EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 21 : Antarctica

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 21 : Antarctica

The ancient Greeks say that Earth is a symmetric sphere with a balance point on each side of the equator
The Arctic, in Greek Arktikos is the opposite of Antarctica , antarktikós , ant meaning opposite and arktos meaning bear, according to the constellation indicating the north, the Little Dipper

Antarctica is covered by ice of a thickness of an average of 1.6 km
It was discovered in 1820 by the Russian expedition of Mikhail Lazarev and Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen
Thanks to the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 and the Madrid Protocol of 1991, military activities are banned there and the exploitation of mineral resources is reserved for scientific purposes, but in reality it’s mostly why their harvest would not be profitable

In winter, the the Antarctica ice extends up to 800 km from the shore and icebergs float up to 800 km from the coast
Antarctica has the lowest temperature of the planet with -93.2 ° C
The continent holds about 90 % of the Earth’s ice, or 70% of the world’s fresh water

Source :
Author : NASA Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio
Public Photo Domain

If all the Antarctica ice melted , the sea levels would rise by 61 m
In a near future, today’s melting could accelerate on a non- linearly spead much faster than we are told
By 2100 the warming could be comparable to what it was about 120 000 to 130 000 years ago

NASA released in May 2014 that fast melting of West Antarctic ice sheet seems to be in a state of an irreversible decline and nothing can stop this melting of glaciers :
40 years of observation of the six largest glaciers in the Amundsen Sea indicate that these glaciers “have passed the point of no return”
They are responsible for the rise of the sea level , as Annually they releasing nearly so much ice as Greenland and they are melting faster than expected

Antarctica territories claimed
Several nations have issued territorial claims on Antarctica, because in 2048, the Antarctic Treaty will be discussed again, but even earlier if necessary …
At present there are 7 registered national claims : Chile , Argentina , United Kingdom, Australia , France, Norway, and New Zealand
But Japan has already submitted a claim and the USA and Russia have reserved the right to submit a claim
Brazil said that the area between 53° W and 28° W is “an area of interest”
Germany abandoned its claim

In Antarctica , any scientific mission can be installed anywhere
The territory used becomes then an integral part of the mission country
Foreign bases like those of China , from South Africa , Japan, of USA , Russia, Finland, Poland, Uruguay, India, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Ecuador, Belgium, Norway, Ukraine, or by associations such as the French-Italian Concordia base or Australia-Romania Law- Racoviţă base , were thus able to be installed even in the sectors which are claimed

Antarctica map
CIA World Factbook PDF
Photo Wikipedia Public Domain : Ras67 , RaviC , Sasha Krotov

Sector of Marie Byrd Land
Only the sector of Marie Byrd Land , in the Amundsen sea, between 158° W and 103° 24′ W, has not been claimed and has no scientific bases
Yet it is the most interesting sector , archaeologically

Indeed, as we will see later , this sector during the period when the Earth has tilted , towards -100 000 to about -4 000 , is the one which was closest to the equator and therefore was an ice-free land
Moreover , it was the nearest land to Mu, before the continent sinked towards -40 000 , and there is quite sure lemurs came settle there
This is the place where we will find archaeological remains of permanent human presence in Antarctica

The discoveries that will be made will confirm the theory of tilting of the Earth, because despite all its proven consequences, the official scientists have not yet acquired the openness necessary to consider it
Just as they have found to oppose to that if it were so, it would be in contradiction with Darwin’s theory of evolution, which would then be false
They did not have the idea that the theory of evolution is not in question, but that it was their theory of the appearance of the relatively evolved man , which was totally false
Because before -6,000 , that is to say at the end of the Stone Age, their theory says that man was closer to the animal than to man and before this date could never be evoluted , and no civilization could exist

Yet it is now proven that Neanderthals leaved already towards -500 000 , in villages and cities as well as they praticed ritual burial
But they also had in -500 000 , writing, mathematics, management and logistics and as the Greeks told us, around -490 000, astronomy and astrology …

Cartography of Antarctica

Topography of the bedrock under the Antarctic ice sheet
Source :
Author NASA Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio
Photo Public Domain

This photo made by NASA with advanced technological means, the Antarctic without ice, allows us to realize the accuracy of old maps

Recall that Antarctica was not discovered until 1820 and that all the old maps that represent this continent date back to the 16th century or before, and they are described as maps being COPIES dated of Alexander the Great , 4 centuries before our era , or before …

Piri Reis Map
Piri Reis , Turkish Admiral, says he has compiled eight ancient Greek charters , transmitted since the time of Alexander the Great
The maps of Piri Reis represent Europe and Africa with incredible precision at a time when calculating the longitude was not known
He had certainly had access to the secret archives of the Egyptian and Muslim priests

On his maps you can see the Andes and a lama then unknown for Europeans
Two large islands are also drawn above the Equator line that have sunk and which
correspond to the underwater plateau located under St. Peter and St. Paul islands
But also Antarctic islands , currently covered with ice that were only discovered in 1958
The coast of Queen Maud land is mapped as it could be free of ice only 4000 years BC
According to geologists, this coastline remained ice-free for at least 9,000 years before it was covered by the ice cap

piri reiss 1513
Piri Reis Map – 1513
Photo Wikipedia Public Domain : Foobaz , Nico- dk

Christopher Adam , Cartographer at the University of Cambridge , tells us :
“One of the most astonishing maps in history is the Turkish admiral Piri Reis map in 1513 AD, which shows on the map the coastline of Antarctica. What is most fascinating about this map is that it shows the Antarctic coastline … without ice. How is this possible when images of the Antarctic subglacial shoreline have only been seen for the first time after the development of a ground-mapping radar in 1958? ”
“A slight polar shift or displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth in ancient times is perhaps the only rational explanation that comes to mind, but we certainly need to do more research before to concluded whatever it is »

Professor Hapgood wrote in 1966 in ” Maps of the ancient sea kings ” :
“It seems that highly accurate geographical information has been transmitted from one people to another. These maps, in all likelihood, were compiled by an unknown people and bequeathed to other civilizations ”
“Most of these maps concerned the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Some represented the American continent, as well as the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. As incredible as it may seem, we have evidence that an ancient people explored Antarctica when this continent was still free of ice.
It is clear that this people had a technology far superior to that of the peoples of antiquity, from the Middle Ages up to the second half of the 18th century.
His book was prefaced and supported by Albert Einstein

Orontius Fineus map

Nova, et integra universi orbis descriptio , Orontius Fineus , 1531.
Library of Congress Geography and Map Divison Washington, DC . , USA
Map of Antarctica : Public Domain

The map of Oronce Fine ( Oronteus Finaeus ) dated 1531, shows ice- free Antarctica , with rivers and mountain ranges that perfectly match the maps of the Earth’s surface UNDER the ice cap
With the ionium dating method , US researchers have established that large rivers flowed in Antarctica up to 6000 BC
The date of the formation of the ice cap is also confirmed by the glacial sediment which begun to settle on the bottom of the Ross Sea that from that date
Core drilling tells us that a warm climate prevailed for nearly 10 millennia before this date

Francesco Rosselli map
Francesco Rosselli, 1445 – 1513, Italian miniature painter and map engraver
Towards 1480 , he made maps for Matthias the 1st of Hungary
Upon his return to Florence , he opens a shop to sell his engravings
Its world map of 1508 represents the ice- free Antarctic

Mapamundi of proyección oval . 1508. Museo Marítimo Nacional of Greenwich
Photo wikipedia Public Domain

Other maps
The Piri Reis map of 1513 is not unique
In addition to the maps of Oronteus Fina from 1531 , of Francesco Rosselli from 1508, there are many other maps from the 16th century showing the Antarctic with more or less details, but mostly showing the continent ice free
We can cite :
The Carta do Mundo of Mercator in 1569
The map of the Typus Orbis Terrarum Atlas directed by Abraham Ortelius from 1570
The map of America used by Amerigo Vespucci representing South America separated from Antarctica
And so on …

All these cards prove a map achieved during several millennia between -13 000 to -4 000

