But this is only a goodbye because my email is always at your disposal for an encouragement, a criticism or to report me a lack or an error

The last time someone reported an error to me , I checked it and he was right
In fact the direction I had taken was not good and let me forget important facts
But once these facts included, the direction to take was effectively where I wanted to go
The shortest distance is not always the best …

My mail :

Best regards ,

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 33 : The infinitely small

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 33 : The infinitely small


Fundamental research
Fundamental research is expensive
But without fundamental research , there can be no applied research
It’s mainly private companies who does applied research because it’s to get a profitable end product
So private companies leave it up to states to do the fundamental research , which is thus paid with taxpayer money

If private companies would agree to share a part of their huge profits for fundamental research , we would advance much faster
It’s always the same pitfall :
Money, money ..

Quantum physics
One of the most important area of fundamental research is quantum physics
Quantum theories describe the behavior in the infinitely small of atoms and particles, unexplained by classical physics

Quantum physics has generated many innovations:
Nuclear energy
Medical Nuclear Magnetic Image
Integrated circuit
Electronic microscope
And so on …

Quantum physics is counterintuitive , that means, it shocks “common sense”
Feynman, quantum physics theorists wrote:
“I think I can say that no one really understands quantum physics ”

The quantum world
The quantum world is limited to the infinitely small but has larger scale implications :
– The value of the energy emitted by an atom during a transition between excited states is only visible on a larger set
– The principle of indeterminacy of Heisenberg prevents the exact simultaneous measurement of two conjugate quantities because it is impossible to obtain a great precision on the measurement of the velocity of a particle without obtaining a bad precision on its position , and vice versa
– Observation has an influence on the system observed because as we have seen during the experiences, a quantum system can modify its state
– The non-positionning or entanglement result that an interaction on the system has an immediate impact on other places, while it did not permit to transfer informations
– Quantum coherence is a “remote influence” that determines the physicochemical reactions of photosynthesis
– Tunneling allows particles to jump over an insulating barrier as can be seen in photosynthesis or with smell receptors which carry electrons out from odorous molecules to distinguish them from very similar molecules
– The wave-particle duality characterizes the light that can behave like a particle, a photon, or as a wave, a radiation

Wave or particle
We realized the following experiment :
We eject a photon as a wave or as a particle, randomly,to a barrier to target which let passes only a wave or a particle, randomly , also activated simultaneously with the starting of the photon
We have seen that the photon always passed !

This is explained by :
The photon is ejected at its speed, speed 1, representing the speed of light, ie 299 792 458 meters per second, generally rounded to 300 000 km per second
The ejected photon sends a « scout » to the target at a minimum speed of 2 so that it can discover a possible obstacle
When the « scout » meets the obstacle, it needs also the time to analyze this obstacle, plus the time to come back to inform the photon
We most then add the time to eventualy change the status of the photon
All this operations therefore requires a speed close to 3
2 and 3 being multiples of the speed of light

According to Relativity Law , the speed of light , in this experiment speed 1, is the maximum speed that can reach all forms of matter or information in the universe as a higher speed will generate a disintegration
In quantum physics , the properties of photons are not affected by this limitation
In quantum physics , superluminal velocity is a reality

Texts have been found saying that matter is composed of elementary particles dated of the 6th century BC. , but their discovery is most likely prior of this date
The study of elementary particles has continued until modern times, notably with Newton , Dalton , Loschmidt , Kelvin, until 1869 with the first periodic table of the elements of Mendeleyev and the symbols of atoms
Then Thomson discovers that atoms are composed of light electrons and massive protons
Rutherford states that the protons are gathered in a nucleus and then was discovered that this nucleus was made up of protons and neutrons

In the 20th century , thanks to nuclear physics and quantum physics , we have discovered nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
We knew then produce one atom out from another , thus realizing the philosopher’s stone, the one that turns lead into gold, but at a much higher cost than the value obtained


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Main Ring and Main Injector as seen from the air
The circular ponds dissipate waste heat from the equipment
Author : Reidar Hahn
Photo Wikipédia Public Domain : Dual Freq , Floriang

With particle accelerators, such as CERN in Switzerland , Tevatron at Fermilab in Chicago and SLAC at Stanford in the USA, we now have a more precise idea of the elementary particles that make up the atoms
Particle accelerators have shown us that atoms are composed of more elementary particles, such as the proton or the neutron , themselves composed of quarks.

Vacuum tank for Fermilab’s 15 foot bubble chamber
The chamber was installed in the Bubble Chamber Building at Fermilab in November 1971 and after retirement moved to this public viewing area in June 2004
Photo Wikipédia Punlic Domain : Svdmolen

Before particle accelerators we used a bubble chamber , a tank containing liquid hydrogen in which bubbles were formed on the trajectory of a particle passing through

The atom is the smallest part of a simple matter
They are the constituents of all solid, liquid or gaseous matter
They are classified in the periodic table of the elements of Mendeleyev
Combined with other atoms they form the molecules , base of matter

They are composed of a nucleus around which gravitate electrons
The nucleus is made up of positive electric charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons
Protons and neutrons are maintained in the nucleus by the nuclear bond , the strong interaction
Electrons stay in orbit around the nucleus by the electromagnetic force
Several atoms can establish chemical bonds with each other thanks to their electrons to form a molecule