History of Antarctica
Towards -120 000 , at the end of the 3rd world and at the early 4th Hopi world, Nibiru passage near the Earth caused the tilt of the Equator , see previous chapters

Antarctica was then 3000 km North and so much near the Equator
During this period, Marie Byrd Land was at the current latitude of Buenos Aires
As I have already shown in Volume 1, I show you below the drawing of the current position and the tilted position of the Equator

Douglas Moonstone drawing
Map background :

The tilting of the Earth caused the Würm glaciations
However during the interglacial periods , the lands become ice-free and the temperature was acceptable for agriculture, resulting in human occupation
But given its geographical position at 3 000 km North, even during the ice ages, the North of the Marie Byrd Land remains habitable, the South being caught by ice

Terraforming during the 4th World
Around -120 000 Nibiru approaches the Earth
With its size 1272 times more massive than Earth and despite its passage at about a hundred million kilometers from our planet, its magnetic field has no harm in snapping ours and reversing our magnetic poles
That is moreover confirmed in the legends of China and those of Hopis

The off-axis Earth rocks and chaotically orients which causes the Würm glaciations
Researchers comparing Antarctic temperature variations with sunstroke , believe that the intensity of interglacial periods is caused by variations in obliquity and precession
This defines exactly the chaotic orbital behavior of Earth, due to the tilting of the Earth

From -120 000, beginning of Würm, the chaotic movements of the Earth will cause massive floods for millennia
Towards -80 000, Hopis arrived in South America, and will be able to move to the North because the drying up is in progress and they can not remain in the South because the temperatures fall gradually
Towards -70 000 and up to -50 000 , we are entering into ice age
Towards -50 000 to -30 000 it will be an interglacial period
From -30 000 to -20 000 it will be an ice age
The glacial peak of Würm will then be reached towards -20 000
From -20,000 , the temperature will gradually increase until todays

Towards -19 000 arrived the Edenists who are surprised to see the Earth in this state and who will therefore have to repair it , see EARTH IS THE AIM 1, Gods of Eden and China

This is what the Bible tells us for the first 6 days
1 day worth 2156 years, that is to say from -19 404 to -6 467 :

Day 1 : Let there be light! And there was light. God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.
It was necessary to stabilize the axis of the Earth to find again a correct daily cycle

Day 2 : God separated the waters below the expanse from the waters above the expanse. God called the expanse sky.
On the second day , they will separate the waters and thus restore the balance of the waters:
On the planet a big ocean and above a cloudy mass

Day 3 : God called the dry land Earth, and he called the gathered waters Seas. Then God said, Let the Earth produce green, grass bearing seed, fruit trees yielding fruit after their kind, and having their seed in them on the Earth.
After the drying up of the land, it was necessary to restore the flora

Day 4 : God made the two great lights, the greatest light to rule the day, and the smallest light to preside over the night; he also made the stars.
They released the Earth from the clouds that darkened it

Day 5 : God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, within the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind; he also created every winged bird after his kind.
They had to restore all the marine and flying fauna

Day 6 : God made the animals of the earth after their kind, the cattle after his kind, and all the creeping things of the earth after their kind.
The Edenistes identify land animals which survived to the ice age and give them the necessary boost for rehabilitation
Including for Homos !
Because homineans are considered by Edenists as animals!
More exactly like the most advanced monkeys

Towards -4 000 Atlanteans arrived since -6 580, tilt the Earth , see EARTH IS THE AIM 2, The Atlantean Gods
This will restore the right position of the axes of the Earth
Antarctica is then placed again at the South pole, which causes the ice sheet
Antarctica will again be completely covered with ice towards – 3000

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 20 : Continent’s dirty dancing

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 20 : Continent’s dirty dancing



Pangaea map , with names of the continents
Photo Wikipedia CC : Kieff

Pangaea means in ancient Greek « all the lands »
It is the German meteorologist and astronomer Alfred Wegener who discovered and named in 1912 the continent formed by almost all the lands glued together, towards 300 million years ago

His theory was rejected by the geologists of this period
Around 1968 , 56 years later, geophysicists Dan Mc Kenzie , William Jason Morgan , Robert Parker , Xavier Le Pichon and John Wilson prove the theory of continental drift by ocean floor expansion and plate tectonic

Pangea was formed by the collision of supercontinents Protogondwana and Laurussia , thereby forming Panthalassan, the ocean which surrounds it and Tethys , the ocean located at the East in its inner hollow

Tectonic plates
Towards 1960 begins the study of the ocean which made discover the mid-océan wrinkles of the Atlantic ocean
We can then note that basalts has been formed together on both sides of the Mid- Atlantic Ridge
The expansion and then the subduction of this crust formed in the ridge , confirm the drift of continents

GPS confirms today that the speed of continents movement is a few centimeters per year

A great breakthrough will occur with the discovery of paleomagnetism :
In 1963 , Morley, Vine and Matthews discover the magnetic streaks of the Atlantic seabed
They determine that their orientations are the memory of the Earth’s magnetic field
Ferrous particles are trapped along the magnetic field in orientation lines into the lava during its cooling

Since the needle of a compass deviates according to the latitude of the place because it follows the lines of the magnetic field , the magnetization thus indicates the direction of the magnetic pole and the latitude of the rock at the time when it was formed



The breakup of Pangea up to their present-day positions
This Dynamic Earth : The Story of Plate Tectonics
United States Geological Survey , Author s :
Kious , Jacquelyne ; Tilling , Robert I .; Kiger , Martha, Russel, Jane .
Wikipedia photo : Public Domain

From Vaalbara up to Amasia
The geological data we have now correspond to the hypothesis of Canadian geophysicist Tuzo Wilson , who discovered Wilson’s cycles:
In each period of 400 to 600 million years a new supercontinent would be formed then it will be splited and then reassembled again

Today the existence of the following supercontinents is admited:
Pangaea : about 300 million years ago
Pannotia : about 600 million years ago
Rodinia: about 1.1 billion years ago to about 750 million years ago
Columbia or Nuna or Hudsonia : about 1.8 to 1.5 billion years ago
Kenorland : about 2.7 to 2.1 billion years old
Ur: towards 3 billion years ago
Vaalbara: towards 3.6 to 2.8 billion years ago

The rhythm of the Wilson cycles is irregular because the configurations of the Earth’s crust are unpredictable and varied

Ross N. Mitchell , along with his fellow researchers at Yale University , proposed the theory of orthoversion
The next supercontinent after Pangaea would be located at 90° from the center of the previous one
According to this theory , in the next 50 to 200 million years , the new supercontinent will find itself centered on the boreal polar regions :
The Caribbean Sea and the Arctic Ocean will disappear
South America will pivot with Tierra del Fuego going up North
The Alaska and Canada will collide with North East Asia
This supercontinent is named Amasia , since it will be created by the collision between North America and Asia

Continent’s dirty dancing
As we see, the dirty dancing of the continents seems a very relevant definition
But these movements concern geological times , that is to say, arounding millions up to billions of years

But the authors of our legends, who tell us the dirty dancing of the continents they lived, date from prehistoric times, that is to say, from 500 thousands of years ago up to the present day
We are missing something …

Ocean’s dirty dancing
Legends tell us about the dirty dancing of the continents , we can find marine fossils in the middle of the lands and the legends tell us about life on Antarctica and Greenland

All these facts are true and they do not correspond to the geological knowledge that we hold
We really miss something …

There is no question of challenging the theory of plate tectonics nor Wilson cycles, then how to match the science, history and legends ?

It’s quite simple :
We see plate tectonics and Wilson’s cycles in 2D
We are tenants of a world in 3D

It’s not the dirty dancing of continents that we talk about into our time scale , it’s the dirty dancing of the oceans
The continents are still there, more or less wrinkled and more or less engulfed, and this situation changes totally the geographical configuration of emerged lands

Legends describe us that from South America 80 000 years ago , just emerge the high plateaus of the Andes Cordillera and without any passage to North America
And when the level of the ocean has dropped down , it makes room for the American continent , South and North , as we see it today
This explanation makes entirely credible the climatic catastrophes told by legends and geographical changes that resulted

We must not forget that we are on a planet that orbits by turning on itself around the Sun
And the smallest cosmic event can change at any time of a tiny iota , which will change the speed of rotation of the Earth or its angle of inclination or its gravitation balance , and so on …

Then the liquid element which is not fixed will walk around …
That’s why we still live today with the dirty dancing of the oceans and the oscillations of the levels of the seas

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 19 : The fourth Hopi world

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 19 : The fourth Hopi world


The 4th Hopi world
Recall :
” In quotation marks = Excerpt from Hopis Legends ”

The 4 th world hopi goes from -100 956 to +2 148
” Tuwaqachi is the fourth world, the one humans still inhabit
It’s the world as we know it today ”

At the beginning of this world the kachinas are still present, but their role is coming to its end
But before disappearing they will try to set up a viable society and pass on some of their knowledge to the hopis

The Kachinas
” The Kachinas may be visible, but sometimes they are also invisible. They come from space. They do not come from our solar system, but from very distant planets. It would take our astronauts several generations to achieve this. The Hopi name for these planets is Tóónátakha , it means that they are close to each other, not in the material sense but in the spiritual sense, because all their inhabitants have the same responsibility, they all work closely together. That’s why we can translate the word by ” Confederation of Planets ”
As we know there are about twelve planets, we could also say ” Confederation of the Twelve Planets ”

Kachinas can move very quickly, and while I’m saying this, they can travel long distances. They only need a few seconds; their ships fly by magnetic force , even when they are circling the earth.
For us, Kachinas come from a very distant planet, and when they leave us they return home ”

” The Kachinas have real bodies, that is why they need ships to travel in our air and to return to their planets. Space ships have different sizes and names. One of them is Patoowa, ” the object that can fly over the water “. Pahu means water in our language, and Toowata is an object with a curved surface. Because of its form, we also call it ” flying shield ”

I’ll tell you what it looks like. If you cut a calabash in half, you get a shape that looks like a cup or saucer; if we assemble two of these parts, we obtain the form of the vessel which we used formerly to go on these planets. When we sit inside, we can move in all directions and we do not fall, regardless of the speed. As he has this form, we call it Inioma .
Among the Hopi people , we know that some of ours have flown in these ships and that these ships have also been used in other countries, because the Atlanteans came to us in these ships.



Oraibi rock drawing : Woman in a flying shield
Extract of :

Near Oraibi is a rock drawing depicting a woman in a flying shield. The arrow is a sign of high speed. The woman is wearing the hair of a married woman.
The ship does not have an engine like planes and does not need fuel. He flies in a magnetic field . the pilot has only to know the right height.
With it , we can reach any place inside our atmosphere, but we can also leave the Earth. ”

The Great School of Knowledge
” In Palátquapi there was a building which was built with particular care. It was the most important building because it was to be used for learning. My father told me about it when I was not already going to school . He told me about the four floors of the building and its usefulness.
On the ground floor, the young people learned the story of their clan and of the previous world. It was about the same as what they had always been taught. The upper floors were the most important, let me tell you about it now.

In the second floor, students were educated on everything related to the plan of life. They learned everything about the nature around us, about plants and animals, through theoretical and practical teaching : how flowers grow, where insects, birds and other animals come from, all what lives in the sea, how grows and develops each species. Here, students were urged to open and use their third eye.
They also learned the chemical materials on which our lives are based. The body is composed of elements that come from the Earth. If we do not obey the laws and mistreat the Earth, we must suffer not only psychically, but also physically. The diseases that afflict the human body are caused by the fault of men themselves : those who are malevolent and who today are called false and hypocritical. It is transmitted from one world to another and that is how it is today, and it will stay that way until the creator himself changes that, but it will not be until the ninth world .

Outside of the school, students had to produce food for the entire community. We fed ourselves in the purest way and we added to the food of the body, the food of the spirit. In this way, young people had a high regard for everything around them. They learned that according to the order established by the creator, they could use plants and animals for their food and for building their homes. They had permission, but before they had to pray for them to understand that what they were taking was a gift. In this way, they did not destroy anything, they accepted gifts and the life around them remained as it was. Even today, every spiritually educated Hopi prays and thanks. This is important and our people should always do it.
This second step was, in fact, the real beginning of their studies and all their knowledge was with them all their lives.

On the third floor of the building were the young people who had gone through the first two stages of learning. They were between twelve and twenty years old. Before reaching the third floor, they had the opportunity to know different men, different mentalities and thoughts. They were mature enough to be able to make their own observations and experiences. Now they had to get to know the human body, the spirit and our relationship with our divine origin.
First they took care of the head. The creator gave us a wonderful instrument, the brain. There, all thoughts act together with the body of the human .They also studied the structure of the mind and how the creator acts on humanity and all that exists in the Universe. The one who has learned everything perfectly, no longer knows language barriers. He can communicate with plants, animals, with every creature in our world. It was a part of what was taught on the third floor, that is to say, to join that wonderful spirit on God, as you call it, or with our Creator, as our people call it.

The second important point was the voice. The sound waves that we produce are not intended (and limited) only to those who listen to us, but they reach the entire universe. That’s why they have to be harmonic, because that’s how we praise our creator. This is why the Hopis, in their ceremonies, sing praises for the nature around us and for the elements.
Everything we say is written continuously, but everything a human says all his life does not take up more space than a small pinhead. Do you see how your tape recorder, here on the table, is old-fashioned ? All voices, all that has been said in the third world, are kept in a cave somewhere in South America. My grandmother told me about it one day, but she also told me that no one knows where this cave is.

Then came the teaching on everything concerning the heart. It is the seat of our thoughts; here we find understanding and pity which are so important.
The other essential side of our heart is its relationship with the blood in our body. Blood is so important that man should never experiment with him. The creator has prohibited any misuse of blood. The great danger of this misuse is still in the future, that’s what we’ve been told.

Now we arrive at the highest floor of the building. At this level, we study the Universe around us, the creation and the divine power.
The students were informed of all the details of our planetary system, not only what can be observed, but also on their rules. They knew, and that’s why we also know, that on the Moon there is fine sand, that the Earth is round and that there is no life on Venus, Mars or Jupiter. They are dead planets on which man can not live. If your scientists asked us, we could have told them they were going to find some fine sand on the moon. ”

The Christianization of Hopis
After the arrival of the Spaniards in 1540, when the Spanish conquistador Francisco Vásquez from Coronado , Pedro de Tovar , come to check what to plunder, the Christianization of the hopis will begin in 1629 with the arrival of the Franciscans
This ruthless and forced Christianization will lead to the revolt of the Pueblos on August 10, 1680 when 4 priests and several soldiers were killed and their cattle confiscated
Hopis were thus able to start their breeding and weaving activity

Despite the return of the Spaniards a few years later, the hopis were able to maintain their autonomy, their rituals and traditions, until in 1848 by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, an acquired right to stay on their lands of Arizona and Rio Grande

But it remains in their legends notices of the influence of this Christianization, still accentuated by the Jewish-Christian mentality of the translators.