Elementary particles
The atoms are made up of subatomic particles, elementary particles which behave according to the laws of quantum physic
We classify them according to their quantum number of spin:
Fermions, which include a half-entire quantum number of spin, which should constitute the matter of the universe
The bosons with an entire quantum number of spin , responsible for the forces acting between the particles

Spin is the kinetic momentum of quantum particles
That is to say the force that makes possible for a particle to turn on orbit
All particles have a spin quantum number of spin between 0 and 2 :
Spin 0: the Higgs boson
Spin 1/2: the electron , the positron (the antiparticle of the electron ) , neutrinos , quarks , etc …
Spin 1: the photon , the gluon ( strong interaction vector ), the bosons ( vectors of weak interaction )
Spin 2: the graviton , hypothetical particle of gravitation vector
Spin 3/2 : The gravitino, not yet confirmed but predicted by the theory of supersymmetry

The fermions have a half-entire quantum number of spin and each fermion has its own antiparticle
Fermions are the basic building blocks of matter
We classify them according to the standard model depending on whether they interact through strong interaction or not

There are twelve elementary fermions:
6 quarks which interact by the strong interaction and 6 leptons which do not interact with the strong interaction

The 6 quarks are called :
Up and Anti-up
Down and Anti-down
Strange and Anti- strange
Charm and Anti-charm
Bottom and Anti- bottom
Top and Anti-top

The 3 leptons are associated with 3 neutrinos according to the standard model and are denominated:
Electron / Positron associated with Neutrino Electronics / Antineutrino Electronics
Muon / Antimuon associated with Muonic Neutrino / Muonic Antineutrino
Tauon / Antimuon associated with Tauon Neutrino / Antineutrino Tauon

In quantum mechanics , a boson is a particle with an entire quantum number of spin
The bosons are mainly :
The Z and W bosons (The 4 gauge bosons of the standard model )
The boson of Higgs
The graviton still theoretical
The mesons
Nuclei with an even mass number such as deuterium , helium 4 or lead 208
The quasi-particles ( Cooper pairs , plasmons and phonons )

The bosons are force vectors and serve as “glue” to bond the matter
The Bose-Einstein statistic implies a low temperature phase transition which generates the superperfluidity of helium 4 and superconductivity.
The bosons tend to aggregate during the processes of interaction between the particles which, when emitted stimulates light , generates a laser

Table of Elemental Particle Families of the Standard Model of Particle Physics
Author : Dr. Eric Simon at French Wikipedia
Photo Wikipedia CC : Bloody- libu ; Magnus Manske

It should be noted that the Quarks were discovered in 1964
But the 6 th Quark, the Top, was only discovered in 1995 and the Higgs boson was only discovered in 2012
That is to say that the researches concerning the elementary particles are not finished and that they reserve us still nice surprises

Carl David Anderson discovers in 1933 the first antiparticle :
The positron , antiparticle of the electron, which is produced by collisions of cosmic rays into the atmosphere
It has an electric charge of +1 as electron is -1 , with the same spin and the same mass as the electron

Laboratory experiments then confirmed the existence of antiparticles for all other particles
The antiparticle has a mass and a spin equal to its particle
The symmetry observed in particle physics between particles and antiparticles allowed the development of the standard model

The physics of particles reveals that the meeting of a particle and its antiparticle annihilates them by emitting a corresponding amount of energy as said by the well-known formula E = mc2

Two hypotheses are currently used to explain the asymmetry between the presence of matter and the virtual absence of antimatter in the universe :
– Antimatter may exist in the distant universe : antigalaxies , antistars , antiplanetes …
– A process of destruction of antimatter took place during the Big Bang explosion and the expansion of the universe has prevented the annihilation of the surviving antimatter

Elementary interactions
The 4 elementary interactions that are responsible for all the physical phenomenas observed in the Universe are:

The strong nuclear interaction that ensures the cohesion of atomic nuclei

The electromagnetic interaction that produces the light , electricity, magnetism , Chemistry , and participating to nuclear fission, and so on …

The weak nuclear interaction that generates radioactivity

The gravitation that causes the mutual attraction of the massive bodies to each other like the terrestrial attraction that holds us to the ground or that generates the tides and that defines the orbit of the planets around the Sun. , and so on …
The vector of gravity is still unknown, but we are moving towards the hypothesis that a particle , the graviton, would do it

The infinitely small and the infinitely large
More we continue our research in space, more we realize that there is still a farther point :
The infinitely big

More we continue our research on the matter, more we realize that there is still a farther point :
The infinitely small
After the molecule, the atom, the electrons and the neutrons, we are now in quarks, leptons, bosons, and so on …

A theory, according to quantum physics, would be that the infinitely small and the infinitely large , could join together and thus form a single circle
But it’s still an hypothetical theory …

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 32 : The black hole

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 32 : The black hole


Second option
Imagine that the human race has disappeared from the the Earth …

Whatever the reason, it does not matter anymore, we can only see the result which happens
Of course, such a cataclysm has not only eradicated humans, it has certainly created ravages also in the fauna and flora and even in the distribution of land and seas