The end of Mu
Towards -40 000 , Mu , Lemuria or Kasskara, will sink in the Pacific Ocean
I have made a drawing with its probable limits suggested by the legendary texts

Mu, probable limits, Douglas Moonstone
Base map : Pacific Culture Areas , World2Hires
Map informations based on Vaka Moana :
Voyages of the Ancestors – the discovery and settlement of the Pacific
Photo wikipedia Public Domain : Kahuroa

This natural cataclysm will engulf all the civilization and the technology of the Neanderthals on Earth, the Kachinas
It will also prevent them to join their peoples in the galaxy Eden
Those who have been able to leave in time will have taken refuge in their old space base in orbit somewhere in the solar system

Unfortunately it is an old base built towards the end of the first world, that is to say towards -300 000
Even it was built to last and it was pretty much well maintained after 250 000 years of service, it is sure that it does not have an other long time to work
Also, there is no trace of it left today , and it was already no longer there when the edenists returned to Earth towards -20 000, otherwise they would have told us about it in the Bible or the legends of China

So the Homo Neandertal disappeared with his continent , Mu , to give way to Homo Sapiens
But in reality there is no clear split since the man who emerged was more or less mixed according to his environment
And that is why even today, even though we are sapiens, we all have a part in us of Neanderthal

The return of galaxians
They had to leave the Earth to escape to its cyclical cataclysms
But the planets where they took refuge has also its cyclical cataclysms
In fact, all planets have cyclic cataclysms
So they came back to their country on Earth

The edenists of the planet Eden in the galaxy Eden have decided to leave for Mu on Earth towards -39 000
They did not know yet that their continent sank into the Pacific in the previous millennium
And they are on way for a trip of nearly 20 000 years
They will be followed by their colleagues from the Atlantis galaxy and by the edenists of the other planets ofEden towards 13 000 years later

In fact departures have ranged from -26 000 for Asians and Aboriginal gods (Edenists), -25 580 for Atlanteans (Atlanteans), -24 900 for Nubian (Edenists) , -24 456 for the Vanes (Edenists) and the Mayas (Atlanteans), -24 311 for the Aryans (Atlanteans) , -24 000 for the Sumerians (Atlanteans) , -23 600 for Tokharians (Atlantes) to -23 500 for the Kelts (atlanteans)

The dates are precise because they are the dates of the astronomical eras corresponding to the periods where the events occurred

The return of the gods
Having left earlier, the Edenists were able to see the state of the Earth, not yet really habitable, when they arrived in -19 338
This allowed them to repair the planet Earth , see EARTH IS THE AIM 1, Gods of Eden and China, and thus prepare the place for the arrivals of Edenists and Atlanteans
This also allowed them to avoid during the trip the first and the second Star Wars against the Atlanteans

The arrivals of Edenists and Atlanteans on Earth will then succeed each other between -6 000 and -3 500
They will be welcomed as Gods, worshiped or feared, by Earth peoples survivors of the Riss and Würm glaciation following the great flood of the end of the third world

Circle is complete
Here we are : The circle is complete !
We have covered our history of -20 000 to -1 000 , throughout the first 6 books of EARTH IS THE AIM :
1 Gods of Eden and China
2 Atlantean Gods
3 The dissolution of the Gods
4 Tokharians
5 Indo-Europeans
6 Exodus and survivors
And in this book 7 , Mu and the other worlds , we discribe our history from the Big Bang up to -20 000

In summary, the first 6 books tell us the story of the arrival of the Gods on Earth and their interaction with local populations and the book 7 tells the story of the life until the departure of men to space, and their return back to Earth as Gods

But there are still some things to clear
So I will write a few more chapters before finishing OUR HISTORY , and will end with a synopsis that will completely summarize it

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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Chapter 18 : Migrations of the Hopis

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 18 : Migrations of the Hopis


The migrations of hopis

” After their Emergence in this Fourth World, men learned that they could not just wander until they found a nice place to blossom . Their spiritual guardian, Másaw defines the way in which they should perform their migrations, clarified how to recognize the place where they were going to settle definitively and the lifestyle that this place should be theirs. Everything was symbolically engraved on the four sacred tablets he gave them.


The roads used during the migrations form a large cross whose center , named Túwanasavi (Center of the Universe), is geographically located in the Hopi Country, and whose four branches go to the directions of the pásos ”


The itinerary of migrations.

From Frank Waters’s Hopi book


” Túwanasavi is not for the Hopi the geographical center of North America but the magnetic and spiritual center of the North-South and East-West axes, axes along which the Twins transmit their messages in the form of vibes and control the rotation of this planet. It is for this reason that it is named Center of the Universe ”


” All this took place in the 4,000 years after our people were together on the new continent. The whole continent was now out of the water and looked quite like today’s. The land could be cultivated. Gradually, our people left the ruins of Táotoóma , the first city built in the fourth world.


It was especially those who remained faithful to the creator who left. They wanted to separate from others in order to preserve their true belief and fulfill the tasks they had to perform. That is why, throughout South America, new colonies were founded.

They did not leave at the same time but gradually during a long time. This time again, each group had a Kachina to guide them.


During these migrations, the Kachinas could communicate with each other and they helped us in the same way as before. They learned us how to sow and harvest the same day without waiting for months for the fruits to be ripe. ”


The migrations of the bear clan

” As the clans were moving in different directions, I’m going to tell you now the story of one clan, that is, the bear clan, which included my fathers. I choose it also because he was selected to be a guide and a leader in the fourth world.


But before, I want to teach you something that my mother told me. When we left the big city destroyed, the Kachinas erased the memory of all those who remained, as well as this of future generations. So all those who later lived around the ruins did not have a clue what had happened before. Of those who left, only the Hopi knew the truth.


In the third world, the bear clan was one of the least important clans. It had not participated in the destruction of the previous world. It was precisely because he had no past charged (by faults committed) that it was chosen to be the dominant clan upon arrival in the fourth world. The bear clan therefore always ranks higher than the fire clan that destroyed the first world, or the spider clan and the bow clan that destroyed the second and third worlds.


Because of their position as leader of the bear clan among the Hopi, a Kachina of the highest rank was designated for the people of this clan. In reality, it was not a Kachina but a deity. His name was Eototo and he had to accompany them wherever they went. When, under Eototo’s leadership , they headed from South America to the North, they experienced a very difficult time. The area they had to cross was terribly hot. They spent a lot of time crossing the forests and getting used to the climate; many children died at birth because of the heat. The period was difficult. They wanted to look for mountains to get out of this heat, but the Kachinas encouraged them to continue and protected them throughout the long walk through the jungle.


As I told you, several groups left the destroyed city after us, with a Kachina at the head of each group. And since the Kachinas could communicate with each other, these groups knew what awaited them.


It was a long time before the hot zone was behind them. They managed to breathe better, the children did not die anymore and people grew bigger. They continued North and were guided to lakes and rivers by Eototo .


After many years, they arrived at an ice barrier and could not go further North. It was not much further North than today’s Canadian border. Eototo told them it was a door that would be opened later for other people who would come from there to immigrate to the South. So, they turned back to look for a welcoming place. But the trip was not yet over. They first had to head towards the rising sun, crossing areas from which the water had not left for a long time. One day, they could not go further because they arrived in front of seaside . Eototo told them it was the end of the trip East. “Now you have to turn around and walk in the direction of the setting sun.

They obeyed and went West. After many years, they arrived again in front of a sea and Eototo told them: “You have now completed your migration, you can choose where you want to live. “But the clan did not know where it wanted to settle yet. After some research, they chose this place where they built their first village and where the Hopis live since then. ”


The migrations of the clan of the bow

” The bow clan began to migrate North through the jungle, starting from a city called “the city of fog” because there was often fog. The word Hopi for this city is Pamísky . It was located high up in the mountain, but Tewáletsíwa , of the clan of the bow, did not know exactly where in South America, but he said: “If I saw it, I would easily recognize the place where is the city ​​of fog. ” Tewáletsíwa also knew the history of the city of Táotoóma (Tiahuanaco). The Kachinas told the clan to go to the jungle and, starting from the city of fog, the clan descended to the lowlands. I guess the city had to be somewhere in Ecuador.


When the clan of the bow was ready to begin the migrations, the Kachinas arrived to help them to cross the jungle. They showed them the way and protected them during the walk. They especially needed protection for the children. But children born on altitude could not survive, only children born in the lowlands could.

The Kachinas stayed with the people of the Bow Clan until they arrived at Palátquapi


When the clans were already migrating into South America and Mexico of today, long time before the Oraibi foundation by the bear clan, many wanted to meet again. They remembered the time of misfortune in South America and the destruction of their first city and they wanted, again, to live in harmony with the great spirit Táiowa . They had not obeyed him and had scattered in all directions. Under the influence of the Kachinas , they were now determined to return to the right path. Those leaders who could still use their third eye, gathered the clans to found a cultural center of a high level of spiritual knowledge. Every Hopi remembers this place. I do not think any Hopi could ever forget this city that was built called Palátquapi . In our language, it means “red city”. According to my grandmother, Palátquapi was the first big city in the middle part of the western hemisphere. The groups that did not come into this center sank more and more and began to venerate the sun as their god and they continued to do so. I would like to add that the bear clan had for a long time crossed this country to go to North America to open (gain) this country for us. We found the place where this city was located. It is now called Palenque and is located in the Mexican East of Chiapas. It was a big community. It was not built by slaves, on the contrary, as it was not difficult to built it. The foundation of all this work was in the spiritual realm. Everything that was done for this community was done for spiritual reasons. People had experienced what had happened to their first city and wanted to prove to themselves that this time they would do better. It was as if they wanted to redeem themselves. Thus was built this city and that people of high rank found themselves there. In addition, relations and possibilities of understanding with the Kachinas were renewed. ”


Casas Grande

” The migrations took place towards the four cardinal points. People come from the South and now, on this part of the continent, they had to head North, East and West. Our people were walking all over North America. Ruins and tombs throughout the continent attest of our movements. We are the only people who, even during the migrations, built permanent houses. The creator wished it so. We did not pitch tents or light huts, only real houses, in which we sometimes stayed for several years before continuing our journey. Such subdivisions or their ruins showed the groups that came after us that we had been there long before them.

Other groups despised the order. Some started the migrations and never finished it; others stayed where they found a region that pleased them.


At that time, we built the wonderful city that is now called Casas Grande. It seems that only four major clans have lived there. Today, we find the symbols of the clan of the eagle, the clan of the snake, the clan of corn and the ghost clan. There are also traces that can be symbols of other clans.

I remember one day when I was still going to school, where I was sitting near my father. He asked me what I had learned at school. He did not seem satisfied with my answer and started talking to me about this city.


When later I was lucky enough to be able to visit it with my father, I found it exactly as he had described it to me , as well as his brother later. But they had never been there. So how could they describe it so precisely? Naturally, because their fathers had spoken to them many times. This is how we keep our traditions. The four clans went to great efforts to attract other clans, and for a time this city became an important center. Its end came when it was attacked by the spider’s clan. The clans who lived in the city defended themselves with courage, but when the enemy turned away the river that fed the city, they had to give up. They did not capitulate because they dug a tunnel through which they all saved themselves. The Kachinas did not accompany them because, as I said before, they could make themselves invisible to leave the city. This city was the last great gathering place before the final reunification, here in Oraibi. ”



” It is known that from here will come true knowledge. Oraibi is the oldest village on this continent that has been inhabited continuously since its foundation. Even scientists were forced to admit it, once. They examined the wood used to build our houses and concluded that the village was created around 1150. It may seem old to you, but for us it is only a few centuries. Archaeologists have judged, based on the oldest piece of wood they found, but in reality three villages lie below the current buildings and the first village was founded 4,000 years ago. Oraibi was not the first village in this region. The first one was Shungópovi and was at the foot of the cliff of the second plateau, below the current village of the same name. After a while, there was a dispute between two brothers about the wife of one of them. The youngest, Machito , decided to leave the village and found his own village. He called it Oraibi , and his name is still so today. As Machito was part of the bear clan and knew all the traditions of his ancestors, he brought something that today represents the most precious possession of the Hopi, that is to say the four tablets (boards ) sacred. It was his elders who gave it to him when he decided to found his village.


Several hundred years passed before all the clans that were to come arrived.

The first clans that arrived after the bear clan were the ghost clan (fire clan), the spider clan, and the snake clan. All these clans united did not represent a very large number of inhabitants, because only the clans chosen were those who lived in harmony with the plan of the creator.


My clan, the coyote clan, arrived last. The coyote clan was always coming to the end. It was already the case when leaving Kásskara to come to this continent, and it was the same with Oraibi . This does not mean that we are slow, but simply that it is our destiny. It’s like a signal when the coyote clan arrives: it’s the end, after that no one will be accepted. This is also the reason why Kachinas wear a fox tail in the back. When, after this great march of Sikyátki , we arrived at Oraibi , we were once again the last, and no one came to Oraibi after us.

As you know, Oraibi is in a dry region and it is not easy to understand why we settled here permanently. Let me tell you the reason: the bear clan did not come to this area by chance. It was his deity who asked him, because here is the center of the universe. In fact, it is about three kilometers south of Oraibi in the valley. The place is called Tuwánassáwi . People from the Kachina clan lived there, there are still ruins. I will not tell you more, we do not talk of it to other people.


I have heard this story very often since my earliest childhood. Húck’ovi is on the next plateau, on the other side of the lowlands, right in front of Oraibi . We keep this memory alive because it shows us what will happen to the world. We will know when the time will come, because everything will happen again like this.


The village was founded by the front clan. It is one of three clans that have a relationship with heat and energy. It is the heat that destroys and it is the heat that purifies, which is why these clans are so important. In order of power, there is first the clan of fire, then the clan of the sun, then the clan of the front. Their divinity is Macháqua , the horned toad. We find the sign of the horned toad many times in the cave drawings and the rocks at the bottom. As for the fire clan, we know what he did with the first world, he destroyed it.


The time came when people did not listen any more their leader in their village until they disobeyed and disrespected him. According to an old custom, such a thing can only be settled by the departure of the people and the destruction of the village. This is what happened before, with the third world, then with Táotoóma , Palátquapi , Casas Grande – it is repeated all the time. And it’s happening all over the world today, look at all the arguments, contradictions and lack of respect. That’s why we the Hopis know that the end of the fourth world will come soon. We are close to it.


So, we made the decision to destroy the village by fire and explosion after a final ceremony. Some did not believe in fire and explosion and stayed in the village to see what was going to happen. Others left before the ceremony. Thirty men and thirty women participated at the ceremony. Each woman wore a braided tray on which was pressed cornmeal, with a hole in the middle. Around the hole there were two rings, one of red hematite, the other of yellow hematite. The yellow mass may have something to do with the uranium we found East of here. From the hole a flame came out, when the flame spreads, or rather when the flame goes down into the hole, there is an explosion, but that later.


The group of women and men came across the rocks on the west side of the village. The women put their tray inside a circle in the village square. One of the trays was given to the chief. He took it and went to a house to bless it. Then he went out to join the men and women who had left the village earlier and the men and women who had participated in the ceremony left with him.


As I told you, some men and women did not believe when they were warned and they stayed. When the flames disappeared in the holes, there was a great explosion and intense heat, and the whole village and people who were still there perished. Even some of those who left earlier were inconvenienced by the heat and had to be carried.


The survivors could not go to Oraibi because the time had not come yet. As I have already told you, only those who could come to Oraibi were those for whom the Kachinas had determined the right moment. Thus the clan of the front continued its migration. Later, this clan was the last to be accepted among the clans of fire. The Húck’ovi event took place more than 3,000 years ago. We always have a song about this event. It does not say why Húck’ovi was destroyed, but only what happened after the explosion. We sing this song at the Húck’ovi ceremony , but in fact it is a warning to the world. In this region, only one village was destroyed, and the people who left in time were saved. But in the song people are said to go from village to village and can not find refuge. They will not find it anywhere, because it burns everywhere. There is no cure, because it will be the fire that will destroy our fourth world. It will not be an atomic war, but an electric weapon that is being developed and will be discovered soon. I do not know how exactly this weapon will work, but it will send something that looks like radio waves and it will leave a station and it will go everywhere. ”


The fight between the clan of the snake and the clan of the bow

” It is also an important story. Since the fight, a lot of time has passed and our people have walked a lot to finally arrive here on our land. But we have always kept alive the memory of all these real events that happened, even if the members of a certain clan, who are still among the Hopi, do not like to think much about it. I want to tell you this story because evidence has been found in the rock drawings and sculptures.”


” We also know the form of energy that was used during this fight. Scientists in many countries are working on the development of such weapons.