But given its location in the solar system , the Earth is not meant to be a dead planet
It will then have to start a new cycle of life creation
Nature is like us, lazy
So it planned backups throughout the life cycle to start as close as possible to the man, this of course if we are realy on the top of the life chain
The first thing to do, is an observation to identify the remains of living
And from there, life would resume its cycle of evolution up to the human, from the maximum state of life recoverable

We can assume that life has disappeared from the Earth’s surface and that in the seas only the hydrothermal vents remain.
These geysers gush into the ocean trenches at over 3000 meters deep, rich in carbon monoxide , in carbon dioxide , in methan , in hydrogen , in nitrogen , in sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide , create a favorable environment for life
The water heated by the magma springs into the cold water which favors many life forms that feed on sulfur chemistry
Indeed, the waters of hydrothermal vents contain pyrite, iron sulfide, which has the property of attracting organic molecules and so facilitates combinations
Even if we do not have any proof that amino acids can be formed in these fireplaces, researchers were able to to obtain them in laboratory under identical conditions of these ecosystems
And the permanent seeding of molecules coming from space should enrich the founding materials in this environment
See chapter 6

A black smoker known as “the brothers ”
Source : Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA
Photo Wikipedia Public Domain : Gustavocarra

And once the machine of evolution started again, we have only to wait a few hundred thousand years, and the man can then again become the predator of his planet

But in the case of total eradication , it could be that all life has disappeared, both on the land and in the seas
In fact, will there be still seas, or does it take a few hundred thousand years for the liquid water to find its place ?
Because everything starts, and in this case starts again, with the sea
Once the sea is in place, the cycle can begin again :
Creation of the initial soup , and so on …

Fungis have been present on Earth for over a billion years
Without Fungis, there would be no life on the land
Life in the oceans could not come to invade the land that would be made up of desert rocks

The Fungis came to embed themselves on the rocks by degrading them with acid to make a hole to hang on
They then perforated the rocks on all sides with their multiple roots
They thus degraded the rocks to make earth, which allowed the development of the vegetable kingdom
Once the earth was vegetated, the animal kingdom could come from the sea to settle on the continents, until reaching the mammals and the humans

Ecosystem of space
In fact, the Earth is a planet of life
The Earth is perhaps only one planet of life on 1 billion planets, but as we saw in chapter 31, there is in the observable universe at least 40 000 billion of billion planets , so that means it exists in the observable universe a minimum of 40 000 billion planets of life

So we have an ecosystem seeded by the space all the time, as well as oyster milt floating in the ocean and settling on suitable sites to reproduce.

The oysters are hermaphroditic cyclic :
One year on 2 they will be female and the other year male
At the end of the winter when the water temperature exceeds 10° C, they produces gametes that will become ovules or spermatozoids , depending if they are female or male
When water reaches a temperature of 18° C, the oyster female releases between 20 to 100 million ovules and the male releases a larger number of spermatozoids

This very large number of oyster ovules and spermatozoids will be associated to form eggs that will make the water cloudy and the dispersion cycle will be able to start :
Driven by the currents, they will cling to a generally rocky support to settle there
This is of course only valid for those who have survived to predators, that is to say only about 10% of the 1 million eggs produced annually by 2 oysters .

Nature is, as we know, lazy, and when it produced a process which works, it reproduces it
This is how the source of life, the amino acids, are ejected into the ecosystem of space and will be transported by the currents of space until they can be fixed on planets, comets or asteroids
And so, all the planets of life will be seeded permanently

Birth of black holes
When the stars are formed, they are ejected into space to join the space currents
These currents will gather them to form galaxies, as ocean currents form plastic islands with scattered wastes that float on the surface
The aggregation will then maid a considerable pressure on the island or galaxy thus formed:
We can walk at the center of an island of plastic waste

For the galaxies, the pressures towards the center will make collide the stars, planets, and so on …, to form a single celestial object

If we look inside an atom, we realize that the vacuum sheltering the proton around which the electron is orbiting, is considerable
If the Earth represented the proton, the electron would be at a distance equal or greater than that of the Moon
The pressure exerted by the collision of the stars is so great that it will make penetrate in this sidereal vacuum the matter of the stars collided
And this pressure can not empty to the outside because the other stars continue to arrive towards the center

The new celestial object has become a black hole:
The considerable force that interpenetrates the celestial objects creates a gravitational magnet whose force will go on increasing to absorb more and more stars

The black hole
Yes but this life, in the form of amino acids, it must come from somewhere …
The black hole is an excellent candidate for this function


Chandra image of Cygnus X-1.
« Since its discovery in 1964, Cygnus X-1 has been one of the most intensively studied cosmic X-ray sources. About a decade after its discovery, Cygnus X-1 secured a place in the history of astronomy when a combination of X-ray and optical observations led to the conclusion that it was a black hole, the first such identification.
The Cygnus X-1 system consists of a black hole with a mass about 10 times that of the Sun in a close orbit with a blue supergiant star with a mass of about 20 Suns. Gas flowing away from the supergiant in a fast stellar wind is focused by the black hole, and some of this gas forms a disk that spirals into the black hole. The gravitational energy release by this infalling gas powers the X-ray emission from Cygnus X-1.
Although more than a thousand scientific articles have been published on Cygnus X-1, its status as a bright and nearby black hole continues to attract the interest of scientists seeking to understand the nature of black holes and how they affect their environment. Observations with Chandra and ESA’s XMM-Newton are especially valuable for studying the property of the stellar wind that fuels Cygnus X-1, and determining its rate of spin.
This latter research has revealed that Cygnus X-1 is spinning very slowly. This puzzling result could indicate that Cygnus X-1 may have formed in an unusual type of supernova that somehow prevented the newly formed black hole from acquiring as much spin as other stellar black holes. »
Source :
Linked from :
Author NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory
Credits: NASA/CXC
Photo Wikipédia Public Domain : Pine , Marshallsumter

A black hole is a celestial object so compact that the intensity of its gravitational field prevents any form of matter or radiation to escape from it.
It can not emit or diffuse light and so they are black
This means they are invisible

As gravitation is the only effect that can come out of a black hole, the black holes observations could be realized from February 2016 through observations of gravitation waves :
The matter caught by a black hole is heated to very high temperatures before to be swallowed and it emits as a significant amount of X-rays

The white fountain
Yes, but it cannot infinitely absorb everything without ever rejecting anything
So it was hypothesized that the white fountain , or white hole, or the wormhole, as a possible escape from the accretion of black holes

The white fountain , or white hole , is a source of direct emission of matters and radiations issues from the disintegration of celestial objects captured by the black holes
While the wormhole would be a white hole ejecting these matters and radiations into another universe

It is now agreed that these hypothesis are without basis

Quasar :
Quasi-stellar astronomical radiosource
Quasars are the brightest celestial objects in the universe

A quasar is a galaxy formed by a super-massive black hole of a million up to a tens of billions of times the mass of the Sun , and of an accretion disk formed by matter drawn into the black hole and a geyser formed by the ejected gases
The gases jets expelled from accretion by the magnetic field of the black hole reach a velocity close to that of light
The energy of the black hole comes from the friction of the objects captured in the accrétion disc surrounding the black hole

In fact all galaxies have a black hole at their center and are therefore all destined to become quasars once the black hole has absorbed enough material to become a super massive black hole , ie it will be impossible for it to continue to absorb matter without rejecting it

Artist’s impression of quasar GB1508
Source :
Author : NASA
Photo Wikipédia Public Domain : Medium69

In 2006 there were 113,666 quasars detected
The closest to us is about 240 Mpc , about 783 million light-years

The hyper-bright quasar 3C 273 , is in the Virgo constellation, has a magnitude of about 12.9
If it were at a distance of 33 light-years , it would glow for us as much as the Sun which is at 0.00001581 light-years
This means that the luminosity of this quasar is 2 × 1012 times stronger than that of the Sun.
To create such a luminosity , a black hole super massive consumes 10 stars per year
The brightest quasars are known to absorb 1000 solar masses per year

We still have a lot to discover about quasars, because there are many hypothetical theories about them
But they are far from being confirmed, especially since they will have to offer a coherent model to the functioning of space.

The seed of life
We do not know the nature of the matters or radiation ejected by the quasars
What is sure , however , is that they absorb everything in their path, which almost inevitably includes planets of life

Knowing that space contains life in the form of amino acids that are distributed by the currents of space and objects like comets and meteorites, it seems coherent to think that these amino acids come from the ejections of the quasars

The massive black hole thus enlarges with the matter of these planets and rejects the amino acids with the gases and radiations that will seed the space and thus continue the process of living

The fate of the quasars
When the quasar has eaten all planets and celestial objects of its galaxy, there will remain only a super massive black hole that will float in the currents of space until joining a new galaxy
He will then enter this galaxy and collide with its black hole to form a super massive black hole even bigger

And so on , all the space will be eaten and gathered into a super big black super massive hole and at the final and last collision it will explode to create a new big bang

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 31 : The Universe

Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 31 : The Universe


Space travels
For travels , both in space and on the road, a map is needed, whether on paper or digital or interactive with a GPS
Regarding space, we have already built a good part of its mapping as you will see in the next paragraphs

We only miss the car …

To travel in space, it is good to know the distances we have to travel
Usually we measure distances in astronomical units or in light years, but for the most distant points we utilise parsec

The astronomical unit , AU, roughly corresponds to the distance between the Earth and the Sun which is about 150 million kilometers
It is mainly used to express the distances between the planets of the solar system

A light-year is equal to the distance traveled by light during one year , or about 9 461 billion kilometers , which is often rounded to 10 000 billion kilometers or 0.3 parsec
The light-year is used as soon as we move away from the solar system

A parsec is about 3,085 677 581 × 1016 m or about 30 000 billion km
A parsec is about 206 265 astronomical units
A parsec is about 3.2616 light-years
We use the parsec from the Local Group

But from there, we need a larger unit of distance and considering that the difference between 1 light-year and 1 parsec is very low, we use more generally :
A Kpc for kiloparsec or 1000 parsecs
A Mpc for mégaparsec or 1 million parsecs
A Gpc for gigaparsec or 1 billion parsecs

The Milky Way
The Milky Way , our galaxy, is a barred spiral galaxy with a diameter of about 100 000 to 120 000 light-years
That is to say about 1 200 000 000 000 000 000 km or 1.2 billion of billion km