The clan of the bow claimed that his way of life had made him stronger and he provoked the clan of the snake, as well as other clans. They accepted the challenge. ”


” The leaders from both sides met to set the rules of the fight. There were important quarrels like today among the heads of state. It was agreed that the fight should begin two days after the end of the meeting, and that each side would try for four days to conquer the enemy’s city. The clan of the bow wanted the snake clan to start hostilities, but the clan said, “No, you have provoked us, so you will start. “We agreed as well. The fight was to begin every day at sunrise and end when the sun touches the horizon. It was not a war where one fights man against man with clubs or bows and arrows. The cities were 80 to 100 kilometers apart and it was a scientific and technological war between two very powerful groups. That’s why the two clans do not like to talk about it, even today.


During the next two days, all the preparations were made, and on the third day, when the sun appeared above the horizon, the fight began. The clan of the bow bombarded the city of the snake clan with the strongest and most frightening weapons they had. What they used is called today electrical energy, similar to lightning. The snake clan was prepared for it. The snake I mentioned earlier let people go underground and protect themselves with a powerful shield and some sort of electrical energy. During the day, only the chiefs appeared from time to time under a shield to see the position of the sun. It was difficult for everyone and everyone was relieved when the sun went down and everything was quiet again. There was no more thunder like every time the mighty force touched the shield. The shield was removed and everyone could get out.


The clan of the bow knew that it had done no harm to the snake’s clan and that the snake would attack it the next day. And now, it was the turn of the bow clan to make protective preparations. The day rose and the clan of the snake attacked the city of the clan of the bow. It was like a shot with atomic explosives as the weapons of the snake clan were powerful! But the clan of the bow also had a powerful shield, as both sides had made important scientific advances. And so, the clan of the bow could survive this second day. The third day, no decision fell, but the clan of the bow lost its chance of victory. The fourth day arrived and so the last chance of victory was for the snake clan. He did everything he could but could not break the opponent’s shield. After a few hours, in the afternoon, the snake clan decided to try something else to show its strength to the opponent. They stopped shooting and made use of the snake’s ability to bury themselves. They built a tunnel below the fortifications of the bow Clan.

The people of the bow Clan were astonished that the bombing stopped before sunset. They wondered what was happening or if the clan of the snake had given up. They were still asking these questions when the leader of the snake clan came out of the tunnel and said, “We are here and you are defeated. We could kill you now. We will not kill you, but from now on your deity Sáaviki must wear a snake in our mouths at our ceremony, every four years. “It was the end of the fight. ”


” This is how the Hopi remember what happened long ago in Yucatán. ”


The migration wars

We must not believe that these migrations were a long quiet trip :

The clans that had founded prosperous cities were regularly attacked and looted by those who did not yet have a city

In fact, wars between Hopis clans were common :

It is always easier to take from one another the goods he has acquired through his work

So the Spider’s clan attacked Palatquapi


” A group of clans migrated North towards the ice barrier. When they arrived, differences of opinion broke out between the chiefs. Some clans remained faithful to old beliefs while others detached themselves from them. The latter decided to stop the migration and return to Palátquapi .

These clans returning from the North had developed their own ideas and teachings. When, finally, they arrived at Palátquapi , they saw this flourishing city and the people who continued to follow the old beliefs; they became very envious of it. The people of Palátquapi and the newcomers could not live together because of their different beliefs. This is how they settled outside the city but not too far. They belonged to a powerful clan, the fire clan. It was the clan that reigned during the first world and ultimately caused its destruction. Envy and jealousy caused the fire leader to attack Palátquapi . ”


” Palátquapi was surrounded by a stone wall and well protected. The city had already been attacked many times, but it had always been able to defend itself and destroy the enemy. ”


” The resistance lasted days and days. The walls of the city were solid and the doors strong. But the defenders had to abandon the 3rd part of the city, where they lived, and take refuge in the section of shops. Then they were pushed to the temple, in the corner where it ran to the river. So, to deprive them of water, the Clan of Spider’s turns the river away. It was a terrible blow. Immediately the besieged council met and decided to dig a tunnel under the river to allow the clan to escape. All men worked there. The tunnel was completed in a few days. The next night, the council decided on an escape plan. The Kachina chief announced: “We will do this. The Bear Clan will go first , then the Corn Clan and the Parrot Clan. As always the Coyote Clan will be the last. As soon as a clan is completely out on the other side of the river, it must immediately continue its migration in the direction it was ordained. A day will come when we will meet again. Remember what you have learned, carefully observe the rites of your ceremonies, and let the “door” of the top of your heads always open. “While you escape in the night, the people of the Kachinas will remain to defend the city. The moment when we will have to rejoin our planets and our distant stars has not yet come, but we must leave you. Thanks to our powers we will go on a high mountain. The place will be revealed to you because there we will wait for your messages. If y ou need us or our help, do your Pahos. Now, listen. We are the people of the spirits, and neither you nor your people will be able to see us again. But you must keep our memory by wearing our masks and costumes at the proper seesight of your ceremonies. Those who personify us will be only those who have acquired the knowledge and wisdom that we have taught you; these men of flesh and blood will bear our names and will constitute the Kachina Clan . ”


” After these very turbulent periods in Palátquapi and Yucatán, we disunited ourselves. Palátquapi itself was not destroyed by the war. The people left, Palátquapi had lost its power and was finally destroyed by an earthquake. ”


” Many clans restarted their migration, but separately from each other. The Kachinas only helped us by showing us the way. Space ships were no longer used. This time, we really had to fight. We had to merit to own this land. ”


” There were many fighting battles throughout the region. The clan of the snake and the clan of the bow – the parts of those clans that had left Palátquapi – fought each other. Finally, the wars resulted in the complete destruction of the cities. ”


” During these terrible times in Palátquapi and Yucatán, the Kachinas left us. It’s since that time that they are no longer with us and all we can do is take an example on them. When they left, they told us: “From now on, you can only rely on yourselves.”


” Perhaps you ask yourself how this misfortune could befall Palátquapi and Yucatán despite the presence of the Kachinas . I can tell you that each time, in the past, something of the same kind happened, it was not the plan of the Kachinas but of men. The Kachinas warned them, but most men wanted to conquer and fight wars. They did not listen to sermons and advice and continued to violate the laws of the creator. This is the reason why many clans and peoples were destroyed. When the clans actually waged war, the Kachinas did not interfere. They did not want to interfere because the land belongs to men. It is the man who it and is responsible and determines his actions himself. What men have done, they did it to themselves, and they will suffer the consequences. ”



From what we understand from these excerpts from the legends, it can be concluded that migration from South America to Arizona, took place from -80 000 to -76 000 about

They have given rise to many wars and conflicts


The history of migration is especially interesting for the advanced technology that involves, not only for the life of every day, but especially for the power of the weapons they had

And we know as well, that the technological advances for the happyness of men are always diverted and perverted by the army

Nature of man has never changed


The destination of Túwanasavi , center the universe , in the Hopi Country in Arizona is particularly interesting if we consider that before -4 000 when Earth has swung, Arizona was almost on the equator and on a chain mountains that almost connected the North pole to the South pole, see EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , Gods of Eden and China


Also, they tell us about the Inuit exodus that will take place through the Behring Bridge at about -30 000


In this legend the kachinas clearly announce their intention to join those who left during the 3rd world towards distant galaxies as soon as they will have the possibility to do it

Meanwhile they will join their base in orbit, where they can stay in radio contact with the hopis

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Happy new year 2018

Happy new year 2018


And I hope this new year will be the one which will fullfil quite all your wishes

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Merry Christmas


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EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Newly published , Chapter 17 : The emergence to the fourth Hopi world

Mu and the other worlds

Chapter 17 :

Emergence in the fourth Hopi world



The Emergence according to : The book of Hopi

” In quotation marks = Excerpt from Hopis Legends ”


” Skuskurza , this third world was engulfed under water. Men had to seek for themselves the passage to a new world; ”


” Somewhere there must be a dry land where we could go ”


” To discover this land they sent, one after the other, many different birds. But after flying over the waters and seeing no land, exhausted, these emissaries returned. Then they planted one of the stems. The pushed very fast towards the sky. They climbed up on it and cast a desperate look on the surface of the waters . No land was in sight. ”


” Then Sótuknang appeared to Mother Spider and told her : ” You must continue your journey. The “door” at the top of your head is “open”. Your inner vision will guide you. ”


” Mother Spider let men built rafts with reed stalks with which they come, flat and round rafts, which they mounted to confide themselves again to the waters with their inner vision . For a very long time they drifted, pushed by the wind and the movement of the water, and then they reached another rocky island. ”


” It is much larger, but it is not big enough, “said the men glancing taken on around them because they had the impression of having heard a low growl. ”


” No, it’s not big enough, repeated “Mother-Spider. Then men continued their slow navigation in the direction of the rising sun. One day they thought, ” We must not be very far from a land because this roar is what we have heard before ! ”


” It seemed now like it was a big land with grass, trees, and wonderful flowers in their tired eyes. They stayed on this earth for a very long time. Some wanted to settle there, but Mother-Spider said, ” No, it’s not the promised land. We must go away. ”


” They abandoned their rafts, and walked eastward across this island until they found the sea. There was a kind of hollow-stem plant, like reed or bamboo, which they cut. They followed Mother Spider’s instructions by placing a layer of stems in one direction, then the next in the other, all being assembled with soft branches and loose links of leaves. Each assembly constituted a raft sufficient for one family, or even several. When they had enough rafts, Mother- Spider showed them how to make oars. ”


” From now , you will advance against the current, and you will have to row to continue your route. As Sótuknang told you , the more you move, the more difficult it is to move forward. ”


” After a long and painful journey, still towards the East and a little bit to the North, they began to hear the noise . The earth was in sight. Clan after clan, family after family, all in joy, they landed, This land was long, wide and magnificent. The soil was fertile, flat, covered with trees and plants; seed plants and nut plants, providing abundant food. Men, happy for years and years, stayed there. Mother-Spider repeat them ” No , you are not in the Fourth World. Life is too easy and too pleasant; if you stay, you will quickly fall back into evil. You must go forward. We warned you that the road would become harder and longer. ”


” Reluctantly men headed East, in a long walk to the coast on the other side of the island. Once again they made rafts and oars. ”


” When they were ready to embark , Mother-Spider told them, ” All I was asked to do for you, I did it. Now you will continue without me and discover your own place of emergence. Leave your “doors open”, your spirits will guide you. ”


” They embarked, went to the East and a little to the North, rowing ceaselessly day and night for many days and days, as if they were going up a slope. Finally they saw a land. It rose high above the water and stretched from north to south as far as they could see. A great land, an immense land, such was the image given by their inner vision. And they said to each other, ” It’s the Fourth World! The closer they came, the more the shores rose and rose , becoming a high wall of mountains. There was no place to dock. Some say, ” Come to the North, where we will discover the place of Emergence. ”


” They went North, skirting these ever higher mountains. « No! it is towards the South that we must go to find the place of Emerence! » said others. ”


” For days they headed South, but in that direction too the mountains were higher and higher. Not knowing what to do, the men stopped rowing, « opened the door at the top of their heads » and let themselves be guided. Immediately the waters calmed down and slowly their rafts were driven by a current. Shortly afterwards they approached and, full of joy, jumped on a sandy shore screaming: ” It’s the Fourth World. Finally we are at the place of Emergence! ”


” Soon after, others came and when they were all there , Sótuknang appeared to them: ” Very good ! I see you are all here . I am happy. You are at the place I have prepared for you. Now turn your eyes in the direction you came from. ”


” A little to the South, in the direction of the West, men saw above the waters the islands where they had stopped. ” These are the marks of your route , sayed Sótuknang” Here are the top of the high mountains of the THIRD World I destroy now, look. ”


” The nearest mountains disappeared then into the sea, then the next, and so up to they could only see waters. ”


” As you did see , I made everything disappear, even the traces of your passage to the emergence, these “stone steps” that I left for you. At the bottom of the seas lie the proud cities, the fleeting pátuwvotas , the terrestrial treasures crushed by evil, by men who had no time to sing the praises to their Creator. But if you do not forget the moment and the meaning of your Emergence, then the day will come when these “stone steps” will emerge again. This will confirm the truth of your words. “This is how ended the Third World, Kuskurza   ”



Rock drawing of a woman in a wheel shield, near Oraibi

Extract of :


The Emergence according : Kasskara and the seven worlds

” Long time before our continent and Atlantis were engulfed, the Kachinas noticed that there was, at the East of us, a continent coming out of the water. Moreover, according to our traditions, the world has changed several times. What was coming out of the water was, in fact, the same country that we had lived in our second world, Topka . But now we call it the fourth world because it looks different.


It is also said that the Earth has rocked several times, I mean that the North Pole was where the South Pole is now and vice versa. Today, the poles are reversed and the true North Pole is at the South and the true South Pole at the North. But in the next fifth world it will change again, and the poles will be then in their true place. Each time, the Earth has swung completely from the Forth to the South and not just half, otherwise there would have had too many injuries and it was not the intention of the creator. During Topka , the second world, the Earth rocked by only a half and everything froze.


The Kachinas research and observe this new land, and when it was over water they began their preparations. The migrations could begin. ”


” The creator had therefore decided to save us, and the Kachinas helped us to reach this new continent. Our people came from the third to the fourth world on three different ways. The first one’s arrived in flying shields (this is how we call them at home). They were meant for important, high-ranking people. They had priority because they had to found the new colony and take care of all the preparations. As they came first, everybody considered them as high-class people. The Kachinas , as astronauts, knew where the new continents were and they brought them there. The Kachinas could do it because they had flying shields; our people no, we did not know how to build them. But you remember that the Atlantis people also had flying shields. They had not received them from the Kachinas who had left them, but they had built them themselves with their bad mind; as that I’ve already said. ”


” There was also a kind of people (the second group) that had to be transported here, and it was done with the help of big birds. ”


” So it was with birds that bring people here in an intermediate phase to the higher steps of spiritual knowledge. ”


” Meanwhile, people were very scared because the old continent was sinking deeper and deeper. They were afraid and yet they knew they had to be saved. One city after another was destroyed. The water did not stop rising and covering a large part of the continent. ”


” The different directions taken by the survivors of the continent of Kásskara (Mu) and the island of Talawaitichqua (Atlantis) during the great destruction 80,000 years ago :

These people had to come by the third means, that is to say by boats. They had to fight hard for a long time. While many people could come by air, it is said today that everyone had to struggle to come on this content. ”


”   These people who were transported by boat were among the lower clans who had little power. ”


« All the time this group was en route by the boats, they were protected by the Kachinas . Each clan had a Kachina whose task was to accompany it and bring it to the mainland. Thus this group was safely led on this continent. The Kachinas knew how to make themselves understood but humen did not have the privilege to speak with them. The Kachinas gave them advice and showed them what direction they were heading to the islands where they could rest. »


” And finally, they arrived in the fourth world! ”


” By these three means, people were taken to the South American continent to settle there. At that moment, the highest part of the Earth was already above the water.


But you must know that not everyone who survived from Kásskara was able to come here. We, the coyote clan, were the last one to come here. Those who left after us were taken by currents to other countries because they had not been chosen to come here. Some arrived in Hawaii, a part of the third world that was not swallowed up, others arrived on islands in the South Pacific and others on an island that is now part of Japan, as I I learned a few years ago. A young man from this island visited me. He had read “The Hopi Book”. He came to tell me that his grandmother had told him exactly the same stories about the old world. So there are a number of people who have not been able to come here, even though they have the same origin and come from the same continent, Kásskara . That’s why, on the Hawaiian Islands, the initiates are called Kahuna who was the same name as Kachina . ”


” All the inhabitants of Atlantis did not perish when their continent was engulfed. Those who did not want to participate in the attack on Kásskara by their queen were saved. Of course, they too wanted to come to our new continent, but the creator had promised us that we would have the new land for ourselves, for a very long time. Although there was still no Hopi on this new continent, the Atlanteans could not come here in South America. The creator did not want to have them here. He sent Kachinas to prevent them from heading west, because even if the survivors had not followed their leaders, they were still Atlanteans. ”


” Then there remained to the Atlanteans only the way to the East, in regions that are now called Europe and Africa. But they had been deprived of their powers. They were nailed to the ground, they could not fly anymore. They could only survive if they left in small groups and each group carried only a small part of the global knowledge they had before.