It is composed by 200 to 400 billion stars and at least 100 billion planets

The solar system is at about 27 000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way
At its center there is a radio source , Sagittarius A, which includes Sagittarius A *, which is probably a super massive black hole

The oldest stars of the Galaxy , as HE 1523-0901 , the oldest star of the Milky Way , are 13.2 billion years old
The galaxy travels at a speed of about 600 km/s , or 2 160 000 km per hour

Our cluster of galaxies designated by Local Group , is part of the supercluster of the Virgin
We do not yet know exactly the speed of movement of the Virgo supercluster but we could measure the speed of collision between 2 superclusters at 3 300 km by second, which suggests that the speed of movement of a supercluster is around 1650 km/s or 5 940 000 km per hour

Our universe


Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone



Solar System
Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone

The solar system
In the center, the Sun, near the center, the Earth


Solar Interstellar Neighborhood
Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone

Our stars close to us
In the center, the solar system (Sun)

Milky Way
Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone

Our galaxy, the Milky Way
On the left, down, in the middle between the nucleus and the end of the arms of the galaxy, the point represents the solar system

Local Galactic Group
Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone

Our galaxies cluster or Local Group
Near the center on the left , the Milky Way and , just a little further to the right , the Andromeda galaxy, our neighbor galaxy

Virgo Supercluster
Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone

Our galaxies superclusters , the Virgo supercluster
Near the center, slightly higher, our Local Group

Local Superclusters
Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone

Our galaxies superclusters close to us
In the center, our galaxy supercluster , the Virgo supercluster

Observable Universe
Photo Wikipedia CC : Author Andrew Z. Colvin and NASA
Colorization by Douglas Moonstone

Our universe , the one we are able to observe
In the center, our galaxy supercluster , the Virgo supercluster

From top to bottom, the cylinders fit together :
The Earth into the solar system
Then into the nearby stars
Then into the Milky Way
Then into the local galaxies cluster
Then into the Virgo supercluster
Then into the neighbour superclusters
Then into the observable Universe

And how bi gis our observable universe compared to the Universe :
10 % ?
90 % ?
Lot of questions are still without answer …

The diameter of this observable Universe is about 100 million light-years.
It contains more than 100 billion of galaxies composed by a minimum of 7 × 1022 stars and so a minimum of 4 × 1022 of planets

Just a little reminder 7 × 1022 and 4 × 1022 correspond to :
70 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 or 70 000 billion of billion stars and
40 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 or 40 000 billion of billion planets

How can we believe that life only exists on Earth …
As we know today that it is the space that has seeded life on Earth
So there is necessarily life on other planets among these 40 000 billion of billion planets, but not necessarily in the same form as our

The Universe
The age of the Universe is estimated at 13.82 billion years with an uncertainty of 0.02 billion years , age confirmed by the Planck satellite observations

The Universe is infinite
Indeed, we are currently stopped in its observation by our technological limits
But as it is proved that it does not stop there, he is, for us , infinite, although infinity does not exist
Simply we are not able to see further

For once scientists agree that superclusters are the largest entities in our universe
They also found that the superclusters were moving towards a « big attractor »
They also agree that the Universe is flat

All that proves that the model of the Universe is a « sausage universe »
When the Universe will have completed its expansion, it will retract up to a point where once it reaches the maximum compression , it will become the big bang of a new universe

Douglas Moonstone drawing

As our universe has not completed its expansion, this new big bang is therefore not expected before its 14 billion years age
So let’s take advantage of the millions of years we still have to live …

And yet it turns …
“E pure si muove! “Said Galilée in 1633 after being forced to recant his theory that it is the Earth that revolves around the Sun and not the contrary

Earth turns on itself at a speed of about 1700 km per hour at the equator and 1100 km per hour in Paris
The Earth travels in orbit around the Sun about 29.8 km per second , or 107 000 km per hour
The Sun moves in the Milky Way at a speed of about 239 km per second or 860 400 km per hour
The Milky Way is traveling at a speed of about 627 km per second , or 2 257 200 km per hour
The Virgo supercluster moves at a speed of about 1650 km per second or 5 940 000 km per hour

That means we are on a disc which travels at 5 940 000 km per hour , on which we move at 2 257,200 km per hour , on which we move at 860 400 km per hour , on which we move at 107 000 km per hour , on which we move at 1 100 km per hour more

As we sit quietly in our chair watching television, we are moving at almost 10 million km per hour
And like when we watch a movie in a plane which travels at 1000 km per hour, we do not even feel it …

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 30 : Space travels

Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 30 : Space travels


Travel in space in the near future will become a necessity
In order to achieve them, we will need to have appropriate technology
For now, as the main concern is still the search for profitability, this technological advance is slow and scattered
Despite all that , it advance

So when the movement will become faster, the new discoveries will be able to come together to form a real field of activity and quickly bring fantastic results.

Yep, even in space, you have to feed !
It is relatively easy to accept be fed with synthetic food specially made by great chiefs for our astronauts, because it is for a limited time
Moreover it costs a fortune and it would not be possible to support this cost on large quantities and in the duration

Many experiments are under way, and we are no longer very far from convincing results for an autarkic agriculture thanks to the recycling, in sufficient quantity and of nutritive quality adapted
The inventiveness of space cook chiefs will do the rest

The air is :
78.08% nitrogen
20.95% oxygen
0.97% of rare gases

To live we need air
This air is necessary for us because we consume its oxygen
But once this oxygen, fuel for our body , is burned, we return carbon dioxide
Life in a vacuum place also releases methane and other gases

It will then be necessary to recycle the atmosphere of the vessel or the station permanently by sucking the more or less poluated air and restoring breathable gas
This « air conditioner »We know how to do it
Moreover photosynthesis of our autarkic agriculture participates to do it also

But there will always be ultimate waste and therefore automatically a lack of raw material that we will have to refuel during stopovers
In fact our technology will have to be able to do this recycling in autonomy as long as possible to be able to go further and further

Water itself is not a problem :
Just take enough
But then, more water is more weight …
And all the problems that ensue

Then you must apply an effective recycling to obtaiun the smallest possible loss
We are already very successful in this area, but we can and must do even better

On the other hand , as we know (almost ) extract the water from the rocks, we just have to stop over on any rocky planet to restock ourselves
Just as we did on the islands on the past time of the sailing navy

The recycling did not concern only air and water, all what is used in the ship or the space station must be recycled as close up to 100%
The problem of our waste on Earth has already brought us to a good level of recycling , but still insufficient for our future trips in space

But on this subject, I remain confident, we will be able in time to ensure the necessary retraining , because the scarcity of raw materials on the Earth will more and more impose us a mandatory recycling

Spare parts
For them , we are almost ready :
There is no need to carry spares parts !

Today, in the field of aviation, all complicated parts are no longer manufactured by machining, welding, and so on …
They are manufactured by the latest models of the most powerful 3D printers

A piece of printed titanium will weigh 30 to 50% of the weight it would have had if it had been machined
It will be manufactured with a precision never reached
All you need is programs and titanium powder

To arrive to a minimal loss of ultimate waste , it will be sufficient to carry with all the software plans of spare parts, a minimum of powders to manufacture
We need also to created a machine in which the used parts will be transformed in powders of the different components

So we will be able to repair and hold until the next step to make major repairs and get supplies of powders

Ultimate waste
At each step, a storage and processing of the various ultimate waste generated at each trip of all types of space vehicles , must be installed
They will have to be added to those of the station or of the planet

To avoid to be a dangerous and endless storage , it would be good to tackle this problem vigorously now.
It is certainly possible to extract energy and raw materials from this ultimate waste , because even at a high price, it will always be cheaper than the havoc they could cause.

So it is necessary to change the mentality of profit-makers who make money by not solving the problem, as the disadvantages will happen later, when they will not be here to see
They should think that it is their own children who will suffer of it

I have already revealed everything to you in the chapter 25 of EARTH IS THE AIM 3, The Dissolution of Gods
So I put you here just an excerpt :

The quantities of gold in question are simply HUGE!
Just remember that the Romans have brought back 160 tons!
Very kindly ceded by the Dacians
And these 160 tons, 160,000 kg of pure gold, are only the remains abandoned by Lilith …
It is unthinkable to believe that such huge quantities of gold could have been taken into space by the Edenists
It also now seems more than likely that gold jewelry is only a tiny part of their use
Gold is neither money nor decorative metal in its main use, for the Edenists
It must be transformed for another use …
And there naturally, it comes to mind the orichalcum of the Atlanteans
Etymologically, orichalcum, means gold and limestone or chalk, in Greek, the language of Plato, who tells us about it in his Critias …

If we consider that the orichalcum is a material intended for use in space, we see mainly one function, insulation:
The biggest danger of traveling in space are the radiations …
Once out of the protection of the Earth’s magnetic shield, we are exposed to radiations of particles of the size of a micron, traveling at speeds approaching that of light, which pass through almost everything and which can cause irremediable damage to equipment and men …
Gold has the particularity to have an important insulating power and an incomparable capacity of stretch , to be able to be so thin as near the size of microns
With our technology we will be able to make gold leaf panels overlaying a lime-based honeycomb structure
These panels combine lightness, rigidity and insulation against radiations, particles, waves, extreme temperatures, and so on …
The major disadvantage remains the fragility of these panels against shocks and tears
This means a significant consumption of these panels to ensure space travel and to ensure the replacement of damaged panels at each stopover
And so an important quantity of gold is needed …

So for the protection against radiations, no big technical problems
The only BIG problem is that central banks will have to give for space navigation their beautiful gold stocks …

It goes without saying that going into space also means taking the risk of bad encounters
But there, no problem :
Men had ever been able to invent the most terrifying and effective weapons
And the balance of terror has always been the policy of the leaders

This time I refer you to EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , The Gods of Eden and China, Part 2, Chapter 2 : The UFOs
You will read that the flying saucers, shuttles of spaceships, are near to be developed and will work with an MHD engine:
To finalize the manufacture of these saucers, the next big step will be to obtain superconducting materials at ambiant temperature.

Research dating back to 2016 has shown that these materials exist and that they could maintain this state up to temperatures of more than 100° Celsius or much more
We even talk about 600°
Such performances seemed simply unthinkable in 2004 !

Once performed we will then only have to solve the problems of miniaturization and adapted materials
But we have not to forgot the human problem :
To adapt cabin pressurization so that the interior of the saucer remains at a constant maximum pressure of less than 4g and that the increase or decrease of the pressure be slow enough to be supported by the human body

The construction of huge vessels can be done thanks to a workforce almost completely robotic
On the other hand, it will have to be done directly on an orbit calculated to solve gravity problems so that it can easily leave its starting point.