That’s why men over there have no memory of their history that was comparable to ours. When he destroyed the third world, the creator put them on a very low cultural level. But after their punishment, which lasted for hundreds of years, they began to grow again. Think about the culture of the Egyptians. For us, the Hopis, this time is not far. ”


”   The part of the fourth world that came out first of the water is called Táotoóma . It’s a name, we use them often. In your language, this name means “the place that was touched by the arm of the sun”. We, the Hopis, say that this is the first part seen by the eagles that were sent by the Kachinas . The eagles fly very high and they have seen the new country coming out of the water, so we have esteem for the eagles. So we were in the new country and the last group finally arrived by boat. With their arrival, the migration ended. ”


” When we were standing on the coast of this continent, we looked back and saw the islands sinking. The Kachinas gave us the third eye and we saw everything: the disappearance of our continent and the islands. ”


The 4th Hopi world according to The Book of Hopi

” Before I leave you , I have this to tell you “Announced Sótuknang to men arrived at the emergence point , the Fourth World ashore. Here is what he says: “The name of this Fourth World is Túsoaqachi ,The Complete World. You will discover why. Everything is not as beautiful and as easy as in previous worlds. It is made of heights and depressions, heat and cold, beauty and desolation. Here is all that you can choose. It is this choice that will decide whether, this time, you are able to evolve the Creator’s Project; or if this world also in its time will have to be destroyed. Now you are going to divide yourself and each group will go in different ways to proclaim that Earth as these of the Creator. Each group will follow its star until it stops, and there it will settle. For me the time has come to leave you. You will be helped by your deities and your beneficent spirits. Keep your “doors” open, and never forget what I told you. So did I speak. “And he disappear


Slowly men began to move away from the shore. As soon as they entered this world, they heard the thunder again. Looking around, they saw a handsome man to whom they asked, “Are you the one who makes the noise we heard? Yes. I created these noises to help you find your way. Do not you recognize me? I am Másaw , I am in charge of this land, I am the Guardian and the protector. ”


Then people recognized Másaw . Previously he had been in charge of the Third World, but he had become a little too imbued with his role and had lost the humility due to the Creator. Yet he was a spirit and could not be destroyed. Taiowa withdrew this charge him and made him become the divinity of the death and the deads. The Down World was not as nice as the Top World and when the 3rd world was destroyed, Taiowa decided to give him another chance, as he gave one to men. He charged him to guard and protect the 4 th world.


He was the first person that men met. Full of respect, they asked him : ” Will you allow us to dwell on this earth ? Yes. This land belongs to me and I would give you permission to settle there. ”

Then men asked : ” Will you be our guide ? No. The one who is more powerful than me has given you first of all a task to accomplish.


When the continents of the previous world were pushed into the waters, this new Earth was pushed to the surface in the middle to become the backbone of the world. You are now on his átvila ( Slope-to-West ). But you must undertake your migrations. You have not yet followed your stars to the place that you have to find yourself. In order for me to become your guide, you must accomplish that. If you fall back into evil, I will take you off of this land. I am in chargeof it , I am the guardian and protector. “In the North you will find the cold and the ice, this is the Door of Behind of this land. Those who go through will do so without my consent. Go, and with my permission, take this land. ” Másaw disappeared. Men divided into clans and groups to begin their migrations. “We’ll meet again,” they said to each other. This is how, here in the current Fourth World, everything started. ”


The 4th Hopi world according Kasskara and seven worlds

” I have to explain something to you again. All the people who came to the fourth world and who lived in Táotoóma , were not all Hopis. We should rather say that our ancestors were among these people, only those who arrived at Oraibi and who were finally welcomed are called Hopis.


A long time took place between the arrival of the first people, on the flying shields, and the last ones, by boats. It is said that it took 3,000 years for us to be all together. All this happened a long time ago, because the arrival of those who were on the flying shields took place 80,000 years ago.


Those who arrived here could only settle in this area which was not very big. In this region, we all had to live together. This shows why my people are certain that we were the first, the only ones on this continent. There are tribes in America that came a lot later, because the ice melted in the North, I’ll talk about it later.


When first men arrived on the new continent, they arrived at the place where they had to build their first city.

The first city, Táotoóma , was not built at the top of the mountain, but lower. Today, we no longer see this city because it is covered with earth and water. I’ll tell you the reason later. The city was bigger than any we had in Kasskara . It was almost the size of the city of Los Angeles today. You know the ruins of Tiahuanaco well. Tiahuanaco was a part of the city of Táotoóma . But Táotoóma was not big enough for all the people who arrived. And as you can imagine, the country was not yet cultivable since it had just come out of the water. But the Kachinas had asked that everything be ready for us, and as the Kachinas were still with us, they showed us how to cultivate the land in the morning and do the harvest at night. It was very important to us for many years until the water diminished.


After a certain time, the land became bigger and bigger. Our people began to go North, South, East and West. We could start exploring the new continent and for that we used flying shields. Some of us had reached a high enough rank to have the right to accompany the Kachinas during their explorations to see how the new colonies can be founded. And a little time after , there were again people who had their own ideas on how to follow the laws of the divine creator. They left the right path. Among them, there were high-ranking people who wanted to have important positions. They first began to misuse the Tawúya , no one had ever done this before. The Kachinas tried to prevent them from flying into the universe. We did not have to go there until we had fulfilled all our obligations in this world. But these people thought they were already ready. The creator was aware of what was going on and shortly thereafter he came in person and said, “From the first opportunity in this new country, you fail . I must punish you. And he took the city, raised it in the sky, turned it upside down, and smashed it into the ground. In all the buildings around you could felt the huge breath of air, the ground shook, it was like an earthquake. It was a disappointment for our creator that we disobeyed at the first opportunity. After that, our people decided to go in different directions. Thus was the first dispersion of our people on this continent. ”


The Emergence of the Hopis in the fourth world

After the departure of scientists in space at about -140 000 during the third world, there were no more large space or technological means to those people left on Earth

The hopis have therefore built « tubes » , Probably submarines, and let themselves be carried away by the waters during the climate change upheaval

When they finally landed on the top of a mountain, they had to build boats/rafts to reach a safer area

After many stages and adventures they finally managed to take refuge in South America , in the already emerged part

And they were able to see through the « third eye », A high-tech optical instrument , the flooding of the continent from which they came and the steps islands by the giant waves generated by the tsunamis caused by the tilting of the poles


There is also the confirmation by the Hopis legends of the direction of the poles in the Chinese legends who invented the compass which indicates the ” South ”


Of course for everyone , the bad guy is the other one

But in reality for the Atlanteans as for the Edenists, they are dependent of the rotation of the Earth which after the poles changes, induced a current of sea from West to East

This is why Edenists had no other choice as to leave Mu for South America and the Atlanteans to leave Atlantis for Europe


For the Atlanteans as well for the edenists, the elites have gone into space in -140 000 and have no other choice, without advanced technology, than to leave Atlantis by boat

Of course, the elites left on Earth still have flying saucers that can accommodate multiple passengers and large transport planes

And who says big planes , said landing runways in accordance

And who says big landing runways in South America , at the top of the emerged mountains, correspond of course to Nazca lines …

So when Mayas used this infrastructure about 4000 years ago, they only reused it (see Earth is the aim 4, The Tokharians)


For the one’s as for others, given that the current is induced by the effect of rotation of the Earth , the strong current headed to the East, causes a significant counter-current when arriving against the coasts of the Easter continents


It is clear that the legends of Hopis, like all other legends, tell the same story, which is consistent with geographicals and technologicals knowledge as well with the time when things happen

In fact, the history of the legends can only exist at the mentioned periods and thanks to the corresponding technology

It also testifies us a much higher knowledge than our of today on the history of the Earth and the Universe and which has never been belied by our archaeological discoveries


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