As for their architecture, there is no doubt that the imagination of man will be able to adapt aesthetic design and efficiency for life on board, the transport of passengers or goods as for travel, with profiling adapted to the mode of locomotion

This is the technological point from which we are farthest :
We need an efficient motorization to take off from the parking orbit to reach a space current , then able to train us at a speed higher than that of the normal rotation of the chosen orbit , then to allow us to separate from it to join a new current , and so on …
It is also necessary that the energy used by this engine does not cost us extra weight

We should be able to manufacture this engine thanks to nuclear fusion , knowing that it will only allow speeds below that of light

For displacements outside the solar system , we will have to reach superluminic speeds, that is to say much higher than 300 000 km per second
Today it is still pure science fiction, but tomorrow ?
Today, what we know that it is necessary and that it is possible
Then the intelligence of man will succeed to perform it

Despite the irrational opposition it provokes, it is nuclear energy that is the most efficient, the least polluting and the most transportable in terms of weight and quantity of fuel required

What is problematic, as usual, is profit and profitability :
To reach maximal profits, we neglect the security
It would, however, be so easy to implement research into the safety of nuclear infrastructures and thus get out of our cheap and archaics energy centrals

Similarly , research should be undertaken to use the fuel up to the last drop and thus minimize the amount of ultimate waste

Of course, but that costs money, and so it would be less profitable !

As for the nuclear fusion , the research wil last 100 years or more
Since the research really did not start until around 1980, the FIRST results are not to waited until 2080 …

While researchers have said it well :
If we had the necessary financial means , research would be completed in less than 20 years
And what they do not say , but think aloud :
It would be necessary that the BIG QUANTITY of directors, not really competent, but very boosted and too well paid, which devours a large part of the budget, to be replaced by FEW competent, efficient and normally remunerated directors
But that too , it is a recurrent evil of our society …

Frozen passengers
Leaving ir our solar system means, even at superluminous speeds, a very very long travel time

Legends have taught us that the longevity of the gods could reach 3 000 years and that their normal life time was of 1 000 years
They also confirmed to us that to go into space, a medical treatment was necessary :
Pill, apple, powder or drink, according to epoch and ethnicity
They also confirmed to us that to go into space, it was necessary to die in order to be able to be resuscitated on arrival and that on arrival the human body was soft and devoid of muscular mass.
All this confirms a technique of freezing and thawing

Going into space does will not mean that life will be prolonged from 1 000 to 3 000 years, but that we can live 1 000 years into a duration of 3 000 years
That is to say to pass 2 000 years, not necessarily consecutive, to be freezed
This means that for a long journey, the majority of passengers will be frozen for the duration of the trip and that the crew will be awakened for their one hundred year duty watch , for example

Immortality being a lucrative market , many studies are underway and will eventually lead to effective freezing technology
It is evident that the current « frozen people » , dead or alive will not come back to life, as freezing techniques are not yet enough developed

On a first step , once the technology will be efective , we can consider that « frozen people » frozen alive , can be cured of his diseases after thawing thanks to medical progresses made

Corsairs and pirates

jolly roger.jpg
Jolly Roger flag
Photo Wikipedia CC : Liftarn , E d

The unknown space is and will necessarily be furrowed by corsairs or pirates
There is no reason that has furrowed all the seas of the globe since the beginning of the time, and even today , not to be reproduced in space

It will then be necessary to have developed technics of communications to understand each other, and especially to make others understand that it is better for them to make friend-friend
For that it will be necessary to be able to show efficient weapons, because in these no man lands , there is only the force which can convince these buccaneers to let us navigate quietly

And besides we will always have to learn from their experiences in space

Obsolete technology
Our researchers are developing a data storage on DNA :
We will thus be able to save the TOTALITY of the datas of the whole WORLD for one year in a space of less than half a cubic meter …
This proves the vitality of our research and of what we , men, are able to accomplish

But even if we are discovering higher technology on a high speed , all the technologies that I quote you , will be obsolete once we will travel in space
That is likely, as otherwise our technology would be insufficient to survive

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 29 : Space conquest

Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 29 : Space conquest

Space conquest
Hopis told us :
“The Atlanteans … also studied other planets and they even went there, but since they were dead planets, they could not live there. They had to stay on our old Earth. ”
All legends from all countries tell us that space was the playground of our ancestors

We have now followed the evolution of Man since 550 000 years, and although it has evolved technologically, despite phases of significant regressions, he did not changed its mind :
He’s still a savage
Today his weapon is money :
Money is the human predator

Of course, we would have been since long time much further and much faster with the conquest of space, but :
It costs money …
In fact, to make it happen , it has to be profitable

So, when it will be profitable, we will put the necessary means and we will take off
Yes, but for where ?
Where it will be profitable !

The moon
Our ancestors went there
But for now, we do not find their traces, but we have yet explored only a few acres
Perhaps we will find a base on its hidden side, if the use of this face facilitates the departures and thus becomes more profitable

Moon is the ideal place for a spaceport , thanks to its gravity of 6.04 times less than on the Earth
Tomorrow’s space trips will therefore include Earth-Moon shuttles with departures for all space destinations
These trips will be less costly and then be more profitable

The costs will also be lightened thanks to the resources of the Moon :
Water extracted from the lunar rocks
Energy made on site
Agricultural products grown and processed on site

Rocky Planets
There is no question of landing on the Sun or any other star
Our destination will be then be for a planet
There are mainly two kinds of planets :
Rocky planets
Gaseous planets

Still for profitability, our first destinations will be for rocky planets
Indeed it is the ideal destination to create gigantic mining sites for extraction of rare minerals and thus expensive ones and without any environment obligation

And more of that we will be able to implant prisons there
In addition to a very cheap labor cost , it will restore some security on Earth while giving more space to inhabitants
We will have reinvented the prison islands

And if there is not enough manpower , the convictions for the prison will be as down as forbidden parking …
And of course once you get there , no hope of return
I told you that the man was still savage …

Gaseous planets
As its name suggests it , a gaseous planet is made of gas
So there is no question of laying a base on its surface, unless we have a technology that we are still very far from having , because cheaper solutions exist

The most easy solution, will be to put on orbit a spatial base or if it is possible to build a base on a rocky moon if the planet has one

We will then be able to harvest gas, which will be sources of energy
We can even consider an Earth-Planet X route like that :
A shuttle Earth-Moon and after that there will be stops relays on bases of recovery of energy of gaseous planets , like fuel stations on the highway

Sacrificed planets
Further down on the scale of profitability, we find sacrificed planets
They are the planets for which we will not have found any other profitable utility
So they will serve as a landfill for the ultimate waste
That’s why it will be a planet close to the Earth :
Venus and Mars seem good candidates

An autonomous transporter spaceship , that is to say completely roboticly managed , will approach the limit of the gravitational pull of the planet and then open the bunker for sprinkling the waste to the surface, such as trucks that empty their waste into open dumps
The ultimate waste fearing cold temperature will be thrown on Venus and those fearing hot temperature on Mars

It is better to sort because the trip to Venus is less costly
But if there are mines to exploit on Mars or Venus, no doubt, they will find the way to do both
Why not in a desire to preserve the environment fill the holes of the mines with the ultimate waste …

Colonies Planets
Again lower in the scale of profitability, we arrive at the colonies planets
These are the planets on which it will be possible to live
But it will take a minimum of terra formation to install human settlements and thus will lower overpopulation on Earth

But before the planet becomes self-sufficient, it will need help from the mother-planet
And when it reaches self-sufficiency , they will ask their independence …

But it will generate tourism and profitable futures exchanges

Sirius B
Sirius is also called Alpha Canis Majoris
This star is ituated at 8.6 light-years
Sirius is currently a binary star with Sirius A and Sirius B
The existence of Sirius C, knowed by the Dogons, is possible but has not yet been officially discovered

In EARTH IS THE AIM 3, Dissolution of Gods, Dogons have taught us that it is probably on a planet orbiting around Sirius B or C that the interstellar base of the edenists can be probably found
As the Edenists preferred to live on the Earth, it is why this planet is probably only a relay station

In view of its proximity and the interest of what can be discovered, it is likely that Sirius will be one of the first scheduled destination in the phase of discovery of the conquest of space

On this map from International Astronomical Union, you can see Sirius, the very bright star, down, in the center
You can also see Orion, with the 3 kings, on the left of which is Alnitak
If you draw a line from Alnitak towards South-East , you will find Sirius and inversely , drawing a line to the Northwest , you will find Aldébaran in the Taurus


IAU Orion chart of 5th June 2011
IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg)
Photo Wikipédia CC : Kxx

Alnitak , or Zeta Orionis , located at 800 light-years , is the East star at the left of the Orion Belt formed with Alnilam and Mintaka
Alnitak Aa, Ab , A2 and B are confirmed
Alnitak C is possible , but not yet confirmed

The three stars aligned forming the Belt of Orion are called :
The « Three Kings » or « The Three Magi » or « The Three Maria » or « The belt » or « The Line » or « The Golden Seeds » or « The Nuts » or « Al Mīzān al Ḥaqq » or « The Weighing Beam » or « The Three Star Manor »

It’s on a planet orbiting around Alnitak A , B or C, that is probably the interstellar base of Atlanteans as we have seen in previous volumes
That is why it will be a very interesting destination , but since it is 100 times farther from us than Sirius, it will be necessary at that moment to have made very great technological progress , that is to say that the space adventure has made enough profit to be able to make the necessary investments

Towards a profitable future reasoned ?
I do not think I’m systematically jaded, but we must recognize that the nature of the Man is such that it is really difficult to advance without meeting the blocking by the private interest of the super-rich people

I advise you to see or review the movie 2012, co-written and directed by Roland Emmerich , released in 2009
It illustrates very well the power of the money that comes first on all other thing , even during the worst disasters

But despite all a slight glimmer of hope appears :
At the beginning of the 21st century , 2 super-rich people , yet mature, tryed to erase some of their negative impacts on the planet with targeted remedial actions
The virus is now there and maybe it will spread to contaminate 30 to 60% of this population of super-rich people
If this stage is reached, then the planet will be much better and we will be able to live in a profitable but reasoned future

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